[Rom] CyanogenMod - Optimization is soooo last year [UPDATED 7/14 - v3.6.6]

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Jul 12, 2009
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I quoted this to bring up the HTC IME issues. I've searched and searched but havent found a solution.

Yeah, I have searched as well, sometimes search can't find things even if they have been asked before. Search is not perfect, nor the person doing the searching. It brings up so much junk sometimes its hard to sift through it all.

An edit to the bluetooth issues mentioned also. The phone will not ring through the car, but the phone lights up. Try to answer the phone and you can't hear it, try to disconnect it from the car and it hangs up the phone. I'm hoping I can just flash the official build ROM I have, and still retain root. Not sure I can do that or not.
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Jan 5, 2009
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Yeah, I have searched as well, sometimes search can't find things even if they have been asked before. Search is not perfect, nor the person doing the searching. It brings up so much junk sometimes its hard to sift through it all.

Fine... here goes.. with the HTC_IME there are two side effects to the hardware keyboard, I will outline these two issues and the workarounds that have been discovered for them.

1. It auto-corrects for the hardware keyboard, the annoying black suggestions.
The solution - pressing the menu button twice when the pop ups appear. BANG!

2. Sometimes the hardware keyboard does not auto capitalize or punctuate (also the right shift/alt keys stop working as expected).
The solution - tap once inside the text box (you may need to follow this with the solution to problem #1, as the suggestions often pop back up) this will bring it back to normal.

EDIT - and there have been threads about this before, mostly in the general Dream forum - which is the proper place for this.
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May 25, 2009
I'm a bit confused. I'm still on 3.6.5 because I read about the force close issue with the cameras and decided not to upgrade. Apparently, I had not tested my cameras well enough on 3.6.5 though. I get force closes when I try to launch either one of them. I just restored my 3.6.5 nandroid backup from yesterday and the cameras still don't work.

I understand that people have fixed the cameras in 3.6.6 by pushing the camera from 3.6.5 , but what if the cameras are broken in 3.6.5?
Cameras worked fine for me in 3.6.5, I used both several times. So it looks like you need to run fix_permissions in the recovery console or need to do a wipe and flash of 3.6.5 again if it doesn't fix it.

Personally, I would wipe and flash 3.6.6 and then push the camera.apk from 3.6.5
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    [Rom] CyanogenMod - Optimizing the crap out of Android 1.5r2 - CHANGELOG


    Changes in v3.6.6
    * Pulled in cgroups support from Donut, added some extra code to support foreground boost
    * Added new mail app from MyTouch, includes "Work Email" with Exchange support
    * Optimized all zips and pngs with 7zip and optipng
    * Enabled some options in the kernel for serial debugging
    * Small enhancements/bugfixes to various apps (Calendar/Music)
    * Launcher drawer is 5x4 / 6x3
    * Rolled back wpa_supplicant to old version to correct WiFi issues
    * New default wallpaper by TheGreenJester
    * KNOWN BUG: Market->Settings->Notifications causes a force close. Still working on it.
    * KNOWN BUG: Exiting Camcorder causes a FC. The video still records. Push Camera.apk from 3.6.5 until the next release.

    Changes in v3.6.5
    * Fix the API breakage that was accidentally introduced.

    Changes in v3.6.4.1
    * Revert patch to libdvm.so that was causing force close city
    * Fix bad signature on SetupWizard.apk

    Changes in v3.6.4
    * Fix shared userid problems that were causing boot loops
    * Sexy Hero-style transitions

    Changes in v3.6.3
    * Fix weirdness with Contacts/Calendar/others
    * Launcher tweaks
    * Dalvik update

    Changes in v3.6.2
    * Fix audio mixing issue
    * Lockscreen tweaks (Stericson)
    * Show provider name instead of "Android" (Stericson)
    * Added "Reboot phone" option to the power menu
    * Updated Settings app to not show false data for SD secondary when a2sd is disabled

    Changes in v3.6.1
    * Minor kernel tweaks, might save some battery
    * Update wifi driver
    * Stericson's AmazonMP3 hack that allows download over non-wifi
    * Lockscreen tweak from Stericson that allows the statusbar to be pulled down (except if pattern is enabled)
    * Added PowerTop tool
    * Moved some stuff around to save a little space
    * Added firstboot script to cleanly upgrade camera/album when not coming from 3.4.6

    Changes in v3.6
    * Revert Freetype and Bluetooth changes from 3.5.3
    * Kernel tweaks
    * Added mtdoops module for debugging kernel oopsen/panics
    * Lock screen tweaks
    * Add RPC support to BusyBox (requested)
    * Clean .odex files left by other ROMs off the SD card
    * STABLE!

