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[ROM][DELTA-OTA][6.0.1][NIGHTLIES] regalstreak's Resurrection Remix for the OnePlus 2

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Jul 30, 2014
You have bricked your phone..!!
But don't worry..
Follow any unbrick guide here or on oneplus forum
And you should be good to go
You should not lose any data but if you are unlucky than... ;)

Thanks Mohit,

I m doing that only but nothing happening buddy pls help if u can

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Thanks Mohit,

I m doing that only but nothing happening buddy pls help if u can

Every method is shown for A2001 but mine is A2003


Senior Member
Apr 14, 2015
Thanks Mohit,

I m doing that only but nothing happening buddy pls help if u can

This link is what I followed when my device got bricked
Used method 2..
You need to have lots of patience
It took me around 4hrs to unbrick coz it was my first time :D
Follow all the steps and eventually in couple of tries you should be done, hopefully!!

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Every method is shown for A2001 but mine is A2003

That doesn't matter..!!
Just do it
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Jul 30, 2014
This link is what I followed when my device got bricked
Used method 2..
You need to have lots of patience
It took me around 4hrs to unbrick coz it was my first time :D
Follow all the steps and eventually in couple of tries you should be done, hopefully!!

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That doesn't matter..!!
Just do it

Thanks a tones mohit i will do it

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Thanks a tones mohit i will do it

I m doing that only currently , it didnt happened thats why i ask you mohit i will try again


Senior Member
Apr 14, 2015
Thanks a tones mohit i will do it

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I m doing that only currently , it didnt happened thats why i ask you mohit i will try again

Good Luck..
Follow all the steps correctly.. And do you have full oxygen zip..?
You will need it to flash from stock recovery


Senior Member
Sep 11, 2011
When I reverted back to Lollipop I used original fastboot images. With that, camera is always working directly.
But still thank you

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I always tried with other camera apps. Open Camera, Snapchat, Google Camera, even H2OS camera, all not working

Not sure if you are still having troubles, but I thought I would chime in. Had the same problem after flashing, rebooted a couple of times and camera started working fine. Not sure if you tried that before anything else, but it may work for you, as well. Good luck.


Senior Member
Jun 26, 2013
Please can you all speak in pm? That would be nice.

Abd for those who are bootlooping did you try clean flash? No? Try it once. And do you have xposed installed? Yes? Sorry I can't help you out :( Uninstall it and try to flash again.

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New member
Dec 22, 2012
I also confirm that using 20160323 build the phone doesn't start, but mine doesn't just hand at the boot animation. It eventually goes to the screen where the apps get optimized and after a few apps being optimized (about 3) it reports "Resurrection Remix is shutting down" then reboots and does it again over and over. Had to revert to 20160318 (the one updated on 21 actually) build. Thanks for the ROM tho'!


Feb 8, 2015
New Delhi
Yup bootloop on 23rd build. No Xposed.
Btw can anyone tell me is using Twrp OK?
Anyway I would be grateful if anyone could direct me to the 21st build as I am only able to find the 18th build.
Also is the ROM suffering from Wi-Fi problems like some others?
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    regalstreak's Resurrection Remix for the OnePlus 2

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead fingerprint scanners,   thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
    * Please do some research if you have any concerns about this ROM before flashing it!
    * YOU are choosing to make these modifications.
    * And if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Triple R as we call it, regalstreak's Resurrection Remix is here for the OnePlus 2!
    Please read the thread fully before flashing. Enjoy the taste of RRR!
    But please do not tell me its sweetness! Press the Thanks Button instead of saying Thanks!
    If you really want to personally thank me, send me a pm on Telegram. I'm "regalstreak" on Telegram!
    Or if you truly happy and mad about me, donate me some Bitcoin!
    Here is my Bitcoin address: 1CKcSs8RCnRG1bwERGrRUVZ5Ckrgbe6uVR
    If you got any problems, bugs, etc. please mention me here! We will be happy to assist your problem.
    Join the official telegram discussion group for Resurrection Remix for our OnePlus 2 @
    One last request. Please do not quote the whole of OP as it makes the thread untidy :)

    Always read FAQ before asking.

    About regakstreak's Resurrection Remix
    "regalstreak's Resurrection Remix" is based on CM, Slim, Omni and original Remix ROM builds. This creates an awesome combination of performance, customization and new features, brought directly to your device.

    What Works?

    • Everything!

    The Drill

    1] Xposed = No Support
    2] Custom Kernel = No Support
    3] Logs are welcome
    4] No asking before reading
    5] If you ain't blind, the *search* button is visible

    Full ROMs

    • Here
    • https://basketbuild.com/devs/regalstreak/oneplus2/Custom/ROMs/regalstreaks-Resurrection-Remix-6.x Plain link cuz Tapatalk has broken links now i guess


    • Here
    • http://downloads.regalstreak.me/oneplus2/ROMs/Resurrection-Remix-6.x/Modem/ Plain link


    Request: Please do not mind the adverts on my ftp server! They are there to ensure the continual of the server expenses and so that I can provide you all high speed downloads :D
    Click on an advert or two to support me xD

    Go Here For Builds Before 20 March


    • Boot into Recovery
    • Wipe System/Cache/Data
    • Select Install Zip
    • Select the Modem, ROM and optional GApps (64-bit)
    • Pro Tip: Flash gapps immediately after flashing ROM or you will face force closes
    • Done
    • First Boot Takes Time To Optimise The Apps (Will stick around 10-12 minutes)



    Useful Links:



    As my Jenkins nightlies have started, i wont be updating the log if some important change is not made!

