[ROM][CM9][JUL13-Build80] Domination - Taking Cyanogenmod to the next level

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May 8, 2012
I really like your Rom and your Tweaks! But I like "classic" status bar too! So, when I set it on the standard mode, I've a part near the bottom of the screen without the bar!!!! How can I solve this? I set status bar on the top... Thanks!:laugh:


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Mar 16, 2011
Thanks for the great ROM owain!

I have two issues though

#1. Is it normal that applications take a lot longer to launch than on 2.3.7? Especially ROM Manager takes like 20 seconds, and I can't figure out why. This issue also seems to cause system to stop responding.

I tried with stock kernel, harsh non-oc and harsh oc.. Doesn't seem to change anything.

#2. The 'avoid poor connections' setting stops my wifi from working (in places where the coverage is fine), so I want to disable it, but the option seems to be missing. Is there any way to change that?
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    Why is this ROM "taking CyanogenMod to the next level?

    CyanogenMod does not want to include many customizations like they did in cm7
    But why not? We want to customize our phones!
    This ROM adds more options and cherries to CyanogenMod, cherry picked from the CM gerrit, Google gerrit, AOKP gerrit, many github pages that are around or made by me

    This ROM also includes a lot of experimental changes like many NEON optimized code sets, better libraries like jpeg-turbo and tweaked surface flinger, skia and many more

    Want to turn the recent panel in to an app killer?
    Just select the option for a kill-all button!

    You want to use this big awesome screen for tablet mode?
    OK! just boot in tablet mode then!

    You want to reboot but don't wait to long?
    Just execute a hot reboot this is 50% - 70% faster then a normal reboot

    You want a custom density?
    Got that covered!

    Hate the default Roboto font?
    Just change it to another font with the build in font changer!

    Hate the stupid useless overflow menu button (onscreen menu button)?
    Also got an option for that just hide it!

    Hate the ugly Android Global Action (power menu) dialog?
    Just change it to a nice three row picture view without text

    In Android you can swipe from the top of the screen downwards to expands the status bar
    Why only from the top of the screen?
    In this ROM you can define actions for
    • Swiping top edge
    • Swiping left edge
    • Swiping right edge
    • Swiping bottom edge

    for example if you want the hide the status bar you can simply define a swipe action for it to an edge you like

    And there is many more in this ROM!

    Stock but still highly customizable the way we like it




    Hopto (Thanks to vadonka for his hosting!)
    XDA File Server (Thanks to Korumera for his hosting!)


    If you have problems with the modified package flash the stock package

    flash one of those
    and if you want inverted holo black gapps instead of holo white flash this afterwards


    Running a su660 baseband on your p990? then you'll need a nitz fix!
    flash this http://www.mediafire.com/?r5b82glm39s4hj4


    • Zowie93 - For all the drawables in this topic
    • Team douche - For CyanogenMod
    • Team KANG - For AOKP
    • Pastime - For a ****load of patches
    • sgt7 - For a lot of nice stuff
    • Aksolanki - For his drawables
    • Temasek - For being a source of inspiration
    • Harsh - For keeping me awake all night
    • Mr Apocalypse - For leaking butter all over my ****
    • Ricardo aka arcee - For well this is obvious isn't it...

