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[ROM] DJ Droid v0.3 [base 1.23] + App2SD+

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Senior Member
May 14, 2008
And who are you to demand anything? Udk has bare kudos. This guy was the first person to convert the hd touchflo 3d for the diamond. Maybe u shud all stop stalking him and let the man work ffs do u lot not have lives?

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He also was the first one who brought TouchFlo2D to the Polaris (Also via a leaked rom). So i know for sure he's not bullshitting.


Senior Member
Oct 12, 2007
@all people who didn't believe (you know who), the answer is here.
I presume that you will take the chance to compliment with udK and Maja, at least or at last.... :p
Myppc.it rulez!!


Senior Member
May 7, 2010
I was obviously joking if youre even taking such comments seriously it just proves how deep you are up this guys ass trying to be the first to try the rom out


Retired Recognized Developer
Feb 1, 2010
Holds hands up as a sceptic,

However, a better more professional approach would possible have been to wait 3 days, and then present this video as the initial announcement.

Now, as a sense rom has been announced by udK, maybe he could release the radio ONLY for all these aosp cook's to help solve the problems with aosp.

He still gets all the glory of the first sense rom.

HTC uses his own camera app wich completely depends on the htc framework so maybe it's not as simple as swapping the radio for HD recording :-(