[ROM] Custom Rom | Clean_Slim&Fast V02 | Based on Archos Firmware 4.0.25 !


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Feb 3, 2010
Hi to evryone !

Here are the latest updates on my custom rom : Clean_Slim&Fast V02 !

Rom based on the last Archos update , Firmware 4.0.25 ( Android ICS 4.0.4 )

Screenshot :

Can be installed only if you have already enabled SDE on your tablet ...

This Custom Rom should be work well on all Archos device 80/101 Gen9 !!!

Surdu Petru
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Feb 3, 2010
Changelog | Downloads | Installation | Clean_Slim&Fast V02 !

Custom Rom : Clean_Slim&Fast V02 , Build date : 26/10/2012 ; Release Date : 28/10/2012 !

Changelog :​
Archos Changelog :
  • Android: IceCream Sandwich 4.0.4 version
  • Media Center: network indexing on network shortcut menu (+), network shortcuts creation is proposed on network share directory long press
  • Media Center: new simplified Movie/TV Shows/All Video views
  • Media Center Video: new video information view with backdrop display and chooser (click on backdrop to change it)
  • Media Center Video: poster can be changed by clicking on it in the video Information view
  • Video Scraper: faster media information retrieval process. Note that in the migration process, all your video scraper information will be lost.
  • Subtitles: ability to download and save subtitles for network shares
  • Media Center: add video search
  • Media Center Music: Album art swipe gesture support
  • Remote control: control your tablet with your TV remote through HDMI on TV compatible hardware (directional pad, multimedia and color TV remote keys)
  • Archos Remote: support of remote touch pad
  • Wi-Fi: new more robust driver
  • Media Center Video: fix audio desync for some MPEG4/AVI files
  • Media Center Video: fix MPEG PS/VOB audio track selection
  • Media Center Video: fix UPNP playback of large files (>4GB)
  • Media Center Video: fix seeking in some TS files
  • Media Center Video: fix playing certain MKV files
  • Media Center Video: fix playing certain H264 files
  • Media Center Video: improve DVD/VOB playback in case there are IFO files present
  • Media Center Video: add support for MPL2 subtitle format
  • Media Center Video: improve playback of H264/AAC TS files
Clean_Slim&Fast V01 :
  • android system :
    • boot animation ;
    • rom deodexed ;
    • busybox updated and proper installed ;
    • zipalign on boot for all apk system/app/* & data/app/* ;
    • tweak fix permisions ;
    • optimize database with sqlite3 ;
    • optimize /system ext4 with new tweaks;
    • tweaks network;
    • activated ZRAM ;
    • replaced Superuser to fix some root issue ! ;
    • removed update system notification & online registration ;
    • removed almost all applications you can download for free from PlayStore !
  • kernel :
    • enabled init.d to run scripts ;
    • enabled I/O -> fast /data as in stock firmware 4.0.24 !
    • increase I/O on kernel with dinamic fsync() ;
    • enabled CLEANCACHE ;
    • enabled ZRAM ;
Clean_Slim&Fast V02 :
  • android system :
    • add item "Kernel version" on Settings -> About tablet
    • removed item "Baseband version" on Settings -> About tablet
    • add Face Unlock !
  • kernel :
    • build kernel from Archos source code with my Optimized Toolchains GCC 4.4.7 !
Downloads :​

Installation :​

  • connect USB cable ( PC <-> Tablet ) ;
  • unzip Clean_Slim&FastV02.zip.zip
  • put archos.ext4.update in your device, or > adb push archos.ext4.update mnt/storage/
  • go to recovery SDE and Remove Android kernel if you have already installed any official firmware !
  • go to Flash kernel & Initramfs and copy here zImage and initramfs.cpio.lzo -> in the new driver that appeared !
  • Ok ! ... & wait to boot !

After complete installation, please restart the device again !

In the second boot, ( and only the second boot ) bootanimation may run slightly slowed !

( if your device is stuck on boot , please RESET your device ! ...all should be OK after !!! )
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Jun 23, 2012
Thank you. Have been full of excitement and changed my signature. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Can hardly wait. Am looking forward to the new version. Always keep it up. :highfive: Am of the opinion of reelnoob!
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Mar 10, 2012
Many many thanks Surdu
I have a some questions, can you explain me what we can do with scripts? what is it? how to install, where can i get the scripts and can you describe some of important scripts

Many thanks again


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Feb 3, 2010
Many many thanks Surdu
I have a some questions, can you explain me what we can do with scripts? what is it? how to install, where can i get the scripts and can you describe some of important scripts

Many thanks again

Thanks ...

..with init.d enabled to run scripts , we can do many things !
- perhaps the most important will be to enable Supercharger V6 on your device !
( need some times to read & understand all on V6 Supercharger topic ! ....my custom rom offers all the prerequisites for successful installation ! )
- you can enable / disable some function on rom ;
- also you can find on XDA forum , some utile scripts !
( you do not need to install any scripts, just put on init.d directory ! it will install (run) automatic on boot ( when you open your device ) - you can also see a file script by using notepad++ on windows , or using > sudo emacs name_scripts on linux/ubuntu ! )
Good luck ! :good:
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steve adams

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Dec 14, 2011
Will do. I'm very busy with work for the next few weeks. After that, I will get cracking.

Thanks a million for all your work.

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Sep 28, 2009
Hi Surdu,

I have installed and running Clean_Slim&Fast V02 but I seem to have a superuser issue.

I have root!!! but any apps requiring root permission is not getting added, superuser is there but nothing gets added to its allowed list I dont even get the popup to allow or disallow root.

Any ideas?

***EDIT*** Fixed by installing SuperSu

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Jun 3, 2012
Nenamark2 fails to load on this version of Clean, Slim & Fast with the following message:

Initialization failure..java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No configs match configSpec [argb 0565] [depth 16] [stencil 0]
That should be a supported pixel configuration according to Quadrant's System Information. Did they update the PowerVR drivers between 4.0.24 and 4.0.25?

Also, The Bard's Tale used to work properly on 4.0.7 with the purple textures and full audio. On all 4.0.4 based firmwares (Archos and surdu's) graphics are fixed, but the dialog cuttoff bug is present and it gets worse and worse with every version that has a "Fixed dialog cuttoff bug" in the "What's new" section.


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Jan 21, 2012

I have a noob question ... :p

I want to make a "clean install", so if I am right I have to:
1- Format device in SDE
2- Flash Official_4.0.25.aos from Archos (Don't lose SDE after that)
3- Reboot
4- Flash this beautifull ROM (as usual)
5- Reboot
6- Reboot one more time


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Apr 4, 2012
how can i install this rom without lose my hd data (movies, etc...).
or is not possible?
For backup and restore on the stock the best way is TB? right?
sorry for noob question but im newbie on archos world.

can you give ne the step plse