[ROM] CyanogenMod 13.0 | Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow | [12/27/2015]+Nightlies


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Dec 14, 2010
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UPDATE 12/30: I set up my buildbox to build nightly builds of all devices. Although the klte builds will be identical to the CM nightlies so this is really just for those who have a variant that has not yet been enabled for nightlies on CMs build server. As with any nightly these are UNTESTED and USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. DO NOT REPORT BUGS FROM A NIGHTLY. I can't stress this enough. As you can see, in the 2nd post I changed the "Latest Release" text to "Latest TESTED Release" so if you aren't on that build. Please don't report a bug.


These are UNOFFICIAL/DEVELOPER builds based of CM-13.0 for klte (GSM) and CDMA variants and by NO means this is my ROM. 100% credits goes to TeamDouche, and all other coders who contributed to CyanogenMod.

Supported devices, should work with all klte variants that are qualcomm

Included in the Unified GSM build
kltexx, kltelra, kltetmo, kltecan, klteub, klteacg, kltedcm, klte

Individual CDMA builds kltespr, klteusc

Individual GSM builds kltedv

If your device isn't listed in the "individual" lists then flash the generic "klte" build

* Do NOT expect daily builds. I'll build when I'm free.
* Do NOT ask for support for flashing in this thread.
* Do NOT use this unofficial build and ask for support at the official threads.
* Do NOT be rude.
* Respect all users
* If I see a NOOB question and I don't feel like replying, I WONT.

  • Built from CM source
  • Service
  • Text
  • Data
  • Call
  • Audio
  • WiFi
  • Google Now
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • MMS
  • Video playback
  • Audio playback
  • Internal SDcard mounting
  • External SDcard mounting
  • Camera
  • Video recording
  • IR Blaster
  • NFC

  • Some CM features still have not been added yet be patient if your feature isn't there
  • You tell me

  • Do NOT use superwipes
  • DO NOT dirty flash (or if you do, DON"T REPORT BUGS UNTIL YOU DO)
  • Wipe data, cache, and dalvik cache
    *** ((but do not report bugs if you didn't full wipe))
  • Flash ROM
  • Flash GAPPS (in 2nd post) (No other gapps packages are officially supported!)
  • Reboot
  • ???
  • Profit
To enable Developer Options go to Settings, About Phone and repeatedly press Build Number.
If you use ADB read this: PSA by CM
If you use reboot to recovery read this: PSA by CM
Regarding new Superuser: PSA by CM

  • And any and all users in this thread who contirbuted or will contribute to making this ROM as stable as possible
  • Esa Laukkanen aka elelinux
  • Cyanogen Inc & Team-Kang
  • Garwynn XDA
  • MrTrip
  • Thescorpion420
  • DevVorteX
  • albinoman887
  • ktoonsez

so here is a donation link if you want to buy me a coffee or pack of smokes (I go through a lot sitting on the PC messing around lol) go ahead. But not required or expected by any means :)

Note: The name on the Paypal account may say Patricia, this is because it's a family Paypal account. :)

Thanks and happy flashing!


XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM] CyanogenMod 13.0 | Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow+Nightlys, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 5

albinoman887, DevorteX
Source Code: https://github.com/Team-Hydra

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Beta

Created 2015-10-31
Last Updated 2015-12-30
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Dec 14, 2010
Snohomish, WA

Dec 30
* set up my buildbox to do a nightly build (well early morning) for all devices but it is mainly for the devices that i work on that are not built by CM yet. so as of this writing that would be kltedv,klteusc and kltespr. If you aren't an owner of one of these devices the klte build is identical to CM's so really no reason to use it. but feel free if you like as it is in the list for builds to be done...

Dec 27
* Enabled SELinux Enforcing
* Fixed offmode charging with SELinux enabled
* Misc cleanup and updates
* Upstream updates
** NOTICE: CM will be enabling nightlies starting tomorrow for the "klte" variant. so far that is the ONLY ONE that is being enabled. So this release will be my last release with a "klte" build download. there is no reason to have two identical builds floating around. It will just confuse people. I will continue to build for kltespr,klteusc, and kltedv until they are enabled on CM. and you can still use this thread to report bugs as nothing is changing regarding whos developing and with what. just where the builds are downloaded from. If a bug ends up popping up down the road this thread would be the place to check for a fix before it gets merged to CM (sometimes they take a long time). Anyways enjoy. and as always the other variants are compiling now.