    #Nightly - 20160401
    Wifi fixes
    Fixed the drops for some guys (Thanks to oos3)
      #ResurrectionRemix - v5.6.6 - 20160401
      The Changelog
    - SystemUI: Restart System UI on theme Change and NP color switch
    - LLS: Add LiveLockScreenController
    - Update RR logos
    - SystemUI : Fix Network Traffic Colors Not updating 
    - SystemUI: Fix headsup stuck after theme change and recreate statusbar
    - [SQUASHED]Mass Revert of CM's Qs Drag Panel 
    - FWBase : Port & Improve CPU boosting Hooks && Interface
    - Fix headsup blacklist and whitelist
    - SystemUI :[Squashed] Fixed Leaks and Observers 
    - SystemUI: Reduce Load On ContentObservers 
    - SystemUI: Optimizations and cleanups
    - ix metrics density comparisons
    - GlobalActions: Set the initial status of airplane mode toggle
    - SystemUI: Change demo mode time of day. 
    - Prompt permission dialog for status bar weather
    - Should use scan flag, or it will not scan device.
    - base: pipe all IME hints regardless of IME notification state/settings
    - SystemUI: Fix Notification panel NPE 
    - Qs: Improve Themes Tile
    - [ThemesTile] Sort themes 
    - Port ThemesTile to new CMTE api
    - Compile app theme in background
    - Cast Tile: only scan while in detail view
    - SystemUI: more consistent visualizer logic 
    - Fling : Gallery icon support
    - camera2 legacy: Allow HDR processing to take a while 
    - Cleanup Ls Weather Layout
    - Revert "MediaScanner behavior on boot
    - Add Resurrection ringtone v2
    - Hack to remove black bar on custom lockscreen wallpaper 
    - Themes: Fail theme install if common resources fail
    - SystemUI: stop hiding hotspot & color inversion tiles 
    - For more info Track Github Activities
    - Translations updates
    #Nightly - 20160316
    Notification Slider Fixed
    Swap buttons available under additional button settings
    Merged Upstream
    #7 - 20160311
    Jenkins builds
    First OTA
    Fingerprint Sensor
    Merged Upstream
    #6 - 20160305
    Hardware buttons settings added
    OTA working
    Merged Upstream
    #5 - 20160302
    Everything updated
    OTA implemented
    Merged Upstream
    #4 - 20160204
    Camera fixed
    Back to my sources
    Merged Upstream
    #3 - 20160123
    Back to building
    Test build
    Upstream Merges
    Reverted to our Organisation's (oneplus2-dev) repo for now
    #2 - 20151226
    Enabled dexpreopt for faster boot times
    Merged Upstream
    #1 - 20151224
    Initial Release
    RR Features

