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Dec 19, 2011
Awesome man! :) Used simplistic for a long time and now when using ics i'm definetly gonna give this one a try.


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Mar 26, 2012
Its not that we dont have patience but, this thread is against rules. No placeholders for future roms. Would be shame to see this thread locked.

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Jan 9, 2010
Arco's cm9 alpha8 just came out...are you gonna update it to your rom and then release it??


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Jan 15, 2012
1. Could be, but this bootanimation has been a trademark for a long time.
2. Default kernel since it's just optimized and tweaked, keeping it as close to stock as possible.

IMHO the cyanogen bootanimation is better.. can you provide a link to that? Also, which kernel does it use? Castagna v5 works great in BioHazard v1..
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Jan 15, 2012
Questions & Answers

1. Change default browser to Chrome? - No, will not happen because of the bugs it still contains.
2. Build in OTA Support? - I will take a look into that and see if its any useful for my purposes.
3. There is 352mb ram? - That is correct and i cant see any further problem.

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    SIMPLISTIC - ICS for optimal speed, stability and useability!

    This ROM is based on CM9 from Arco, but heavily improved and optimized!
    This ROM contains no fancy mods or themes and is purely made for a clean, fast and smooth experience!

    Improved Functions

    • CM9 Alpha 8
    • New boot animation
    • New default wallpaper
    • Disabled automatic debug mode
    • Changed date format to: dd-MM-yyyy
    • Optimized Heap-size for improved multitasking
    • Optimized WiFi scan interval for improved battery
    • Several basic and other tweaks i forgot to mention
    • Removed the face unlock function since its bugged and not working
    • Improved the Google Apps installation package (removed useless apps and updated the remaining)
    • Increased overall free space and memory performance by cleaning the ROM (removing useless apps)


    • Please visit: Arco's Thread for the most recent bugs and fixes
    • If you come across other bugs or non working functions, please let me know and i will try to fix them


    • Install CWM5 or CWM6 and make a backup
    • Do a complete wipe (System/Cache/Data/Sdcard/Emmc)
    • Copy the Simplistic ICS Beta file on your phone and install the zip (do not reboot)
    • Copy the Gapps file on your phone and flash the zip directly after the ROM installation
    • Reboot the phone and enjoy your latest and greatest Simplistic ICS Beta 1 installation

      I am not responsible for any damage to your phone
      Special thanks to ARCO for making ICS possible on our SGS+


    Screenshots (more coming soon)



    Version 2.0
    • Jelly Bean bootanimation
    • Updated to the latest APNS-CONF from CM
    • Changed base to Arco's CM9, version BETA1 released 17/09/2012
    • Fixed the automatic brightness not being available + some more options
    • Brought back Email and Exchange since multiple users asked for their return
    Thanks for the early comments guys, for all those that kept supporting me (Simplistic Plus), much respect and its an honor to be back.
    Some small download statistics

    • Total downloaded: 450 times since release (1 day)
    • Top country: Germany, with 14% downloaders (of total)
    • Total country's where the ROM is downloaded: 42 (across the globe)

    I will be looking in to all the requests and reports about bugs or other issues! Stay tuned and please keep providing feedback, much appreciated!:good:
    I'm building a new version on the latest Arco release (released today). I will be fixing the bugs all the people issued and will try to optimize it even more. Stay tuned for more information, release date/time and please keep continue the great support!

    Please update to CyanogenMod 9 by ivendor - RC1 :D