[ROM][CM7.2] REINCARNATION ROM SERIES pre-Final [JB UI & S4 UI] [26-11-2013] update preview

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Jun 7, 2013
[ROM][CM7.2] REINCARNATION ROM SERIES pre-Final [JB UI & S4 UI] [26-11-2013] update preview

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 * Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
[B]#read also
 * this ROM originally created for Ace GT S5830
 * but now im ported this for Galaxy Young GT S5360,
 * i can't test this release for long time,
 * cause i tested its in my friend device

Basic Information :

Reincarnation Rom Series = Reincarnation v.4 + Naturalizer v.2 ( not release for young )

You must know
Reincarnation v.4 = Jelly Bean Series
Naturalizer v.2 = Touchwiz Series

Aroma installer navigation

With Aroma Installer, this rom give your customization for
1. Select your favourites ROM Style. Jelly Bean Series or Touchwiz Series
2. Select your favourites Statusbar Style. Transparent or Normal statusbar
3. Select your GPS continent
4. Select your GPS country, you can leave its, if your country not appearence.
5. Option to install Link2Sd at flashing,, recommended to install, for me its better than other internal script


Rom base : CM7.2 RC by Percy g2

Rom concept : Music Quality and Beauty Interface

Rom style Aroma customization
> Jelly Bean UI transparent and non transparent
> Touchwiz / S4 UI transparent and non transparent

Performance :
> 2.3.8 Bluetooth versions
> Adrenaline Engine v.4.5
> Adrenaline Boost PRIME
> Beauty sound system media
> Build.prop tweaks
> Built in flash player 11
> Faster GPS lock
> Integrated host file for adblocker
> Reincardio Engine, give excellent music quality
> Removed beep volume panel

Interface :
> Android 4.x all icon
> Android 4.x clock widget
> Android 4.x dialog
> Android 4.x fonts
> Android 4.x installer
> Android 4.x title bar
> Android 4.x notification panel
> Android 4.x statusbar style. transparent and non transparent
> Android 4.x window animation and transition. with mod by me
> Android 4.x lockscreen
> Android 4.x security lockscreen
> Modded CM lockscreen
> Changeable transparent and non transparent Interface in theme chooser
> New boot animation

Application added :
> Achep theme, modded very light
> Battery bar
> Clean file manager
> Dodol keyboard
> Holo launcher
> Holo locker
> Quicpic gallery
> Samsung stok task manager
> Samsung digital clock widget
> Stopwatch and timer
> Videos like stock samsung video app
> Wallpaper base honeycomb wallpaper

Changelog Versions :

[B][U]Reincarnation pre-Final[/U] (25-11-2013)[/B]
[B][U]Both series[/U][/B]
> Added Adrenaline Engine 4.5 and Adrenaline Boost
> Fix Wifi Tether
> Fix Dialpad Layout
> Fix black text in widget picker
> Aroma Installer Customization
> Merged Reincarnation and Naturalizer
> Improved wifi connection
> Added GPS customization
> Added Statusbar style option.
> Reworked Settings apk
> fix task manager not function
> update Playstore 4.4.21
> Updated Link2SD 2.4.10
> Updated Dodol Keyboard
> Removed X-Reality engine
> Added fix fc script
[B][U]JB series[/U][/B]
> Change some ICS icon to JB icon
> Reworked JB Non Transparent theme
[B][U]Touchwiz Series[/U][/B]
> Statusbar with S4 Style
> Replace Stock My Files with Modded Clean File Manager
> Change Boot Animation
> Add Theme for get S4 UI, [B]only 380 kb,[/B]
> Mod Holo Locker

[B][U]Reincarnation V.3[/U] (19-10-2013)[/B]
> Restyled all apk
> JB style titlebar
> JB style on/off settings
> JB style caller
> JB Send button Mms
> JB Style center shutter camera
> JB Notification download panel
> JB holo locker for full JB style
> Mod music player to beats style
> Mod deskclock
> Add mod achep ics Theme for get Non transparent UI, [B]only 115kb[/B]
> Add samsung digital clock widget, mod to JB Style
> Add Video.apk, Mod to Stock video with JB Style
> Add Wallpaper.apk base Honeycomb wallpaper
> Add battery percent to Expanded Statusbar
> Removed beep volume panel
> Reworked framework Script and png
> Change some CM Lockscreen.png
> ICS Security lockscreen style
> Change default wallpaper
> Change boot animation to Blue plazma Bootanimation
> Optimize png and zipaligning apk
> Updated Link2sd to 2.4.6
> Add X-Reality Engine tweak from Xperia,i thinks its work fine
> Android 4.3 Font
> Updated Batterry bar 3.2 and Holo Launcher 2.0.3
> And Many More

[B][U]Reincarnation V.2[/U] (20-08-2013)[/B]
> Work both brigthness toggle and slider brigthness
> Updated Gallery QuicPic 2.9.6
> Updated Link2SD 2.4.5
> Updated Q2 Keyboard
> Updated Google Play Store 4.3.11
> Updated Super SU 1.45> Change Dialog Popup Transparency to 75%
> New Dialog Popup Animation
> New Setup Wizard Android Icon
> Corrected Audio Engine
> Corrected Build.Prop
> Corrected SystemUI & Framework Script

[B][U]Reincarnation V.1.1[/U] (19-07-2013)[/B]
> Updated Clean File Manager
> Fix Wifi & Statusbar bug issues
> Correct Build.prop
> Removed some unused binary files

