[ROM][EAS][7.1.2_r33]★ Pure Fusion OS ★[OMS / PocketLock / GCam / OOS Cam]

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Feb 25, 2014

Yes, but those files didn't exist, since I did a full wipe / reset, but here's what DID fix it... Got back into TWRP, wasn't letting me do Factory Reset / Format in Wipe menu since I had already tried wiping each partition... So... rebooted into TWRP again, but went straight to the Factory Reset so it would format Data first and foremost. Rebooted into TWRP and the password was gone... Wow that was a mess. NO clue what went wrong as I've not changed my process from one ROM to the next, but this did the trick.

What I am lost about is that it changed my "PIN" to my Google Account Password after the ROM's first boot / setup. I used OpenGAPPs Nano. Not sure if that is where it happened from or what, but man that was both scary and frustrating, lol. Whooooooooo, what a morning! I will NOT be forgetting how to fix this issue anytime soon, haha.

Edit: Have seen this before on a few other ROMs and have never experienced it myself until now. Fresh Wipe, Fresh Install, etc... Home button rarely and randomly becomes unresponsive. Hitting the power button off / on seems to refresh it without having to power completely off or anything like that. Can not seem to make it happen consistently and it's rare enough to not be a huge issue. So, few camera bugs and this... otherwise this ROM is VERY solid, going very smoothly overall.

Noticed a few things it doesn't have that PAEX does, but they're not the same ROM so yeah, duh. Request if possible: SlimRecents
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Sep 9, 2012
New FIX build is UP!


  • Fixed "Settings > Sound" and some audio/music apps crash
    • That was due to the OOS blobs for enabling the 60fps recording in the OnePlusCamera. Which means that this is DISABLED now. You can still use Google Camera for full 60fps recording!
  • Auto brightnes changes

Full changelog:


* build/
f347f47 build: don't dex preopt by default on linux [siankatabg]
0d588bd Build: Add custom maintainer name [siankatabg]
d4c92cf Revert "make all builds deodexed" [siankatabg]
516d095 Revert "Hack to Avoid odexing" [siankatabg]
df39dfd build: Introduce Firmware flashing extension [Tab Fitts]
c55c2d2 Build: Make 'pure' [Tab Fitts]

* device/oneplus/oneplus3/
3967e84 Device: Disable 60fps in OnePlus Camera [siankatabg]
7a723eb Revert "op3: Adjust auto brightness levels" [siankatabg]
7ad6a52 Fix fusion.dependencies [siankatabg]

* frameworks/base/
d8a200f FB: Fix raw capturing and add smile support [siankatabg]
a23e272 FB: Add the needed stuffs for OnePlusCamera to work [siankatabg]
02245b0 FB: Make OnePlus Camera to coexists with HAL3 [siankatabg]

* manifest/
7eadae7 Manifest: Remove vendor/gapps [siankatabg]

* packages/apps/PureFusionOTA/
06df7e3 [apps/purefusionota] Introduce changes for beta OTA updates [Tab Fitts]
06774ec [apps/purefusionota] [FIX] Prevent crash when download completes [Tab Fitts]
9b1a9a2 [apps/purefusionota] Remove forgotten unused code. [Tab Fitts]
27c126a [apps/purefusionota] Add support for multiple updates per day [Tab Fitts]
abfdd1a [apps/purefusionota] Enable use of remote changelog [Tab Fitts]

* vendor/pure/
9b420fa vendor/pure: Products: Add custom maintainer name for OnePlus3 [siankatabg]
b32dc66 Vendor: Fix for odexed builds [siankatabg]
ab6539f vendor/pure: Build DeskClock [siankatabg]
1ef059c vendor/pure: Remove PixelLauncher prebuild [siankatabg]
5d5eabb [vendor/pure] Make beta ota conditional. [Tab Fitts]
48d71c4 [vendor/pure] Support beta OTA updates [prstorero]
81860cf [vendor/pure] Build script ready for full date. [Tab Fitts]
3a54dc9 [vendor/pure] Add changelog to build script. [Tab Fitts]
3bf34d0 [vendor/pure] Update Turbo: Pixel Merlin Aug 2017 Edition: [Eliminater74]
3991d31 [vendor/pure] Allow for multiple updates daily. [Tab Fitts]

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May 15, 2015
hi guys, anyone using Calcy IV app without issues?? it starts for me but after I click switch to game it FCs
Just started to use this rom, but yes, Calcy IV is crashing.
Here is logs.


