[ROM][CPH1859/61][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1

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hey, thanks for the reply. It was a Jio sim.
I started using Jiocall app but it was very glitchy, everytime a call failed (declined/busy/unreachable etc.) signal just went haywire and the LTE shut down and then i had to either disable and restart the sim or restart the phone.

I will release a new build and check in that if the same issue persists
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     * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. 
     * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the products you find here before flashing it! 
     * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. 
     * Your warranty will be void(is it still there?) if you tamper with any part of your device / software.

    About LineageOS
    LineageOS is a free and open-source operating system for set-top boxes, smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform. It is the successor to the custom ROM CyanogenMod, from which it was forked in December 2016 when Cyanogen Inc. announced it was discontinuing development and shut down the infrastructure behind the project. Since Cyanogen Inc. retained the rights to the Cyanogen name, the project rebranded its fork as LineageOS.

    LineageOS was officially launched on December 24, 2016, with the source code available on GitHub. Since that time, LineageOS development builds now cover more than 185 phone models with over 1.9 million active installs,having doubled its user base in the month February–March 2017 And if you would like to contribute to LineageOS, please visit out Gerrit Code Review.

    What's working :
    1. Boots
    2. RIL(Calls,SMS,Data)
    3. Wi-Fi
    4. Bluetooth
    5. Camera
    6. Audio
    7. Sensors
    8. Flash
    9. Brightness
    10. GPS
    11. Gcam (you need to flash Gapps for it)
    12. Hotspot
    13. USB Tethering
    14. DT2W

    Known issues :
    1. Selinux is permissive.
    2. Video codec issues in all Chromium based browser.
    3. You tell me

    Before Flashing:
    1. Take a backup of your data.
    2. Clean flash is recommended as of now.
    3. TWRP downloads (alternative one) and flashing instructions can be found in this git link.

    Installation procedure:
    1. Download latest LineageOS ROM and copy to SD Card.
    2. Reboot into twrp (use the shared twrp only)
    3. Wipe System, Dalvik Cache, Data, Cache, Internal Storage (Clean flash is recommended)
    4. Flash ROM and Gapps package (version: Android 10 - ARM64)
    5. Flash Magisk (*optional, use the shared one only and don't update it)
    6. After installing all zips, wipe cache and dalvik.
    7. Reboot system


    1. In our testing only few versions of magisk are working. So use the shared one only.
    2. Working magisk versions:
    Original - 20.1 and 20.3
    Phh based - 20.3
    3. Don't update magisk (you can update app though).
    4. Use the shared TWRP only and don't use others.
    5. ROM is now stable for daily use, enjoy. :)

    GSI Community

    venombiceps Vijay996 MpS005 eldraco19 ahmadfahim0123 Mohit619

    XDADevDB Information
    LineageOS 17.1 ROM for Oppo Realme 1 (All variants)

    1. Invincible-Venom
    2. Naveen56
    3. PeterCxy
    4. Phhusson
    5. SamarV-121
    6. vishalk17

    ROM Source Code: https://github.com/LineageOS
    Device Tree: https://github.com/CPH1859/android_device_oppo_CPH1859
    Kernel: https://github.com/CPH1859/android_kernel_oppo_mt6771
    TWRP: https://github.com/buddi56/dummy_CPH1861_TWRP

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: C.49
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information:
    Status: Stable
    Release Date: 2020-06-06

    Created 2020-05-29
    Last Updated 2020-10-31
    finally u done it bro..
    glad to see 1st stable rom for realme1
    thnks.. :)

    It's not me all alone. Great thanks to my team mates @Naveen56 and @vishalk17 :D

    1. October patch.
    2. Kernel up-streamed to 4.4.205
    3. All changes of LineageOS till October month.

    1. Added Face Unlock.
    2. Added OP Screen Recorder.
    3. August patch.
    4. Kernel up-streamed to 4.4.159.
    5. All changes of Lineage for August month.

    1. Fixed video codecs issue in some social media apps (thanks to phh, GSI community and AOSPA).
    2. Removed inbuilt call recorder for now(as of now).
    3. Removed Audio FX app.

    1. Fixed Hotspot and USB Tethering,
    2. Fixed DT2W
    3. Fixed Incoming calls issue (some users reported it)

    1. Fixed video encoding,
    2. Fixed low brightness
    Thanks for keeping this little beast alive.

    Yep. You welcome.

    In few mins you will see stable build with the above said bugs fixed. Enjoy with stable one. Hopefully we will get some other ROMs also.