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    this is crDroid for Nexus 6


    crDroid Custom Features:

    * Volume panel timeout
    * Clear recents location
    * Heads up customization
    - Quick access button on expanded status bar
    - Swipe behavior
    - Touch outside behavior
    - Time out
    - Do not disturb
    - Blacklist
    * SlimRoms custom lockscreen shortcuts
    * Navbar on/off
    * Hardare keys on/off (in devices supported)
    * Power menu in navring targets
    * SlimPie controls with all working
    * Sound panel option om power menu
    * Superuser indicator (Notification, Statusbar icon or no indicator)
    * Force expanded notifications on expanded statusbar
    * Power menu and notifications tiles
    * Four tiles per row
    * Vibrate on tiles touch
    * Disable quick settings on secure lockscreen
    * Kill app back button configurable timeout
    * Omni-Ambient Display

    Among others. For more info visit our github

    Always Have a full functional Backup. Just in case!

    DOWNLOAD Lollipop
    DOWNLOAD Marshmallow


    First time installing crDroid to your nexus 6, or coming from another ROM:
    - Make sure you're running a proper working Recovery (CWM or TWRP)
    - Copy GApps and crDroid zip to your internal SDCard
    - Boot into Recovery
    - Wipe system,dalvik,data and cache
    - Flash crDroid zip
    - Flash GApps zip
    - Reboot

    Don't expect any support if you:
    - are not running stock crDroid-kernel
    - have installed any mods such Xposed!
    - have modified system files

    Thanks to:

    CM Team
    Slim Roms Team
    ParanoidAndroid Team
    markwebb and hackahero for testing

    And Many More...



    crDroid G+ community


    XDA:DevDB Information
    crdroid, ROM for the Nexus 6

    firebird11, Cristiano Matos, davidteri
    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    Based On: cm

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2015-01-07
    Last Updated 2015-12-09

    I added a donate to me logo above my profile: only know that i don't expect anything from you guys, donation received will be integrally spent in new devices or in old devices reparations. Please don't take it bad:eek:
    New crDroid Shamu

    Hello Guys,

    Last release for this year:) crdroid-6.0.1-20151231-shamu.zip


    See attached for full details
    Add Selinux switch option in security settings
    Added option to disable fc notifications in developer options
    Added option do disable immersive message in Status bar options
    And much more

    I tested lot of custom kernels lately as cm is a little bit behind regarding this point.
    Really recommended: Elite kernel 6.0.1 by @brymaster5000 from here. It add 25% smoothness to the build at least, please thank this great dev in his thread if you agree with me!

    Happy new year to all of you guys!!!
    See you next year!:D

    New crDroid Shamu


    New build is up:


    Changelog: See attached for full details
    Selinux set to Enforcing mode
    Nav bar improvements in Extra settings
    SlimDim added
    Lot of kernel and device improvements


    Full wipe highly recommended
    Install rom & Gapps
    Wipe factory reset
    Install supersu 2.62-3 from here :http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=64161125
    Reboot and enjoy!

    Cheers & Nice Sunday
    CrDroid M in testing phase. Working pretty well. Prepare your backups, coming tommorow;)

    Cheers & good night

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    New crDroid Shamu - First M version

    Hello guys,

    First M crDroid version is available: crdroid-6.0.0-20151111-shamu.zip


    It's a first build, just alpha state, with basic options, but it's a first step guys. Don't expect too much, just taste it, we will progressively add back all features you have in Lollipop.

    How to install:
    First make a backup of your 5.1.1 rom in TWRPyou may want just to taste and come back to it later:)
    Full wipe (data/system/cache)
    Flash crdroid-6.0.0-20151111-bacon.zip
    Flash gapps (Opengapps 6.0 highly recommended)
    Flash: Factory reset Important
    Flash: (not mandatory and not recommended for now): supersu 2.56

    To enable root without supersu, just enable developer options in settings and enable root from there. I tested and apps like Titanium Backup are working.
    Note that i choose to keep Selinux in enforced mode, which is the ideal. If you have too much issues with some apps, i can switch it to permissive mode next build.
    I tested the basic, and it's working except double tape to wake, which i suspect need permissive selinux.

    Enough comments, let's try it.

    Cheers & Good day