[B][U]Reincarnation V.1[/U] (15-07-2013)[/B]
> Mix Beauty System Sound
> Jelly Bean style Statusbar
> Include Battery Bar for MIUI Look
> QuicPic is default gallery
> Latest Holo Launcher and Holo Locker is Default
> Jelly Bean Style Installer
> Blue Setup Wizard And Google Service Framework
> Beauty MIUI Music Player with shortcut equalizer settings
> Jelly Bean style settings Launcher,Lockscreen,statusbar,theme,wallpaper,Superuser,task manager shortcut to settings> Jelly Bean Style MMS with SMS Popup support
> Jelly Bean Style Camera
> Jelly Bean Style Recent App
> Jelly Bean Style Dialog Layout
> Cool Boot Animation
> Transparent Google Search
> Youtube 2.1.6 with Downloader
> Add Stopwatch and Timer apk
> Replace LatinIME with Q2 Keyboard
> Android 4.x Fonts
> Mod CM Lockscreen
> Initial release

Bugs :
> White on white text button at some 3rd application
> Sometime and only sometime, you cant change data connection,
ex, after you use wifi connection, you can't use data connection, just reboot its solved
> Same as CM7 RC by Percy

Credits :
1. tamingsari2k for my inspiration from their DEMOCRACY ROM
2. Imbawind Adrenaline Engine and Adrenaline Boost
3. Geva28 for Beats Manager
4. Gira.Me for Clean File Manager
5. Mobint for Holo Launcher and Holo Locker
6. Pvy Parts for Team.Battery.Bar
7. dodol.com for Dodol keyboard or Q2 Keyboard
8. ACHEP for Stopwatch and Timer
9. Probcomp for SMS Popup Notifier
10. Amarullz for AROMA INSTALLER
11. UOT Kitchen for Room Theming
12. Bryan Owens for Honeycomb Wallpaper
13. RedX Entertainment for Video Manager.apk
14. VavanL for Guide to remove beep volume panel
15. Shahaab for X-Reality Engine
16. Ace i Team, sniper killer and iamareebjamal for reference with on off settings guide
17. iamareebjamal for Guide add custom image to about phone
18. Spacecaker for some icon from their romSGS III / IV JB Rom
19. Zeppelinrox for fixfc script binary

Special Thanks :
2. Percy g2 and Team Broadcomm CM for CM7.2 RC as base rom

[B]#Note :
 * don't mirror my ROM
 * don't share download link but you can share by linked to this thread,
 * please give me a Logcat or screenshot If you report a bugs,
 * its helped than just say fix that

you like my work : just press thanks button,.
you want donate to me : just PM me

XDA:DevDB Information
REINCARNATION ROM SERIES pre-Final 26-11-2013, a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread
ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: pre-Final
Stable Release Date: 2013-11-25

Created 2013-11-02
Last Updated 2014-01-03
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Jun 7, 2013
How To Install, Download Link, Instruction... Read this before ask

How to Install : Flash via CWM
If from cm7 rom
1. Mount Data, System, Cache
2. Flash Percy CM#2 Kernel from Original Thread by Percy Go Here
3. go to advanced, and reboot recovery
4. Wipe Data
5. Wipe Cache Partitions
6. Wipe Dalvik Cache
7. Format Data, System, Cache
8. Mount Data, System, Cache
9. Install Zip from SD Card
10. Reboot

read this,, if you from stock based custom rom or custom kernel you must flash stock firmware with Odin before flashing this ROM

Download Link :
- CM7.2 Reincarnation Rom Series Totoro pre Final Go Here

Q : Is Wifi Connection issues fixed ?
A : i think its should fixed, cause i tried in 7 different hotspot, and work fine..
Q : Is Wifi Tether fixed ?
A : Read Changelog :rolleyes:
Q : My slider brightness is buggy ?
A : its cause settings not saved,, you must full wipe when flashing,,
Q : Whats function of Adrenaline Boost ? and how to activated ?
A : its specially for game booster,,.
How to Use It?
1) Open terminal emulator
2) Type :
please read more information, go here, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1542602
Q : My Statusbar doesnt show ? and only green bar on top ?
A : Just wait, after flashing, statusbar take a time to appearence or you can reboot and its solved..
green bar on top is battery bar, you can customize its at settings
Q : How to use softkeys button in statusbar ?
A : you can configure in ( settings > system > tablet tweak ), if you want to use bottom statusbar, before thats you must remove all softkeys in statusbar or youur statusbar get no icon
Q : i like popup features, but why I get double mms notification ?
A : Open mms settings, tick disable notification if you want use popup notification
Q : I cant use other lockscreen same as screenshot, like CM Lockscreen or Security Lockscreen,, now i only use Holo Locker, why ?
A : Before use other lockscreen, you must Go to Settings - System - Tablet Tweak - Untick Disable Lockscreen.
Q : Can i use other performance script ? like Fly On Mod, Pure performance ?
A : I Recommend to Not Use other performance script,, If you make experiment with other scripts, dont report bugs to me
Q : Can i use other internal script ?
A : Yes, you can use Cronmod, Ungaze, or other script,. just read carefully the instruction from original post of your script want used
Q : Can i use other audio engine and equalizer apps from market or other ?
A : No,,, This ROM is specially created for music lovers,, if you use other equalizer from market its can FC's DSP Beats Manager
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Jun 7, 2013

Hy guys,
i create a new signature for this ROM, support me with add this code in your signature.

Thanks. :fingers-crossed:



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Nov 2, 2012
Is there any way to add Lidroid on this wonderful rom ? :)

Can you tell me / us the method you used to port this rom ? Because since percy released his stable cm 7.2 i've plenty of project in mind, but i don't really know how to start... ^^" PM me if you can ;)

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