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[ROM][CWM] AllianceROM_N7000 v3.4.1 Extreme Edition with OTA[

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Jul 7, 2010
Generally speaking I have noticed poor quality in camera still photos in Darky ROM as against stock. Videos are good. Anybody else noticed this?

Apart from this issue, everything is gorgeous. Btw, am using 3.1.

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Robbie Hood

Senior Member
Nov 7, 2010
Maybe I'm dumb but I don't understand your last message Robbie.
Are you developing a rom for the GNote without owe one?
Yesss :D

i started it pure because there where some users asking for it and a crew member appraoched me with the same quetion.
So i jumped in building a ROM for the note without ever touching one or seeig one lol.
I got 40 + beta testers who are my eyes and ears


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Sep 18, 2011
I'd like to taste this ROM but link on your own website doesn't work...

It drives to the same page when clicking on "HERE" :(

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    AllianceROM_N7000 GB v3.4.1
    Extreme Edition

    Check the changelog HERE

    Check the cool Gingerbread based theme HERE

    How to install go HERE

    Download AllianceROM_N7000 GB v3.4.1 EE downloads HERE
    - Placed a little easter egg in the ROM :D go find it ( tip : check settings / about phone )

    How , what, where , when , why ... FAQ : HERE

    Special Thanks to:

    Ficeto for all his expertise and help !

    My Closed Beta Testers

    Like the ROM help me keep it up
    Like the new stability Ficeto provides with his NoteCore 0.1


    Previous Releases

    DarkyROM_Note v 3.3 ICED XXLA6 Final

    Check the changelog HERE

    Check the cool ICS based theme HERE

    How to install go HERE

    Download DarkyROM_Note v 3.X ICS Edition Downloads HERE

    DarkyROM_Note Stock Optimised Base Releases HERE

    Special Thanks to:

    My Closed Beta Testers

    Fransisco Franko for his Franko Kernel

    JKay for his great customisable MOD

    Liked the ROM help me keep it up
    The DarkyRom version 3.3 is available on my mirror server :

    Since were spamming this thread while waiting for Robbies ics release I'll share this, two of my friends both have g notes and flash just about every ROM on xda and elsewhere, Robbie's GB roms are always "THE BENCHMARK" we use to decide how good a rom is.
    There are some great roms out there BUT Robbies releases in our opinion are the best bar none. If you want to see how well your note can perform and smash any GB or ICS rom for stability, reliability and performance , flash a Hoodie rom!
    PS. When someone helps you out, hit thanks.

    When someone builds you a great rom, donate!

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    working hard guys. This is not just a base rom created by a kitchen where we put our name on :)
    Hopefully will release it tonight.
    I have early shift tommorow and need to get up at 5am so i will be working as long as i can but i am not risking oversleeping in my second week.

    I do what i can to release today but absolutely no promisses.

    Working on implementing a third lockscreen now :)

    features so far :

    Pre-Rooted ( also in system ALWAYS )
    CRT off animation toggle
    8 slidable AOSP styled toggles ( will add more)
    Call recording
    Build.prop tweaked to save battery ( up and above 4 hrs screen time so far )
    Choice between Samsung lockscreen , AOSP lockscreen and transformer prime lcokscreen.
    completely restyled system default theme ( mostly done in the xmls )
    Sense style taskmanager
    Restyled the layout of systemui ( carrier in bottom and settings moved to titlebar)
    extended powermenu
    new alliance mod settings app, split up from the OTA app

    probably more i cant remember now.

    Hey guys ,

    i recently found a temporary job again so im very buys through the weekdays and will be working 3 shifts including night.
    The first Beta is running very good and i will try and release AllianceROM_N7000_ICS_v1 this weekend .