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[ROM] CM7 8GB &16GB Compatible Beta for the Nook Tablet.., Updated 7th July to Beta


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May 25, 2011
[ROM] CM7 8GB &16GB Compatible Beta for the Nook Tablet.., Updated 7th July to Beta

***** DISCLAIMER ******
Please note this software is still classed as experimental and you use this at your own risk. We have done some in house testing and all has worked fine but we cannot guarantee the exact same results for everyone. We accept no responsibility for any damage or loss of information with your Nook Tablet. You use this software at your own risk. By choosing to download and install this software on your device you accept that you are willing to risk your own device and that any damage and or total loss is your own responsibility.


Below you will find Internal release of our Nook tablet CM7. This has been rebuilt from the most recent CM7 stable source. I'll update the 2nd posts with release information asap.

Please feel free to base your rom on ours, I believe it is now tested well enough and is sufficiently stable to use.

The Source for the CM7 android device folder, the kernel and meghd00ts Improved recovery can be found here Here

For information on what you can and can't do and reasons for this please visit HERE


Download HERE MD5 95043b08484aa218ccf93b5ef4785825

For the internal version you need have access to CWM either internally installed as your recovery or from an SD card. I'm not going to reinvent the wheel telling people how to do that. Just have a look through the development thread and you'll se numerous threads showing you how to do this.

This version has the ability to reboot to recovery added to the reboot option in the power menu. It does not however come with a recovery image, this was already released by lavero.burgos and can be downloaded from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1640958


Once you have CWM on screen with the downloaded update zip archive on your sd card, Follow these simple steps

1. Goto install zip from sdcard
2. Choose zip from sdcard ( if CWM hasn't recognized your SD card you need to eject it and re insert it once or twice, sometimes you need to go to mounts and unmount SD, pop it out and back in then select mount sd)
3. choose the CM7-TEAM-B-BETA1-signed.zip
4. scroll down and select Yes - Install CM7-TEAM-B-BETA1-signed.zip
5. sit back for a couple of minutes while the installation is carried out

That’s CM7 installed, next you need to prepare the rest of the device

1. press your power button once
2. ***OPTIONAL*** scroll down and select wipe data / factory reset, this is optional but if you are coming from a different OS it is recommended, if you don't it can sometimes causes force closes and various other issues.
3. you're ready to roll! scroll up and select reboot system, initial boot can take a while and does pause for a short while on the black screen between flash page and CM7 Animation, enjoy CM7 For Nook Tablet!

if you were already running a version of CM7 it is possible you may be able to skip the wipe data bit and just select wipe cache instead but it's best if you can wipe data and know that you have a clean install without any bugs remaining from a previous install. By all means try just clear cache and see how you go, if you seems to have lots of bugs we recommend doing a clear data and trying again.

SD VERSION IMAGE ***UPDATE NOT YET AVAILABLE this is the Alpha final version***

Download HERE

I've done the SD version a little different this time, it's as a 4gb SD image (the last partition is used as SDcard in CM7 so you can resize this partition to fill up your whole card if your card is bigger than 4gb). The image can be burn using windows Image writer or dd command in linux / OSX

The window software is available HERE.

To write the image on linux / osx do the following

WITHOUT your sd in the machine go to a terminal window and type

Notice the drives that are showing they will be something like dev/sda. Now insert your SD and give it a moment to recognise it. Once again terminal type

and you should have an extra device such as /dev/sdc showing which is your sdcard (it may say dev/sdc1 or something but you aren't interested in the number)

Once you have the SD device id use following code exchanging sdc for your device id

dd if=/location/of/SDfile.img of=/dev/sdc
Then sit back and wait, it will appear to be doing nothing and will take a long time but once done the command will complete and you have a nice new SD version of CM7 to run :)

Power off the nook, insert the sd and then power it on to enjoy your new CM7. If it done'st boot try completely powering of and ten connect power cable and wait for it to turn on and hopefully boot form SD. The first boot WILL take a few minutes. Consecutive boots will be faster

We've been asked a number of times for a donation link so I set one up you can click HERE. Or if you prefer to donate directly to myself or Goncezila by clicking on the donate buttons under our names. We thank you in advance for your generosity :)

***** DISCLAIMER ******
Please note this software is still classed as experimental and you use this at your own risk. We have done some in house testing and all has worked fine but we cannot guarantee the exact same results for everyone. We accept no responsibility for any damage or loss on information with you Nook Tablet. You use this software at your own risk.

First boot can take a little while. once in you will be requested to enter your Google account details, because your wifi is not yet connected you will be better of skipping these steps, you will be asked again as soon as you try to open Google Market anyway.

Tap the menu button and select settings (not adwsettings) go to wifi and setup your wifi connection, if for some reason wifi networks do not show, just toggle wifi off and on and it will sort it's self out :)

Feedback thread HERE so please make sure you post any questions and / or feedback in there and keep this thread for development only. Thank you!

Thanks and mentions

All those that support the new release, I'm sure you all know who you are ;)

Quid246 - for his skills in photoshop to make our new splash screen (Alpha release):)

Bauwks - Without him we would not be here. He blew the top off the bootloader and his thanks bar is no where near what it should be. Also a thank you for him agreeing to allow us to change his box image on the bootloader when we asked. Please find some of his posts and hit Thanks!

