[ROM] Custom Rom - [email protected]_V01 - only for enabled SDE !


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Feb 3, 2010
Hi , greeting everyone !

I am pleased to present my new Custom Rom - [email protected]_V01 ( Beta) - based on Archos ICS Firmware 4.0.5(4.0.3)...

This release is permanently Rooted, it's Deodexed...and also Busybox is already installed !

Included : 25/03/12

- new boot animation;
- battery percentage, and other new Icon;
- several applications in addition ( Office Free, Root-Browser free, Terminal , Chrome_Beta, FaceLock and ....++);
- enabled init.d for run scripts ;
- windows animations;
- increase sdcard speed;
- zipaling for all apk in /data/app/*;

In the near future :

- preinstalling V6_Supercharger;
- enabled FaceLock ;
- other stuff to improve performance ;
- update ....

How to install :

Since version 4.0.5 - now we have an alternative to transfer ( file -> archos.ext4, archos.ext4.update, archos.squashfs ) into device.
Once I entered into SDE , to transfer file archos.ext4.update in Internal Storage ...now we need to choose : Export Data Partition <=> /data ....and for 8G & 16G -> just we need to copy this file into /media directory ! ( Precaution : - choose Export Data Partition only when you are connected to a desktop/laptop running Ubuntu ! - otherwise Windows will ask for formatting the partition ....and if you choose YES, than you'll lose all into device, equivalent with ReFormat Device ! )
After this step ....we need choose into SDE -> Flash Kernel and Initramfs - to copy here zImage and initramfs !

But we can flash this Custom Rom as usual if you have windows PC ( copy archos.ext4.update into Internal Storage or /data/media/ or /mnt/storage/) - than into SDE -> choose Flash Kernel and Initramfs -> here you need to copy zImage and initramfs !

For beginners : you can find installation details here ! => Thanks @Shano56 => http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1542058

The file you need to install : [email protected]_V01 (Beta) is in archive [email protected]_V01.zip and you can download for free here ==>> https://hotfile.com/dl/150205007/141675e/ICSBLUE_V01.zip.html

zImage and Initramfs have not been modified, then you can download from here => http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1560211

After installation requires a reboot ( to enable all the stuff !!! ).

Unfortunately this project remains currently in the beta ! I have a lot of work to it...but I hope to come back with an update a little more gratifying !!!
On the other hand I think is pretty good move, and you can use it without FC or any error ! I tested almost all functions and respond well to all ( of course not yet Games and other .+++) .

[email protected] in pictures :

Bootanimation :

( Not need to install : Superuser.apk and BusyBox.apk from the Market - they are already installed and updated , latest : Superuser - v.3.0.7(41), busybox - v1.19.3, su - v3.0.3.2 )

This Custom Rom works also on HDD model !

THANKS to @djnilse for Root_Browser Free Edition and for future collaboration, and not least the Great Master LeTama for your help !!! :D

With respect,
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Feb 3, 2010
How to check if init.d works on every boot and if all apk into /data/app/* were zipaligned with function zipalign ?

To have self control I added a text file into /data/app/ => named "zip_align.txt" ...you can open it with Root-Browser and take a look into it .....you'll see began operation time , state applications directory /data/app/ and End date of operation !
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Jan 4, 2012
la sortie hdmi ne fonctionne pas sur ma télé en android 4 (contrairement au 3), mais merci pour tes rom! vivement qu'Archos corrige le soucis que je puisse utiliser ta rom !

HDMI output does not work on my TV in android 4 (unlike 3), but thank you for your rom!
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Oct 10, 2008
I am waiting your results to be able to make the translation to Spanish for htcmania website...

LOL you're not the only only spamming page refresh. Now that I finally got my G9 rooted (dunno why it kept failing), I want a flashy new rom to put on it :D