[ROM] DamageControl v3.2.x | Check post #2 for updates this week!


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Jan 18, 2009
DamageControl v3.1.2 - http://www.damagedroms.com
FULL Flash support, JIT, DConfig, Bug Reporter, ROM Manager, 4G, much more

I am proud to present DamageControl ROM for the HTC Evo! The ROMs our team releases are always focused on stability, speed, and ease of use. My partner, TrevE and I, continue to present ROMs that are easy to update through an application that is bundled with the ROM, DCUpdater (based upon cm-updater). We also have bundled applications that let you modify advanced Android settings as well as other applications that will let you customize advanced settings of the ROM.

Another application that we bundle is an application that lets you submit bugs. This way, you can get personal help in problems you have with the ROM!

We usually release new ROMs every two-to-three weeks.

We have found that with our tweaks, that battery life has greatly improved. From our results, we have had much more than sufficient battery life. We have also sped some things up a bit, and made other small tweaks.

**Because I am getting married this week, I will be unavailable to post the new updates for DamageControl. Please check post #2 for updates.**

==== Older Versions ====



-FULL Flash support
-Fixed Wifi and 4G

-Fixed version of 3.1. Sorry for the headache. Fixes boot issues, phone issues, etc
-New Dconfig with new advanced settings.

*Just so everyone's clear DConfig modifies the WAY the kernel handles stuff. It is not a new compiled kernel nor have we
claimed it to be.

You can read up on some of these settings we're playing with here:
**You must be using toasts latest root method for this to work properly. Recomended you flash latest radio as well**

*2 versions now, odexed/deodexed. -
Some people have a preference so we're including both, theres been plenty of argument on what's better/faster
deodexed makes apks "portable" but takes up more space and is needed if you want skins.
odexed has a quicker first boot but skins cannot be applied.

-Initial version of dconfig for evo included
-Added HTCmusic back in
-Added RomManager
-Firstboot zipalign of /system/ and uid fix (first boot will take awhile, just wait it out & watch logcat)
-updated vending
-fixed up qik/quickboot
-permissions on /system/bin/ip set to fix 4g isuses
-some skins are back, checkout DCUpdater! We will be adding more as we get to it - if you want to see your themes in
dcupdater contact us!
-Updated wifitether to 2.05-pre2
-added in dconfig backend. (gui needs a little rework, back next version). Dont mess with /system/etc/dc.conf much
unless you know what your doing
-few kernel tweaks set to try to help out battery. tuned dirty writes, dalvik cache, scheduler & more.
-wifitether/geniewidget/3d gallery w/MT
-Updated DCUpdater
-ROM Manager
-Added our website bookmark by default!

-piratemedia music apk with rotate, gesture controls + more widgets
-silenced boot
-host file to block ads
-moved some stuff over to data for easier updates.
-added ChainsDD SuperUser2.1
-added quickboot
-removed stock, flikr, footprints, gsd due to being battery hogs
-added busybox, auto zipalign of /data/app/, dcpowertop (run from adb shell to see wakeups), plus more goodies...
-Updated DCUpdater
-ROM Manager
-Our website is now bookmarked by default

I normally do not ask for donations, however I am getting married soon and could certainly use help! You can help me out by clicking here.

You can also donate to my partner TrevE by clicking here.

Check out our new website (although more big changes are coming to it soon!) at http://www.damagedroms.com

Post #2 by TrevE also has more information on DamageControl ROM.

Follow me on twitter for the latest DamageControl news!!
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Apr 27, 2007
Latest Download:

Read this post, its your user manual. 99% of the stuff you are going to ask will be somewhere below. at least press CTRL + F and make a effort.

If you cant fix it, dont flash it.

oh yeah, this says it well too
"evo you look good won't you back that nand up, damn that rom is fine won't you back that nand up, dude that's a sweet theme won't you back that nand up, what a cool lock screen won't you back that nand up"

Latest Version- DC 3.2.3


Post your best linpaq scores and ill throw them up here.

