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Jun 21, 2014
on V6 When connect via USB, the Internal Storage is shown as /mnt/mmc/Downloaded Data and is empty

EDIT: trying V7 now
EDIT2: In V7 everything works but the performance is, dare i say it: ****
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    And here we are. After a looong long time I'm back on track and working on the long-waited V7. Everything changes one more time: while the ROM is still open-source, this time the development process will be shared step by step, and you will have the possibility of trying the rom in every development phase,just like a Cyanogen nightly. So that everyone will get the best out of this ROM: everyone is a tester, everyone can be part of the development providing fixes and advices, everyone can suggest a feature integration! We're all contributing to make DMod the best ROM ever, so stay tuned! :highfive:

    • v7 built up from scratch on XXANI4 ROM and kernel -- Heavily DEBLOATED and DEODEXED (thanks to galaxy mini)
    • All the nightlies are NO WIPE ROMs
    • S5 theme, work in progress
    • Galaxy S5 Icons, Sounds, Wallpapers and styled apps! More details below
    • Tweaked gps.conf
    • Ice cream sandwich animations instead of stock ones - buttery smooth!
    • Latest Google Apps with Material Design
    • New DTweaks in build.prop + init.d scripts & 4cyl turbo scripts by exit_only
    • New Bravia Engine 3 ported, display looks even sharper!
    • Ported xLoud and ClearAudio for a great sound experience
    • DEFINETELY disabled OTA service and removed "Updates" from settings
    • Added a statusbar icon when NFC is on
    • Enabled sub-symbols on stock keyboard - Long press to insert symbol
    • Colorized days in S-Planner
    • Phone and Contacts MODs:
      - In-call vibration for notifications enabled
      - Disabled phone number auto-formatting
      - Removed contacts joining limit
    • Email MODs:
      - Inverted email app from black to white - much more readable :D
    • Messages MODs
      - No MMS conversion,no contact limit, real timestamps with sent time instead of received
      - Enabled split view in landscape
      - Screen on/off toggle, vibration and signature
      - Group messaging
      - No SMS hour limit
      - Enabled Scheduled messages
      - Enabled MMS download even with data off
      - Enabled folders for messages
    • Camera MODs:
      - Added shutter sound toggle in settings
      - Camera is available during a call
    • Browser MODs:
      - Enabled emojis in stock browser
      - Added confirmation prompt when exiting from browser
      - Home page instead of about:blank when opening a new tab
      -Added "Exit" button to browser in menu

    Have a bug report , a review or a feature request? Use the special sections of the thread:


    1 - Download the ROM
    2 - Put the zip file in your internal/ext Sd card
    3 - Reboot in recovery (CWM,TWRP)
    4 - Flash the ROM
    5 - Follow the instructions on the AROMA installer
    6 - Wait for the process to finish and reboot


    V7 NIGHTLY BUILDS: You will have to build them yourself. Just go to this link https://bitbucket.org/dariolob/dmodv7/downloads and press "Download Repository", that should download a zip file of the ROM. It isn't ready for flashing though! You will have to extract it and re-zip it to make it work with custom recoveries :) Don't worry, you'll have to follow this process only for nightlies, every beta will be released through a ready-to-flash zip as every other ROM!


    Tethering is not working well for some users. To fix the problem just flash CrossBreeder, you can find it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2113150

    If you have problems with yandex.disk, read here

    Our bitbucket git repository:


    Want to use part of our work? You can! But ask for it before, we won't deny anyone our permission :)


    dolar4ik, nothing could be possible without his help, he deserve all the thanks you can give him!
    Benzonator for introducing me to the S3 Mini development
    ronin790 for the theme
    ibrahimyuksel for many S5 styled apps
    Chainfire for SuperSU
    Teo Vukšan, for the logo
    adi9981 for the Note 3 keyboard
    CahBagoes354 for his 18 colours ink effect mod
    zai89 for his framework anims
    mjrifath for S5 sounds
    kkoolpatz, for his thread about Sammy mods

