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Jan 17, 2013
به نام خدا
In The Name Of GOD

alireza Tadayon Parsa
Tp Productions
علیرضا تدین پارسا

Flow-Wolf for review youtube
sszemtelen for Desire HD user bars



Classic | Beautiful | Stable | Fast | Sense 5 theme

Supported Devices
Desire HD & Inspire 4G

base Miui

Final release
Android Version 2.3.7 Gingerbread
Aroma installer with touch screen


Dr.No v1.5
link yotube : http://youtu.be/ZNkA9Sa-UA8

Remove icon background
Remove icon border

Fixed and Improved on and off screen
Fixed and Improved auto-clear screen
Fixed and Improved Kindle screen long
Fixed and Improved sorting and continued on and off screen
Fixed and Improved on and off screen while charging 85% to 100%
Aroma installer with touch screen
Added script for aroma
v aroma 2.56

Fixed windows max events per sec 44
Fixed debug performance tuning 1
Fixed WiFi scan interval to 50 supplicant
Change icons to Miui 4
Change icons to sense 5
Change Theme hours
Change Theme Music
Change Theme Flashlight
Added New bootanimation
Added NewWallpaper and lockscreen
Added galaxy S4 Wallpaper Fixed to 960x854 and 480x854
Added browser 2.3.7

Removed all added other programs[/FONT]

[FONT="Arial"]AGENDA lockscreen
New boot animations
Sense 5 wallpaper and lockscreen
64 New wallpaper and new lockscreen 
Change build
max events per sec windowsmgr =24
debug performance tuning = 2
increased wifi scan rate to 20
better camera image and video record better
MIUIcamera Fixed
quality camera edit to better
quality record  edit to better
Change Kernel to Tiamat msm7230 
save charge battry Better
edit Miui Desk Clock
video recording 7.1 mb 1280x720
video recording 4.1mb 720x480
video recording 1.5mb 176x144
Increased video recording quality
Improved framerate stability
8mp picture quality high
Image encoding quality 99
Improved Quality of Images
Size image 2 mb
[FONT="Arial"]New instal
AROMA Installer
ADDED SCRIPT for aroma
v aroma 2.51.120810.026
FARSI full support
Keybord farsi
-added font farsi
-automatic zipalign
-custom bootanimation
-added new LatinIME.apk
-added flash player 11.1
-better 3d and benchmark
-better SD Card performance
-free ram 350 m up to 400 m
-some UI performance tweaks
-small Changes In build.prop
-Inspire mod integrated in rom
-increased wifi scan rate to 25
-better camera image and video record
-Kernel-LorDmodUE v8.9-Cfs-b7-2wcr-tun
-added clock ics and new clock miui 2x2
-added 10 picture lockscreen and wallpaper
-changed "about phone" miui logo to 007 logo
-sound setup: Dolby V for Speaker, SRS for Headsets
-lockscreen and wallpaper orginal changed to 007 image

High quality and birate
720p video recording 10.1 mbps high quality
Increased video recording quality
Improved framerate stability
video recording 5 mbps 720x480
8mp picture quality high
Image Encoding quality 90
Improved Quality of Images

Initial Test miui 2.3.7[/FONT]
Dr.No v3.0
new icon sense 5
new lockscreen

007 Dr.No v1.7
007 Dr.No v1.8
007 Dr.No v2.0

007 Dr.No v1.0
007 Dr.No v1.5[/FONT]
[FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Red"]v2.0[/COLOR] and[COLOR="Red"] v3.0[/COLOR]
Old Kernels
Tiamat msm7230 v1.1.5+

New Kernels
Kernel-LorDmodUE v8.9-Cfs-b7-2wcr-tun[/FONT]

No Bugs
The latest version does not have any bug

Download the rom
Flash the ROM
First Perform a full wipe manual
Then AROMA Installer
Install without wiping
Reboot and enjoy


Full Wipe & Easy Wipe by mero01

For HTC Desire HD S-OFF ---> [TOOL] One click ENG S-OFF
For HTC Inspire 4G S-OFF ---> [GUIDE]Inspire 4G, Rooting, Flashing, Softbrick, Fixes, Sideloading
Radio S-OFF in order to flash new radio ---> [TOOL][VIDEO] One click Radio S-OFF, SimUnlock (Easy Root Guide)
4EXT Touch Recovery by madmaxx82



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Desire HD\Inspire 4G
Latest version
Download: Dr.No v3.0
Released: 2013-07-07 04:11:35
MD5 Sum: f1fad1714100b0221a8ff0631dafa0be

Download: Dr.No v2.0
Released: 2013-03-29 04:38:58
MD5 Sum: ab1b546020367dd0cbc9ed71098f8b45

Download: Dr.No v1.5
Released: 2013-02-19 07:10:40
MD5 Sum: 7b2813b89b60422586f748c0a150e2c8

other link Dr.No v1.5
Download 2 part on Trainbit
Part 1
Part 2

Tp Productions 2009-2013



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Jul 24, 2012
Re: [ROM] MIUI 007 Dr.No v1.5 | Android 2.3.7 | High Quality for miui

Great rom..thanks

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Sep 20, 2011
Re: [ROM] MIUI 007 Dr.No v1.5 | Android 2.3.7 | High Quality for miui

New gb miui? Oh my god dude I totally love you now! Miui gb is the best! :D

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Jon Olita

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Apr 15, 2012
Really good job! Only thing I miss is the sense camera...arghh!!! I am still divided between sense and non sense...
Is there any chance to have sense camera?
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