[ROM] CyanogenMod 12.0 | Android 5.0 Lollipop | [03/13/2015]

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Apr 1, 2016
just sync this repo as your vendor folder


TheMuppets is the git CM hosts all the vendor binaries on... makes it so you dont need those scripts. which is why they are out of date :p i'll fix em one of these days.

EDIT: heres my local manifest for reference. you could use my vendor_samsung repo as well its identical


I was facing the same error, then I updated vendors as you suggest. Now it compiles without errors :), but when I install in a Galaxy S5(klte) it boots normally till to the animation "Optimizing apps 82/82" and it stays there forever.
Note: In stable version of cm12.1 there are 84 apps in total, maybe some apps are not installed properly.

If someone has solved this problem please let me know the solution.
Cheers :)
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    These are UNOFFICIAL/DEVELOPER builds of CM12 with test fixes for bugs in this thread that will eventually be merged into CM nightlys for klte (GSM), kltespr, klteusc, kltedv, and kltevzw devices and by NO means this is my ROM. I am just compiling from
    CM Source and 100% credits goes to TeamDouche, and all other coders who contributed to CyanogenMod.

    For which devices, should work with all klte versions that are qualcomm

    Included in the Unified GSM build
    kltexx, kltelra, kltetmo, kltecan, klteatt, klteub, klteacg, kltedcm, klte

    Individual CDMA builds kltespr, klteusc, kltevzw

    Individual GSM builds kltedv

    If your device isn't listed in the "individual" lists then flash the generic "klte" build

    * Do NOT expect daily builds. I'll build when I'm free.
    * Do NOT ask for support for flashing in this thread.
    * Do NOT use this unofficial build and ask for support at the official threads.
    * Do NOT be rude.
    * Respect all users
    * If I see a NOOB question and I don't feel like replying, I WONT.

    I personally am not fond of these kinds of threads, If it turns into my last one I WILL LEAVE and close the thread. We have started some momentum here. Let's keep it rolling :).


    • Built from CM source
    • Service
    • Text
    • Data
    • Call
    • Audio
    • WiFi
    • Google Now
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • MMS
    • Video playback
    • Audio playback
    • Internal/External SDcard mounting
    • Camera
    • Video recording
    • IR Blaster
    • NFC


    • ???????


    • Do NOT use superwipes
    • Wipe data, cache, and dalvik cache
      ** (if you are simply applying an update to this rom base this might not always be required)
      *** ((but do not report bugs if you didn't full wipe))
    • Flash ROM
    • Flash GAPPS (in 2nd post) (No other gapps packages are officially supported!)
    • Reboot
    • ???
    • Profit
    To enable Developer Options and Performance go to Settings, About Phone and repeatedly press Build Number.
    If you use ADB read this: PSA by CM
    If you use reboot to recovery read this: PSA by CM
    Regarding new Superuser: PSA by CM
    Read the FAQ thread here before posting any questions in this thread: FAQ


    • And any and all users in this thread who contirbuted or will contribute to making this ROM as stable as possible
    • Esa Laukkanen aka elelinux
    • Cyanogen Inc & Team-Kang
    • Garwynn XDA
    • MrTrip
    • Thescorpion420
    • DevVorteX
    • albinoman887


    so here is a donation link if you want to buy me a coffee or pack of smokes (I go through a lot sitting on the PC messing around lol) go ahead. But not required or expected by any means :)

    Note: The name on the Paypal account may say Patricia, this is because it's a family Paypal account. :)

    Thanks and happy flashing!


