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[ROM][D855] CyanogenMod 12 UNOFFICIAL Nightly [Android 5.0 Lollipop]

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Jul 20, 2012
AndroidUser may you please merge the speaker loudness enhancement patch into the official build. I think that is necessary.

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Jul 7, 2014
Dirty flashed the official nighty everything is working fine for me


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Oct 23, 2010
Great!!! Double tap to wake is working? Ir its just me?

Loving cm !

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Started working ok after reboot :)


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Jan 12, 2008
Wahh.. i have 20150105...now, i cant Unlock my G3 cause touchscreen wont accept my input :(

Double Tap to wake up also dont work.

pressing long the Powerbutton wont Poweroff my Phone, so i have to pull out the battery. Works..
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    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 5.0, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

    Your warranty is now void!

    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Submitting bug reports on nightly builds is the leading cause of male impotence.

    CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google parts. CyanogenMod does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

    All the source code for CyanogenMod is available in the CyanogenMod Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to CyanogenMod, please visit out Gerrit Code Review. You can also view the Changelog for a full list of changes & features.

    Official CyanogenMod Wiki: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/

    Your device will need to be rooted and have custom recovery before proceeding. Please check your device forum for instructions.

    First time flashing CyanogenMod 12 your device, or coming from another ROM?
    • Download the zip(s).
    • Install a compatible Recovery
    • Perform a NANDroid backup of your current ROM (Optional)
    • Wipe data & cache partitions of your device
    • Flash CyanogenMod.
    • Optional: Install the Google Apps addon package.
    Already on CM12, try a dirty flash.
    • Reboot into recovery
    • Make back up <optional>
    • Wipe cache, system, dalvik-cache
    • Install ROM, GApps and optional Superuser app
    • Reboot

    Download: CM12 nightly builds
    Basketbuild - HERE
    AndroidFileHost - HERE
    Goo.im - HERE
    There have been issues with Goo.im lately, if your download is corrupt or install fails then try the Basketbuild mirror.

    Google Apps: Optional add on package that allows Google Play services such as Google Play Store and other Google Apps outside of AOSP based ROMs.
    Check THIS post

    CyanogenMod Change Log HERE
    G3 Specific Change Log HERE
    AndroidUser00110001 Change Log HERE
    invsisblek Change Log HERE

    GitHub - Source Code:
    GitHub - CyanogenMod
    GitHub - AndroidUser00110001
    GitHub - invsisblek

    Thanks to all sent Paypal!!!
    Thanks to @invisiblek for the work he has done on device trees.
    Thanks to @timmytim for all of his work in getting CM11/12 to where it is now.
    Thanks to @Cuzz1369 for all of his work on the d852 device tree.
    Thanks to everyone who I have not mentioned yet...hard to keep track of XDA names and hangout names ;)
    Team Codefire for root.
    TWRP for their awesome recovery.
    Closing thread. Been fun. Angel Bob started official thread.

    Thank you and you're welcome everyone!

    See you guys on the G Flex 2 side ;)
    Change Log & Other info

    Personal Disclaimer:
    I am the CM12 device maintainer for D850 so thought I would make this for the D852 users. It should be on par with the CM12 for AT&T G3.
    I do not have this device in hand so bugs may take longer to resolve.
    Whatever donations I get from this will go towards device so I can have one in hand to build with. If you happen to have a d852/5 for a fair deal then maybe we can work something out...

    For proper technique on reporting bugs:
    Read THIS and THIS.

    When reporting a bug be as specific as possible, make sure you can replicate the issue coming from a clean install and that no other apps are causing the issue. Do not have any modifications done to the Android system besides the installation of GApps with out any other tweaks applied or apps installed. Provide a logcat if possible and make sure you are reporting on the latest build. This will make my job of trying to squash bugs a lot easier.

    Looks like the d855 is officially official too.

    Been fun. Enjoy!
    Please do NOT drop it, @AndroidUser00110001, I beg you! :D
    Having an actual device maintainer here offering his time and work is awesome!

    Thanks...It's all good :)

    Will have today's build up in about an hour.