12.003 -Jykinturah - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7113677&postcount=5443
11.976 - Jykinturah - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7112414&postcount=5411
11.768 jmxp69 - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7177119&postcount=6259
11.469 -nize2beme - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7110505&postcount=5356
11.349 - jonesdana - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7110712&postcount=5361
11.349 - welrope - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7107594&postcount=5247
11.325 - jonesdana - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7102111&postcount=5138
10.698 - welrope - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7107368&postcount=5241

Changelog -
dc 3.2.3
Mirror http://www.4shared.com/file/0Qsusd3V/DamageControlv323_deodexed.html

LWP FIX - &postcount=4676

-Newer versions of System APK including youtube (fixes hd issue), 3D Gallery with multitouch EVERYWHERE, rotation, and camera resolution limit removed + MORE!
-updated wifitether to 2.0.5-pre2 (infrastructure mode) and moved to data for easy updates
-Added new option in dconfig to renice system processes. Causes important stuff to be last to be swapped out, makes for lower ring delay/mms delay when phones sleeping and less cpu load if it is swapped out and needed.
Its a ghetto implementation right now, it runs it on first boot only. If processes DO get killed/startup with different PID settings go away.
-New battery saver profile. If you had this profile before you will be shunted down to usercofig. Resave with battery saver to use new settings.
-DConfig backend work
-Fixed some symlinks
-Flash Tweaks
-Audio tweaks (FLAC and more)
-live wallpapers tweaked
-some protection against future ota updates without resigning apks. (Dcupdater > Sprint rootkilling updates)
Older Builds:
fixes qik fc, teeter fc, 4g issues, dcpowertop & flash from wipe
if your having 4g issues with this see below.

3.2.2 DEODEXED - http://www.4shared.com/file/WaUHnfVo/DamageControlv322_deodexed.html

3.2.2 PATCH - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7000212&postcount=3233

above patch should fix dcpowertop, flash teeter, qik, maybe nebs htc kb issue. flash ontop of dc 3.2.2 after booting it once. Read the post. it will be a long boot (wiped dalvik in update)
-New build based on Todays Sprint Release.

-Themes are not in DCUpdater yet. I deodexed the framework and am not sure if anything changed.

DC 3.2.1
-JIT Stability fixes. Its still not perfect but getting better:
Using gr0gmint's new modified JIT dll's (thank man). This may work with sense but its way more stable without. More @ ?t=684535
(for this build JIT is always visable next to the profile dropdown. Be careful with it, kinda gotta rethink how this form looks/works.
If you enable JIT use the checkbox on the mainscreen, choose a battery profile & press reset. It will configure your heap & banned apps for you. If you still have JIT issues try boosting heap in DConfig up to 48m)

-Apps2SD - Disabled by default, but Apps & Dalvik moves to sd are supported in this build, read post 2 for everything you need to know. Audio & Text to sd build has been given out to testers. (coming soon)
-Updated DConfig to include options for Apps2SD. Also has profile & banned apps fixes
--Dconfig may work again on hero/other devices with a few dc.conf changes (needs testing)

-Even more battery and performance tweaks along with many backend stability fixes in initial boot script.
-Fixes fsck error checking on boot
-Fixed HTC Widget Download issue with deodexed
-Updated Geniewidget
-Updated google maps
-tweaked firstboot /system/app zipalign
-removed AdBlocking host file. If you want to readd get "AdFree Android" app from BigTinCan on market.
-Possible Bluetooth fixes

DC 3.2
3.2 - Deodexed Download- http://dl.damagedroms.com/3.0/DamageControlv3.2-deodexed.zip
3.2 - Odexed Download - http://dl.damagedroms.com/3.0/DamageControlv3.2-odexed.zip
3.2 - DConfig June 23rd Update -
Compiled DConfig fixes profile visual bug and JIT stability - &postcount=2297
-themes & lockscreen fixes are available in DCUpdater now! See themes section below for more.
-odex & deodex version available now. see odex vs deodex below for more.
-new dconfig. Performance profiles added with a few preset values.
-further tweaked some battery saving options
-fixed wifitether issue
-added chuckhriczko wireless N patch. Use Dconfig to enable.
-fixed issue causing people who arent properly nand unlocked to loop. without nand unlocked we cant write to system so some features of dconfig are disabled.
-worked on JIT. Should be more stable. Still an advanced option, enable at your own risk after reading post 2 fully.
-enhanced banned apps code a bit. Should allow for more advanced configurations soon.

This rom assumes you are fully rooted with nand unlocked. If you bootloop after flashing try wiping & reflashing. If that doesnt work MAKE SURE YOU ARE NAND UNLOCKED.