    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][ALPHA] CyanogenMod 12.0 | Android 5.0 Lollipop, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 5

    Source Code: https://github.com/Team-Hydra

    ROM OS Version: Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Alpha

    Created 2014-11-19
    Last Updated 2014-12-21

    Fixes NOT YET MERGED into OFFICIAL CM branch.
    * Builds for other variants besides GSM
    * Enable Low latency primary audio feature (Fixes notification bug)
    * Update bluetooth UART permissions

    Mar 13
    * Fixed serious selinux deinal for mpdecision that was resulting in less then optimal battery life
    * With the help of DeVorteX and myself we went through and squashed any other selinux permission denied issues
    * Fixed High Touch Sensitivity and Hover Mode options from not sticking (SELinux policy issue)
    * Fixed Settings FC when you attempt to change vibrator intensity
    * Added new LiveDisplay feature that will automatically adjust the color temp depending on lighting conditions
    * Overall with all the selinux updates the phone is running much smoother now and has better battery life
    * Any and all upstream changes at time of compile

    Mar 01
    * Fixed bug where Touchscreen is unresponsive in some games
    * Fix for stock camera app so it doesn't freeze on first shot.
    * Fixed issue with notification sounds getting the first 0.5 secs cut off
    * Any upstream changes at time of compile

    Feb 23
    ** maintenance release **
    * Updated link to gapps to newer 12242014 release.
    * Any and all updates by CM over the last month.
    * Reverted back to some of the older vendor blobs as some devices/users were having issues.
    * Camera code cleanup (upstream)
    * moving apps to external sd now works
    * bluetooth is SUPPOSED to be fixed. I have not tested myself though.
    * Settings menu was reorgonized by CM. There is now a new "Advanced Mode" toggle in Settings>About Phone to enable more advanced options like notification light and performance menu

    ** Basically this is CM's klte nightly with apps2sd fixed correctly and then of course the cdma variants **

    Jan 20
    ** Better late then never right? :D
    * Fixed Auto time zone from reseting
    * Fixed incorrect time in recovery
    * Add missing permissions for cpu parameters
    * Remove gsiff_daemon (it's an ununsed binary left over from kitkat that was constantly crashing)
    * Updated mixer_paths.xml to match stock lollipop release
    * Updated media_profiles.xml to match stock lollipop release
    * Updated thermal-engine configuration to match stock lollipop release
    * Updated wifi configs to match lollipop release (should help battery drain from wifi)
    * Upgraded most vendor libs to those of the lollipop release
    * Updated audio_policy.conf with new audio features since we are using lollipop libs now.
    * Added UHD video recording
    * Greatly improved camera quality buy adding missing camera parameters
    * Eneabled use of Wi-Fi tethering without provisioning app.
    * Fixed MMS for U.S. Cellular users
    * Added missing links to firmware files (this should help battery drain)
    * A bunch of upstream updates

    Jan 2
    ** So if this still has FC issues i'm stumped because it works great here **
    * Fixed wifi issue (it was actually fixed in the 2nd release of the Jan 1 build but figured I would mention again)
    * Reverted back to NuPlayer as it was causing issues in facebook and other things
    * Cherry-pick a more correct bluetooth fix by Steve (cyanogen) so bluetooth *might* be fixed while still using NuPlayer now but I say might as I don't have a BT device to test right now
    * Any Upstream changes at time of compile..

    Jan-1, 2015
    ** Happy New Year **
    * AudioFX works correctly now
    * Enabled the "Low Latency Playback Primary" audio flag which seems to fix that random annoying buzzing that comes out of the speaker randomly when you unlock your device
    * Major cleanup of the RIL code. Removed all the obsolete code, also removed a "hack" we all had to use when lollipop came out as a correct fix has been merged upstream
    * Camera: added the parameter to enable taking snapshots while recording a video
    * Re-Enabled Performance profiles/menu (although CPU settings are not there yet)
    * Speed up boot by booting with "performance" profile and switching to balanced or user selected after boot is completed
    * Enabled "Proximity Wake" Support although I don't know how to use it nor if it works.
    * Fixed Bluetooth music playback underrun (stutter) issues by switching back to awesome playber in favor of NuPlayer. This will be revisited at a later date.
    * Might be because I did a full wipe but the 3-dot overflow button for menu is back in Chrome
    * Upstream: Feature to change illumination duration for the hardware keys has been added
    * Any other upstream changes between the last release and time of compile

    Dec 21
    * Android 5.0.2 r1
    * Option to change app switch/recents key to menu is back (check Settings>Buttons)
    * Circle battery icon has been re-merged
    * A lot of bluetooth fixes were merged including the ones I cherry-picked in the last release to fix the crashing
    * Any changes in the past nightlies will be in this also any upstream changes at the time of compile.

