[ROM] CyanogenMod-5 - Would you like a pony? (EXPERIMENTAL) [05/12 - v5.0.7-test4]

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Oct 11, 2009
Yes, thank you. I would love a Pony. Flashing away!
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Jun 24, 2009
East Kilbride
almost 4am and i doubt i will be able to get to sleep for playin with eclair....
thank you and all who made it happen !!!


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Aug 12, 2009
Near Chicago
After flashing, I'm impressed. Blazing fast and the only problems that I've really noticed are all listed already in the main post. Easy to ignore given how much of a jump that this rom is from most of the others.

Now I just hope that the whole "Danger SPL" thing for G1 means that we're going to be updated alongside the N1. That'd be mindblowingly great.
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Apr 28, 2007
I was only joking in the other thread about crashing the servers...
Um, anyone else not getting in?
Nevermind, took a few tries... HERE IT GOES...
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Feb 9, 2010
Boot Animation

Awww! I was hoping to see the boot animation that my girlfriend's Nexus One sports. :D

Thanks for all the hard work on this, Steve!
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    can someone please explain to me what compcatch is or whatever it is.. please explain it to me and xplain to me how it can be used and pro's and cons to me

    How layman can you get?

    Very roughly you have a finite amount of memory (RAM). When memory is accessed it is virtual addressing, so an application is given a piece of memory, but this isn't real RAM, the operating system manages this and maps it to where the data really is. Because of this system, the OS can give out more memory than is actually available. It can then store some of this memory on a storage medium and "swap" it with some other programmes memory when one is needed and the other isn't. This is how swap works.

    With compcache, instead of storing the dormant memory on a hard disk it is compressed and stored in the RAM itself on a virtual disk. This takes up some RAM, but because it is compressed then more RAM is spare than if the data were left in memory as it is. Again this has the effect that more memory space can be handed out than the RAM that is really there.

    Because Android manages applications so that when memory runs out it just closes applications running in the background, more applications can reside in the larger virtual memory space than before, making multi-tasking more pleasant and responsive.

    In other words you get more RAM since everything is compressed, that is the pro and the con is that something it might take longer for the phone to decompress and manage the data instead of simply reading it (bypassing decompression) ha ha i hope that helps :D
    Mods, please close this.
    Can you post up exactly how you did it?

    Copy libhtc_ril.so to your SDcard - then:

    adb remount
    adb push /sdcard/libhtc_ril.so /system/lib
    adb shell reboot

    if you need the file download here-
    The 2.1 update will come with new Sense UI. If you are confused between MyTouch 3G and 3G Slide, then let me clear, the original MyTouch 3G will receive the same version of Sense UI and it will include the Genius button feature. Now that’s something I call hot news. I still feel bad for G1 users being left out. So MyTouch folks, are you happy now?

    won't take much to get it to fit the G1
    look at my Slide port
    I only removed swype and quickoffice ;)

    Anyway, OT tbh :)
    Root Explorer

    Root explorer seems to not be functional