    Based On Latest Google Android 6.0.1_r3 Release
    Based On Cyanogenmod 13 Sources
    RR Customizations: 
    Navigation Bar
           Enable/Disable Navbar
            Navbar Button Customization
            Navbar Slim Dim               
                    Animate Dim
                     Dim Timeout Duration 
                     Dim Alpha 
             Double Tap To sleep navbar 
      Navigation Bar left/Right handed mode Switch for landscape 
             Brightness Slider 
             Enable/Disable Show Notification Count 
             SuperUser Indicator Switch 
             Double Tap To sleep Statusbar 
             Carrier Label   
                     Carrier Label Switch 
                     Carrier label Colour 
                     Carrier Label Size 
                     Clock Customizations 
                     Time & date 
                     Clock Colour 
                     Day & date Toogle 
                     Center/Right/Left Clock Choice 
                     Date Format 
                     Clock Font Styles 
                     Battery Bar customization 
                     Battery Icon Customization(circle/landscape/Potrait and more) 
                     Battery % Text 
             Network Traffic Indicator 
                     Network Traffic Arrows Switch 
                     Incoming/OutGoing Traffic 
             Network traffic Color 
             Statusbar RR Logo 
                     RR logo Color 
             StatusBar Weather 
                     Weather Color 
                     Weather Position(left/right) 
                     Weather Style 
                     Weather Size 
             Toast Animations 
             ListView Animations 
             System Animations 
       Gestures Anywhere Feature 
       3 Finger Swipe Screenshot Gesture 
       App Circle Bar 
             Choose apps in AppSidebar 
             Trigger Width 
             Trigger Hieght 
             Trigger Position 
       App Sidebar 
             Choose apps in App circle 
             Trigger Width 
             Trigger Hieght 
             Trigger Position 
            Pie Trigger(left ,Right ,Bottom) 
            Pie Targets 
            Pie Colors 
            More Pie Features 
       Recents Panel 
             Clear All button Switch 
             Clear All Tasks Switch 
             Clear All Button Location(Top right,Top Left,Top Center,Bottom Left,Bottom Right,Bottom Center) 
             Recents Search Bar 
             Full Screen Recents 
             Slim Recents 
       Cclock Widget 
             CLock And Alarm Customizations 
             Weather Panel Customizations 
             Calender Events 
             Lockscreen Bottom Shortcuts 
             Lockscreen General Shorcuts 
                     100+ Icons for Shortcuts 
             Double Tap to Sleep Lockscreen 
             Lockscreen Media Art/Enable Disable 
             Quick PIN/Patter Unlock 
             LockScreen Blur 
                     Lockscreen Blur Intensity 
             LockScreen Wallpaper 
             Lockscreen Weather Widget 
             Lockscreen Icons Color 
       Quick Settings Draggable Tiles 
                     Customizable Tiles 
                     Show Two Main Tiles Per Row 
                     Dyanamic Tiles Adjustment 
       Notification Drawer 
             Weather Display Switch 
             LongPress Toogles to Enter Settings 
             Disable Immersive Mode Messages 
             Force Expand Notification 
             Task Manager Switch 
             Time Contextual Header(HD,Modern,Poly) 
             Quick PullDown Switch 
             Backlight Timer 
             Backlight Strength 
       Advanced Reboot Menu 
       Power Menu Customizations 
             Power Off 
             Reboot(Recovery, Bootloader, Hot Reboot) 
             Power Menu End Calls Switch 
             Restart SystemUI 
             Airplane Mode 
             On the Go Mode 
             Sound Panel 
       Home Button(For devices with HW keys Only) 
             Home Button answer call 
             Long Press Actions 
             Double Tap Actions 
       Menu Button(For devices with HW keys Only) 
             Short Press Actions 
             Long Press Actions 
       Search Button(If Device Supports) 
             Short Press Action 
             Long Press Action 
       Volume Buttons 
             Wake Up Device 
             Playback Control 
             Ringtone Volume Control 
             Keyboard Cursor Control 
             Swap Buttons on Landscape mode 
             Volume Key Answer 
             Selinux Switch (Switch Between Permissive and Enforcing Selinux if Device has Selinux Enabled) 
             cLock Shortcut 
             Disable Battery Saver Warning Color 
             Disable Fc Notifications 
             Wakelock Blocker 
             Media Scanner On Boot Behaviour 
             Cammera Shutter Sound Enable/Disable 
      SystemUI Tuner 
              Enabled By default 
              Removed Demo mode and Tweaked SystemUI Tuner As compared To AOSP 
             StatusBar Icons Cuzomizations 
             Quick Settings Customizations 
     Other Features 
             Perfomance Profiles 
             LCD Density 
             Expanded Desktop Mode 
             Audio FX 
             Heads Up Switch 
             Live Display 
             Configurable 0,90,180,270 Degree Rotation 
             Lock Screen Autorotate Switch 
             Native Tap to Wake From Marshmallow 
            Double Tap Power Button To enable Camera gesture
             Prevent Accidental Wakeup 
             Wake Phone on Charging Plug 
             Battery Light Customizations 
             Notification Light Customizations 
             Font Size 
             CM privacy guard 
             Performance Tweaks(Kernel Aduitor Inbuilt)
      SuperSU Inbuilt
      RR OTA
      CM Theme Chooser
      OverAll Smoothness Improvements
      Optimizations to Improve Battery
      Includes All Android Marhsmallow Features
      Includes ALL CM13 Features
    Ok from next build, we will have true and working delta updates ota and nightlies :D Thanks for supporting. This is called regalstreak's Resurrection Remix now xD

    Story in short: (kindof)

    Resurrextion team removed me from official maintainer.
    Because i had said that they break rr build very fast. (Kiddish right?)
    That was a bad move by them. They put an axe on their own feet by losing a great maintainer.

    I had just said that they **** (break) their builds too often. Meant no offence. They took offence. Their fault. They just lost a great maintainer. They lose. Anyways, builds will continue till the stuff on the grp is true ;)

    Woah woah woah
    Where are u getting all this? Who said we discarded you from maintainer just because you said that?
    Tons of users keep saying source is broken , because it was broken due to cm.
    That's not something well be upset about .we aren't kids !
    We are pretty grown up to take that as a joke

    Anyways if you wanna know why,
    We didn't discard you exactly we just added another guy there because he uses our basketbuild server and account and you use your own.
    Please do not post on the bases of your assumption
    It was never our intention to remove you

    Before gathering all your XDA fans for support , you should've PMd one of us and asked us instead of posting assumptions like this

    And lastly official or unofficial , you are free to post builds on your own right? You use your own server right? So let another op2 user make use of RR resources like basket build and maintain official builds

    We never said you are banned to make builds
    You are free to make builds as per your choice

    That's all I have to say.if your users here still think I'm wrong then I don't know what to say

    For those of you who don't know who I am , I'm one of the lead devs of RR and former maintainer of RR for OP2 so please ...think twice before pointing out to the team
    Without us there is No RR .
    We have another maintainer coming for op2 so those of you who feel this is "the end" . then your wrong .you are free to use these builds or the official builds...nothing has ended !