    Changes in v3.5.3
    * Dalvik patches from master - better memory usage
    * Update wpa_supplicant from master
    * Update Freetype to 2.3.9 (nicer font hinting) (being reverted for next release)
    * Multithreaded A2DP from master (should reduce skipping)
    * Minor kernel tweaks
    * Include AUFS as a module by request
    * Fix lock screen glitches and shrink battery icons

    Changes in v3.5.2
    * Ditch SquashFS on /system/lib because of performance
    * Clean up the lock screen a bit, new icons, etc
    * Patch AlarmClock so it doesn't lose snoozes
    * If /system/sd/userinit.sh exists, execute it after a2sd setup

    Changes in v3.5.1
    * Add missing netfilter kernel modules and apply backported ext4 fixes
    * Included Stericson's spiffy lock screen
    * Some settings enhancements- show mod version and don't allow SD unmount when A2SD is active
    * Switched to squashfs instead of cramfs
    * /system/lib is now on squashfs, saving TONS of space (first boot of system is a little slower though)
    * Tweak some cpufreq settings
    * Disabled camera noise in libcameraservice since the HTC camera does it internally.

    Changes in v3.5
    * Kernel 2.6.29
    * Revert vold hack to default, for now.

    Changes in v3.4.6
    * Revert Dalvik changes due to DNS resolution issues
    * Clean up old camera prefs
    * There is an issue with the vold change on Vista. Working on it for next build.

    Changes in v3.4.5
    * Now includes the fully working HTC Camera!
    * Mounting SD over USB will now only show the VFAT partition
    * Some changes to a2sd startup to clean up symlinks if SD was removed
    * DalvikVM tweaks from master (for real this time)
    * Launcher now puts icons in the right place after a wipe

    Changes in v3.4.4
    * Uses a combination of bind mount and symlinks for A2SD
    * Launcher now has 5 screens and obeys system orientation setting
    * Upgraded BusyBox to 1.14.2
    * Upgraded kernel to, anticipatory iosched, enabled multicast
    * Fixed Street View

    Changes in v3.4.3
    * Back to 3.4.1 kernel
    * NO MORE AUFS - we now have automatic A2SD using bind mounts. It will even move your apps automatically for you
    * Settings app has been enhanced to show "SD Card Secondary" storage available/used (your ext partition)
    * Included newest Google Maps application
    * Don't mess with vfs_cache_pressure (sysctl.conf is still available, though)
    * There is an issue with installing protected apps in this version. Will be fixed for 3.4.4.

    Changes in v3.4.2
    * Switch back to anticipatory iosched
    * Use tiwlan driver from android-1.5r2 instead of master

    Changes in v3.4.1
    * Small kernel tweaks, add NFS client module
    * Fix racy A2SD startup that was causing all kinds of insanity for everyone (missing apps, force closes, etc)
    * Read /system/etc/sysctl.conf at startup
    * Added HTC Quickoffice
    * Moved shutdown/reboot services out of /system/init.rc because people seem to want to overwrite it.

    Changes in v3.4
    * Minor kernel tweaks
    * Fix perms on /data/app in update-script
    * Include fix_permissions
    * Marking as stable

    Changes in v3.3.7
    * No longer autoconverts to ext3. A script is included to do it from recovery mode (see FAQ).
    * Fix for USB headset no longer breaks other things (speakerphone works now)
    * Include Android VK with correct dictionary.
    * Updated volume profile from Meltus.

    Changes in v3.3.6
    * Better mount options for AUFS
    * Enable K extensions for ARM6 in kernel
    * USB headset adapter fix for real
    * Meltus' V4 volume profile
    * Fix HTC_IME calibration

    Changes in v3.3.5
    * Switch from UnionFS to AUFS
    * Use CFQ iosched
    * Tweak frequency scaling options for better responsiveness
    * USB headset fix
    * Permission fixes for A2SD

    Changes in v3.3.4
    * Updated kernel to latest minor patchset (
    * Bump scaling_max_freq to 528MHz
    * Fix shutdown from inside applications (new system uses a service)
    * Make sure certain system directories that need to be on internal memory aren't created thru unionfs
    * Moved a2sd scripts so they don't get overwritten.
    * Apps2SD startup should be more reliable now

    Changes in v3.3.3
    * Fix permission problems that can cause "insufficient space" errors in Market.
    This thread is CLOSED!!!!!
    Redirect all your ROM ONLY QUESTIONS in the new thread:
    The problem with the Exchange support in the Sapphire Mail app is that it requires the entire custom HTC version of the core Android framework. The same goes for the HTC Dialer. I'd rather keep the open-source version, since the source code changes that HTC has made to the core are not publicly available.
    what do you mean by the camera button force closes, like to take a picture?

    Just click the trackball instead of the camera button in the Camera app to take a picture.
    Cyan, I love your work. One question though. I cannot get my Bluetooth to work anymore on my BlueAnt since the last three builds. Anyone got any suggestions on how to make it work?