    build 80
    • Odexed
    • A lot of Power Widget improvements
    • Camera burst shot
    • Camera ISO
    • Smart call option
    • Statusbar brightness sliding and longpress
    • Settings apk GPS toggle (right under WiFi and Bluetooth)
    • Settings Processor.java: Fixes and Cleanups
    • Mms: fixes battery drainage while receiving Mms with data connection off
    • Libjpeg-turbo is back
    • Externalize symbol picker options to resources
    • Mms: cleanup in locale
    • Fix a possible off-by-one in the dalvik verifier
    • Camera: added continuous-picture focus mode
    • Dalvik: switched code to blx <reg>
    • Dalvik: hprof generation, not writing the first record
    • Improve HttpResponseCache performance
    • Option to let the ringone start with low volume and get louder.
    • Option for rotating while in call
    • Option to use the statusbar while in call
    • Option to fade touch keys while in call
    • Standardized keybord input
    • Updated lockscreen weather layout
    • Fixed weather refresh bug
    • Inlcuded AOKP weather icons they look way better IMHO
    • Included jelly bean animation
    • Animations are way smoother now
    • Hybrid bar thanks to rob43
    • Reduced the lockscreen clock margin it was to bug in my opinion
    • Fix a bug that slow down opening of applications
    • Replaced new lockscreen music layout black background with a transparant one
    • Fix in WiFi policy
    • Added correct honeycomb lockscreen ripple (previous one was to small)
    • Improved button changer
    • Fixed multiple Global actions dialog that slows the system down
    • Added a status bar section in Settings main screen it became to big for a sub settings
    • Profile status on settings header screen
    • Theme status on settings header screen
    • Improved power widget behaviour
    • Added tablet power widget options
    • Added hybrid power widget options
    • Disabled recent chooser when you activated hybrid bar OR flipped combined bar (while in tablet mode ofc) will be compatible later on
    • Deleted lockscreen alignment it was to confusing for some people
    • Cleaned up battery info
    • Fixed font changer
    • Prioritize input methods
    • Added smart call (when you are in a SMS conversation just hold you phone next to your ear to call that person (That ugly GS3 is not the only phone designed for humans)
    • Initialize mJunkPath to false
    • Parcel compRequired flag correctly
    • Fix shutdown sequence to avoid SIGSEGV when running am command
    • Limit length of SSID input string to 32
    • Wifi: update text displayed during hotspot on/off
    • Fix automatic timezone failing on some GSM networks
    • Fixed a lot of hot reboots
    • Servicemanager: Allow tegra audio to register as a service
    • Fixed google voice voicemail function
    • Everything is build with a new toolchain
    • Fixed 95% of all the reboots
    Build 79:
    • Updated to IMM76I
    • Fixed tablet mode
    • Share to clipboard (usefull when you cannot copy something but only share for example youtube)
    • PowerSaver ported over from AOKP
    • Init.d config UI
    • Ability to choose the recent layout (Stock, WebOS, Sense 4)
    • Option for adding the day of the week next to the clock in statusbar
    • Option for persistent lockscreen battery percentage
    • Option to disable the camera shutter sound
    • Added more information to the "About phone" screen
    • Huge code cleanup
    • All the items in Settings -> System -> Statusbar should be working better now
    • More Linaro improvements
    • Don't let apps disable the SIM PIN entry screen
    • Don't consider input restricted if keyguard is still disabled
    • Option to use hardware menu key for app switching
    • Add system setting to control display of action overflow button
    • Brightness toast panel
    • Switch to dp from px for insets (lockscreen settings)
    • Lockscreen: toggle music layout (between stock and custom)
    • Bluewall firewall (notification sound mute)
    • Adds options to control scroll friction and velocity
    • Bootanimation performance enhancements
    • MIUI Style carrier text in the statusbar
    • Custom alpha level and color overlay for notification icons
    • MIUI like battery bar
    • Modified expanded status bar layout a bit it looks way better in my opinion
    • Build.prop tweaks UI

    Build 78:
    • merged up to the lastest cm sources
    • merged all the experimental and stable linaro changes
    • system is build with the latest linaro 4.7-2012.05 toolchain
    • live wallpapers are build with the stock 4.4 and 4.3 AOSP toolchains because linaro can't build them
    • frameworks optimized for new linaro toolchain
    • expirimental arm v7 cortex a9 improvements
    • Add option to enable notification counts
    • Performance: Activity manager perf unnecessary recalc of oom_adj
    • Make brightness control more responsive
    • fixed external BT gps date/time issue
    • Settings observer to screenshot sound option
    • Fix off-by-one error when filtering application UIDs
    • Prevent empty overflow popup when there are no overflow items.
    • Foreground activity performs [Resume] and [Pause] when any process died in sleep mode
    • Fix for too many binder calls in packagemanager
    • Fix potential NPE when saving fragment state
    • Do not dispatch context selection events to non-visible fragments
    • Edge swipe configurable distances
    • Avoid dirty region drawing when EGL Surface object is not updated
    • Optional compact contact listview
    • Status Bar Brightness Control Padding
    • bootanimation: performance enhancements
    • Fix some Applications ANR issue in monkey test
    • Updated libjpeg-turbo to the latest linaro sources
    • Updated libpng to the latest linaro sources
    • Optional bottom statusbar
    • Port bug fixes from webkit to plug leaks
    • WebGL for the Android browser in Ice Cream Sandwich
    build 74 is up

    merged up to the last commits

    lockscreen calendar
    weather position chooser
    lockscreen music layout fixed (tablet mode bootloop fixed)
    weatherpanel changed to linear layout (tablet mode bootloop fixed)
    recents panel on lockscreen (navbar only)
    condensed global action drawable update to match ICS style
    lots of weather panel fixes
    vol up + vol down = toggle ringer (just like power + vol down = screenshot)
    reverted to old libgui.so it did break just to much

    Screenie of calendar on lockscreen
    uploading kang 67 right now

    merged up to the last commits

    fixed a huge memory leak
    Move sleep settings back to SettingsView
    tablet power widget update
    GlobalActions: Fix themeing of the ShutdownThread (non condensend only)