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May 7, 2012
Surprise, Az
Hi guys , please forgive a complete noob with my tab. I have an acer iconia a100 and would like to root to 4.1 or 4.2 if this is possible. Would someone be kind enough to direct me or link me ?:)
Thanking you in advance for your help and patience.

There is no 4.2 but for 4.1 builds look at the cm10 and jelly time threads.

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    Known bug list and known work arounds are in Post 2, at the bottom, below the instructions. Please if you read nothing else, read post 2, and report anything NOT already listed there, thank you.

    WeeFeeri was kind enough to take the time to make a video showcasing these CM9 nightlies (featuring Build 46) so check it out HERE! Please be sure to give him your thanks for the taking the time to do this on his own!

    As per notsointeresting's suggestion, and a few complaints of dev-host's reliability lately, I setup androidfilehost to hold my stuff, I'll be slowly migrating everything over for use as a mirror.

    I'm writing a general guide for the A100, please give it a read if you have any questions. Its a WIP, but is full of goodness, I promise! Guide to all things A100

    Since there doesn't seem to be any nightly releases for A100 CM9, I decided to build them myself for myself, then figured, hey, if I build them, why not let others have at them? And with that I present to you....

    CM9 Nightlies by pio_masaki

    What is a nightly vs whatever release?
    Nightlies are untested and considered unstable, however they contain all of the latest source code available. This means things may be fixed, things remain broken, or new things are broken. It also may mean its your new favorite daily driver rom.

    What do you do to this rom?
    Nothing at all. I only compile after syncing to the repo daily. This is not modified by me in any way, shape or form, completely stock vanilla CyanogenMod roms.

    How often will you release these?
    Whenever possible I plan to release these nightly, or once a day. I'm sorry if I miss a day or two, I will build and upload when I have the time. I do NOT have time to test each one, so that will have to be a risk you take. This first build boots and runs, I do not know of any bugs or what works or not.

    What about bugs?
    I don't know, please tell me in the thread and I will add what is broken or fixed to the post. Posted at the bottom of post 2 for now with work a rounds if known, dated with build number reported.

    What does the filename mean?
    the file names will be in this format: cm-9-6-11-B1-a100-PM.zip
    here's the breakdown:
    cm-9 is of course, its a CM9 release.
    6-11 is the date of the build.
    B1 is the build number, tomorrow will be B2, so on. If there is a B1-2 that's a second build for the same day. Not likely, but just in case.
    a100 device model this is meant for, please don't use this on another device.
    PM is pio_masaki.

    Source is directly synced from CM, nothing is added by me. Kernel is directly from ezterry, in his original zip file release, nothing added by me.

    Thanks to the CM team for doing awesome work to get this kind of stuff to most devices possible!
    EzTerry for making an OC kernel for our devices!
    da-pharoah for letting me bounce ideas off him and letting me work things out through him and cheering me on for this.
    x0hell0x for inspiring me to decide to attempt compiling from source.

    EpicBlueCM9 Theme courtesy of stetsonaw! Be sure to give him your thanks!

    Add ons:
    ezterry's OC kernel Thread, Please read it all!

    Required for Play Store and other Google stuff/framework:

    Optional scripts for wiping:
    Blackhole Wipe/Nullifier Thread

    Experimental CWM Touch Recovery:
    This is an experimental build! Use caution with this!
    Removed as it seems pretty broken.
    If it works out OK for anyone willing to try it out, I'll do a formal release for it later.

    Build 6 6-16-12
    Build 7 6-17-12
    Build 8 6-18-12
    Build 9 6-19-12
    Build 10 6-20-12
    Build 11 6-21-12
    Build 12 6-22-12
    Build 13 6-23-12 *experimental* (new build machine) Has issues lol skip it.
    Build 14 6-24-12
    Build 15 6-25-12
    Build 15 Experimental
    Build 16-2 6-26-12 *see note below Update section*
    Build 17 6-27-12
    Build 18 6-28-12
    Build 19 6-29-12
    Build 20 6-30-12 We made it! 20 straight!
    Build 21 7-1-12
    Build 22 7-2-12
    Build 23 7-3-12
    Build 24 7-4-12
    Build 25 7-5-12
    Build 26-4 7-6-12 Had multiple build fails, sorry it's so late.
    Build 27 7-7-12
    Build 28 7-8-12
    Build 29 7-9-12
    Build 30 7-10-12 | Mirror
    Build 31 7-11-12 | Mirror
    Build 32 7-12-12 | Mirror
    Build 33 7-13-12 | Mirror
    Build 34 7-14-12 | Mirror
    Build 35 7-15-12 | Mirror
    Build 36 7-16-12 | Mirror
    Build 37 7-17-12 | Mirror
    Build 38 7-18-12 | Mirror
    Build 39 7-19-12 | Mirror
    Build 40 7-20-12 | Mirror
    Build 41 7-21-12 | Mirror
    Build 42 7-22-12 | Mirror
    Build 43 7-23-12 | Mirror
    Build 44 7-24-12 | Mirror
    Build 45 7-25-12 | Mirror
    Build 46 7-29-12 | Mirror
    Build 47 7-30-12 | Mirror
    Build 48 7-31-12 | Mirror
    Build 49 8-1-12 | Mirror
    Build 50 8-2-12 | Mirror
    Build 51 8-3-12 | Mirror
    Build 52 8-4-12 | Mirror
    Build 53 8-5-12 | Mirror
    Build 54 8-6-12 | Mirror Note - the file names are wrong, I was to lazy to reupload them, this is the correct info, ignore the file name.
    Build 54 8-7-12 | Mirror
    Build 55 8-8-12 | Mirror
    Build 56 8-9-12 | Mirror
    Build 57 8-10-12 | Mirror
    Build 58 8-11-12 | Mirror
    Build 59 8-12-12 | Mirror
    B60 8-13-12 | Mirror
    Build 61+ are now on Goo.im and can be accessed through the goo.im app. Even will tell you when the new nightly is available for you! For now I'll just be updating the thread Build number and date, I won't be linking anymore.