I used toast2of2 method, you can do whatever you are comfortable with. Guys over at androidpolice did a writeup on how to flash using DC as an example - Read it here

Also we assume you have nandroided. This is a saving grace if things go wrong. If you have no clue what i just said webs05 wrote a guide over at ?t=710513

Because DC 3.2.2 or higher is built on OTA update you MUST have proper radio/wimax to use. You should only have to flash with witslacks method ONCE before going to 3.2.2 or higher. If you are already on 3.2.2+ with working 4g just flash update.zip as normal. DC update.zips or nandroids will not touch radios so theory is once your good your good.

Do not flash update.zip's to update radio or wimax itll just give you more problems than its worth. If you used them previously you may also continue to have issues. These are the radio's fault, not DC's. Witslacks PC36IMG-1.47.651.1_eng-hboot_RA- has been tested/confirmed over and over and the only thing id use.

If you are coming from a previous version of DC make a nandroid backup first. Then follow witslacks method:

After you follow his WHOLE process boot to a recovery console. Just use that to flash the DC zip, or restore your nandroid (wont touch radios) After you flash DC update profile/PRL and enjoy 4g.

If you are stuck scanning for 4g

go into adb shell
ls /data/misc/wimax/

look for a file with your macaddress ending in .tree.xml. we want to move that to another location so it gets regenerated.

mv /data/misc/wimax/macaddress.tree.xml /data/misc/wimax/macaddress.tree.xml.orig

-If you still have 4g problems:
see this post http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7020516&postcount=3826 You must verify all your MAC addresses are sane. Also your Username/Pass must be valid.

To give us a 4g error report:
-First tell us if your MAC address has _EVER_ been broken or you used update.zips to update radios
-Have you ran witslacks starting over method?
-What patches have been applied?
-Have you verified your username/password is OK from the above section?
-Have you tried shutting wifi and 4g off, rebooting, then turning just 4g on?

- turn 4g off. reboot the phone. run
adb logcat
and grab everything from turning your radio on to where it fails to connect.

- now run
adb shell dmesg

grab the end output from that where 4g turns on. (sequansd stuff)

- now do
adb shell
# ls -l /data/misc/wimax/

find the .tree file. What are your permissions on it? (information on left hand side before file name)
Known Issues
this has been stated over 9000 times YOU MUST BE FULLY NAND UNLOCKED TO USE THIS!! If you arent you will have bootloops/other issues.

*Lockscreen - When you remove HTCLockscreen the vanilla one is broken up to 3.2.3. Proper fixes are now in DCUpdater

*DCUpdater FC will occur if you have your SDCard mounted or it cannot write to the fat32 partition for some reason. Just unmount your card.

*Clockwork Recovery - clockwork recovery does not play nice with dcupdater. You will end up in a different part of recovery with a green arrow or android guys skating.

If your using clockwork just press update later after dcupdater downloads update reboot into recovery and manually apply the update from /sdcard/dcupdater/updates

*JIT Stability. Working better in 3.2.1+ let me know how latest is.

*Themes from 3.2.1 and previous may not work in 3.2.2. They will cause a com.htc.bg crash.

*Wireless N in 3.2.2+ its enabled by default by sprint. DO NOT ENABLE THIS OPTION IN DCONFIG OR WIFI WILL NOT WORK

Odex vs Deodex
Theres plenty of debate over what is faster/better to use, im not going to take sides in this one. This is just information about what the differences in the two are, try for yourself.

Deodex basically takes the odex file and stuffs it into the apk as a classes.dex. First boot it dissembles the file into /dalvik-cache (i believe). Now there is basically 2 copies of the odex, one in the apk one in cache. This makes it "portable". This allows modders to work on the apks & easily change stuff. If you want themes or stuff like lockscreen fixes you MUST use Deodex.

Odex is how things come stock. It takes up less room but making modifications or taking apks from other roms is hard. You cannot use themes with this version!! To see odex in dcupdater you must go to menu -> configuration -> rom update settings -> display all roms & display experimental roms. Its marked experimental to avoid confusion because themes in dcupdater will not work with it.

DC 3.2 after fresh wipe without setting sync accts up and no a2sd:
Odex - 374 MB free
Deodex - 329 MB free

General Stuff
-Themes are trickling into DCUpdater. They will only work with the DEODEXED rom. Same with lockscreen fix.

-Firstboot script will cause phone to sit on white HTC EVO 4G screen if you are upgrading for a few minutes. Watch logcat if your paranoid.

-Do not use SetCPU if you are on the stock HTC kernel (perflock on kernel) it will just cause issues. If you have a modded one go ahead

-No need for taskkillers with lowmemkiller. Really just cause more issues than their worth.

