[ROM] Donut by Laszlo v1.3 Lite, Regular & Full with scripted RAM hack!

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Aug 9, 2007
Another Donut fantastic ROM.

Donut by Laszlo 1.3

- Postinstall scripts (zipalgin, fix_app, auto_swap) Now, thanks to the implementation of the new boot command takes a much shorter, each script is fired and runs during the boot daleszego. (Not as was previously the boot-zip-FIXA-bootdex-ready now is the boot-zipfixbootdex-ready)
- JIT for Dalvik VM
- rwsystem / rosystem; new command in the terminal
- after a wipe clean desktop!
- APN Polish operators!
- 10MB RAM-hack
- Name Age G1, etc.
- Other, I do not remember much
Android 1.6 EN
- Gmail EN!
- Market 1665 EN
- Accounts Setup EN!
New Applications, Ringtones, Wallpapers
Advenced Launcher - Control the number of desktops and the number of columns in the application menu
WyContacts & PhoneMOD - New options in the settings of the phone contacts! * (eg, black list, the layout of the buttons eclair)
New set news!
Application Ports system with 2.1! (Eg, 'Clock', 'Internet', 'Music')
Incredible speed and stability through the use of 'SuperD' as a base for marvel
New System of unusual appearance, you need to see this!
APP2SD; information partition in EXT ustawianiach SD card!
HTC keyboard instead of the standard EN!
MultiTouch in maps, browser, and the gallery!
Support for gestures in the gallery!
The unique configuration script that will allow the system to dostować your expectations!
On / off in the RAM-Rom Hack!
Maps 4.0 Navigation and BUZZ!
Toolkit SiM!

====================== ===

Optional Applications:
APNdroid ES + File Explorer Task Manager, Gadu-Gadu_Laszlo.Edit, HTC Teeter, QuickBoot, QuickOffice


- Device HTC Dream
- HardSPL
- It is advisable to partition EXT; minimum of 128MB
- It is advisable to have a SWAP partition, 32MB recommended


Installation Instructions:

2nd Installing ROM

Donut by Laszlo 1.3 Lite: http://l-rom.googlecode.com/files/dnt_le-1.3L-signed.zip

Donut by Laszlo 1.3 Regular: http://l-rom.googlecode.com/files/dnt_le-1.3.zip

Donut by Laszlo 1.3 FULL: http://l-rom.googlecode.com/files/dnt_le-1.3F.zip

1.3.0 -> March 16, 2010

3 versions, Regular, Lite FULL
- CRAFT 0.5.2
- Finally, fully DeskClock via CM
- T-Mo deleted iM provider
- Deleted because the nano does not work
- Spare Parts is now 'Advanced Options'
- Each version is pre-installed RAM Hack the possible inclusion / exclusion
- 2 new wallpapers.
================================================== ====================
# Lite
- Ability to exclude / include RAM-Hack-RH 0.6-WDW - more in the FAQ!
- No extra sounds, applications
- Appearance of the standard Android (1.6/2.x)
================================================== ====================
# Regular
- Ability to exclude / include RAM-Hack - RH 0.6-WDW - more in the FAQ!
- Looks Elegant Additions Theme from Laszlo
================================================== ====================
- The possibility of exclusion / inclusion of the RAM in the system directly Hack-RH 0.7 - more in the FAQ!
- Additional Applications: QuickBoot, Quickoffice, ES File Explorer Task Manager, MSN: LE, HTC Teeter, APNdroid
- Additional notes
- Looks Elegant Additions Theme from Laszlo
- Removed the configure script, everything is already in ROM!
# How to hack off the RAM, install the optional download additional applications and a database of sounds?
- It's very simple, type in the Terminal Emulator
1st # SU
2nd # Conf
3rd - Answer the questions :)

Try it!!!


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Oct 11, 2006
First one to try it ?
Changed the Regional Settings to English and rebooted!
Initial impressions: Its fast and looks decent too! Dunno if its the JIT hack or something else, but this thing is butter-smooth! Looks like a good ROM!


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Feb 2, 2010
Downloaded ok for me. it actually is refreshing to see a donut rom with a new look. The speed is also up to par with fasttest, super d, cymod, etc. Definately worth the time it takes to flash. great job dev. thanks for making it available


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Aug 19, 2009
first off very fast rom , on par with others also to see what it looks like check out elegance in the theme section :) really think he should give the elegance team some credit in the intro page but hey thats just me


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Feb 11, 2010
Philly Suburbs
i rate this rom a 10/10 :)


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