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[ROM][CM14.1] CyanogenMod+ for Xiaomi Mi5

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Jun 2, 2012
Might want to pop it on OP, or remove in updater script :)

what changes were done to the repos you used by the way?

It's better to fork or import repos, that way you can keep commit history ;)

All the commits were lost in his sources because probably he doesn't know the import repo, cherry-pick, pull, commit message, etc...


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Jan 20, 2014
So, another bugs: the red display border sometimes and the rotation doesn't work. Please update the OP.

Red display is not a bug, rotation is.
Will update the OP.

You can turn off the StrictMode (aka Red Frame thing) by adding this to your build.prop

The Eng Builds have this StrictMod On by default.
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May 4, 2016
i flashed it @WhyOrean but what happened is it booted up then it flashed red lights at the corners then rebooted again and again goes to the lock screen then reboots


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May 4, 2016
Did you remove the com.qualcomm.location directory from system/priv-app?
What Firmware version you flashed?
this is what i did i went into twrp and sys it only showed me usr so i flashed cm 13 then used es explorer then removed it then i went to twrp and flashed cm 14.1 now it booted up lockscreen showed up then it was red at the corners of the screen then it bootlooped again showed lock screen the boot looped
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    Okay, one final clarification because it seems this is not clear or you really want to bug me. I am not against @WhyOrean. I have replied to two stupid comments, because that's what I am against. If there is someone that knows how to work with other devs, that one would be me. Mi5Devs is a team, in case you haven't noticed it yet. Case closed from my side.
    Currently Im just bouncing, this kernel that kernel this firmware that firmware.
    I get one or the other thing fixed, may be I need to settle first. :p
    Do you understand now why I haven't built CM-14.1 until now? Things have to settle first. I just did a huge kernel rebase. It's completely crazy to move so fast to CM-14.1.

    Off-topic: Thanks for erasing all my commit history. Publishing the sources as you have now is the same as not publishing anything. It's pure trash. Plus you are linking to kernel sources that are not buildable for CM-14.1, meaning you are going against GPL.
    No credits for bruno although he is the main dev for mi 5 and you're basing this off his development? :S

    Cool to see cm 14.1 being on the way though, I hope bruno is close to releasing an alpha soon!

    Mi5 means "BrunoMartin", he is the Legend behind the Mi5 Developement.
    Its understood by default.

    Anyways I will add.
    Hi bro,
    The rom is based on old kernel and firmware.
    Will it be more difficult to first fix all bugs and the rebase everything to new firmware?
    Or I guess you should directly start with new base...

    I don't have much knowledge abt it so just asking...

    Currently Im just bouncing, this kernel that kernel this firmware that firmware.
    I get one or the other thing fixed, may be I need to settle first. :p

    I got Bluetooth working.
    Wifi almost done.

    And yeah maybe I'll rebase to new firmware tonight.