[ROM] [DEV STOPPED] JB AOSP 4.2.2 beta 3. 3.4 kernel, JB proprietaries and EAP-SIM

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Dec 19, 2012
Hey I'm running 4.2.2 Beta 3, love it.

Brightness changing doesn't work at all however. Stuck at 100%. Toggling auto brightness (I know it doesn't work) and trying the slider again does nothing.

The slider moves, I still get full brightness.

Any ideas? Did I do something wrong?

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Use OpenSEMC app to fix the problem: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2242763


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Oct 17, 2007

I can only go from Full to Low brightness by flipping the ALS Max toggle with that. Is that normal? I still cant control the brightness gradually (manually) even with the ALS disabled and any combo of either ALS switch. I restarted my phone as well just in case and it just defaults back to Full again.

cheers for the help so far i really appreciate it
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Oct 17, 2007
Hah you were right. My bad.

for anyone else who has this issue, install OpenSEMC 1.1 apk, enable then disable the ALS (I also set my ALS curve to max, your choice there).

Settings > Display > Brightness won't work.

But: in the notification shade, the settings flip widget brightness DOES! Yay :)

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Feb 13, 2008
as the new sony firmware is out,will this get 1080 p soon ? i am fed up with sony's bad updates.they make the phone worse.i want to use this rom for my daily use,so full hd video on works ? thank you very much:p

Yes, soon. 1080p is working properly on aosp with new Sony proprietaries, I just wait for kernel source to add the other fixes.

Summer Son

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Jun 26, 2012
Hi letama,

First of all thank you for your ROMs!

Can you please clarify the situation with VoIP? What new firmware are we waiting for? Does 6.2.B.1.96 help? I'm really dependent on VoIP and that's the main thing that prevents me from using these ROMs...


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Feb 13, 2008
Can you please clarify the situation with VoIP? What new firmware are we waiting for? Does 6.2.B.1.96 help? I'm really dependent on VoIP and that's the main thing that prevents me from using these ROMs...

Ok, let's try to clarify.

There is an issue regarding voip with .200/.211 kernel. This issue is with the qualcomm power optimized voip layer. I didn't check 1.96 firmware to see if the kernel fixes they implemented is helping with voip, but I didn't see any report saying that it works better now.

Anyway, beta3 has voip optimized layer disabled meaning that any voip app will use regular audio. It means that voip apps should work properly (I tested skype, it works fine), but will consume more battery. I'm not using voip much so I don't know how bad it is.

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    JB AOSP 4.2.2 beta 3 by LeTama


    *** DISCLAIMER ***
    Be careful, I'm not responsible if it breaks your device! I've been using it as daily driver for a while but it doesn't mean it's perfect.
    Don't install it if you want something stable.

    Big bug discovered: don't format any unformated external USB drive/key with OTG cable, it will format internal storage instead!
    Issue is fixed in beta 1, please upgrade to it and be cautious anyway, backup your internal storage!


    Here is my attempt to bring pure JB AOSP 4.2.x to our Xperia S. It's based on AOSP work initiated by JB Queru from Google and Sony. Sony did put it on hold waiting for approval for proprietaries release, but as I don't have such requirements, I started working on it. It's currently a mix of CM10 proprietaries, Nexus 4 Adreno drivers and a fxp based kernel that supports them.

    Don't expect quick updates, I don't have much free time to work on it. I'm not sure it will go very far, it's mostly a proof of concept.


    A big thanks to FXP team, at first this build was borrowing few proprietaries from CM10 and their kernel as a base. It wouldn't have been possible without their incredible work.

    A big thanks to Chainfire and his great SuperSU that I embedded in the rom.

    Installation and downloads

    1. You need unlocked bootloader and a working recovery.
    2. Download installation zip from here, multiupload mirrors. (I know, uploaded.net is not the fastest of the earth, I can only do ftp from work so it's easier for me. I'm not against posting mirrors though).
    3. Copy it to internal storage
    4. Wipe Data/Cache
    5. Install gapps for 4.2.1, it's no longer embedded.
    6. Reboot and let the rom settle down a bit

    Kernel source code is here (branch jb-4.2). Aosp gits are on my account, I'm pushing beta 2 changes slowly.