Dec 21
* Fixed up newly required permissions for sensors and got everything working correctly with lollipop libs. No hacked driver in kernel to get old sensor HAL to load, nothing. 100% LP sources now (how Ethan intended). Battery life should be improved as well as other things
* Any and all changes from time of compile
* As always klte is released first. the rest are compiling now

Dec 18
* Switched back to KK/cm-12.1 libs and kernel (what we have been using up until the 12/10 build) to fix all the issues people are having
* Any upstream updates at time of compile
** As always klte out first. the rest are compiling as I type

Dec 17
** Sorry for the delay there were some issues with the hardware in the buildbox not playing nice... all fixed now :) **
* All the crap from the last release hopefully should be over now
* Fixed the rotation and black screen in call(etc) issue
* IR Blaster works again. Tested with Peel IR Remote and a LG TV
* I removed the stuff in ramdisk for adaptive lmk because i'm pretty sure that we need kernel support and it most likely is a no-op but could be bad having it in
* Removed call recording overlay because i cannot find the setting for it so unless someone tells me I removed a feature i think the overlay is a no-op as well
* kltedv and klteusc are back now. They were excluded from the last build because of the lib update and i completely spaced that those devices needed libs and then got pre-occupied with the sever issues and my F'n ISP being stupid both at the same time :p . anyways hope this sorts things out...As always (you should know the drill) klte first, rest are compiling as I type

Dec 10
* Fixed BT Force close issue
* Fixed the issue with the lollipop libs and kernel and compass. We now have full Lollipop kernel and vendor libs with working compass
* Any other changes at time of compile

Dec 9
* Android 6.0.1
* You can now disable home button wake (Devortex)
* Unpinning is fixed (Devortex)
* Lots of other CM updates
* Pretty much any fix Devortex has posted since the last build I released is included in this. I can't remember off the top of my head what else changed but thats the gist.
* got a new domain. all downloads are at team-hydra.org (its the same site i've been using except now you dont have to remember the IP)
** As always klte first, the rest are compiling...

Dec 3
** Better late then never. Sorry. all the parts for the buildbox should be here by the weeks end and then this shouldnt be an issue anymore **
* Fixed incoming calls on CDMA devices (kltespr,klteusc)
* Fixed missing APN menu on CDMA devices (kltespr,klteusc)
* Fixed artifacts in camera preview image (that was a screw up on my part)
* Fixed that stupid "Your SIM card roaming capabilities have been updated" when the other caller hangs up
* Fixed GPS staying on when CM Camera app is suspended in background
* Any and all CM updates at time of compile
*** As always klte first, then the rest as they compile and upload **

Nov 29
* kltespr build fixed (really dont know what happened there must have been a network error)
* Re-Enabled adaptive LMK (got disabled during the rebase)
* Disabled qcom's mm-parser which is being done all over CM for msm8974 which was the actual cause of the video recording lag...
* Any and all CM updates at time of compile
* As always klte build is out at the time of this post the rest take a couple hours to compile. Enjoy
*** PSA: i'm at $125 or so for my server. Thank you guys so much. I have two options. One is a Ebay auction that ends in a couple days which is an amazing machine and one i can buy from a friend any time in the next two weeks. So thanks. I'm getting close

Nov 27
* OK after being gone for a week due to a storm and coming back to another storm of changes that broke s*** here is a new build for you guys. Should be no regressions, just new features
* As always klte build is out at the time of this post the rest take a couple hours to compile. Enjoy

Nov 11
** Veterans, Thank you for your service **
* infinite bootloop when enabling power saving mode is fixed, thats pretty much it :)
* initial KLTEUSC build (once its done, i always release the klte build as soon as its done compiling and then the rest i just leave the system going and let it finish them as time permits)