    Build Notes
    Build 16 is a sort of mile marker, rotation lock fix got merged today! I had already synced and built Build 16, however (and I announced it over twitter for those that care) scrapped it in favor of adding the newly merged Rotation Lock fix! Luckily I was sitting around in #Iconia-dev when it was announced. So, please test rotation lock and report back if its working or not for you guys!
    Fresh install from another rom:
    Download to your external SD card
    Reboot into recovery
    Backup current installation
    Wipe data, system, cache, dalvik cache (optional use my Blackhole scripts)
    Install from zip, pick the CM9 zip
    Flash gapps
    Once done, wipe cache and dalvik cache again
    Reboot system
    Wait 10 minutes, then reboot system
    Log into google and setup your device

    Updates from my previous builds:
    Backup current installation
    Flash the new build zip
    Clear cache
    Clear dalvik
    Let settle 10 minutes
    Only for updating over a previous PM CM9, not meant for flashing over any other rom, even another CM9.

    Advanced update method:
    Backup your current PM CM9 install you wish to update
    (CWM) Go to mounts, mount /system, then go down to format /system
    (CWM) wipe data
    (TWRP) Go to wipe, wipe system and data
    Install newer PM CM9 version
    Install gapps
    Go to restore, advanced restore
    Restore ONLY Data
    Clear cache and dalvik, fix permissions
    Reboot system
    Let settle 10 minutes
    This method will clear the system partition and replace with the new system, but restores your user data, settings, apps, etc. Its IMO a cleaner upgrade method then "Dirty Flashing" straight over the previous rom. Intended ONLY for updates from a previous PC CM9, no other roms.

    Current known Bugs
    6-11-12, B1: You have to disable the screen off animation or your device will reset everytime you press the power button. Settings>Display> Uncheck Screen-off animation prevents it.

    6-12-12, B1: Labros1995 reports rotation lock still broken.

    6-16-12, NA: HDMI audio still not working, reported by pomka78

    6-19-12, B7: labros1995 reports Torch Toggle does not work, volume is upside down in portrait mode (still uses landscape default layout).

    6-29-12, NA: Its not really a bug, but it has come up, themes DO work, however complex themes will give a compiled error. For now, only simple color changing themes work, such as the Holo series of themes. I don't think its the ROMs fault, I think it has to do with the themes not being for Tablets. But, I added it here anyways, as a heads up.

    7-1-12, B20: nickownzya reported Chrome crashes going into settings, confirmed by mapaz04. Turns out its the newest version, 18.0.1025.166 (Official Build 130050), confirmed by mapaz04. Chrome version 18.0.1025.133 does not appear to have this issue. The only fix for now, if possible, is to uninstall the update. Not possible on a freshly downloaded restore, but maybe through TiBu or whatever backup app you use. Chrome appears to otherwise function fine, just can't enter settings.

