[ROM][DEV] CM 11.0 Nightlies for VZW VS980

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Nov 20, 2013
bump....just looking for instructions, i will give it a try if no one else has


Grab both of the LP bootstscks here, one Loki and one bumped.

Flash the bootstack
Reboot out of recovery and back in
Clean flash

I'm not sure if rashed started using the 4.4 aboot, or if he is still using the 4.2 so try the bumped version, if you get a Loki error, flash the Loki one.

Edit: also make sure you have a rom that flashes on either of those bootstacks. I'm not even 100% if rashed pushed his work to officials or if it is still using the 12b baseband.
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Feb 8, 2011
Well that's the thing I wasn't to use the official cyanogen, but if we don't know what baseband is being use them it's just a crap shoot right? Is there a place to go to find out?

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Aug 11, 2012
download.cyanogenmod.com is where you get it. 39a bootstack works. I'm curious if the new cyanogenmod recovery (not cwm) flashes and works correctly.

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    This thread is for discussion of the nightlies only from http://www.get.cm

    Where to get info:
    A good place to discuss in real-time is IRC at channel #lg-g2 on freenode

    You can follow me on:
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/114860410994043943287
    Twitter: @dalingrin
    Google+ is preferred but I will cross post to twitter as well.

    Known issues:
    -While LG's knock on feature works, knock off does not work yet.(A simple work around is go to the settings and add a "go to sleep" quick settings tile)

    Instructions will be up soon at http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org
    Must have CWM or TWRP or newer already installed
    If flashing from a LG based rom then you must wipe the /data​

    Vs980 now has cm11 branch ...i smell nightlies :)

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    They should start tomorrow
    seems like there hasnt been too much development recently for this rom on this device. there is the G2 xposed module that enables the double tap of the status bar, but it makes the status bar buggy all together

    ...I'm not going to implement it in 4.3. Work is primarily moving to 4.4.

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    I posted over in the cm site forums about our issues and possible lack of a maintainer. Cm team member @ciwrl responded that he would be looking into it. I also noted @JackpotClavin's work and the major breakthroughs he has accomplished. This is at least a step forward.

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    I tried the 11/26 CM11 unofficial nightly and had some stability issues (most likely due to the kernel legacy code Dalingrin referenced). When running certain games such as Epoch or Injustice (Unreal engine may be a specific factor), the audio will begin to glitch during play, and eventually the program freezes, but does not force close. you can actually switch programs, or go home, return to the game and it will still be frozen. I noticed similar issues running the Gummy preview.

    Not griping, I understand that things are still Alpha, but I haven't seen anyone post these specific issues. Thanks for all the hard work Dalingrin (fan from the HP TP days).

    Yes, it could be the legacy code.
    Keep in mind that I posted the CM11 build as just a preview. I suspect most folks will want to wait until we get rid of the legacy code and also wait until more features are merged into CM11. Once we update the kernel, quite a lot of behind the scenes code will also change with it. So, the issue you ran into might be fixed along the way.