ROM Cook [6.0.1] [ENGLISH] [N900X-Snapdragon] Darklord S7 Edge Full Port - Bug !

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Jul 4, 2016
I have recently installed ROM Cook [6.0.1] [ENGLISH] [N900X-Snapdragon] Darklord S7 Edge Full Port.
The install went well .. no problems.
However there is a known bug that requires a bootloader and modem flash.
The problem I have is the camera will not record, it will allow you to press the red button .. seem like it's recording but once you click stop it will freeze the camera app.
I was informed a possible fix would be to update the bootloader and modem.
But I don't understand which to get ...

Should I get a new bootloader for the S7 edge ? should I get it for the Note 3 stock ? Should i get it from note 3 5.0 lollipop ?
Can someone help ... I don't need to be babied .. but if you do know where I can download it directly a link would be greatly appreciated.

I do know how to use ODIN .. or I can use TWRP ..
Whichever is suggested.

Thank you in advance. :highfive:


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Oct 24, 2010
This is in the wrong forum its a question .
The topic is confusing as it looks like a rom post .

Plus i cannot find this Rom Cook thread to see your answer .

I believe that the rom above has nothing to do with XDA so pointless asking about bugs here .

The bootloader and modems are posted in the baseband/ modem and bootloader thread .
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Jul 4, 2016


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Mar 10, 2013
But question to you or anyone else that knows.
This bootloader is for N9005 .. but I have a N900W8 ...... would it still work ?

Also i did try to install with ODIN and it failed everytime.

Sorry to be annoying ... but I just need the video camera to work and this rom is perfect.

I see. If you're still with KK bootloader just flash 5.0 firmware.

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