[ROM][DEV] CyanogenMod 7.2 - BroadcomCM [COOPERVE] [RC 4 - 16/08/2013]

Development of CM for cooperve, what do you prefeer?

  • Finish CM7 all bugs - Will take long time

    Votes: 229 49.0%
  • Update CM9 work - Will take long time

    Votes: 199 42.6%
  • Start porting the CM7 to all BroadcomCM devices

    Votes: 29 6.2%
  • Leave broadcomCM development

    Votes: 10 2.1%

  • Total voters
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Jun 12, 2012
CyanogenMod 7.2 for Galaxy ace i (S5830i, S5839i, S5830M, s5830C)

This device is also known as cooperve

If you appreciate the hard work I've made for the device, give me a thanks donate me something, that will estimulate me more! Click on the button below, for more information:

CyanogenMod 7 is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 2.3.7 (GB), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

 * Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
 * Submitting bug reports on nightly builds is the leading 
 * cause of male impotence.
CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google parts. CyanogenMod does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.


RC 4:
  • Fixed al 3g and Data issues on EXT4
  • My FIX.zip integrated on the ROM zip
  • IMEI is showing on EXT4 data partition
  • RILD is now prebuilt and updated last LibRIL.
  • Broken WIFI hotpost os wprking again
  • Icon of Wifi Hotpost is working well
  • ethd back again
  • RNDIS and USB0 are initialized in USB tether (still not working)
  • Torch FC's solved using real Flash light file
  • Camera using now the real Flash light file (flash still not working o_O)
  • Added all offline charging files
  • Fixed offline charging using my 3.0 #7 kernel
  • NOTE: No format is needed, update-script has been modify to format the partition automatically

RC 3:
  • Fixed loud headphones and speaker!
  • Fixed not working 3g after turning off WIFI
  • Cleanded up system.prop
  • Improved Camera with missing build.prop tweaks
  • Added two more camera libs, to get a better stability (libmmcamera)
  • System is faster than ever, due to EXT4 file system
  • NOTE: This ROM is only compatoble with my kernel 2.0 or up, or all the kernels that supports CM and EXT4 at the same time.
  • NOTE: Read the instructions (2ND POST) carefully if you don't want to get you a brick from it.
  • NOTE: Wipe is needed, you can't upgrade from RC2 without wipping, or if you are lucky will boot, but won't work as it should! Wipe required!
  • TWO VERSIONS: RFS and EXT4. If you are not a developer or tester, donwload RFS!

RC 2:
  • Fixed lots of Audio issues
  • Audio rotation (SPeaker / headphone) fixed
  • Force Close with DSP manager fixed
  • Froce Close with Music CM7 app fixed
  • Headphone issue completely solved
  • Improved audio quality
  • Bitton-backlight has been fixed
  • Button-backlight works without breaking media scanner
  • HQ has been fixed, HQ youtube tested
  • Audio while HQ and videos better than before
  • FM radio has been added (still not working)
  • Menu button does not unlock the phone anymore by default
  • Fixed all Force close on Torch app
  • Network location fixed / improved
  • Built libncurses from source
  • Reduced lots of Camera crashes
  • Add some missing camera libs to build
  • Edited Update-script to give cleaner installation

RC 1:
  • Fixed HW 100% working
  • Fixed glitches on the screen, no more glitches ever!
  • Smooth HW than before, Broadcom test libs were a s***
  • We are not using Broadcom libs anymore
  • Used ALCATEL video encode / decode and HW libs
  • Uisng ALCATEL Proprietary files
  • THANKS TO ALCATEL AND LEGOLAS93: video encoding and decoding fixed
  • Fixed bluetooth on my kernel
  • Fixed Bluetooth on the ROM too
  • Sending files and recieveing files are now working
  • Need to update to kernel v 1.0 #3 to work
  • Implemented this new fully work libs on new Build from source
  • Camera preview working
  • Taking pictures faster and better quality
  • Video recording fixed
  • Audio recording fixed
  • Camera app working as it should
  • USE_CAMERA_STUB set to true
  • Removed all camera overlay
  • Video playback working, we can now watch videos
  • Fix Audio on play videos
  • RE-built whole build.prop
  • Improved Network location
  • Fixed Signal bars (white/blue)
  • 3G and H working with signal bars too
  • Added new build.prop tweak, to disable rotate animation (Read Bugs)
  • Fixed Boot animation - Thanks to Prototype-U
  • FIxed random reboot caused by HW libs by broadcom, super-stable ROM
  • Stable release - RC1

