[ROM][Cool3D Sense 3.5]23 Mar]Cool3D RunnyMede v7 |BASE 1.27|GSM/CDMA|STOCK|CM7/r2


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Aug 17, 2008
Continuous My Work From Sense 3.0 to Sense 3.5

Cool3D Sense 3.5

A Big Thanks To Robo & capy
If I Forget To Anyone For Credit Plz Notify ME

Special thanks to: joelz9614, newtoroot, wdfowty, dungphp , Capy, sebastiaan15, dannyrizzolo)

* HTC RunnyMede Android 2.3.5 with Sense 3.5 For WVGA Screen (Base thx to Capy/sebastiaan15/dannyrizzolo)
* Cache Partition Mount as Re-writable *Now u can save ur data on cache partition too*
* Andrev_oc Demon with Daemon Controller.apk
* Screen state scaling Customizable...
...................screen on - performance 254-1152 MHz.
...................screen off - ondemand 254-384.0 MHz.
* RAM Tweaks (thx to Juwe11)
* GSM & CDMA Supported
* Stock, CM7 & CM7r2 Hboot Supported
* Speed tweaks with Smoothness patch
* Rom Optimized for Speed & Stability
* Busybox 1.19.0, Root, Superuser
* Automatic ZipAlign by Wes Garner, slightly adjusted by ROBO
* Updated APNs to Cyanogens big list (over 1300 providers)
* All HTC Themes, Widgets & Addons
* Host file symlink to data partition for easier update
* Customizable Bootanimation and downanimation
* Some Hidden bloat-ware removed
* Languages supported: Don't Know
Known Bugs:
HTC Wall, LockScreen, Skin preview *USE LIST/GRID VIEW*
CM7 Hboot 130MB System, 5MB Cache, 302MB Data. Download
CM7 r2 Hboot 145MB System, 5MB Cache, 287MB Data.
DATA++ Hboot 180MB System, 5MB Cache, 252MB Data.
STOCK Hboot 250MB System, 40MB Cache, 147MB Data.

EXT4 Partition For A2SD, No Swap
Align Your EXT4 Partition With...THIS
Also Alignment_Cool.zip Convert Your Ext3 Partition To Ext4

Latest Radio & RIL
Change Log:
* New Base: HTC RunnyMede 1.27.1400.4 (thx to sebastiaan15)
* Kernel: Gingercakes0.9cfs_2way_HAVS (thx to bananacakes)
* GSM & CDMA Supported ("Yes" or "No" Option)
* Stock, CM7 & CM7r2 Hboot Supported ("Yes" or "No" Option)
* On Screen "Yes" or "No" Options For Framework & Dalvik.Cache
* Working Bliss Shortcuts & Clock Widget (thx to capy)
* CRT & Extra Quick Settings Added
* Repacked All Apk's With Latest Zipalign Binary, Included Framework Apk's
* All HTC Logging Apps Removed (You are safe now)
Cool3D RunnyMede v7 (All Users Full Wipe Recommended)


Porting Information:
Cool Rom's or any components, you may not be port/use to other devices without my permission.
Supporter List:
Robo, Capychimp, Seo, Ownhere, Muxeu, HomerSP, Baadnwz, Imilka, Neo, snq, KameoRE, gtg465x, sibere, droidzone, melethron, coutts, ClassicalDude, NeoPhyTe.x360, famonaco, Kalagas, Spyr0s, Eliashadow, dungphp, dansta34, Flemmard, Diamondback2010, rmk40, chrisch1974, m-deejay, eViL D, samuel2706, QD2DC, klquicksall, newtoroot, sebastiaan15, dannyrizzolo, lyapota, ckpv5

If I Forget To Anyone For Credit, Plz Notify ME​
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Aug 8, 2010
Thnx Coolexe!

This sure is one of the best first ports (v1) I've ever seen!

I've played with it for over one hour last night and is superb! It's very smooth and no FC's at all!
It's one of the smoothest 3D interfaces ever on my Bravo today.

For now I only need a working Super User app. I did install one but it worked buggy... No PC or so to build a proper ROM to test :(

And I prefer an auto install script like the one from rmk or so. What do you think about that Coolexe?

Some problems:
¤ instable data connection
¤ no working weather movie (sound effect works oké)

THANKS again!

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