    Dec 14
    * Cherry-picked a few changes to possibly fix the bluetooth bugs (I really think this will sort itself out as there are over 100 commits on gerrit related to audio/bluetooth/av playback waiting to be merged
    * Switched A2DP output sampling rate to 48Htz has this is the default now
    * Any upstream changes at time of compile (like battery percentage)

    Dec 12
    * Updated configuration for network services per other devices
    * Fixed issue with CDMA devices where it would not find their APN or display carrier on lock screen. This should also fix some SMS/MMS issues on CDMA carriers.
    * Cherry-picked a possible fix to the bluetooth manager crashing issue.
    * Any other CM updates at time of build
    ** CDMA devices are compiling... If your device's build is not in the build archive simply check back later..

    Dec 7
    * Fixed the WiFi issue from previous build
    * Volume wake added
    * Adaptive brightness added
    * Custom font size added
    * Audio improvements
    * Any other updates by CM

    ** As always this is a staggered release. klte first then the rest. If you don't see a build for your device check back in an hour

    Dec 5
    * Android 5.0.1
    * Home wake was officially merged
    * Updated bluetooth permissions to match other similar devices to try and narrow down the BT freezing issue
    * Lowered bluetooth disable delay to the default AOSP value of 100ms
    * Added MMS UAProf for Claro PR to try and resolve MMS messages failing to send.
    * Fixed bug where APN Settings menu was missing on some CDMA carriers
    * Weather info/conditions on notification panel (cherry-picked from CM gerrit)
    * Browser drawables updated to "material design" (cherry-picked from CM gerrit)
    * Any other upstream CM updates at the time of compile
    ** As always this is a staggered release. klte first then the rest. I will update the links as time permits. Sometimes the builds "may" be on the server before I update the link. Thats why if you notice I have added a "Build archive" link next to each direct build link. that will take you directly to the release folder for that device type...Sometimes there may be a slight delay between when they are available on the site and I update the links...

    Dec 1 - Build9
    * After this build i'm gonna stop giving them numbers and just go by date....
    * Added Home button wake

    Nov 30 - Build8
    * Fixed bootloops on some devices by mounting /efs and /persist later in boot sequence
    * Removed depreciated WAKE_DROPPED flags from keylayout files
    * Some minor GPS HAL updates (mainly for AGPS status)
    * Enabled large memory heap for Trebuchet
    * Updated Adreno Drivers to those from the 5.0 leak. These seem to fix the camera FC issue with dark shots. Also Google Camera seems a lot more stable... CM camera will get there...
    * Enabled all the FFmpeg codecs
    * Upstream: Fixed Dialer FC when you hang up before the other person answers

    Nov 26 - Build7
    * SMS FC fixed
    * Other upstream updates
    * FFmpeg has been added by CM team (re-added)
    * Played around with wifi services to try and get Tethering working (no success here)
    ** NOTE: This is a staggered release... klte is first...then spr then usc.. i still have to do dv. I need to work out a better system for releasing so i can just release all 3 builds at once. I hate manual uploading... so as soon as the build is done its on the server and it seems some people like to check the server every 5 mins ::p so the cat always gets out of the bag before i post the links and then people are confused. So for now i'll just do it this way..

