[ROM] Cyanogen Froyo CM6-Latest (based on MiniCM) - v6.01

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Jan 2, 2011
Try this: Slade-CM6

It was a rom from for personal use, so i add and remove some apps
but it is still CM6 Froyo from slade.
it is fast and have a great battery life

I include
Change some libs
honeyclomb theme by me
other boot anymation
faster Ram-disk
Quadrant score

Update all apps 2011/12/10

read also here
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Oct 9, 2011
Try this: Slade-CM6

It was a rom from for personal use, so i add and remove some apps
but it is still CM6 Froyo from slade.
it is fast and have a great battery life

I include
Change some libs
honeyclomb theme by me
other boot anymation
faster Ram-disk
Quadrant score

Update all apps 2011/12/10

This ROM work with stock o custom kernel???


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Sep 24, 2009
can you please reupload multiupload is dead like for 2 days im getting a little bit frustrated -_-'


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Dec 2, 2011
Can someone reupload a link?
I want to check and older rom because i have a strange problem with an application and it has it with every gb rom
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    This ROM is for the Mini Pro only :D

    Baseband Version : M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404015 required

    This update.zip might harm your device so everything you do you are responsible for. If you follow the instructions you will be fine
    Ok guys this is another project this is why I opened a new Thread. This is a hybrid of my ROM and MiniCM so thanks for nobodyAtAll for his excellent work!!
    I managed to get everything working for the mini pro and simultaniously managed to include all the tweaks regarding performance of my ROM v2. Everything is worked up from the ground and I tested a lot so I hope I didn't miss any bugs. Bluetooth is finally really fixed for the mini pro since I merged a new build of v2 with miniCM all other things work as well.


    Important first boot takes long wait until booted into system leave it until fully booted and restart, before complaining :)


    MiniCM v6.01 Final Release | CWM (thanks to doixanh) MD5: A1C3D7CDF09AE1802C6771C0A4778E43

    Change your Hardware Keyboard Layout here : Hardware Keyboard Language Changer

    FAQ: Please Read the FAQ before posting any issues. dart760 Please give him a Thumbs up


    MiniCM v6.0 Final Release | for CWM (big thanks to doixanh) MD5: 0E4B8A514D72034DDB0BC53B08F4142E
    MiniCM v5.0 Final Release | for xRecovery MD5: 2707CAA36CBDC9E90EDF21081343FA42
    MiniCM v5.0 Final Release | for CWM MD5: 1923A4DC01F2C445A39DC32DF46ECBBF
    MiniCM v4.02 Final Release | [HOTFIX] CWM (includes previous Hotfixes except optional)
    MiniCM v4.02 Final Release | [HOTFIX] XRECOVERY (includes previous Hotfixes except optional)
    MiniCM v4.0 Final Release | [OPTIONAL HOTFIX] CWM
    MiniCM v4.0 Final Release | [OPTIONAL HOTFIX] XRECOVERY
    MiniCM v4.0 Final Release | for xRecovery MD5: 5133E0FBC8B4B152B2BAF0397078AD8B
    MiniCM v4.0 Final Release | for CWM MD5: 5133E0FBC8B4B152B2BAF0397078AD8B
    MiniCM v3.0 | [HOTFIX] Build.Prop fixed thanks to Kewie
    MiniCM v3.0 | [HOTFIX] Hacked Market thanks to shokmah and WLAN Hotfix thanks to bitmovel!!
    MiniCM v3.0 | [OPTIONAL] Keyboard fix from D4 with brigther Keyboard Light incase Cyanogen settings do not work for you
    MiniCM v3.0 | [HOTFIX] Incoming Call Slider fixed
    MiniCM v3.0 | [OPTIONAL] UnlockBar to big? Want it small? download this!
    MiniCM v3.0 | [OPTIONAL] SemcCamera APP
    MiniCM v3.0 MD5: 670EBE1826A66645A08437F190466E2A
    MiniCM v2.5 | [OPTIONAL HOTFIX] LDPI for Pattern Unlock (will override your Theme)
    MiniCM v2.5 | [HOTFIX] Clock LDPI fixed
    MiniCM v2.5 MD5: 057397FC0E76D9827DBC7DC51E0FC1AE
    MiniCM v2.5 | [OPTIONAL] UnlockBar to big? Want it small? download this! MD5: 970B29C61038A177DA71C1C3470004BC
    MiniCM v2 [HOTFIX] Browser Fix
    MiniCM v2 Drain Fix [HOTFIX] works with noOC and OC version
    MiniCM v2 with OC | MD5: 50BE13F1B454A21C5FB9EE4A80C639E1
    MiniCM v2 no OC with undervolt | MD5: AA10734959F94294ED6F8B3ED5E0782A
    MiniCM Hotfix [HOTFIX] v1.8 Dual Touch support
    MiniCM Hotfix [HOTFIX] v1.7 (optional see Changelog)
    MiniCM Hotfix [HOTFIX] v1.6 (optional see Changelog)
    MiniCM Hotfix [HOTFIX] v1.5 (optional see Changelog)
    MiniCM Hotfix [HOTFIX] v1.4
    MiniCM Hotfix [HOTFIX] v1.3 Thanks to safrajs
    MiniCM Hotfix [HOTFIX] v1.2
    MiniCM Hotfix [HOTFIX] v1.1
    Overclocked MiniCM v1.0 MD5: DB30087CC4EEAFFDC55BD8BF206BC02B
    Not Overclocked MiniCM v1.0 MD5: F73594FD92BE27C364E83339E632DE3D

