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[ROM] CyanogenMod 7.2 RC1 port for LG-C55x (Optimus Chat)

Which other ROM should I port to this phone?

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Aug 8, 2014
Hey guys! I'm posting my newest ported ROM for the LG Optimus Chat, Cyanogenmod 7.2 RC1. It's based on V10D Telus North American firmware for the LG-C555 but should be compatible with other versions of the phone too. It provides a responsive operating system, a smooth interface and many features not available in the original LG ROM. It is based off pax0r's work for the LG Optimus Me which uses the same board. It relies on heavy ramdisk mods so you can only replace the kernel by one which is updated through AnyKernel updater!

Disclaimer ==-
I'm not responsible for bricked phones, burnt SD cards, unresponsive computers or any other problem related to those files. You may only ask for support if you provide me a logcat (and dmesg, if possible!)
Working (up to now, everything!) ==-
- RIL (2G/3G)
- Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM
- Camera
- DSP (not used anyway!)
- Audio
- Touchscreen
- Tethering
- Sensors
- Accelerometer/Compass
- SDCard
- Hardware Acceleration
- Graphics (2D/3D)
- Offline charging

Not working ==-
- You tell me!

Known bugs ==-
= Wrong orientation in most apps (fixed!)
= Framework dalvik-cache becomes unusable at reboot (fixed, needs gapps to be flashed on 2nd boot!)
= Blackscreen when locked (temporary fix!) :
o You must disable lockscreen animations in Settings > CyanogenMod > Display

Credits ==-
pax0r - Base ROM (cm 7.2), GPS, touchscreen Y-axis fix

Download ==-
Beta1 - MEGA.co.nz 1fichier.com
Gapps - Mediafire.com by Brute.Force (highly recommanded, only 4MB!, source)

Installation ==-
Easy as counting 1, 2, 3!
1. Boot on your newly flashed recovery by holding Volume -, Call and End.
2. Wipe data on your current installation, then flash the zips copied beforehand on the device.
3. Wipe cache and dalvik, then reboot!
P.S. Don't forget to disable Lockscreen animations before the screen goes blank!

Tools ==-
TWRP - works well, no USB mouting or ADB sideloading
Technoxide USB driver - signed and fully compatible with Windows 8.1!
ADB & Fastboot - installs in less than 15 seconds :)

Donations ==-
You liked what I did? Before giving me anything, support the developers of the base ROM in the credits. Then, if you're interessed in having new ROMs on your beloved phone, you can help me by giving me a little something so I could afford, I don't know... a hot chocolate! :)
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