    Nov 25 - Build6
    * CDMA Support!!!! - initially only for kltespr but klteusc will be rolling out in the coming hours
    * A few new(old) cm features like Double tap status bar to sleep
    * Any other upstream changes by CM

    Nov 24 - Build5
    **** All my fixes have been merged by CM team. We are now using 100% STOCK CM SOURCE ****
    * Updated NFC configs to conform with lollypop changes. Should help battery life
    * Set Long-Press on HOME key to launch search assistant (google now)
    * Add missing DivX DRM lib
    * Cleanup Camera HAL code (camera starts faster)
    * Updated audio_policy.conf to conform with lollypop standards (Just cleans up the log)
    * Enabled Multiple user support
    * Some more video playback fixes from upstream
    * Updated media_codecs.xml to match others

    Nov 21 - Build4
    ** NOTE ** : Today marks my parents 26th wedding anniversary make their day with a donation so I can take them out to dinner. I'm disabled and make $733 a month from the government... pffft
    * Updated widevine drm libs to lollypop. This fixes video playback with Play Movies and TV and possibly FB and others.
    * Trebuchet was merged (although the apk is still under the name of Launcher3) if you do a long press on your home screen you will see all the new settings come up
    * Got to stop using some hacks in frameworks/av and a hack for mpdecision. So thats always nice :)
    * Any other upstream changes..

    Nov-20 - Build 3
    * Was doing some cleanup and realized one of our adreno lib files was from an older release version. So fixed that up.
    * More work on video playback
    * Superuser got an icon! :p
    * A lot of under-the-hood upstream frameworks changes. Probably nothing the end user will notice but they/we are gearing up in prep of adding all the old CM features back in...

    ** NOTE: i'll try and get it on the MIRROR ASAP... it will be under the klte/dev folder

    * FLAC Audio and other audio formats besides MP3 should play now.
    * Downloads App doesnt crash anymore
    * Probably others i'm tired....


    Team Hydra Github (main): https://github.com/Team-Hydra
    CyanogenMod Github: https://github.com/CyanogenMod


    Due to resource limitations builds are released in a staggered fashion. If you find the newest build not available for your device it most likely means its compiling. Simply check back in 30-60 mins and it should be there

    Latest Release: cm-12-20150313

    G900I (kltedv) : Browse KLTEDV Build Archive
    G900P (kltespr) : Browse KLTESPR Build Archive
    G900R4 (klteusc) : Browse KLTEUSC Build Archive
    G900V (kltevzw) : Browse KLTEVZW Build Archive

    If your specific model isn't listed above and is a CDMA device it is not supported. Otherwise flash the unified GSM build below....

    G900* Unified-GSM : cm-12-20150313-UNOFFICIAL-klte.zip | Browse KLTE Build Archive
    GAPPS: : gapps-lp-20141212-signed.zip

    These builds are built by a build script that runs every morning at 9am EST. They are in no way supported by me. Use at your own risk and DO NOT POST BUG REPORTS WHEN USING THESE BUILDS. I don't care if you say a nightly fixed something but no bug reports please

    G900I (kltedv) : Browse KLTEDV Unofficial Nightlies
    G900P (kltespr) : Browse KLTESPR Unofficial Nightlies
    G900R4 (klteusc) : Browse KLTEUSC Unofficial Nightlies
    G900V (kltevzw) : Browse KLTEVZW Unofficial Nightlies

    If your specific model isn't listed above and is a CDMA device it is not supported. Otherwise flash the unified GSM build below....

    G900* Unified-GSM : Browse KLTE Unofficial Nightlies
    Just so you guys know...I'm pretty sure we have the most stable cm-12 rom on a current gen NON NEXUS or HTC device so you guys should be happy. Note 3 doesnt even have wifi or nfc working one of the devs just sent me a message asking how i fixed it.... So feel lucky. I know i do.

    Is this Wifi bug (as seen in the battery stats) in the Nexus devices too?

    I dont know anybody with that device, just see it in the S4 and S5. Holy crap, Im almost at the the big 40,000 thanks :D