-If your accounts & sync FC after upgrading from another rom you can try to do the following but be warned you will need to resync everything
adb remount
adb shell rm /data/system/accounts.db
adb reboot
Hackvan sent me a heads up to a fix that does not require you to resync from thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=7159566
adb shell
cd /data/system
echo 'delete from accounts where type LIKE "com.htc%";' |sqlite3 accounts.db
-it really helps us if you can reproduce FC's to restart phone, reproduce issue without doing anything else first then use send bug report.

-this rom has so many configurations now its hard to keep up. When posting an issue please make sure you have checked post 2 & be as detailed as possible
(Deodexed/Odexed/DConfig Settings/Skins or other Update.zips applied)

powertop will also reveal stuff hogging wakeups. The less wakeups you have the better battery life will be.

The main thing you will want to diagnose is wakeups when the screen is off and the phone idle. Shut your screen off when connected to usb and wait about 30 seconds, then run

adb shell dcpowertop
Your wakeups should be around 50-80. If your higher than that you could have a problem. If you see something there in question try to run the following to find what apk the thread belongs to:
adb shell top -n 1 -t
a powertop example of tracking down an apk can be seen over at &postcount=2502

Other Battery Tips
-If you wipe data to start new with rom you are also wiping your battery stats so things can get out of whack. Cyanogen has a good howto on battery calibration

-Turn off rotation. the akm8973 driver seems to be a hog when screen is on. even tho i loved rotation in helix i get much better battery life with it off.

-If you sync stuff constantly try jumping on wifi where possible. Also 4g is a powerhog keep it off if not using it.

-in accounts and sync disable background data if you dont have any mission critical data that sync.

-Make sure you are not at 100% awake time. in settings -> about phone -> battery the awake time should be less than up time (unless your plugged into usb). If its the same wipe data reflash and add your apps one by one.

-The battery use screen in 'settings -> about phone -> battery' is a bit limited. Things like a high time without a signal can cause battery drain.

-I also like checking the the "advanced" battery use screen. Open a dialer and dial the code below. Then go to battery history. Partial wake usage usually shows more information on whats hogging wake. Sensor/GPS/Network/CPU is also revealing sometimes, these all eat battery.
-Use an app such as OSMonitor from market to check out whats using CPU in realtime

-Apply battery saver config in dconfig. If its too slow for you turn the sampling rate down one.

- Here is a preview of just some of the items in dcupdater. we will link back to the original themers thread below if you have problems with the theme start there.

More will be coming, if you want to see your themes here or in DCUpdater contact me!

-I have done a bunch of lockscreen fixes. They are now in DCUpdater. They should be 100% working now. We have rotary lockscreens with time and without and the regular vanilla lockscreen. Right now the versions only will show your desktop background (lwp included) there will be a cleared version shortly.

*Konikub has done a bunch of awesome themes. His full color themes for dc is over @ ?t=706333 Great stuff from the hero days. He also has a white taskbar theme to flashontop of Aloysis and an Espresso theme!
*GODZSON did some clear HTCClockWidget's over @ ?p=6542626&postcount=4
*MRPuffin made a AOSP theme over @ ?t=710162
*michd did a DC transparent XDA keyboard mod @ &postcount=2030

-Contact us if you want to see your skins in dcupdater or in this post.-

Kernels -
These are for people who know what they are doing. Please dont even attempt to use this if you dont know what they do. YOU ARE FLASHING THESE AT YOUR OWN RISK DONT BLAME ME WHEN YOU NEED TO WIPE OR WORSE YOUR DEVICE EXPLODES! If you read this and think freekin sweet these kernels are for you. If your scared just continue on and DO NOT FLASH.

DO NOT flash any kernel that has not been specifically modded for DC. It WILL cause issues, especially with wifi and or DConfig (it will look like it makes changes but nothing will happen)

Stock Kernels-
(these are here incase you want to go back to stock dc after flashing a modded kernel. They are not needed otherwise. they should fully revert any custom kernel/modules/wifi)

OTA DC Kernel with firmware & modules (DC 3.2.2 and higher 2.6.29-789bf291)

PRE OTA DC Kernel (from DC 3.2.1 and lower) - http://dl.damagedroms.com/3.0/OriginalStock_dc_kernel_signed.zip

Modded Kernels- These have just been patched to work with DC. Please direct any questions to the kernel cooker.

