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Dec 8, 2020
hi, is there a way to make apps run in full screen mode in android 11? one of the reasons i unlocked bootloader was to downgrade to android 10 rom because after the update to android 11 all apps deactivate the edges of the screen, making it look like any other flat screen device
i'm asking because i didn't try your android 11 rom, but i'll download it if it has full screen mode in every app
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Dec 8, 2020
notification lights on the edges only works during phone charge, they don't work if you receive a call or message or anything else (android 10 version)
Sep 11, 2020
do you have images from the rom and does it really work to change from stock to this rom?..

and sorry but they will have the rom in some other link because mega download is very slow


Jun 23, 2021
There should be no such problems. This behavior can only be when you try to make these applications (Asus Gallery, Asus File Manager) system applications using, for example, RootExplorer.
I don't have this problem even after restoring a backup.
Install ROM on a clean, re-installed stock firmware.
Hola ilia, te hago una consulta, tengo roteado el edge y twrp instalado. Aun con rom stock. Que pasos sigo para instalar esta rom? no entiendo bien aun como es el tema de particion A y B. Tengo actualizado el sistema a Android 11. Te agradeceria un monton tu ayuda


Senior Member
Jan 5, 2013
It's all in the manual. Initially a new, clean firmware RPDS31.Q4U-39-26-4-2 must be installed, not OTA! The device must be in slot A.
hey bro I use the rescue and smart assistant and it installed the RPDS31.Q4U-39-26-4-4 and when I flash the rom img it doesn't boot into system it only goes back to recovery, I have the XT2063-3 variant BTW.


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Mar 7, 2013
hey bro I use the rescue and smart assistant and it installed the RPDS31.Q4U-39-26-4-4 and when I flash the rom img it doesn't boot into system it only goes back to recovery, I have the XT2063-3 variant BTW.
RPDS31.Q4U-39-26-4-2 must be installed - not -4 and use MotoFlash Profor flashing stock RPDS31.Q4U-39-26-4-2 ( or **.bat, of just fastboot commands)

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    Custom ROM based on Stock firmware RPDS31.Q4U-39-26-4-2
    This custom ROM uses stock kernel without modification. The source for the stock kernel is not released by the OEM.

    📯 Preliminary requirements:
    - Unlocked bootloader.
    - New and Clean Stock firmware is required!
    - TWRP installed;
    - Micro SDCard or USB flash drive should be formatted to exFAT.

    📜What's done:
    - Removed the restriction on writing to the system, which in Android 10 is in Read Only (r/o) mode by default, which eliminates the possibility of modifying it. In this firmware it is possible to mount the system in Read Write (r/w) mode. Encryption is preserved in this case.
    - System passes SafetyNet test, device is certified (in Magisk settings activate "Magisk Hide" function, in "Magisk Hide" tab give permission for Google Play Services, perform Google Play reset);
    - Cleaned and lightened the system;
    - Built in additional system color accents;
    - Built in and updated to the latest versions at the time of firmware and Apps release . YouTube removed, because I use YouTube Vanced;
    - Installed apps AdAway ad blocker, Command Center 2;
    - Ringtones, notifications, alarms sounds have been replaced.

    🛠 Installation:
    1. Extract the system image from the archive (see tab "Download") and copy it to the SD Card.
    Also copy the "Magisk Installer" archive Magisk-disable-dm-verity-v21.4.zip in to the SD Card.
    2. Reboot the device into bootloader mode and then into TWRP.
    3. Installing the ROM image. In the "Install" tab in the lower right corner, click the "Install img" button and select the firmware image. A window will open, where you will need to select the "Super" partition. "Swipe to confirm".
    4. Go to the "Reboot" section and reboot the device back to Recovery.
    5. Go to "Wipe" and do a "Swipe to Factory Reset ".
    6. Install "Magisk-disable-dm-verity-v21.4.zip". Reboot in to the System.
    7. When the boot is complete make the initial settings.
    8. Launch the "Magisk Manager" app and update it. You will be asked to configure the work environment. Agree. Phone will automatically reboot itself when setup is done.

    📥 Download

    🧩 Advanced
    YouTube Vanced v.14.21.54 Black Magisk
    Proven, absolutely trouble-free version of YouTube Vanced.
    To prevent in Play Market from updating in to the stock YouTube app, you need to add empty file with the name "enable_detach" (without extension) into the folder "/cache" (at the root of file system) using RootExplorer and rebooting your phone. One minute after the reboot, the application will unbind from the Market.

    😊 Enjoy!
    Updated the ROM to a latest version based on Android 11(R) RPDS31.Q4U-39-26-4-2.
    This is probably my last post in this thread :cry: ... This beautiful phone has gone to a new owner.