    Note: this rom flashes its own kernel that comes with TWRP recovery and a new version of Boot Manager. Just use volume up/down to navigate boot manager menu and power to select if you want to go to TWRP. Don't play with Boot Manager options if you don't know what you're doing. I'll update Boot Manager thread soon, until then, don't touch anything in settings! :)

    • Display / 3D
    • Audio
    • Calls / SMS / MMS / Data
    • Camera (Pictures / Videos 720p)
    • Bluetooth
    • Wifi
    • Wifi Tethering
    • Sensors
    • GPS
    • Hardware video encoding/decoding
    • Offline charging
    • NFC

    Not working:
    • FM radio: I won't implement it in aosp with current proprietaries as they will conflict with 4.2.x bluetooth.
    • HDMI: not working anymore in beta 3, driver needs some work.
    • Auto brightness (disabled now)
    • And probably more, let me know

    Known issues
    • 1080p video stuttering (waiting for new Sony firmware)
    • voip audio disabled, voip is going through normal channels (waiting for new Sony firmware)
    • Wifi direct disabled (waiting for new Sony firmware)
    • HDMI is a bit flaky with 3.4, phone sometime reboots when cable is plugged.
    • EAP SIM method is only displayed when language is english. I'll fix that in next release...
    • Clock is lost at reboot
    • Clock settings in daydream are crashing
    • subway surfers game is not working
    • Some SIM cards are not working properly, no network with them (waiting for logs)
    • 9MP 16:9 picture profile is missing


    • Can I flash any kernel with it ?

      No. This rom is using Nexus 4 proprietaries and requires matching video drivers. You must use embedded kernel.

    • Something is not working, crashed, whatever, how can I help ?

      Please provide logs! Description is not enough, I need at least logcat and ideally dmesg. If phone reboots, get the /proc/last_kmsg file and provide it to me.

    • Dev options are missing ?

      No, they're just hidden, it's now the default behavior in 4.2.x. To enable it, go to settings / about and tap multiple times on build number, menu will be enabled and stick after reboot.

    • 2013-07-28 - beta 3:

      - HWC (hardware composition) activated
      - Navbar removed (we only have 3 HW layers, navbar is using one and kills hwc benefit on launcher).
      - HDMI is broken, will look into it.
      - EAP SIM translations added
      - 9 MP picture profile added
      - Clock is now saved properly at reboot
      - Backup service default is now Google
      - Daydream desk clock settings fixed
      - SIM not recognized problem fixed (thanks to CHIROUILLE @ frandroid for the logs!)
      - Recovery bumped to 2.6.0
      - Bootmanager 3.4 kernel

    • 2013-07-01 - beta 2:

      - New 3.4 kernel
      - 1080p video working (same stuttering as stock though)
      - 12MP added
      - Wifi EAP-SIM added
      - Wifi/bluetooth toggles short press/long press reversed
      - Wifi AP toggles added
      - Wifi power tuned
      - Navbar added

    • 2013-03-10 - beta 1:

      - HDMI is working
      - Some audio voip fixes, gtalk seems to work now
      - Usb OTG format fixed
      - Kernel boot logo fixed
      - Misc category display in settings/storage fixed

    • 2013-02-18 - alpha 4:

      - Android upgraded to 4.2.2 r1
      - NFC fixed
      - 3G/H display fixed
      - Qualcomm ril class, should improve data/sim
      - Reboot added to menu
      - Volume skip tracks
      - Acdb hack removed
      - Illumination bar notifications removed
      - Volume warning removed
      - STK added

    • 2013-02-10 - alpha 3:

      - Audio fixed, LPA is ok
      - Usb tethering fixed
      - Wifi tethering fixed
      - Illumination bar tied to backlight and notification
      - Google apps removed

    • 2013-02-03 - alpha 2:

      - Bluetooth is now working properly
      - Battery profile added, battery stats are working properly now
      - Partial audio fix, games are working now, still no LPA
      - Notification led brightness decreased
      - New build.prop with opengl and market fix
      - Oflline charging fix embedded

    • 2013-01-29 - alpha 1 - patch 1 : offline charging fixed
    • 2013-01-28 - alpha 1: first release
    Letama, is there any chance to see this project moving on?

    Yes, I'm almost done for next release.

    I finished 3.4 kernel and JB proprietaries integration, I still have few things that would like to test and clean up before release.

    It will have the same quirks as Sony though: 1080p stuttering, volume up bugs are there. Voip is not working properly too, I removed it so Google now and skype are ok, but so far that's all I was able to "fix".
    Just for the fun ;)

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