    • WLAN (also DraftN)
    • Keyboard Light (thanks to D4rKn3sSyS)
    • Bluetooth fully working
    • Lag free on Games
    • FM Radio
    • almost no Reboot Bugs
    • Head Phone Detection
    • sound recorder (Please use any from the Market)
    • Hardware Keyboard (see Hardware Keyboard Thread for help with layout)
    • LED Flash Camera can be used as Torch!!
    • and a lot more

    Not Working


    Only Bug is PIN Entering not yet resized

    • Install via xrec
    • format data and start new restore your data via myphone explorer or titanium backup
    • if apps crash on launch its due to data from the app goto settings->applications->click on the application and hit delete data


    HoneyComb theme
    Honey Comb Theme by Mika-nl! make sure to thank him!


    zdizuh, jerpelea, nobodyAtall, owain94, doixanh, D4rKn3sSyS!!!!
    Thank you so much for you work!!!

    • fixed clean install BootLoop (thanks to Christian)
    • updated to new froyobread framework
    • fixed alot of tiny instability bugs (closer to Cyano Revolution stability)
    • fixed performance
    • big thanks to doixanh
    • fixed bootanimation not showing
    • fixed issues on Market
    • fixed a lot of tiny issues
    • included features/fixes/improvements of cyano revolution

    • GB Theme Chooser (thanks doixanh)
    • updated framework (thanks to doixanh)
    • most ui issues resolved
    • included Team Carbon Steel Blue Theme (choose via ThemeChooser it doesnt have preview but it works) Thanks to Team Carbon
    • CamCorder audio/video should be resolved (if not check sd cache size or cpu speed)
    • still need to recompile CMParts to the newest one will be available as hotfix soon
    • added bugfixes from CyanoRevolution
    • added rommanager beta 4.2

    • recompiled CMParts with CPU Setting/SD Cache/etc. and Froyobread options (Thanks doixanh for sharing sources)
    • Updated Fonts (Now Arabic, Bengali, Thai ...)
    • 802.1x Enterprise Connections now Possible, updated wpa_supplicant and tiwlan_drv.ko
    • fixed Phone.apk
    • added DalvikVM size option to Cyanosettings : 48,56,64
    • added SD CardCachs sizes : 256/512 (if you still have audio lag set cache size lower and check which suits best)
    • DLNA support now Stream your music from/to PC (video should also work) I use 2Player for that and it works like a charm make sure to set your W7 PC right in order for it to work
    • default keyboard is back to qwerty-en use my app if you want to change it or edit keyprint.xml
    • few tweaks on performance (FPS2D shows very good results now and overall scrolling/performance very smooth)
    • including all previous hotfixes
    • Lockscreen doesn't show Froyobread text anymore (thanks doixanh for providing framework)
    • WLAN and Bluetooth can now be used at the same time
    • Changed from Xrecovery to CWM
    • Alot more small things I can't remember :)

    v4.01 Hotfix
    • Phone App should be ok now
    • changed to default Music app where you can select song as ringtone (make backup if you like other app and just install apk with file manager after hotfix apply)
    • build.prop fixed

    v4.0 Hotfix
    • corrected build.prop error thanks to osakana

    v4.0 optional Hotfix
    • added Doixanh's cool FroyoBread Settings in Cyanogen Settings

    v4.0 final release
    • battery drain if not used ~ 0 (at least for me) while using a lot less as well
    • added flash lite thanks to andread ROM
    • added doixanhs great FroyoBread framework (CRT, Gingerbread Lockscreen) all credits goto him and his great ROM
    • updated /system/lib/hw/
    • updated /system/lib/egl
    • updated apps
    • proxiemty sensor fixed
    • game performance a bit smoother
    • languages added also for input method
    • no black screen
    • updated libs
    • all previous hotfixes included

    • fixed build.prop thanks to Kewie

    • fixed WLAN issues thanks to bitmovel!
    • included hacked Market thanks shokmah

