[ROM] DROID GTRv3.0 Twinturbo! HDMI / Tiamat/Bravia/xLoud/Pyramid/Beats/

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Dec 17, 2010
Introducing The All New DROID GTR VERSION 3.0 Twinturbo Series!

HDMI / Tiamat 4.1.0 SBC Kernel / Bravia Engine / Beats Audio / Sony Xloud Engine / Panorama Cam!

The Pyramid MOD unlocks more apps and games in the Play Store!
Check Out some Recovery Links Below if you need it!

Baked-In Tiamat SBC 4.1.0 Kernel found here: http://tiamat-dev.com/supersonic/

Latest Version Here!: Droid_GTRv3.0_Twinturbo.zip - 192.16 MB

Changelog Version 3.0 Twinturbo:

Updated ADW Launcher

HDMI Mirror by TeamHDMwIn

Galaxy S3 AccuWeather Clock Widget thanks to m.h.mahadi

Smoother Scrolling & Higher Screen Sensitivity Modifications

Deeper Sleep Battery Modifications

Updated Beats Audio + xLOUD thanks to Yash98

Just another improvement! :)

Under Developement: xLOUD Switch in Settings and more...

Version 2.0: http://legacytechnow.com/Droid_GTR_Rom_Evo_4G

Changelog Version 2.0 Twinturbo:

Tiamat 4.1.0 SBC Kernel for overclock capability up to 1,267 Mhz
with these available governors:
Smartass v2

**You can control your CPU from Cyanogenmods CPU Settings found under: Settings/Cyanogenmod settings/Performance/CPU settings
Use at your own risk... Not all evo hardware can handle the same mods so I leave that up to the user. Other CPU managers and OC tools work great with this rom.**

HTC Sensation Tweaks slipped right into the Build for more Play Store and Games download capability

5 More Themes slipped into the Theme Builder which are:
XperiaArc from Kevin2516
Touchwizzed from Kevin2516
MotoBlur from Kevin2516
MIUI V4 from Jasonevil
Honeycomb 3D-SB from BKMO (been in the previous build)

Beats Audio Icon on Notification Bar on audio play
(Also slipped Beats Audio Icon in most of the themes listed above as well)

Adobe Flash Player

More apps placed to data/app like it should

2 more Live wallpapers from Casio Commando C771

Some more build tweaks pulled from Galaxy Tab (under developement for future updates)

Faster, Smoother, more Powerful, and better Battery Management!

Whats next: Much, Much, More! :cool:

Enjoy this OS!

Changelog For The Twinturbo version 1.6:

Fixed DSP Manager! I said.... "FIXED DSP MANAGER in CM7.2" :cool: No more crashes on equalizer adjustments.

Removed some apps for more optimization compatibility

Amp'd CM7 Kernel for smoother rendering and speed

Slipped in the V6 Supercharger script (W.I.P)

More memory tweeks

Beats 5.1 and Xloud updates (W.I.P for the controllers)

ICS Panorama Camera baked in by Moblynx! Thank them for this app and contribute!

More cool themes

Play Store updated (kicked old market apk)

Google voice search

Weather capable widgets (sense like)

Much more widgets and wallpapers!

Fixed the ever changing icons on top

Many more modifications.






Hint: Get Adobe Flash from the play store.

You will like it!

Change log for version 1.5 SE & Twinturbo:

Gapps (Yes I Baked it right in this time!)

Superuser 3.0.7

Sprints Visual Voicemail

Finer Stunning Details in Icons and Themes

More Memory Performance tune-ups (on the Twinturbo ROM)

Boosted Experimental Tweak on the Cyanogenmod Kernel. (dual-data input setting for multi-task at ease!) :D Performance highly noticed! Rom won't support showing this new tweak yet. That will be the fun part.

Couple more Sony apps (under developement) Thanks Team Nocturnal!

Fixed the google widgets and all other issues.

Apps to SD and many other mods in the Twinturbo Rom

Both are Very Stable and "OPTIMIZED"

Incredible Stability!

Flying Windows with ultra smooth rendering

The Sony Xloud and Beats will damage your eardrums. You were warned :D

Download Link Version DROID_GTR version 2.0 Twinturbo: http://legacytechnow.com/Droid_GTR_Rom_Evo_4G

Download Link Version DROID_GTRv1.6 Twinturbo: http://legacytechnow.com/files/Droid_GTRv1.6_Twinturbo.zip

Download Link Version DROID_GTRv1.6 SE: http://legacytechnow.com/files/Droid_GTRv1.6_SE.zip

Download Link Version DROID_GTRv1.5 Twinturbo: http://legacytechnow.com/files/Droid_GTRv1.5_Twinturbo.zip

Download Link Version DROID_GTRv1.5 SE (Non-turbo): http://legacytechnow.com/files/Droid_GTRv1.5_SE.zip

Download Link Version 1.0: http://legacytechnow.com/files/Droid_GTRv1.0.zip

About Droid GTRv1.0 for HTC Evo 4G CDMA:

First of all, I am not responsible if you brick your device or break it for
any reason whatsoever! This rom is for Rooted users only and works
great with any clockworkmod recovery. It has not been tested yet for
any other recovery. Flash at your own risk.

We will be posting our thanks shortly for the resources! Couldn't do
this without all those devs out there!

The Specs:

Cyanogenmod Build 7.2 (Gingerbread 2.3.7)

Beats Audio!

Sony Bravia Engine Enhancement

Droid and ICS 4.0.4 Sounds

Droid X2 boot animation





Nicely themed with Honeycomb / hybrid Icons

Superuser 3.0.4

Fully customizable!

We build Our roms based on Stability, Power, And Details!

Directions: Place the Droid_GTR.zip file on the root of your SD card.

Wipe / Reset

Wipe Cache

Wipe Dalvik Cache

Flash the rom!

Reboot and enjoy!

In the Works: Beats Audio enable/disable button

Bravia Engine enable/disable button

Our own wallpaper chooser and more wallpapers

Sense? Will be a different labeled model when it happens...

Much much more!

Compatible Recoveries:
Clockworkmod Touch ========= Link:http://download.clockworkmod.com/rec...supersonic.img

Team Win Recovery Project TWRP Touch v2.0============Link: http://htcevohacks.com/htc-evo-hacks...ed-htc-evo-4g/

Clockworkmod Recovery ============= Link: http://download2.clockworkmod.com/re...supersonic.img



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Oct 19, 2008
OK so I downloaded, flashed this ROM and I can honestly say that this ROM will be a good one after a few updates!

Right now is a good ROM for those that are tired of ICS and are really looking for the whole package (camcorder, 4G and things like that) to work.

Will keep an eye on this one!!

Thanks rgsgroup2005 for contributing to the community and don't let the haters bring you down! Let me know if you need anything, I'm just a PM away! :)
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Mar 7, 2012
Thanks! There is some missing apps in there! Although market is there. I will update soon. Your choice should work though since CM7 based. If so, I will slip it in the rom. Or should I give it a choice? Let the votes begin! :good:
If your gonna update tonight I might as well wait to Download.

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Nov 28, 2011
West Palm Beach, FL
Well I've encounter a few problems trying to install apps from my sdcard. Hacked Pandora app, miuiV4 cm7 theme and update superuser from market is all saying application not installed or invalid file. I did wipe cache and delvik cache and fix permissions and still same error.

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