  • logs-2017-08-15-23-11-47.zip
    139.7 KB · Views: 4
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Sep 12, 2011
Just started to use this rom, but yes, Calcy IV is crashing.
Here is logs.
The only crash I see in that log is for settings. Would it be possible to catch another? I also saw a review saying an update started crashing a lot, so it may be the developers needing to fix it. Maybe see if there's a new update that fixes it.
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Oct 4, 2013
This happened to me too. I've mentioned it on this telegram group and the XDA forum with no response unfortunately. I had to go back to the 13th build I had backed up.
Just because we don't respond doesn't mean we aren't looking into it. We actually had a discussion about this today. A fix is in the works.


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Feb 18, 2015
Anyone tried the oZop mod for changing system animations? Would be really awesome to have the stock OOS animations on this rom. Smooth af.

BTW, any chance color engine from aospa will be added to this rom? I just want a black theme with different accents. Can't seem to find substratum themes that does that. E.g swift dark changes the notifications to dark aswell, and I don't want that.. Any suggestions?

Thanks for a great rom devs. Mad props


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Dec 6, 2014
Anyone tried the oZop mod for changing system animations? Would be really awesome to have the stock OOS animations on this rom. Smooth af.

BTW, any chance color engine from aospa will be added to this rom? I just want a black theme with different accents. Can't seem to find substratum themes that does that. E.g swift dark changes the notifications to dark aswell, and I don't want that.. Any suggestions?

Thanks for a great rom devs. Mad props

Use swift black theme but don't apply the overlay to androidsystem.
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    [ROM][EAS][7.1.2_r33]★ Pure Fusion OS ★[OMS / PocketLock / GCam / OOS Cam]

    ****Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you destroy your device. Use at your own risk.****

    Pure Fusion is an AOSP based ROM which aims to bring stability and features to your device, while keeping Google's vision in mind.

    Pure Fusion is highly optimized, utilizing some of the latest code compiling technologies. We take pride in spending time learning about and testing all the different options for compilers and optimizations. We pick and choose the most optimized and stable toolchains, then optimize them further.

    We encourage developers and device maintainers to join our project and contribute or port their devices to this ROM.

    *Based on AOSP Android 7.1.2_r27
    *Busybox, and Init.d support
    *Pixel sounds and OEM wallpapers from factory images
    *Pixel theme and Pixel navbar animation
    *Pixel colors
    *Bug fix's and stability improvements
    *UI Improvements (fixed a bunch google forgot to materialize)
    *Rootless Substratum OMS Theme Engine support
    *ADB enhancements (ADB over wifi, Hide ADB icon, colored logcat "abd logcat -C")
    *Developer settings by default
    *Enabled Night mode for all devices
    *Custom night light brightness options
    *Disabled forced encryption
    *Disabled tether provision checks
    *Download speed in notification
    *Advanced reboot menu
    *Advanced screenshot functionality (longpress tile/power menu for selectable screenshot)
    *Back volume adjust sounds and toggle
    *Advanced rotation control and lockscreen rotation toggle
    *Ability to lock app in landscape via rotation tile
    *Advanced charging sound controls
    *Advanced seekbar style animation controls
    *Quick setting header Longpress actions
    *Ability to see app version when sideloading app
    *App package name to app info screen
    *Ability to launch app when touching app icon in app info screen
    *Phone info shortcut to about phone/status on top
    *Dynamic vendor image notification
    *Additional battery saver trigger steps
    *Ability to unlink notification volume from ringer volume
    *Increasing ringtone option
    *Pocket Lock

    Lock Screen
    *Lockscreen item option(time, date, alarm text toggles & Clock font style)
    *Double tap anywhere to sleep
    *Long press power for torch
    *Option to disable lockscreen media art
    *Option to scramble the pin entry layout
    *Option to disable the pin ripple background when entering lockscren pin
    *Option to disable fingerprint success vibration

    Notification Drawer
    *Quick settings pulldown (left,right,always)
    *Smart pulldown (no ongoing, no dismissable, no notifications)
    *Advanced quick settings easy toggle
    *Brightness slider on/off toggle
    *Haptic feedback on quick setting on/off toggle
    *Ability to disable quick settings on secure lockscreen
    *Ability to disable the quick settings title text
    *Ability to change number of quick settings columns
    *Ability to change the amount of rows in quick settings
    *Ability to set contexual or custom header images

    Recent apps
    *Immersive recents
    *Kill all fab
    *Kill all fab location

    *Battery customization(percentage/icon style)
    *Sync battery icon with quick settings tile
    *Battery bar options(location, color, style, thickness, animation)
    *Carrier Label customization(placement, text)
    *Clock customization(show clock, show seconds, alignment, ampm, date, date style, date position, date format)
    *Network traffic meter options(enable, display units, update interval, hide arrows, auto hide, inactivity threshold)
    *Statusbar icon blacklist
    *Double tap on statusbar to sleep
    *Status bar brightness control
    *Status bar notification count
    *Status bar bluetooth battery meter toggle

