[ROM] CyanogenMod 13.0 6.0.1 Marshmallow [KLTESPR/KLTEDV] [UNOFFICIAL]

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Oct 8, 2011
I never did respond about my weird issues with my android after recent updates since 9/10, i backed everything up (praise titanium backup pro), cleared everything 3x times, ran the clean install, and everything seems to be working great.

Now onto dirty flash of 9/27 . Lol


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Jul 7, 2013
Didn't know this thread was still going, I assumed it fell pages back and near off the grid! Just to be clear the original post (my builds) we're all unofficial and they have now gone on to be supported officially. I believe hagger has his on thread dedicated to the builds and bootloader unlocking so you may want to follow along there for you Verizon guys.

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    [ROM] CyanogenMod 13.0 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow [KLTESPR/KLTEDV] [UNOFFICIAL] [Nightlies]

    *** Disclamer
    -- You install these at your own risk!  You are responsible for anything that happens from flashing these files to YOUR phone!  If your 
    phone melts into a pile of goo, catches on fire etc. IT IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILTY BUT YOURS!

    -- These are UNOFFICIAL builds based of CM-13.0 for kltespr (CDMA) variant and KLTEDV . By NO means this is my ROM. 100% credits goes to
    TeamDouche, and all other coders who contributed to CyanogenMod.

    I noticed that alot of sprint users were anxious about not having any updates in awhile and figured I could do this for them. I
    understand alot of people prefer pure cyanogenmod (like myself), especially given the support of some very nice kernels which often dont
    work on other cyanogenmod based, but modified roms. Ive been doing my own nightlies for my klte varient and figured it wouldnt hurt to
    help a few others out who arent getting the updates like fingerprints etc!!!!

    Installation instructions
    * Find your variant latest firmware and flash it (bootloader,radio baseband etc)
    * Do not dirty flash (if you do, do not report issues)
    * First and most important, ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP!!!
    * Reboot to recovery, immediately do a backup!
    * Perform a factory reset (wiping data, cache, dalvik cache)
    * Flash rom
    * Flash GAPPS
    * Reboot system
    * Enjoy!

    See 2nd post!

    What Phone does this support?
    At the moment these builds are only for the sprint version (cdma) of the samsung s5! I may add other variants of klte in the near future!
    *Added KLTEDV

    When will I get a new build?
    I don't know and please don't ask for etas. As I stated I do this in my spare time but will do my best to keep up and at least make sure you guys are getting updated nightlies upon any of the more important, larger updates!

    Thanks To/Credits
    * And any and all users in this thread who contributed or will contribute to making this ROM as stable as possible!
    * Esa Laukkanen aka elelinux
    * Cyanogen Inc & Team-Kang
    * Garwynn XDA
    * MrTrip
    * Thescorpion420
    * DevVorteX
    * albinoman887
    * ktonsez
    *haggertk for all his hard work on the KLTEVZW variant, wouldn't be up without him!

      I do this in between a busy life schedule in my free time!  My girls paypal address is [email protected] (we share) and is also in my 
    xda profile.  Any donations are very much appreciated but not necessary!
    Haggertk is taking over as maintainer so I wont host another vzw build as theirs no point in two of the same builds. Please see his thread for further development.
    Open gapps nano package seems to be the most popular but any open gapps should work.
    I'll clean flash tonight and see how it goes. Once mm kernel sources and blobs are merged mm bootloaders should boot fine! I'm going to pm a mod to close this thread and ask now that we're all official again let's take all the chat back to albinomans original thread so you guys are in with the klte guys (and soon klteusc). Glad I could help out and be part of the official return, big thanks to haggertk being brave enough to ask despite neither of us owning the devices lol !

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    Glad to hear its working well for everyone and thank you so much for the donations! I'll use any donations to go toward adding some more ram to my system! I use my PC as a media center and a virtual box in windows 10 with everything else running chews up some resources! I do not own the device so I can't really take the "maintainer" status. I will however ensure you updates from time to time just not a everyday thing. I'm going to look into a few other klte variants as well and may add them to this thread.

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    Question for all the spr and dv users out there - do there appear to be and variant-specific stopper bugs out there for these two? Does data, WiFi, GPS, BT, NFC, yadda yadda yadda work?

    I know that there are still some latent BT glitchiness problems and may be some WiFi drops during sleep that affect all variants.

    If these unofficial builds seem to working well for all of you, I'll submit the change to hudson to turn on nightlies. No guarantee of acceptance, cwirl may deny since I don't have the device in hand.

    I'm on your Kltespr test build and everything is working fine, I would love to see some official nightlies :)
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