    • fixed incoming call slider

    • fixed mytracks crash (thanks to d4)
    • fixed "hickups" in games no more slowdowns
    • huuuuge battery saver drain finally fixed
    • fixed a gps issue
    • ramdisk tuned memory settings (will be a hotfix and come later)
    • fixed overclock in cyanogen settings
    • keyboard light and automatic brightness fixed (apply steps in first post)
    • no more black screen (if first post settings applied)
    • performance boost
    • removed SEMC Camera available as optional hotfix
    • WLAN 802.1x Enterprise Networks should work again
    • fixed textmessage notification icon
    • differnt cy8ctma300 driver should be less sensitive on zooming seems a lot better now
    • fixed phone apk looks.
    • adhoc mode now shouldnt reboot when screen is off.
    • Mobo Player fixed and all other players with black screen issue
    • no audio stuttering anymore.

    • fixed pattern unlock to LPDI now fits the screen

    • fixed to big clock

    • most credits go to nobodyAtAll
    • Arabic language support
    • fixed big apps failing to download
    • improved OpenGL/2D Libs
    • Wifi Adhoc Mode
    • KeyboardLight via Lightsensor can be set via Cyanogen Settings and also Brightness fixed (I'll release Tutorial later its in Cyanogen Settings -> User Interface -> Automatic Brightness -> Set Lightsteps)
    • Undervolt module can be set via Cyanogen settings. (default is off)
    • all old version and hotfixes included
    • CRT Animation thanks goes to doixanh
    • default CPU Speed set to 614 MHz. Use SetCPU or Cyanogen Settings to overclock. (since to many people had issues with Overclocking)
    • updated Multitouch Driver to be less sensitive (like the quick zoom bug) still not perfect.
    • added optional Hotfix if the Unlock bar is in your way and you can't tell who is calling.

    • added offline charging fix (won't go to xrecovery anymore) thanks owain
    • battery drain should be less thanks owain
    • added Dual Touch
    • not Overclocked version is now undervolted
    • previous hotfixes included
    • few other small tweaks

    • Dual Touch support (thank you soooo much doixanh please make sure to thank him as well!!!!!!)

    • (optional) Settings Menu some tweaks (thanks to owains final ROM)

    • (optional) fixed Browser issues with arabic, persian, etc... thanks to brimian for the tip with libwebcore

    • (optional) added SemcCamera app really nice (fullscreen preview) and works really good with Makro/auto/night modes

    • fixed Reception issues. Thank you to all who tested the fix and gave feedback!!!

    • fixed Voicesearch and Soundrecorder! thanks to safrajs

    • fixed bluetooth issue with v1.1

    • fixed automatic Background light turning screen black
    • fixed Browser
    • fixed rather low reception
    • fixed framework
    • fixed Income Caller FC
    • a few small bugfixes under the hood

    • Hybrid between CM v2 and MiniCM
    • Everything should be working
    Ok once again:
    Goto Settings -> Display : turn off automatic brightness
    Now goto Settings-> Cyanogen Mod -> User Interface -> Automatic Backlight:

    • Enable the Checkbox "Enable"
    • Length of Timewindow : 30 seconds
    • Timeintervall : 5 seconds
    • Adjusted Lightlevels
    • Levels of Backlight : 26
    • Edit Levels

    Set the Levels to the numbers in the attched image.

    Once you done scroll back up and click on "Save & Apply Button"
    The Translation from the Image.
    Bildschirm = Screen
    Tasten = Buttons
    Tastatur = keyboard

    enter the provided values from the image. You'll see what needs to be done.
    Fixed Dialer!!!!

    Ok guys here it is:)

    fixed cutted 123 keys (done)
    fixed the answer slider (fast fixed.it is a litle bit to right but you can slide it normal)
    call log function normally (done)
    fixed speaker phone during call (done)
    fixed dial buttons during a call (done)
    answer slider doesnt cover caller name anymore (done)

    I had a little change framework beacuse of slider bug.

    all you can see in the pictures below;)

    Install via CWM recovery;)

    Thanks to D4 and slade87;)
    Ok Guys everybody who had installed the CWM version please check your VM Size (Cyanogen Settings -> Performance -> Size of VM Heap.
    If you have frequent reboots and have set 48MB select please lower to 32MB (or manually in build.pro to 34mb). Reboot the phone.
    Seems like my build.prop in CWM version was from my device as well which shouldn't have happend. I am sorry for the inconvenience. The 48MB setting was set by myself for personal testing and might be the cause of your issues.

    About Phone Slider Fix its almost done.
    Those two issues will be adressed in a further update. I will provide an optional fix if you have WLAN troubles you can flash if you dont have any please dont flash!.

    If you have WLAN troubles right now "forget" all you saved networks then goto -> Wireless -> WLAN settings -> press menu button -> advanced -> Legal Domains -> select 14 Channels, turn off wireless, turn on wireless. then re enter your wireless network.