  • Most expected release ;)
  • Fixed WIFI on new config
  • RE-builded wpa_supplicant.conf
  • Wifi faster than before using android Private Socket
  • Media Scanner Fixed
  • CM7 Native Audio Player working
  • RE-built audio libs thanks to patched libaudio from PsychoGame
  • Removed all samsung Audio stuff
  • Improved quality sound
  • FIxed headphone issue (low volume now is Good)
  • CM7 Native Gallery App working
  • CM7 Native File manager Working
  • Removed all space apps (Download them on 3rd post)
  • Improved RIL thanks to new RIL config by spacecaker
  • Fixed Torch on Device source code (Not smali)
  • Wait a few seconds before turingin ON again, it will collapse itself and force close
  • Re-built device tree from scartch
  • Bigger clean-Up ever (true)
  • Removed most of vendor files used on beta 3
  • Most of this parts built from CyanogenMod
  • SMoother release with new GPU rendering and screen render
  • Spacecaker implementation on vendor files upgrades speed
  • RE-built build.prop - Faster 3G speed
  • Camera Native CM7 with white screen bug
  • NOTE: Read installation isntructions

  • Builded from last CM7 sources (repo sync)
  • Builded in new build enviroment, for 4 devices
  • Added 3 important build.prop tweaks
  • 16 bit transparency enabled by default - SMOOTH
  • Force scrolling cahce disabled by defalut - LESS GLITCHES
  • Some build.prop about JIT
  • New framework base patch, new variable called from HLG, reduces glitches as well
  • Patched last CMParts, thanks to spacecaker and my search
  • Fixed problem with OTA Package on Sources
  • You can disable 16 bit, cache on CM settings as well
  • Smoothnes release ever, really difficult to improve.

  • NECESARY: Settings -> CyanogenMod settings -> Performance -> enable Use 16bit transparency -> reboot
  • Feel the smoothnes of CM settings + new egl.cfg
  • Glitches reduced nearly 0 (there are some, but much less than before)
  • New config on EGL.cfg which reduces glitches
  • Some new build.prop tweaks to a better improvement
  • Smoothness release ever
  • Reduced reboot random times
  • Same build as beta 1 as we are having some problems with new device tre

  • Going to Beta thanks Wifi fixed
  • Finally Fixed Wifi 100% - many thanks to WhiteXP
  • Added flashlight files to ROM (not working yet)
  • Added some live wallpapers
  • Added to build live wallpapers on device tree, not on CM sources
  • Builded in a new build enviroment (100% new)
  • Torch app added (but crashing)
  • Disabled option to build open gralloc (it didn't work)
  • Added new autofocus files for camera - autofocus faster
  • Added some new etc/permissions xml files (check github)
  • Small cleanup and re-order source again
  • Thetering and wifi hotpost working

  • Bigger cleanup ever
  • Proprietary libs moved to vendor folder (Except Gralloc)
  • Some fixed on Gralloc build and typo
  • All proprietary libs updated to last stock rom
  • Camera much more smoother
  • Camera forced to work without EGL drivers -> smoother
  • Builded on new development enviroment (all programs updated)

  • Removed space media app
  • Audio app from CM7 added again
  • Audio app edited to not show video icon
  • MX player modifyed to play videos good
  • Camera working Preview smoother
  • Added LiveWallpapers (water one doesnt work)
  • Big Cleanup on sources
  • From developer view:
  • Orgsnissation of all libs and creation of an ICS branch
  • Added option to build broadcom open source drivers (the ones from Whitexp)
  • Added option (else) to use broadcom binaries released
  • In this build used tje one provided by qualcom
  • Added much more new libs to work better which such 3rd apps

  • Gallery working, using SpaceGalleryV1.0.1 (Based on Quickpic)
  • Media working with Space-MediaV1.0.0 (Based on Meridian)
  • Camera working PREVIEW Space-camera v1.0.0 (Camera Illusion)
  • As a consequence Media scanning working with those apps.
  • Merged Music+Video/ Media Icon in one *Media Player
  • Deleted CM7 Original Camera app
  • Deleted CM7 Original Media app
  • Deleted CM7 Original Gallery app
  • Added File manager again
  • Cleanup on sources
  • Added new libs to work better which such 3rd apps
  • Mount system to install it better

  • Going to alpha versions thanks 3g + RIL working
  • Really big cleanup on sources
  • Fixed 3g and data, thanks Maslin Sergey
  • Audio should work better
  • Using prebuilt mediascanner libs - mediascanner works with meridian
  • Meridian app added by default - thanks whitexp
  • Improvment on CRT animation (old TV animation)
  • WIfi improvments, but not working yet
  • Added Quickpic for photos - as mediascanner isn't working
  • To install same as pre-alpha 2 and it BOOTS

  • Sources cleaned again
  • Audio libs added (cause sintax error)
  • Usb error fixed cause to missing file
  • To install same as pre-alpha 2 and it BOOTS

  • Sources cleaned
  • Framework/base patched applyed (sure)
  • Any kernel on package
  • New meta-inf, the one provided to a better installation
  • to install flash hell lock kernel and then flash this zip

  • Iinital build (not booting)
  • EGL libs by broadcomm installed by default
  • First build from sources for ace i based on galaxy y sources (thanks whitexp)
  • Hell lock kernel by default


  • Download CM7 Rom from this post, CM7 Basic kernel from HERE and Google Apps from HERE
  • Flash my CM7 Basic kernel through CWM
  • On the same CWM, without rebooting: Wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik
  • Mount System
  • Flash CM 7.2 which you can download below
  • Flash Google apps downloaded above (1st step - link)


Full Downloads:


Galaxy Ace i CM7.2 Downloads:

What's working:
  • Everything except Bugs down here!

