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[ROM-DEV] 04/27/10 | Fresh Toast v1.1 | BFS + Full Scaling Overclock + EXT4/a2sd Fix

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Mar 11, 2010
Eh Idk but I did manage to make the "hello world" app. Well actually it said " f#%* the world" but yeah thats all I got for app skills. :p

Haha the "hello world" app. You just cant get away from it, its every where.

And how are the nexus and droid overclocked? I know its different (i think is what i read).

Could something from there overclocking code be implemented in to ours for it to work more "perfect"?


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i'm using the latest donor beta, i wiped everything before installing and overall the rom runs great! i can make calls ok but if a call comes in when the phone is locked then my phone just keeps on ringing no matter what i do, the only way to stop the ringing is by taking the battery out. if a call cames in with the phone unlocked then the android phone process crashes before i get a chance to answer the call.

That started happening to my phone. If it rings while it sleeps it'll keep ringing until I take the battery out. It happened twice so far.


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Jan 6, 2010
toast i have some questions for you if you dont mind answering.

1. what source code are you using? i know you wrote the code but is it heavily relied upon .27 source?

2. when are you going to release the public because there are many devs who want to release roms with this amazing kernel. it doesnt have audio issues!

3.what do you think you changed to fix the audio problem. did you use .27 driver source. did you change the dirt ratio %?

4.and lastly, what did you do with htc power managment?

once again thanks for the hardwork. and with issues on the b2. i dont find many. i do notice the .27 oc to be more reliable with pure horsepower but this one is doing very well. and theres something weird that happens with setcpu and this kernel. if i set the settings to boot, the kernel drops to 245 and stays there no matter what i do. but anyways feel free to reply to me through comments or pm.


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Apr 12, 2010
Greenville SC
To make sure I wasn't crazy, I loaded the .29 Beta OC Kernel onto Aloyicious 2.08.

There's a little bit of lag when scrolling thru the program list in launcher, but Wireless Tether starts and stops with no problems.

If I don't run Setcpu, what is the default scaling as set on boot? I've seen it range from 478 to 764 using cat proc/cpuinfo.
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Oct 28, 2009
Downloading and flashing 2.1 final release right now. I'll report on any bugs that I find or that I see have been fixed. Thanks for the great rom!


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Sounds like you got a bad flash.
I'd say wipe and start from scratch.

Thats just the thing, I did. Both the overclocked roms I have tried (Freshs and Darchs) neither can I get any adb commands to work on, even when the hardware is not overclocked. It is really odd. I know a while back I think it might have been Fresh that posted a SuperUser fix .apk file. If anyone still has this file could you post it or send it to me, thanks.