Loglud - again for helping us out with our research

AdamOutler - His guide was used to help us with kernel issues and build our SDcard version

succulent for pointing out that although we had commented out a file in the build, it was was still possible it was effecting up our new build. Also thanks to succulent for creating a build script that automatically added the 2nd boot onto the boot.img during source build. Thank Succulent! You’re a star, it just wasn't happening when I tried to do it :)

The Cyanogen Mod team for the initial build of Cyanogen mod that we ported over :)

Generally every other member of XDA - For being so supportive and throwing out ideas and experience!
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New member
May 25, 2011
Know issues, Hints and Tips

  • keyboard numbers layout when you hold a letter doesn't initially work, to fix just change keyboard language to your local setting e.g. US english


7th July 2012
Released beta update built on latest Stable CM7 source
Made some changes which will hopefully help with wifi issues
added some stability fixes
Added reboot to recovery in the reboot menu
Other minor issues tweaked to improve general overall performance and response

MARCH 20th{/I]
build.prop update zip added to support thread to cure mounting on USB issues

CM7 Final Alpha released

  • A complete relbuild of CM7 for the Nook Tablet. The new version is based on Gingerbread 2.3.7 CM7.2
  • All software updated to latest CM7.2 version and all files rebuilt to match
  • Full hardware video decoding for h264 encoded videos
  • Hardware acceleration for gfx
  • Wifi issues fixed so now connection should work without crashing
  • GAPPS removed as per Google requests and GAPPS download link added to OP
  • Many general system bugs fixed
  • Much much more that ill post here when home from vacation

MARCH 7th 2012

SD version of CM7 re-released

MARCH 5th 2012
Sorry for the lack of updates recently, Gonc and I have been really busy but we're happy to say a new build has been getting tested personally by us and has now been passed on to the testing team.

Bit more about it is HERE

FEB 19th 2012
2nd public release of CM7 for Nook Tablet.

Changes since original version are:
  • Format bricking issue fixed
  • Boot count issue where it resets your device to standard after 8 boots fixed
  • Market should now install any software you can get on there without the SD / USB issue
  • Browser should now happily play videos from mobile youtube
  • Graphics driver update allows playing of YouTube videos a720p without issue
  • Previous issues updating BusyBox should now be cured
  • Many games and applications that crashed on intro video will now work flawlessly
  • Internal media partition now fully accessible
  • internal media and sdcard now show when connected to USB on computer
more things which I'll add here when I remember them!

Feb 12th 2012

The new build which is alpha 8 is now ready and testing will begin in the next day or two.

Thanks to all members of the team for volunteering and to xIndirect for setting up the application forms online that everyone filled out to become members and the bug report forms he's also set up.

Goncezilla and I haven't really discussed a length of time for testing but generally Testing will continue until we believe that the remaining bugs do not cause severe problems for the end user. Once we are at that stage the donators will then get their copies which will allow us to gradually increase the testing coverage before finally being released as a beta to all member of XDA.

Myself and Goncezilla would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and understanding while we build you a version of CM7 for your Nook Tablets that we can be proud of :)

Feb 10th 2012

Following bugs have been fixed

  • SD format and bricking issue,

  • Market app install problem

  • Various software crashing when it tried to play video (even browser in mobile youtube)

  • Internal Media partition not mounting

  • Media partition not connecting to USB host when plugged in

Further information on updates and release are available HERE
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New member
Sep 18, 2010

Sorry for this question. What are the differences between internal and external? Does internal completely wipe and remove all Nook software, and external only boots CM7 with the card in and boots Nook style without?


New member
May 1, 2010
Washington DC
Sorry for this question. What are the differences between internal and external? Does internal completely wipe and remove all Nook software, and external only boots CM7 with the card in and boots Nook style without?
For Internal you need to have CWM running (either from SDcard or internally) and it WILL wipe your stock setup.

External runs purely from the SDCard and will not mess with your internal data.

Remember that Celtic and I are the only ones who have tested this as of yet so there may be unfound bugs! This is Beta after all ;)

Please report all bugs here, do not PM us. We will try to validate and then correct them.

Enjoy everyone!


New member
May 25, 2011
For those on Windows machines (like me!), the free Mini Partition Wizard Home Edition can be used to create the SD card partitions. In this case just make the first partition Primary and Active; that will allow it to be seen as a bootable partition.

Yes sure just shrink the partitions a little to fit :)

We'll be adding a small modification to allow SDCard simulation when booting form card which will require adding a 4th partition later to act as the SDCard

Just thought to release as was to get it to everyone :)


New member
Feb 8, 2009
Pittsburgh area
did internal version. Downloaded to PC, unpacked, copied directly to directory via usb mount, restored. The restore went fast, and the initial boot-up was faster than my G2's backup restores...lol Connected to wifi, signed in, and up and running..:D Fantastic!!! kudos!! and i used the "Thank You" button so i'm not thanking you in this reply...<snicker> Over all, everything done in less than 5 minutes. Now to tweak/customize/play with. :D


New member
Dec 2, 2011
For those of us who don't know/have ubuntu, can you point to a good resource/post for creating the SD card under Windows 7 to run the SD card version of CM7?



New member
Nov 23, 2011
Sorry for the basic question, but when we go to CWM -> Advanced restore -> NTCM7, do we want to restore boot? system? data? cache? sd-ext? all?

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