What's partially working:
HW LIBS: We are using alcatel pre-built libs due to his devices uses nearly an AOSP ROM. AOSP and CM are compatible, so we try to use the Alcatel libs to implement on our last build, this was kind of a mess because lots of libs call others, so we need to pre-built all the encoder and decoder libs, but with a succefully result.
Well, due to this libs are prebuilt libs, and just work 100% on AOSP, some CM configs does not work, and this include this:

  • CRT Animation: This is a CM implelemtation, not on stock ROM from alcatel, so libs are not prepared to work with it.
  • Screen Rotation animation: I don't know why, libsurfaceflinger is not compatible with effect of rotate CM do, that is why I've added a configuration on the build.prop that reverts the animation, making the rotation witout animation, jsut rotates as it should. If I activate the animation, green screen will show up while animation is working.
  • CM Rendre effects: All the effects that CM added like the render effect don't work too because they were not implementend in AOSP, they were not implemented in our AOSP Alcatel libs, so it is not supported

Before asking, NO, this libs won't work on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich or plus.

Flash on camera: As far as I know, I've investiagted about it, and samsung used a weird interface to work with the flash on camera in stock rom. there is not a dedicated folder for that led, so i don't know yet how to implemetn it on CM7 camera app. THERE IS A FIX ON 3rd POST.

What's not working:

Native USB Tethering: USB tethering is started and with good configs (usb0 and rndis0) and seems no problem, logcat does not show nothing irrelevant, but we don't know why it is not working. I think it has something to do with brcm_switch.ko module, I'll take a look as soon as possible, but I don't know why does not work. Afaik brcm_switch.ko is not proper loaded, and I don't know the cause of it. YOU CAN FIX IT USING 3rd party apps.

BroadcomCM Team:
  • bieltv.3
  • spacecaker
  • Percy-g2
  • Kissingmylove
  • Legolas93

Special Thanks to:
  • WhiteXP
  • PsychoGame
  • Prototype-U
  • Lopicl.00

Our Sources can be found on github: Sources

Google Apps


XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][DEV] CyanogenMod 7.2 - BroadcomCM [COOPERVE], a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

bieltv.3, SpaceCaker, PsychoGame, Lopicl.00
ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread
ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x
ROM Firmware Required: Kernel by bieltv.3
Based On: CyanogebMod

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: RC 4
Stable Release Date: 2013-08-16

Created 2013-11-18
Last Updated 2013-11-18


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Jun 12, 2012



HOW TO COME BACK TO STOCK [RFS] - thanks lopicl.00
  • Restore Stock ROM with ODIN
  • When done, Boot to stock CWM
  • Wipe Data / Factory reset, Wipe Cache partititon... (this will revert data and cache to RFS)
  • Reboot system now
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Mar 26, 2011
Camera Flash Fix.

Note: This app is pretty nice, and works without any problems, only bug is flash while recording, but now pictures can be taken with flash working.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/aymjhf5ed1y54o4/FLASH-FIX.zip

All right, to install this patch here are
  • Go to Recovery (CWM)
  • Mount system
  • Install zip from SD card
  • Install FIX and reboot

*these apps where used in the source of BroadcomCM but removed due to the working media scanner
these apps are additional and do provide a bit better system like better camer and some stuff shwoing better *

Credits to original authors of apps
i only moddified them

Team BroadcmCM
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Jun 12, 2012
Biel ive got 3 friends with ace i
Ive already loned thos phone before to install custom roms
Maybe i can lone it again and give u the files u need

Currently having linux mint 14 nadia installed
Adb installed and a full android workspace installed

Only problem is i will talk to them next week because they are on vacation

Sent from my GT-S5830 using xda premium
Nice to see u here buddy but I solved my problem taking files from the stock rom which is the same I musy update first post :)

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Aug 28, 2012
CyanogenMod 7 for Galaxy ace i s5830i aka cooperve (REMEMBER THE 'I')

So, I currently don't have the device, but I'm waiting for it, anyway we probably now that broadcomm has release the drivers of HW and a framework patch, we already had a port of CM7 for our device, but this is compiled from scratch (source).

Modifying source, to be able to build it,

Having some issues with vendor... Dunno why...

Our github: this will be our github: https://github.com/broadcomCM

All credits go to whiteXP and his Galaxy y
I didnt understand is dis d drivers or u r porting dis rom like every one here ??
Sry but i am not so pro it dis things

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Aug 28, 2012
Originally Posted by whisper_
I didnt understand is dis d drivers or u r porting dis rom like every one here ??
Sry but i am not so pro it dis things

Sent from my GT-S5830i using xda app-developers app
Not porting building from source with drivers

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U mean dey realeased d drivers????

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Aug 24, 2012
Thank you very much for dedicating time building a proper cyanogen for cooperve :)
The status of this device is very sad at the moment but I can see it improving in a couple of months
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