[ROM][DEV] ICS AOSP (from CM's source) for HTC Glacier [UPDATED 12.07.2011]

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Jul 14, 2011
This is a build from the CynogenMod source. The build is in beta version now, so there will be bugs. Please, report the bugs on this thread.
The build is stable now. It's named Creamed Glacier. Version is now Beta 3.0....

Along with the Source build, we try to port more stable Roms to mytouch. Our Ultimate aim is to put in a stable build. Porting is done by marseillesw. So credit goes to him & the devs of respective sections.

.: :: :: The Development Team :: :: :.

  • febycv
  • marseillesw


  • sckboy78
  • GazaIan

  • syndtr: Updated touch and graphics driver
  • onecosmic: Being the first to successfully build the AOSP tree
  • Kaik541: Making GApps from v3 onward
  • ancdix: For hosting on tux-head.net
  • CyanogenMod team: Setting up the infrastructure and being a great help in the porting process.
  • Desires S devs: superkid, m deejay
  • Desire HD kernel dev: Lord Clockan
  • Special Thanks: zFr3eak, LorD ClockaN, dh.harald,TwistedUmbrella, shaky153

Donations Received
  • ejwllms
  • 8807franky
  • jenksjf
  • mmurraygis
  • Keithdiggs01
  • pompeiisneaks

Thank You for your contribution, we are much obliged to you & we will keep up with your aspirations.

Change Log

Beta 3.0

- Increased Stability
- Very responsive & fast
- Removed red border issue
- Added Camera app (but can't connect to camera)
- Wifi button turning on. But hardware not recognized by OS

Desire S Port


- lockscreen rotation
- launcher rotation
- rgb fixes
- webkit egl hacks
- signal strength
- 3d games
- 3d accelleration
- market
- gps

Version beta 2.1

Only issues

1. Market hangs for some time then doesn't download
2. Superuser does fc but that's already known and attended to.
3. Exchange fc
4. Talk fc
5. No camera (known)
6. Red border
7. Gittery app drawer

Version beta 2.0


-Set APN manually, 3G works, but I don't see any H+ network connectivity
-Calls, sms, mms work. UPDATE: 3G cut off after 4 mins. 3G icon flashes for 1 second in the status bar every couple of minutes. Doesn't really do anything. No data what so ever anymore. Calls do work though, and so does sms. No mms anymore.
-Call quality of the MT4G's mic seemed to be really improved over CM7 and most of the other roms 
-Cameras don't work
-No face recognition unlock option :/ (because there's no cameras recognized, or the camera app either)
-Wi-Fi doesn't work for me. It scans, finds my network, but then after I put my connection's password, it just... does nothing lol
-Not VERY slow, but its buggy kinda slow... Graphics acceleration is noticeably lacked.
-Genius Button doesn't do anything (search button should be nice)
-No trackball wake
-Google Talk keeps force closing, even when not open.
-When in landscape mode, the trackball's sensor still moves in the inappropriate direction as if the phone is still in portrait.
-Bluetooth does not work or turn on.
-Root apps don't open up. Force close. Tried Root Explorer and ROM Manager.
-No live wallpapers.
-Only charges over USB. No connectivity to storage.

Version beta 1.0


* APN DATA/MMS settings missing
* Signal Strength reading is incorrect - Stays on -97dBm - Signal Indicator always at 4. (Remove IMS registration and SMS over IMS and LTE dump settings from INFO screen)
* Data connection is wacky and does not start most of the time
* Battery driver may not be proper
* Wi-Fi Authenticates and Saves but does not start up the connection
* Bluetooth is wacky
* Talk keeps force closing even tho it is not open
* Add Wake Trackpad
* Speakerphone sound pops in and out at times in each second
* Market has issues downloading apps when data connection works; hanging
* NO SIM card message pops up at times
* USB Storage doesn't seem to be working (Unsure)
* Sluggishness causes ROM crash and reloads
Important Notes

You must complete a full wipe prior to installing this ROM the first time. Use Live wallpaper to solve the Red border issue.

Bugs and Errors

Since the Rom is in beta, please report all the bugs you come across. It will be fixed in the stable version.

Install instructions:

1. Backup your current Rom.
2. Make a full wipe
3. Flash ROM
4. Reboot

The List of Rom Builds

Build from the source (beta 3.0)

:: :: Download Here :: ::

md5 : 2b729cc59e61ef4adb7be114eb14a8b6

The Desire S Port (beta4r1)

:: :: Download Here :: ::​

Earlier Builds

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May 4, 2010
So jealous. I left tmo for Verizon when I got my Rezound. Go figure this drops now lol. The Rezound s-off hasn't been cracked yet and I'm going through rooted withdrawals. Anyways thanks for this port!!

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Jan 12, 2010
It boots.
It's really slow.
No Bluetooth
No Data.
Can make & receive calls.
That's about all I tested.

Thanks and keep up the great work. Hopefully we can have a functional ICS soon!
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Can't seem to get wifi to connect reguardless of what I do.

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Oct 27, 2010
I set up an APN

It connects to Mobile data for just seconds at a time. The data never stays on consistently, always in and out.

Maybe someone else will have better luck with data


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May 11, 2009
Pretty neat but not really usable without hardware acceleration.
I totally expected it to be unusable, but was surprised at how responsive it was. For anyone familiar with the original mytouch 3g, its about as fast as that is running a froyo or better rom.

Youtube is playing sound but no video, and going to the home screen from youtube keeps the sound of the video playing till it ends.

Angry birds has been downloading about three minutes, data keeps going in and out a lot.

I'm really happy with what I'm seeing though.
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