    Navigation Bar
    *Navbar toggle and Height/width options
    *Navigation bar tuner
    *Pixel navbar animation toggle
    *Ability to enable one handed mode
    *Ability to enable double tap to sleep
    *Longpress back to kill
    *Configurable longpress back to kill timeout

    Hardware keys
    *Custom key binding
    *Accidental touch blocking
    *Backlight control
    *Backlight brightness
    *Backlight on only when buttons pressed

    *Option to disable on secure lock
    *Add/remove (reboot, screenshot, screen-record, torch, airplane mode, user switcher,settings shortcut, search, voice search, lock now, sound panel)

    Volume Rocker
    *Volume keys control media volume
    *Volume key wake
    *Volume key music control
    *Volume key orientation swap
    *Volume key keyboard cursor control
    *Volume up and power action (screen record/selectable screenshot)
    *Volume down to enter do not disturb
    *Volume up to exit do not disturb
    *Do not disturb volume panel switch
    *Volume steps customization

    *Expanded desktop options
    *Option to enable/disable wake on plug
    *3 finger swipe for screenshot toggle
    *Battery and Notification LED controls

    Media & Notifications
    *Ability to turn off vibration when double tapping power button for camera
    *Power notification controls
    *Peeking notification option(on/off, timeout, snooze length)
    *Low battery notification toggle

    *Ability to enable app icon on toast
    *Force enable or disable scrolling cache
    *Incall vibration options
    *Much, much more!


    Pure Fusion:

    ROM Downloads
    Our Gerrit
    Install Stats

    Beans GApps:

    Full & Mini

    Open GApps:


    Not Working:


    Credits & Thanks:

    Our awesome testers!
    Dirty Unicorn
    @RenderBroken - For EAS Commits and Help
    @joshuous for Vox Populi EAS PowerHAL


    So you want to enter the competitive world of professional ROM flashing? If so, you need to take your phone flashing to a new level. How can you position yourself and your expertise so you are the dev's obvious choice? Be honest. Do you enjoy troubleshooting? Do you have a problem with things going wrong? If so, then you might be better off staying on your current OS.

    If you are still reading this and are sitting in your chair thinking: “I could do that, if I tried”, then maybe you have a chance.

    If you can't read, watch this video: https://youtu.be/JmvCpR45LKA

    Q: I flashed an update and lost TWRP
    A: You need to re-flash the TWRP file via fastboot.

    Q: I want to use this ROM, but I don’t want root. Is that possible?
    A: You’re in luck. This ROM does not come pre-rooted. So you can use this with no root if you desire. Although, I’m not sure why you would want to do that, but you can.

    Q: My phone reboots randomly
    A: Use adb or any other file explorer tool to pull a copy of /sys/fs/pstore/console-ramoops (command: adb pull /sys/fs/pstore/console-ramoops) after the reboot and post that. Try to include what you were doing when experiencing the reboot. Also refer to the next question before filing any reports.

    Q: I’m having weird crashes/reboots
    A: Do you have other third party software installed such as a different kernel, Magisk, sound mods, etc.? Remove all of these before submitting a bug report. Reports made with unsupported software like what is listed above will not be addressed.

    Q: Will this ROM receive frequent Security Updates?
    A: Yes

    Q: Does this ROM pass SafetyNet?
    A: It should if you don’t flash root when installing the ROM, since it doesn’t come loaded with root out of the box. If you want root, Magisk will allow you to pass SafetyNet.

    Q: Does OTA work?
    A: Yes // Not for now on OP3

    Q: Do I need to do a clean install?
    A: If you’re coming from another ROM, yes. If you’re already running ours, a dirty flash should be fine unless otherwise specified. If you have problems, try a clean flash before reporting issues. Refer to an above question if you are coming from a stock-based ROM or are possibly encrypted.

    Q: Will you add stuff to the ROM?
    A: *insert perhaps cow meme here*

    Q: Is this a Stock based ROM?
    A: No

    Q: Does the camera work?
    A: See the OP for current stuff not working

    Don't submit bug reports without a log!

    Donate on Paypal:
    @siankatabg: - OnePlus 3/3T Maintainer - Donate on paypal
    @Eliminater74: - Lead developer and HTC 10 Maintainer - Donate on paypal
    @tabp0le: - Lead developer and HTC 10 Maintainer - Donate on paypal

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Pure Fusion OS, ROM for the OnePlus 3

    siankatabg, INT3NSE07
    Source Code: https://github.com/PureFusionOS/manifest

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Included in the ROM

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: 20170813_003027
    Beta Release Date: 2017-08-13

    Created 2017-08-11
    Last Updated 2017-09-11
    New build is up!