    6-13: Modified the OPs a little bit, added advanced update instructions in post 2. Added bug list location to post 1.
    6-25: Added CWM Touch experimental to downloads, added some whatever info. I dare you to find it!
    7-2: I've put my A100 up for sale today, but I will continue building these nightlies until the official nightlies begin rolling out, as promised.
    7-2: Added a new link to the downloads section of post 1, EpicBlueCM9 theme by stetsonaw, which he confirms working for our devices!
    7-4: Removed builds 1-5 as I'm sure they are no longer needed, and they were using dropbox anyways. All builds now on Dev-Host.
    7-4: As the new title states, I've been working on my custom edition CM9, some build.prop tweaks, some init.d tweaks, some free apps that I generally use. It was originally going to be a pre built restore for myself, but I figured, as always, why not share it? Should be available in it's alpha form tonight or tomorrow. Still a LONG way to go on it!
    7-6: The custom edition is going a little slower then I expected, hitting a couple of road blocks with the modular expansion I had in mind for running scripts, but it's getting there. cdkg has offered to test run today's alpha, so hopefully that goes well. I can't test stability since I'm constantly flashing new crap to the build, or entire new builds, that I never spend more then an hour on any flash lol. It's coming, eventually. If cdkg doesn't run into any issues I'll put up the alpha 1 build.
    7-8: For those that haven't noticed, and the few still that read this section, (does anyone read here?) the custom edition is availble in the Dev section as of this morning, Aoikaze Alpha 3, please give it a whirl and report any issues you may run into, if any (because I'm perfect and all).
    7-9-12: As per notsointeresting's suggestion, and a few complaints of dev-host's reliability lately, I setup androidfilehost to hold my stuff, I'll be slowly migrating everything over, then using dev-host as a mirror.
    7-25-12: I'm taking a short vacation, I leave the morning of 7-26 and I'll return 7-29, I know it's a short trip, but I think I need a break for a few days. I will likely not have any kind of data up there, so I can't remote the machine to build from there, so there will be NO builds until 7-29. I also probably will fall way behind on the forums as I probably can't check in on them either, so help each other out as best you can! I wanna see peace, love and CM15 when I get back!

    8-11-12: General project update. Considering my A100 bricked, I get complaints constantly about slow downloads, missing days, missing features, random broken crap that I said would happen, and other general BS that I keep getting about these builds, I'm considering stopping. I did this as a favor for everyone, it's not my job, it's not required that I do this every single day, and I DON'T GET PAID FOR THIS. So either deal with the slow hosting (it's free, want faster? It costs money) and the random broken things and odd bugs, or please stop messaging me complaining about it or I just won't build these at all, and when CM10 comes up for nightlies, I won't build them either. I'll just do my own thing, build them for myself, and laugh at people with 4 month old CM10 releases (hint, I built a CM10 an hour ago, yes I can build A100 CM10s). All this complaining REALLY makes me wonder why I'm even doing this, spending my time and money on this stuff, when it doesn't seem like it really even matters. It kinda ruins the reason I started doing this and kills my drive to even do anything for android any more, let alone the a100 or the a200. /rant

    8-13/14-12 : A final general project update - I'm stopping these for awhile. You may have noticed this message already below the latest download. I'm not going to name names, just know I'm tired of the complaints and demands, if you want to demand I do something, then make it worth my while, until then deal with what I can give you when I can give it. If you aren't happy with my builds, build it yourself.
    I've had it

    I had decided if I got one more whiny demanding annoying pissy IM, PM, Email, Post, whatever, before next weekend I would stop.

    I got one today.

    Telling me to stop complaining about complainers and just fix stuff is not the best way to get me to do a damned thing. For you or for anyone. Just know, thanks to you, CM9 Nightlies will cease from me.

    I'll probably resume this and CM10 at a later date, for now I need a break from the idiocy that runs rampant on here sometimes. Demanding I fix missing settings, or that GPS wasn't as fast as before, or something else broke and I need to fix it, is the fastest way to make sure I NEVER LOOK AT THE ISSUE. I said it from day 1, I am NOT a developer. I don't do anything to the source of these CM9 builds. If its broken, I DIDN'T BREAK IT. I DON'T NEED TO FIX IT. If you think it's so easy, fix it yourself, submit them, get them merged, and build your ****.

    I also CAN'T test anything, my A100 is bricked. I don't own an A100 right now, I'm doing these builds and building CM10 and Jellytime completely blind right now. I could barely afford the send it out for repairs (which was paid for by donations, which is appreciated beyond what you can imagine) and I'm waiting to see if they charge me or not, if they do, I won't be getting it repaired and I'll be out of the A100 game until I can get the money together for it. As it is I have to do my changes, make the builds, and I have a few users who have been gracious enough to test them for me and give useful feedback, not complaints, about issues and bugs.

    I'll still be around offering help when and where I can, I just don't think I can put myself out there for so much frustration by building stuff for the community right now. The selfishness I've seen is staggering. Especially from this community, who has proved to be quite a nice quiet helpful little corner of XDA, and I was proud to be a part of it. For the most part, I still am, I'm just going to withdraw for a little bit, recenter, reevaluate what I want and what I'm willing to deal with, and come back when I'm ready. I pushed to hard to fast, and it's catching up to me.

    For the majority who has shown nothing but appreciation, gratitude and good will, I apologise for this, for you I do plan to be back and building, you'll just have to make due without me for a little bit.
    Hey was reading your frustration in the op and wanted to say that while you have a lot of whiners there are those of us who greatly appreciate what you have done for this device. Without you my wife's tab would be very boring and plodding along in the most unimaginable way. Keep on trucking and thanks again!


    People actually read that? Lol

    Tapatalked from my Galaxy S II.
    Hey was reading your frustration in the op and wanted to say that while you have a lot of whiners there are those of us who greatly appreciate what you have done for this device. Without you my wife's tab would be very boring and plodding along in the most unimaginable way. Keep on trucking and thanks again!