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Jul 6, 2010
Neo Louisiana
Recently went to Miui and planned to try this out again once some more kinks were straightened out so kinda sucked to see this...ran DT longer than any other rom but not surprised with the dev's choice...I still don't know or care what the drama (?) was about but thanks for the work you did put in on this
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    CyanogenMod 9 - Devil Toast​


    Last version: 0.7.4​

    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
     * Your warranty is now likely void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * spontaneous combustion, or any other host of cosmic penalties
     * which may befall you, your family, or your phone.

    What works:
    • 2D Rear Camera
    • Front Camera
    • Phone calls
    • Wifi
    • GPS
    • Bluetooth Phone
    • Bluetooth A2DP
    • WiMAX
    • Car Dock
    • Torch from the notification bar
    • USB Mass Storage
    • Basically, most functionality

    What doesn't work:
    • Bluetooth occasionally has issues if the phone is in sleep
    • 3D
    • HDMI output
    • Reports of radio drop-outs/reboots (may be radio firmware related)
    • Audio Ducking issue


    Toolchain: GCC ARM version 4.4.3
    Kernel Source: https://github.com/agrabren/android_kernel_htc_shooter

    Special Thanks:
    • First, and foremost, ToastCFH, who the build is named after, and who brought us WiMAX
    • Binux-Project, for the amazing 3D Boot Animation
    • TeamEVO, who made the original 3.0 kernel for the EVO 3D
    • Eyeballer and TeamWin for their support and their CM9 nightlies
    • DigitalHigh for helping me make this possible
    • My wife, who has tolerated all the time I've been putting into this
    • And HTC, who made a great phone, and has (not always happily) given us the ability to make it greater.

    HTC EVO V users (Virgin Mobile)
    Attention Virgin Mobile users: In order to run devil's toast on the Evo V you must downgrade your hboot to 1.04. This can be done by visiting http://androidforums.com/evo-v-4g-all-things-root/594152-hboot-downgrade-working-aosp-gb-roms.htmlhttp://androidforums.com/evo-v-4g-all-things-root/594152-hboot-downgrade-working-aosp-gb-roms.html and following the instructions posted in the OP. Credit to krowley3 for testing and unknownforce for the hboot. Note: to my knowledge this downgrade has only been attempted on phones with hboot version 1.57.
    Credit to phw8558 for digging this up and verifying it works.

    Build Versions:
    • Fixed camera and general instability
    • Temporarily removed overclock as it prevented devices from booting
    • USB performance: Verified fixed
    • Videos discolored: Verified fixed
    • SMS Split: Verified fixed
    • 3D videos in 2D support: Verified fixed
    • Bluetooth issue: Verified fixed
    • Overclocking supported (Ported from coolexe)
    • Multiple Governors available (Ported from MikeC84)
    • USB OTG enabled
    • Fixed touch screen calibration issue
    • Fixed USB Mass Storage
    • Integrated fix for GSM phones button backlight
    • New kernel! Based on the HTC EVO 3D GSM source tree, it's faster, better, more powerful!
    • Phantom Voicemail Fix is back in
    • New 3D Boot Animation - Thanks to Binux-Project
    • More fixes to try and resolve data drop issues
    • Attempts at resolving data drop issues
    • Added proc/sysinfo support for Boot Manager (and other tools)
    • Torch added
    • Incorporated new graphics blobs
    • Added qs_s5k4e1 sensor driver for Camera
    • Add deep sleep to BlueTooth
    • Removed kernel signing code on Camera
    • Enabled BlueTooth
    • Removed the kernel signing requirement
    • Front Facing Camera
    • Misc stability improvements
    • Initial release
    Development of the CDMA version of this ROM has been discontinued.
    Developer Update: So things are going to be getting better about releases, both effort and quality. I've finished forking the entire CM repo into a local system, and once I've verified that my build systems can build everything from source, I'll be able to get everything cleaned up and not worry about accidentally clobbering something in the CM trunk (which I accidentally did the other night). I'll also be getting CM10 up with the system, but that'll take a few extra days (one thing at a time).

    Because of this change, I'm also going to be able to track which changes break which features, and release two types of builds... Daily and Nightly. ;) The daily ROM will only occur when the ROM has a high enough quality to be a daily driver for everyone. This means no known regressions (like camera). To get there, some people will need to give the Nightly builds a go. Once enough people thumbs-up a nightly build, the code for that nightly (and all prior changes) will be moved into the mainline. I'll work in feature branches, as I've been doing for the kernel on my private server.

    So believe me, I'm really trying to reduce the number of regressions we get, and improve the quality, without forcing me to take a bunch of time to do things. It also means I can automate the pushing of released kernels to github, and I can automate the uploading of new ROM builds, so people don't need to wait for me to get back to my PC to upload once a build is complete.
    Developer update: I'm still working on things, but it's gotten slow for a few days due to personal life and work life both needing more of my attention. I am actively working on getting 3D videos and camera working, and have gotten some level of success (I've actually watched a YouTube video in 3D correctly, without having to do anything extra). To understand why that's not enough to give out, once playback is done (or you hit 'home') the screen locks up and you need to do a reboot via ADB. So needless to say, not ready. I've also got some great things coming in the kernel, some of which I've tested, some haven't been tested yet. But again, can't really say anything more at this moment. So here's a list of what I'm working on, and why it's taking time...

    1. Touchscreen issue: While mostly resolved, it could be better. I could solve this in the kernel, but because I'm still getting accused of not releasing my kernel source, despite it being in the OP, I'm reluctant to offer any additional fixes to the kernel. Instead, I'll be fixing this in user-space, which actually is a better place for the fix anyway (although a bit trickier so that it always works, not just when you use the default lockscreen).

    2. Bluetooth issue: I believe I know how to fix this, but haven't had the cycles yet. Definitely on my top priority list, because it's annoying.

    3. Audio issues: I want to tackle these as well before releasing my next drop, but haven't begun debugging them yet.

    4. 3D support: Obviously, I'm working on this. I want this. I want to be able to take 3D pictures and videos of my kids with my phone. I want to be able to watch 3D content and show it to people.

    5. Camera issues: I've tracked down what causes apps like barcode scanner and face unlock to have random issues, and I want to get this fixed. I want camera to "just work".

    6. SMS Split: I believe I've fixed this. Have not verified yet.

    7. USB performance: I haven't investigated, but I'd likely wait until after 0.8 drops before starting this debugging.

    8. Tethering: Again, this is an issue which we don't yet have a root cause, although I've done a decent amount of debugging of it. Again, likely a post 0.8 drop.

    So, that's my issue list and what I'm tackling. Not the easiest work to do, but I believe it's still worth it, even though MIUI will be built on Sense going forward (which is what started this work in the first place).

    As for Jelly Bean: It uses a unified kernel which I haven't released my source for yet, so I haven't released a ROM to play with yet. It has an issue with the microphone which causes all kinds of ugly crashing, but everything else in the baseline works fine. It's also close to having camera work, but again, I'm focused at the moment on ICS, not JB. The port between the two will be much more trivial than what we're currently doing.
    This is the point where I tell you that I just made my first Bluetooth Phone Call with Devil Toast running 3.0.16. :)

    ** EDIT **
    And *that* would be WiMAX connected.