[ROM-Dev] DamageControl v3.5 - Based on Froyo, all damaged goods, etc

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Jan 18, 2009
DamageControl v3.5 Beta

Finally, after weeks of work, TrevE and I are proud to announce the beta of DamageControl, version 3.5 beta. This has only been given out to donors so far (and will be continue to be) until the final release, which is yet to be announced (we expect it to be soon). This ROM is based on Froyo. We have worked to make this as bugless as we could before we even released a beta, and we have found it stable enough to finally release it to a select amount of people (hence why donors are getting it first).

This thread is for those people to discuss the ROM that was sent in the email to them, so that existing threads don't get cluttered ;)

Any other problems or issues can be reported in this thread. If it's something you really truly think is a bug, please put it in our new Google wiki/bugtracker available on Google Code:


Please note that emails are being sent soon with a link. This thread will be updated as we send the links out.


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Apr 27, 2007
remember THIS IS A BETA STILL we have opened our normal testing group to include all of you. Instead of having one tester we have a good chunk now. When it becomes general release expect it to be alot cleaner. Beta testing has its responsibilities, like submitting us worthwhile bugs.

TO SUBMIT US BUGS - http://code.google.com/p/damagecontrol/

PLEASE discuss issues here first. If you find something that is a reproducible issues submit it. In the subject we are looking for lines like

DamageControl 3.5 - I get cancer when i use it.

Damage and I will get instant alerts on it and will put status's on it (accepted, rejected, dupe, etc). If someone already submitted an issue that your experiencing just star it and you will get updates as well and we will know how many people its affecting. Obviously items that have more stars we will try to resolve first.

Any FC's we will require logcat traces before we can accept them. Be as descriptive as possible please.

TO FLASH - You need latest radios / wimax as usual. Witslacks starting over guide is still the best method IMO to get these. If you already have the latest radios just wipe then flash DC3.5

More info up in our newly found wiki - http://code.google.com/p/damagecontrol/w/list

Kernels -
We have just modified these kernels to work with DC. All props go back to there respective creators. Do not flash any kernel that has not been specifically modded to work with DC. If you dont know what this is or what it does you dont need these. You can damage your device with them.

CM6 Modded kernel for sense (default that comes with DC3.5 Incase you want to revert, from cyanogens commit f763ee4b730b860670ba)- SOON

jmxp69 kernels (from ?t=733099 Barley tested. FOR THE BRAVE)

CM6 SNAP v1 Modded for DC(wifi seems to work..)- http://dl.damagedroms.com/3.5/cm6-snap_dcmod_signed.zip
CM6 SNAP v2 Modded for DC(may break wifi, testing) - http://dl.damagedroms.com/3.5/cm6-snapv2_dcmod_signed.zip


Oh yeah, its back. Start posting your scores!

46.268 - clamknuckle - &postcount=558
45.876 - jonesdana - &postcount=614
45.876 - davrodg -&postcount=601
45.876 - Jykinturah - &postcount=524
44.738- TheMike1 - &postcount=357
44.011 - Clamknuckle -&postcount=312
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Jun 20, 2010
still gonna make it to bar tonight

i do believe i can flash 3.5 and still go to the bar- maybe lucky twice tonight who knows- thanks for your efforts guys
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