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Jun 18, 2009
College Station
Maybe it's the lack of sleep - but anyone else notice the notification area seems like it's rounded in the top left and top right (with top right not proportional). Not noticed this before some of the donut integration into the CM builds.

Where did these crazy rounded corners at top left/right come from? And why? Why?! Even macs dumped this round corner thing!

I really liked the way it looked in gChrome so I modified it. I dig it :)

:p Rounded corners


Inactive Recognized Developer
Dec 1, 2008
It's working for me, I read e-mails, downloaded attachments, send e-mail with attachment and refreshed. Did pretty much all you can do with the app with 0 problems and it was fast.
Did you try fix_permissions or delete gmail cache?

no need for me to do that. i wiped.

edit: hasn't happened since rebooting after first flash. will observe..
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Inactive Recognized Developer
Dec 1, 2008
wiped and flashed .1. flashed fine, radio is active.

vibrate is now gone from long press home screen and also long press end key. letting you know...

will further test and see if the screen's inability to wake up at times (requiring a reboot) persists in this build.

thx cy.

unfortunately, the issue with the screen's inability to wake back up is persistent in this build as well. i have attached my last_kmsg. i hope it helps in fixing this issue.


  • last_kmsg_4.1.11.zip
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Aug 27, 2009
I did a back up and went to 4.0.4 and then loaded 11.1.

I did not wipe before flashing.

Everything booted up right with no fc's or anything.

Comp cache???

$ free
              total         used         free       shared      buffers
  Mem:        98024        96504         1520            0          248
 Swap:            0            0            0
Total:        98024        96504         1520


Senior Member
Jul 11, 2009
unfortunately, the issue with the screen's inability to wake back up is persistent in this build as well. i have attached my last_kmsg. i hope it helps in fixing this issue.
I had this as well, if I let the phone go to sleep and left it for an extended period I couldn't wake the screen. Notification bar became visible and could be used, all the buttons worked but the home screen remained blank. It seems to have been linked to a widget I was running, Task Panel X. Certainly, since removing it I haven't had the issue.


Senior Member
Sep 11, 2009
Trujillo Alto
acore keeps force closing twice in a row, no more, but happens often. Has happened to me with both 4.1.10 and 4.1.11...

I placed the log file segments regarding the exception thrown here, I couldn't post the whole thing because the file's too large...


  • acore-doubleFC.txt
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Jul 22, 2009
did the market change on the previous build cuz im on it just now and its totally different. i didnt see it earlier today when i was running that build. im talking about the build by the way.


Senior Member
Aug 21, 2008
"* Added another 1 to the version number"

Thats the update I was waiting for!. lol....jk. Keep up the good work cyan ogen, and again. Ima buy u some beers when you get this one stable. this rom is the best! (Im flashing every F-ing experimental!)


Senior Member
Apr 2, 2008
one really big issue thats bugging me.

when running any of the following apps:
pandora,listen,messages,browser (could be more, but this is all that i've tried)

press the home button, and ahome shows a blank screen and has to reload itself. this never happened in 4.0.4, maybe its a donut or bfs thing?


Senior Member
May 3, 2009
4.1.11 was alright for me. Cannot make the update to right now because I'm at school but I will update when I get home. Slight problem that I have encountered has been a terrible battery life. It went from 100% to 41% in just over 2 hours. This may have been because the camera app did not close properly, so I am charging now and I will post again if the battery life drops so dramatically again.
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    The purpose of this thread is to test out a new "experimental" series of ROMs. It is very possible that installing something from this thread will render your phone unusable. This build is picking up where 4.0.4 left off and will eventually become 4.2.

    This is Android 1.6 (Donut).

    Two rules for posting in this thread:

    2. Then read this: http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

    * Please don't install anything you find here unless you want to help test and know what you are doing. Questions about GMail timeouts or your Market apps not updating will be ignored (not that they are broken in this build, but that the chance of it being ROM-related is almost nil). Use the stable version instead!

    * Always run a Nandroid backup before flashing anything you find here.

    * DO NOT post in this thread any one-liners like "okay flashing now!". I'm not trying to be a jerk, but these threads move fast and we need to minimize the clutter. It's very possible that you will be banned if a mod sees this.

    * This is not the right thread for discussing compcache and swap-related things!

    * If you have installed a theme, your "warranty" is null and void! Don't post bugs here if you have installed a theme. And don't pretend like you haven't installed a theme just so you can waste people's time. That also goes for anything else you flash on top of the ROM that messes with the framework, like HTC Music. Just reinstall the ROM and try to reproduce your issue (and provide a log!!)

    #include <std/disclaimer.h>
     * While this build is heavily optimized, it is also capable of pushing your G1
     * much harder. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis. Please do some
     * research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    With that out of the way..
    WILL BE BANNED..............
    Think before you post, warning issued!!!!
    Per: Mikey

    (v4.1.11.1 - experimental version, updated 9/18):
    Download: http://n0rp.chemlab.org/android/experimental/update-cm-
    MD5Sum: c60a30289a6c06c47df3f5bd7fc802fc

    Theme Template - v4.1.11.1 (for crazy theme developers):
    Download: http://n0rp.chemlab.org/android/experimental/template-cm-
    MD5Sum: 01f64990d13c25246c35e03a449f9548

    Code Repository on GitHub: http://github.com/cyanogen

    If anyone is bored, knows Java & Android, and wants to help, I take patches!

    haykuro said:
    add 2 different system folders into your updates, 1 contains a plethora of beastiality and the other is the real image, have it run a small binary that gets a random number, if the number is divisible by 3 it gives you bad rom
    I noticed on v3.9.3 it drains the battery very much quicker :/ anyone notice this?
    This has happened to me twice, and as far as i can tell, it wasn't due to any fiddling of firmwares. Both times it happened, I had been snapping pictures throughout the day. I forget exactly what happened the first time, but the more recent time I just went to take a picture and it said to insert an sd card. When i looked at my gallery it showed only grey placeholder thumbnails. I thought maybe the microsd had dislodged so i shutdown, made sure it was inserted and rebooted only to discover about 10 days of photos were gone.

    Both times it happened to me, it wasn't just my pictures or videos that were deleted. It seemed that most all recent files on the fat32 partiton were wiped. Oddly enough, some pctures did survive and these were older than some of the files that got wiped. Additionally, many remaining files seem to still show up, but they are actually 0b empty files.

    hmm last time i lost my pictures it was only from the DCIM folder, this time it was DCIM and the 2 newest pictures in my downloads folder. but ive never noticed anything missing besides images. maybe its a bug in the gallery app. culd it have been caused by unplugign the USB without unmounting?
    Global search is a massive chunk of Donut code that is all thru the framework. I started trying to make it work but there are just too many changes.

    How about making the donut branch the next experimental once the current experimental becomes 4.0?

    Also, the debate about the new or old Launcher just made me wonder if it would be possible to run

    /sdcard/pre_install.sh and

    before and after flashing updates (if they exist), respectively.

    This way, you could have the .apk for the new Launcher on your sd and have the post_install.sh override the installed launcher with the new one.

    You could also do a backup of some data folders & complete whipe before flashing and then restoring the data after flashing.

    I know this is kinda off-topic here and should be moved over to the CM Recovery thread, I just wanted to point this out so everyone can have his/her favorite launcher...
    The only issue I am having is Dismissing a calendar reminder. I pull the notification drawer down, hit the event, click Dismiss and it force-closes but doesnt dismiss the event and the notification stays in the drawer. I have to just clear the notifications list for it to go away.

    I also use Dataviz RoadSync and its calendar does not have the same issue.