[ROM] CyanogenMod 10.0.0 marvel ALPHA2 [UPDATE: 2012-12-13]

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Jul 10, 2012
Kuala Lumpur
Mates. I made a new release of Cryptomilk sources with all needed patches and tested it. :D :)

So here Alpha3 compiled by me. ;)


-CM sources Update
-Data bug is fixed (no connection lost after 15 minutes and so :D) (CM)
-Autobrightness bug is fixed. @OliverG96
-Fix SIP calling @WinSuk
-Made a odex build (faster, more space)
-Some other things maybe.

DL: cm-10-20131117-EXPERIMENTAL-marvel-Kevinjoa-ALPHA3.zip - 131.37 MB

CWM recovery.img - 4.50 MB

Also tested. Works good but there is no option to power off.

Hopefully @modpunk won't get mad at me becuase I post this in his thread but it is all cryptomilks work so his and his team members. :)

Downloading ... :D I hope the rom is stable than before . Edit : I can't flash Gapps lite . So there is no play store and stuff . Is this a bug ? Oh and almost forgot , I flash INT2EXT4+ and it didn't work too . *sigh
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    I've been working on a CM9 port for the HTC Wildfire S since January 2012 and on CM10 since August 2012. After 5 month of work I was able to release the first ALPHA release of the ROM. Neither CM10 is stable yet nor the HTC Wildfire S (Marvel) port is complete and will probably never be. Most of the features are working but it lacks of some features like full video recording and HQ video playback.

    I have to thank alquez who ported CM7 for the HTC Wildfire S. His work was a good starting point for CM9. Also thanks to Tobias Droste who was working with me on this ROM. Tobias we finally made it!
    I also have to thank WinSuk and s0be working on CM9 and CM10 for the HTC Liberty. We worked together on CM9 and CM10 and will continue in future!


    This ROM has been developed on a HTC Wildfire S A510e (European version). I suggest to use baseband version 47.23a.35.3035H_7.53.39.03M or newer. Others should work too.

    It should work on marvelc and marvelct, but is completely untested. You need to provide dmesg if something is not working here. It should be possible to get the previous dmesg of a failed boot from your recovery.

    This ROM is far from being finished, it can include a lot of bugs and can destroy your data. Use it at your own risk!

    Reporting Bugs

    If you want to report bugs please read THIS HOWTO first. Please try to provide logs if you see errors (logcat and dmesg). If you don't know how to do that check google or ask people here to help you. Don't contact me directly.

    Enabling logcat Logging (Windows HOWTO: How to logcat like a Pro!)
    adb shell dmesg
    How to use strace?

    All bug reports should go to the bugtracker.

    If you think you find a bug take a look at the bugtracker first. Check if it already has been reported.


    You are storing very sensitive information on your phone. You always have to be careful what ROMs you flash and whom you trust. If you don't trust me then don't use my ROM or compile it from source by yourself.

    The ROM will be gpg signed with my key 0xF33E3FC6. You can verify the ROM with 'gpg --verify cm-10.0.0-RC0-CRYPTOMILK-ALPHA0-marvel.zip.asc'.

    See https://www.torproject.org/docs/verifying-signatures.html.en for more information.

    You can download the ROM here.

    This ROM is not meant for daily use!

    We suggest to use Oliver's gapps lite version: http://goo.im/devs/OliverG96/gapps-lite

    Most annoying bugs

    * Camera still doesn't fully work, cause of OMX libraries, but most works.


    ALPHA2 - 2012-12-13
    * Kernel
    - Fix camera memory.
    * ROM
    - Fixed HQ video
    - Fixed Camera Panorama mode

    ALPHA1 - 2012-10-12
    * Kernel
    * ROM
    - Reduced size
    - Fixed the status bar's notification animation
    - QCOM_MISSING_PIXEL_FORMATS define for liboverlay
    - Added config_wifiApStartInterface for tethering
    - Added support for new device strategies.
    - Fixed data reconnection problems.
    - Electron beam animation is broken

    ALPHA0 - 2012-08-30
    * Kernel
    - First CM10 release
    * ROM
    - First CM10 release
    An early Xmas gift ... :)
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How to flash the CWM recovery?
    A: Download the zip file for your phone and rename it to PG76IMG.zip and place it on your SD card. Then turn the phone on and boot into hboot. You can do that if you turn the phone off. Press the volume down button and hold it and then press the power button. The device will go into hboot and hboot will detect the zip file. It will ask you then to flash the recovery.

    The other way is to unzip the file, and use 'fastboot flash recovery /path/to/recovery.img'

    Q: Which radio version should I use?
    A: I suggest to flash RUU Update Marvel S HTC_Europe_2.26.401.3 if you have S-OFF with XTC Clip

    Q: Do I need to install Google Apps (gapps) if I want access to Google stuff?
    Yes, you need them. You can get them from here. As our device has a limited amount of space I suggest to use Oliver's gapps-lite package. You can find it here.

    Q: How can I install more apps on my phone?
    Use link2sd

    Q: My wifi doesn't work, how can I fix it?
    Android ICS detects your SIM card region (EN, US, AU, UK etc.) and stores it into some sort of Database file, which has all your Carrier info in it. If your SIM card (Carrier) is not correctly listed you can run into wifi problems.

    Download the Wifix app or install the Recovery Flashable ZIP from here. There is also a tutorial how to fix it manually.

    Q: Which GPS fix should I use for this ROM?
    You shouldn't use any GPS fix at all cause they don't fix anything or have wrong certificates anyway. Read my blog post about the GPS fix myth.

    Have fun!
    You have no idea what you're talking about. Ben drove away Simon. And Jmz left because it's a terrible phone. Other than that, modpunk was the only other person to dev for this. And now he's given up. So maybe send all that anger towards the people who blew smoke up your ass.

    Oh and, quoted and reported.

    Sent from my Marvelc using Tapatalk 2

    There is a fundamental difference between baking a ROM and actually developing it. Most of the KUDOS here should go to Google and the people behind CyanogenMod.

    To get CM working on a device you need to understand how Andorid works. How do the system application talk to the kernel and how does the Java code interact with the system daemons. What do the daemons do, how do they work. This means you should at least be good in C so you can read the source code to understand all of this.

    The next thing is you need to deal with binary blobs. So you need a good knowledge of system programming to read strace logs. So after debugging daemons with log message, gdb and strace logs you do a lot of try and error to find out how things are working. So after a lot time and patience you might understand what's going on and get things working.

    The good thing is there are a lot of devices using the same SoC (System on Chip) and you can talk to other developers.
    The bad thing is that the Android community is an ugly community. A lot of people are doing things just for fame. They just copy code from others without giving any credit. They use peoples hard works, change some lines and claim it to be theirs.

    If you're lucky you find someone who honors other people work and doesn't do it for fame. With these people you can start working on a better ROM and share code and everyone benefits from this.

    I didn't develop this ROM for fame. I did it cause

    a) I wanted CM9 running on MY phone and
    b) I wanted a new challenge, learn new stuff, get hands on code working directly with hardware, get some knowledge about the Kernel ...

    Getting this stuff working on YOUR phone is a challenge, it is time to start learning all the stuff about algorithms and datastructures, programming etc. and get your hands dirty. Stop whining about other people!