Nov 10
* Now on tap works, Make sure its enabled in Google Settings
* Fixed Auto timezone bug
* Formatting external SD as internal storage now works correctly
* Updated media_codecs.xml for marshmallow
* Fixed A/V sync issues with recorded videos
* Re-Enabled Doze
* Hardware backed encryption seems to work now (this never worked on cm-12 or 12.1)
* Defined the "radio access family" for the different variants so hopefully the APN issues kltespr users were having are fixed
* Bunch of CM updates
* New build of kltedv that i'm hoping will boot
* Updated Gapps link also added a 2nd one and will add more if required.. let me know what one works for you because i don't seem to have any of these problem but the klte is not my DD
** NOTE: It takes about an hr and a half per variant build to complete. I set a cron job script that is currently building the other variants (kltespr,kltedv, and eventually klteusc) but I don't have the time to wait for all of those. People using other then the klte builds just keep checking the build archive for your variant every hour or so until you see the 11/10 version. **

Nov 6
* Fixed Video Recording
* Partially fixed external sdcard mounting (you can mount as portable but if you format as internal you get a bootloop with that sd inserted at boot and it requires a format for it to work again)
* Enabled Call Recording (although i think its a major breach of peoples privacy)
* CM merged android 6.0_r26
* lots of CM updates
* lots of display hal updates (upstream)
* initial release of kltespr
* initial release of kltedv
* Updated Gapps link to a more stable version
** klteusc will happen tomorrow if no crazy bugs pop up in this release **

Oct 31
DO NOT dirty flash over CM-12.1
* initial build of cm-13.0/Android 6.0. THERE WILL BE BUGS so think before you post dumb stuff
* com.android.phone FCs on first boot but after that its fine
* Not all CM features are added yet
* Right now its just klte but i will be rolling out the other variants over the next 24 hrs or so so just check check back every few hours for your build.

Team Hydra Github (main): https://github.com/Team-Hydra
CyanogenMod Github: https://github.com/CyanogenMod

For Untested NIGHTLY Builds please check the 3rd post

Due to resource limitations builds are released in a staggered fashion. If you find the newest build not available for your device it most likely means its compiling. Simply check back in 30-60 mins and it should be there

Latest TESTED Release: cm-13.0-20151227

G900I (kltedv) : Browse KLTEDV Build Archive
G900P (kltespr) : Browse KLTESPR Build Archive
G900R4 (klteusc) : Browse KLTEUSC Build Archive
G900V (kltevzw) : Browse KLTEVZW Build Archive

If your specific model isn't listed above and is a CDMA device it is not supported. Otherwise flash the unified GSM build below....

G900* Unified-GSM : cm-13.0-20151227-UNOFFICIAL-klte.zip | Browse KLTE Build Archive

GAPPS: : Slim_mini_gapps.BETA.6.0.build.0.x-20151106.zip
GAPPS #2 : gapps-600-base-20151104-1-signed.zip
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Dec 14, 2010
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Nightly Builds

As with any nightly, these come with absolutely no support. DO NOT post any bugs or make any whisper of an issue if you are using these builds. Only builds in the 2nd post are guaranteed to work.

G900* Unified GSM (klte) : Browse KLTE Nightly Builds (Official CM) | OR | Browse KLTE Nightly Builds [3rd Party)
G900I (kltedv) : Browse KLTEDV Nightly Builds
G900P (kltespr) : Browse KLTESPR Nightly Builds
G900R4 (klteusc) : Browse KLTEUSC Nightly Builds

Info on the build box you guys bought me :)

Hardware Specs


Ubuntu 15.10 x64
OC'd to 4.2Ghtz
2 SSDs in RAID 0 as rootdir and the conventional for stroage


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Sep 16, 2010
Works fine on the SM-G900I version.

Only annoying thing is the red triangle that appears when unlocking device and at various other times.

IGNORE. I was on an old CM 13 build. I have reflashed and there's no red triangle.
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Oct 25, 2010
Congrats on getting this out so quick :)
Glad to be a part of this community, working great for now on my SM-G900I (ktledv) will be hanging out for this build though too ;)