    See you on next release! :cowboy:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    DMod, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

    dariolob, dolar4ik, LuuchoRocha, galaxy mini, ibrahimyuksel, ronin790
    Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/dariolob/dmodv7/src/

    ROM OS Version: 4.1.x Jelly Bean
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
    ROM Firmware Required: TWRP,CWM
    Based On: Samsung Stock 4.1.2

    Version Information
    Status: Nightly
    Current Stable Version: V6
    Stable Release Date: 2013-06-24
    Current Beta Version: V7
    Beta Release Date: 2014-11-27

    Created 2014-11-23
    Last Updated 2014-11-26


    • Based on latest AMD3 stock ROM
    • All the V5 features ported
    • Almost full S4 theme! 90% of the system has been themed
    • AROMA installer enhanced with many new features and options
    • HUGE clean up
    • WIPE ROM - to avoid any incompatibility
    • Fixed some S4 apps
    • Enhanced support for all the I8190 variants
    • Updated performance scripts and removed redundant lines/scripts
    • Bravia Engine V3 ported
    • Set S4 wallpapers as default on lockscreen and home
    • Re-arranged toggles one more time,removed useless ones
    • SMS app enhanced with many new cool features!
    • Bulletproof launcher! Almost 0 redraws,even when cleaning RAM
    • S-Beam reintegrated
    • xLoud+ClearAudio ported and fixed
    • Many new AROMA stuff: 3 Gallery apps, Call Recording, Circle battery icon,S4/S3/Note apps,Google apps
    • Even more Galaxy S4 Stuff! :D This is what we've ported:
      - Lots of pngs, some system apps are deeply themed
      - System fonts (slighty different from our stock ones),
      - Sounds (ui,ringtones,notifications,alarms),
      - Wallpapers (taken from the dump)
      - Icons (again extracted from the dump)
      - Some apps (Samsung Apps, Samsung Link, Group Play,Keyboard, Polaris Office 5)

    I'm always looking for more features for my rom so just tell me what you would like :D Also, tell me if there's some bloatware you'd like to see stripped out from my ROM!

    Bloatware removed:

    S Suggest
    Video Hub
    Music Hub
    All the Live Wallpapers
    User Manual & Guide
    FOTA client and software update
    Google +
    Hey guys, I have some news for you :)

    - AROMA installer is fully working! Just before launching the installation you will have to choose your device and specific files will be installed. V6 will see some extra stuff included in the AROMA script!
    On the other hand though, AROMA doesn't like my updater script, it says something like "Got 4 args, 3 expected" As my updater script is always the same I'll have to investigate a bit more.
    - That said, I've themed lockscreen so that it shows the flare effect like in S4 :D Also, a S4 themed music player will come with V5;
    - S4 Polaris 5 is working very well on our device, and also S-Translator is finally working :)
    - Finally after some intensive tests I can say AOSP camera is fully working on our device. I will share the apk as soon as possible!
    I don't think I will integrate transparent statusbar because it's quite buggy and it turns full white in some apps

    Today I will focus on this updater script thing and if I manage to solve it you'll V5 this evening! :eek:

    Oh and 1k thanks for my 1k thanks :p
    Hey guys, here I am! Sorry for my absence but sometimes real life takes over the dev one :)
    'Til now dolar4ik has done a AWESOME work integrating all the remaining V5 features in V6. Now I will take care of the last things and then DMod will be officially ready :)
    Stay tuned!
    DMod version 6

    Current status of DMod version 6:
    • based on latest AMD3
    • supports 8190, 8190N and 8190L variants
    • all features from v5 ported successfully (some useless features are removed)
    • improved usage of AROMA installer (more options)
    • WIPE ONLY version due changed sources
    • huge clean up
    • and more new features (full list will be provided later)

    Now we need some time to test it on 8190 (my phone) and 8190N (@dariolob phone) and implement one missing feature that we wanted to add.

    If everything OK version 6 will be released next week.

    And little secret:
    We will provide convenient place to post, discuss and resolve bugs and features so it will be easier to track current "in development" features list and bugs.