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Jan 30, 2021
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I can't access the download link


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Jun 16, 2021
Hi there I have Redmi 7 phone and I had installed an emulator for playing NDS ROMs but after the new update emulator doesn't work properly, exactly to be some games can't be found anyone has an idea is it the software update the problem that's causing or the emulator can't work properly on the new update and should change it to something new. and one last final question is it possible with a hard reset to erase the update on the phone and to get to the previous settings on the phone or that's just impossible?
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    Welcome To HybridOS For Mi A2 Lite

    MIUI 11.0.3 (Stable)

    *Your Warranty Now Is Void*

    * I am not responsible for bricked devices*

    What's news ?

    Mi New Splash & New Boot Animation

    Based On Xiaomi EU / Indian Global Stable

    Vendor From Redmi 6 Pro Global Rom

    DragonHeart Kernel V5bb

    Removed Xiaomi EU Themes

    Added MIUI 11 & Limetness Themes

    *Install Like a MIUI Rom*

    TWRP ✓ Wipe Data ✓ Cash ✓ System ✓ Data ✓

    Install Zip ✓ Choose Downloaded HybridRom ✓

    Reboot ✓ Enjoy ✓

    Big Thanks To 4PDA Russian Developers :cowboy:;)

    Download HybridOS Global Here (Updated) https://drive.google.com/file/d/16fWuD78AvNY6ugHMBVs0iMcUodKZI2bx/view
    What's the difference between this and the other MIUI 11 provided in ROMs section? Everything seems to look the same, is this an edited version of that?

    1. Replaced about 70-75% of XiaomiEU system files with files from Global Indian 2. Replaced XiaomiEU system applications with system applications from Global Indian (deodexed without recompression) 3. Removed themes and application icons added from XiaomiEU 4. Kernel DragonHeart v5bb 5. Replaced Logo and Bootanimation 6. There is an opportunity to open hidden settings that are available in Global Indian 7. Working update of anti-virus signatures in the "Security" application 8. Operational update of cleanup signatures in the Cleanup application 9. Updated all system applications at the time of assembly 10. System optimization and performance 11. The complete absence of Magisk and its traces in the system About 10 more little things

    Final build changes 1. This is a full-fledged Indian Global, from XiaomiEU Stable there are only 2 folders left: bin and usr 2. Vendor by Indian Global 3. Working shift in the Region 4. Operational update of components 5. The system is cleaned from unnecessary applications 6. Fixes for errors that were in previous builds

    Sorry for bad English :p
    hi..how if i want to revert back to stock rom Mi A2 Lite..? coz when i try flash Mi A2 Lite stock rom using Mi flash, it failed..is it because the system already change to redmi 6 pro..?

    1- Download this: https://dl.google.com/android/repository/platform-tools-latest-windows.zip
    2- Create a new folder on your C drive and name it: adb
    3- Extract & place everything from the platform-tools into your adb folder
    4- Download this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SKIlWS-y6kNI4YIE2Sj4_9CcRJ9W0xTh
    5- Extract & place it to your adb folder
    6- Reboot your phone to TWRP and wipe it, then reboot to bootloader
    7- Connect your phone to your PC
    8- Go into the daisy_global_images_V10.0.9.0.PDLMIXM_9.0 folder and run: flash_all.bat
    A window will pop up and install the stock mi a2 lite rom. Let it finish then your phone boot up. You will have to update your phone since this stock rom that I linked is a pretty old one.
    update the rom link please
    Hey , Please Try now