Netarchy has a new kernel for nova or epson screens. From his first post Revision 3.6.2b - Damage Control Compatible build Looked sane to me:
More info ?t=719763
ffolkes 7/7 kernel high framerate on novatec screens UNDERVOLTED with modules/fw Download -http://dl.damagedroms.com/3.0/ffolkes_novatec_wdrivers_boot_t2_v5-1-1-e-FIXED.zip

NORMAL Volt with modules/fw Download - http://dl.damagedroms.com/3.0/ffolkes_novatec_wdrivers_boot_t2_v5-1-1-e_nv-FIXED.zip

5point multitouch, overclocking support with setcpu enabled +more. see ?t=711964 for more info

Toasts Godmode Kernel for DC (OLD FROM 6/22)
Download - http://dl.damagedroms.com/3.0/622GoDmOdE-DamageControl_signed.zip
*Really just for the powerusers -See toasts thread here t=686240

Flash stuff
Flash 10.1 is def a hack but sites that would not load before will. shots of flash playing justin.tv & adobe mobile 10.1 test vids:


Also tested a few "Adult entertainment" sites that did not work before with success. :)

To increase flash compatibility we found playing with these to help:

-Go to url bar
-delete everything even http:// enter
-press menu go to settings
-turn off mobile view
-go to UAString
-set to desktop
DConfig Guide

Dconfig has been redone for release 3.1, for those of you that are new to this it allows you to customize many settings usually not visible to the end user. You can kill your battery fast or put it into a powersaving mode at the expense of performance or anything in between. This will help you choose the right settings for yourself. Alot has changed since this project began - If you want to read more about where dconfig started from or about the backend(alittle outdated but still pretty right) you can checkout the original post ?t=670098

Dconfig home:
-Performance Profiles. These are a new option to set up the Advanced Tweak settings with some defaults ive tested with. It will overwrite your settings there.

Dconfig Apps2SD:
Controls app2sd settings on boot. To get this to work you must have a SD card formatted with at least a ext/fat32 partition. Swap can be set to 0 unless you want swapping (not really needed on evo)

EXT2 vs EXT3 - Journeling. wiki it, Is it really needed? probably not

Move Apps- Disabled by default. moves /data/app/ and /data/app-private/ to /system/sd/app & app-private. May impact battery life slightly. You can confirm its enabled by running the following:
adb shell
cd /data/app/
It should return /system/sd/app/

Move Dalvik- Disabled by default.
Do not enable unless you have a faster SD card. You may get random reboots if your card is too slow

This moves /data/dalvik-cache/ to /system/sd/dalvik-cache. Dalvik-cache is usually somewhere between 50 - 100mb. Seems to have a more significant battery impact than just moving apps.
adb shell
cd /data/dalvik-cache/
It should return /system/sd/dalvik-cache/

Move Texts- Moves textmessage DB to /system/sd/. Nice because you can wipe and keep texts.
Move Audio- Moves ringtones off to /system/sd/. I prefer this method rather than putting them on fat32 partition because they still work if you have SD mounted and get a call.

*Things to think about with A2SD*
If your using a2sd & wipe your /data/partition and not your EXT you could run into problems with permissions on /data/app-private/ apps. After wipe of data & flash if you bootloop try to wipe your protected apps and just redownload them from market
adb remount
adb shell rm /data/app-private/*
IF the above doesnt work you win a ext wipe.

Dconfig Basic:
*options here are generally considered "safe".
Zipalign- is recommended. Gives a nice boost with loading apps and when loading app icons (scrolling through app tray and on main screen)
SD swapping adds swap ram- evo probably shouldnt enable this.
DalvikHeap- Stock evo is 24, 32 is what i use it on mainly, 48 is probably not needed. Space java objects are stored, has a direct effect on how much RAM apps use.
LowMemKiller - Eliminates need for taskkillers. Lets android system close out of apps when RAM gets low, 150MB seems to be a nice spot.
Wireless N - Enables or disables chuckhriczko wireless N patch. May consume more battery

Dconfig Advanced:
*These options all effect low level stuff. Play with caution:
JIT - Just in Time compilation- Speeds CPU execution up quite a bit on evo but does not play well with all apps. See the JIT section below for instructions.
UpThreshold- % Where the CPU clocks up to the next speed. 95% is default and saves battery. If you go lower CPU will clock up faster so performance will be better but faster cpu == lower battery life.
SamplingRate- How often the CPU checks load. lower number checks more often so system will be more peppy when cpu is needed but checking more often drains battery faster.
DirtyBG/Dirty ratio - what % of memory can get dirty before writing it out. Higher the % the more battery will last because kernel is writing less often. I have not played much with higher values but would not go much more than say 10/20.
DirtyWriteback/DirtyExpire - How often to check for dirty stuff. 1500/600 seems good.

