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[ROM] DivestOS 14.1 for thor

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Apr 28, 2018
When I turn off the tablet it just restarts all the time. Only way I manage to turn it off completely is by booting into twrp then powering off from there. Is this a common issue? I have the same issue on 2 of these tablets.
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Mar 19, 2021
When I turn off the tablet it just restarts all the time. Only way I manage to turn it off completely is by booting into twrp then powering off from there. Is this a common issue? I have the same issue on 2 of these tablets.
I saw that a few years back.
My thor broke long ago so I cannot easily debug.
iirc it was related to the defconfig hardening.
I had hoped my MSM_DLOAD_MODE tweaks a while ago would've fixed it, but as you've noted it hasn't.
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    DivestOS is a more private and more secure aftermarket system.

    Kindle Fire HDX 7" Notes:
    - This is one of the few devices supported by DivestOS that is not -user and doesn't support encryption.
    - This is one of the few devices supported by DivestOS that requires the use of TWRP

    - strong focus on FOSS
    - various system hardening
    - various privacy enhancements
    - automated removal of unnecessary proprietary blobs
    - automated kernel hardening and CVE patching
    - ability to relock bootloader on supported devices
    - verified boot on supported devices
    - no root support
    - SELinux always enforcing
    - encrypted by default
    - monthly updates
    - OTA delta updates
    - OTA updates over Tor (optional)
    - F-Droid included

    Extra Features (not installed by default):
    - Mull, our hardened fork of Fenix
    - Hypatia, our real-time malware scanner
    - Extirpater, our free space eraser

    - Website: https://divestos.org
    - Onion: http://divestoseb5nncsydt7zzf5hrfg44md4bxqjs5ifcv4t7gt7u6ohjyyd.onion
    - Downloads: https://divestos.org/index.php?page=devices&base=LineageOS#device-thor
    - Changelogs: https://divestos.org/index.php?page=news
    - Project History: https://divestos.org/index.php?page=history
    - Known Issues: https://divestos.org/index.php?page=broken#hdx-common
    - Screenshots: https://divestos.org/index.php?page=screenshots
    - About + Credits + Notices: https://divestos.org/index.php?page=about
    - Donate: https://divested.dev/donate
    - Source Code: https://github.com/divested-mobile or https://gitlab.com/divested-mobile
    - XMPP Chat Room: xmpp:[email protected]

    Device Specific Links
    - Device Tree: https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_amazon_hdx-common, https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_amazon_thor
    - Kernel: https://github.com/LineageOS/android_kernel_amazon_hdx-common
    - Kernel CVE Patches Applied: https://github.com/Divested-Mobile/..._Patchers/android_kernel_amazon_hdx-common.sh

    Other Bits:
    - Good and bad feedback is welcomed. Else how can we improve?
    - If you find a bug, please report it below or via GitHub/GitLab.
    - Testing/Translations/Code contributions are gratefully appreciated.

    Important Notes for New Users:
    - Please make a backup of your device and copy it to another computer.
    - You must wipe before installing this ROM.
    - This ROM has userdata encrypted by default
    - You are intended to relock your bootloader with this ROM (if your device is marked supported for that).

    DivestOS does *not* support the following:
    - Google Apps (OpenGAPPS)
    - DRM (Widevine)
    - alternative recoveries (TWRP)
    - root (Magisk)
    - runtime modification frameworks (Xposed or theme engines)

    All downloads are GPG signed with the following key:
    #B874 4D67 F9F1 E14E 145D FD8E 7F62 7E92 0F31 6994
    i would try it but my recovery partition is to small says fastboot... so i can't? or can i flash it with twrp even it isn't supported?

    thor is sadly one of the few devices supported by DivestOS that *does* require TWRP.
    DivestOS now runs on my Thor. Since the installation is different to other DivestOS-Installations, it should be explaied here more:

    - No need for the DivestOS-Recovery; just use TWRP bundled with 1-Click-Unlock tool
    - Place ROM on internal flash und install via TWRP (like LineageOS; normal wipe before install)
    - Downgrade from LOS 16 without problems possible; tested :)
    Trying this Custom Rom out and it is very good. However not sure if it has anything to do with the rom but i cannot get Spotify to work, it just wont log in my account. Just says "Something went wrong, please try again later".
    Spotify likely uses Widevine for DRM, which is removed in DivestOS.
    Do you think there will be any future updates for this OS for this device? And is there a way to add WideVine back to device, if i were to do it myself? Juggling wether to use this OS or Lineage OS. I think this OS is a bit faster, will see if it charges quicker too.
    I have provided builds for this device every month since end of 2016. I fully plan to support this device (and others) as long as I can reasonably support the 14.1 branch.

    Since TWRP is required in this case, you should in theory be able to extract the files from another ROM and adb push them into place: