[ROM]-[Discontinued]-SLT-Nexus-TSUNAMI™ TechVanced by SuperDroid-BOND™

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This ROM is now Discontinued
Drama & Themeing Ends Here"
SLT-Nexus-TSUNAMI™ TechVanced™ By

Presenting The Stock AOSP 4.2.1 Based ROM. No Themeing, No Extra Add-ons. Only Simple AOSP Based ROM PORT from Canvas TURBO A250

-:::::::: Features :::::::-

Completely Stock AOSP Based
Full Change Log in Post-2.


SLT-TSUNAMI TechVanced™ (ROM)-

MD5 CheckSum :-

Known Bugs:-
None. Please post if you find any.

Recommendation :-
Recommended Kernel - Bindass Boost 4.2 Kernel by @bindassdost,

Kernel Thread :- Here
Kernel Sources :- Here

Don't Forget to THANK @bindassdost, for his outstanding kernel with S2S/S2W/DT2W functions. He deserve much more than THANKS.

Disclaimer :- This ROM was checked by me for 4 days in a row, with several times flashing. Nothing Went wrong. If flashing TSUNAMI causes destruction in whatsoever in your world, neither me, nor any of my dev brothers and not even XDA is responsible for that.
You are the one who has choosen to modify your phone and so all risk and durability is your only, no one else.
NOTICE:- Please Read All of the POST - 1,2,3 & 4.

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Credits & ChangeLog


All of my Dev Brothers who worked in 4.2 squad. @Dark4Droid, @superdragonpt, @pratikmore, @bsuhas, @icoolguy1995, @khan_frd2002, @sagarwep, @mmxandy, @andiroxu, @yuweng, @all other brothers who helped in anyway to the squad.
Special Thanks to Legend & Mentor Sir @Adi Aisiteru Reborn
Special Thanks to brother @bindassdost

1) Micromax For this Awesome Device & TURBO ROM.
3) Google for OS
4) XDA For the Platform & Learning, Its my school.
5) My Wife :- This time she tested the ROM for gaming usage.
6) All Users who made it possible.

-: Change-Log :-

First Release - 11th November 2013.
Second Release -- SLT-Nexus-TSUNAMI -- Major Update -- 25th November 2013.

Third Release :- SLT-Nexus-PHAILIN - Major Update - 31st December 2013.

Fourth Release :- SLT-Nexus-TSUNAMI Revenge - Major Update - 8th February 2014

Fifth Release :- SLT-TSUNAMI Advanced Edition - Major Update - 1st March 2014.

Sixth Release :- SLT-TSUNAMI Ex-Advanced Edition - Update Package (only 29MB) - 22nd March 2014.

Fifth Release :- SLT-TSUNAMI TechVanced - Major Update - 21st April 2014.

Full Change Log:-

1) Dialer is somewhat completed now for stock looks and seems to be good.
2) GPS Gets fix in 7 seconds only (For me sitting inside my bedroom in Interior Delhi).
3) RAM Management is always my consideration. But this time Battery is also smooth.
4) Fonts are made to stock. (Everyone has got complains for fonts).
5) Complete default and stock look of AOSP.
6) TURBO Clear Camera.
7) Few New Options Add from Cyanogen MOD ROMs :-

a) About Phone - Banner Setting. - Thanks @Adi Aisiteru Reborn & @saatvik2012 for Beam Kat ROM.
b) Performance Settings - For Processor & I/O Schedulers.- Thanks @h0rn3t.
c) Quite Hours. - Thanks @Adi Aisiteru Reborn & @saatvik2012 for Beam Kat ROM.
d) One Key Recents Cleaner from Recents Menu - Thanks @enricocid; @Akhilendra Gadde & @Adi Aisiteru Reborn.
e) Notification Background.
f) Lockscreen Background.
g) Clock & Battery, Traffic MOD of CM ROMs and Change color of Date and clock of Notification Panel.
h) LCD Density Changer of Beans Stalk ROMs.

8) Played all heavy games like Subway Surfer, Eternity Warriors 3, Temple Run 2, Drag Racing, Fast Racing Thunder and off-course My Tekken 3 and Blood Roar 2 but no lags at all.
9) Tweaked to suit all needs of users, daily use, gaming uses or any other.
10) All Gestures working great.
11) Enjoy the ROM, and If you like it, feel free to donate to me. It will keep the development alive and burning.
15)CyanogenMOD Clock & Weather Widget.
16) New Keyboard. Thanks to @Shaftamle.

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Screenshots + Flashing Process

-: Flashing Process :-

1) Reboot to Recovery, and Make a Backup First.Compulsory.
2) Data Factory Reset.
3) Wipe Cache Partition.
4) Wipe Dalvik Cache.
5) Format System.
6) Format Data.
7) Format Cache.
8) Flash The ROM.zip
9) Reboot to system.
10) Do the Setup.
11) Enjoy the Typhoon at its best.



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Senior Member
Jan 19, 2013
today i installed the rom

nice ui and good lenova launcher

free ram around 220

bluetooth 3g wifi working good

subway surfer and chennai express game working smoothly using xtreme boost

till not tested high end game

in desktop some of letters in chinesse

otherwise ok good rom

thanks bond bro


Senior Member
Feb 11, 2013
Talegaon Dabhade

Downloading! Very Excited!
Will give a complete review in 4-5 days!

EDIT: I followed flashing instructions carefully, still getting following bugs:
1) Messaging and Omacp FC (Fixed by installing 3.4.67 andiroxu Kernel)
2) Camera app is not present, nor accessible from gallery. (Fixed after Reinstalling ROM)
3) Apps are not installing. (Fixed by installing 3.4.67 andiroxu kernel)

EDIT: No Bugs now! New launcher is great! No FC's! Great work dev!
Keep it Up!
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