Advanced part2
Laptop_Mode-Tries to delay kernel buffer disk activities as long as possible. Still trying to confirm if our kernel supports it, turn it on if you want to test
vfs_cache_pressure- Lower trys to retain dentry and inodes. Higher flushes them. 100 is fair balance. We have not found a sweet spot yet, but try testing between 10 - 40.
OOM Kill allocating Task - If checked kernel will kill task causing OOM events. If unchecked it will kill other processes to make way for the hog. Havent played with this much..

Banned apps:
Lets you customize whats loaded in the rom. Moves stuff you dont want to /system/app/dcbanned/ After your comfortable with results if your sure you never want to go back you can
adb remount
adb shell rm -r /system/app/dcbanned/
When you first ban sense it will check off all sense components on the screen. You can uncheck additional components as you wish.

Some Things to think about
When you ban the HTCLockScreen default is to ban worldclock as well and unban Deskclock (if checked) Reason is if you use the vanilla lockscreen with an alarm in worldclock you will be unable to disable your alarm. As anything else you can enable it if you really want.

If you ban friendstream but not facebook you must turn off "Sync Live Feed" in settings -> Accounts and Sync -> Facebook for HTC Sense or else you will perma sync.

JIT Section
Just too much info about JIT so ill move it down here.
*There are some apps that may not work with JIT, that is why this is under advanced. If your not experienced do not use this.*

nebenezer posted some good recomended settings for JIT over at &postcount=4143

-JIT uses more memory i would recommend bumping dalvik heap up to atleast 32.

-JIT & banned apps. These are the recommended settings. They will be set automatically if you turn JIT on in the profiles screen, choose a performance option in dropdown and press apply. Just reboot after. If you do it yourself in advanced these options will NOT be set you will have to do it

HTC Lockscreen, 
DCUpdater (causes some hang in system on startup :( ) 
HTC Worldclock, 
All sprint apps 
Twitter and friendstream for sure (facebook seems to be ok).
-To Test if JIT is on:
few ways to do it, my favorite is to run the following then open up some applications. You should see "Total arena pages for JIT:" followed by a number scroll by as apps open.
adb shell
logcat|grep JIT
-If you end up crashing hard you can disable JIT with:
adb remount
adb shell rm /data/data/com.damaged.DConfig/dc.conf


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Mar 22, 2009
Damn and I just flashed Fresh's Rom...lol I will give it a couple of days but I really want this one...I guess that's what Nandroid is for LOL .


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Apr 3, 2010
Re: [ROM] DamageControl v3.0 | Fast, Improved battery life, tweaks

When you, announced you ditched hero I went out and bought a evo. Downloading now

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Dec 5, 2007
You have been "getting married soon" forever. Good way to get people to donate though. Either do it or don't man. (I recommend "don't")


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Feb 7, 2009
You have been "getting married soon" forever. Good way to get people to donate though. Either do it or don't man. (I recommend "don't")
As a married man myself, I once gave a friend a paper shredder for his wedding. The note on the box of the shredder said. "I wanted you to have a safe place to store your marriage license" she was not amused.


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Mar 24, 2008
Fort Myers, FL
Glad to see you making the switch to the Evo! Running your final Hero rom on my Hero, and a overclock ... and it is amazing.

My only request was to have the Espresso theme ported over. I know Treve had a release that worked prior to your final Hero rom.

If you need to use my mirror still let me know.


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Apr 3, 2010
Re: [ROM] DamageControl v3.0 | Fast, Improved battery life, tweaks

This is just amazing¡ just booted it off the bat I noticed it fixed my scrolling lag that was killing me before. I cant wait to give the battery a test tomorrow.

Do we need to calibrate battery in recovery like we did on hero?

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Apr 3, 2010
Re: [ROM] DamageControl v3.0 | Fast, Improved battery life, tweaks

Wow after using this a bit I can easily sau this is best rom ive tried so far everyone else just shuffled programs around you can actually feel performance increase on this

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