    • We are now OFFICIALLY supported device
    • Device tree and vendor rebuilded from scratch
    • Blobs and firmwares updated to OB21/OB12
    • Introducing of RenderZenith kernel All credits to @joshuous and @RenderBroken
    • Fixed some apps FCs and crashes (XDALabs, TomTom, BlueMail...)
    • Updated OnePlus Camera (With removed "Processing...") and OnePlus Gallery (With RAW preview support) from OB21
    • OOS camera - Fully 60fps recording, "HDR" and flash stamp on aHDR All credits to @amirzaidi
    • Updated Launcher3 (testing)
    • Enabled VOLTE flags
    • Google Chrome removed (github don't like how big it is and this actually made the rom.zip much smaller :p )

    Full changelog:


    * device/oneplus/oneplus3/
    7ad6a52 Fix fusion.dependencies [siankatabg]
    ce1e836 op3: Enable 60fps with camera blobs from OB18 [siankatabg]
    d262cba Prebuilds: Update Substratum and OnePlus apps [siankatabg]
    b555f3b Overlay: Enable Night Display [siankatabg]
    125ad69 Overlay: Enable VOLTE [siankatabg]
    c953944 Overlay: Add purenexus_config and enable sRGB, DashCharge and FP CancelSuccess [siankatabg]
    1f4ce51 Overlay: Comment all unsupported overlays [siankatabg]
    10b4bcd BoardConfig: Bring in RenderZenith kernel [siankatabg]
    1bba393 Device: Enable FFMPEG [siankatabg]
    da3fbbd BoardConfig: Enable Battery real time stats [siankatabg]
    d7aa039 BoardConfig: Enable SDCLANG and CLANG_FAST [siankatabg]
    1154935 OnePlus3 Initial PureFusionOS bring up [siankatabg]
    e00d9ec oneplus3: Disable spammy camera HAL log messages [siankatabg]
    bbf3ec4 system.prop: Remove unneeded camera props [siankatabg]
    4707996 BoardConfig: Add Bootanimation optimizations [siankatabg]
    533d4f8 BoardConfig: Remove VSYNC_EVENT_PHASE_OFFSET [siankatabg]
    c5e3921 BoardConfig: Dexpreopt only on user builds [siankatabg]
    a894b6c oneplus3: Remove debug parameters from command line [siankatabg]
    c37fe3a oneplus3: Address SELinux denials for Facebook Messenger video calls [siankatabg]
    9b3aff3 Remove persist.camera.HAL3 prop [siankatabg]
    1d5eaf5 op3: disable wpa_supplicant log spam [siankatabg]
    509b22e Remove deprecated Telephony overlay values [siankatabg]
    529713e Remove vendor audio_effect.conf [siankatabg]
    1de4815 Device: Remove Snap [siankatabg]
    9913393 BoardConfig: Cleanup [siankatabg]
    fb3a9af oneplus3: use
    * name to determine device [siankatabg]
    a4372db oneplus3: Update firmware flashing extension for OP3T [siankatabg]
    3c69381 oneplus3: track lksecapp firmware image [siankatabg]
    bb1783b oneplus3: Support for shipping firmware [siankatabg]
    839f503 Remove TrustZone assertion [siankatabg]
    273a3e7 Add Marlin EAS Perfd [siankatabg]
    c4c7504 Add prebuild apps [siankatabg]
    22724b2 op3: Kang marlin libdumpstate [siankatabg]
    f9490bf gps: Update to CAF LA.UM.5.5.r1-04000-8x96.0 [siankatabg]
    d0f42ee MediaCodecs: Enable Google Camera slo-mo and 60fps [siankatabg]
    8414269 Audio: Rise In-call volume a bit [siankatabg]
    bf8b5c3 WiFi: Back to CAF config [siankatabg]
    95fa172 Fix a2dp stream issues [siankatabg]
    d848141 oneplus3: Remove debug/deprecated graphics props [siankatabg]
    9307b1e perfd: Add system GID [siankatabg]
    9f8c5d0 oneplus3: Optimize power config on boot [siankatabg]
    d50b291 Bring in my modified Marlin PowerHAL [siankatabg]
    c598be5 EAS: init: Start perfd after all perfd properties have been set [siankatabg]
    10b4206 EAS: init.qcom.rc: Create /data/misc/perfd [siankatabg]
    f7969dd EAS: Import Marlin perfd policies [siankatabg]
    03fab93 Doze: Remove CM dependencies [siankatabg]

    * frameworks/base/
    d8a200f FB: Fix raw capturing and add smile support [siankatabg]
    a23e272 FB: Add the needed stuffs for OnePlusCamera to work [siankatabg]
    02245b0 FB: Make OnePlus Camera to coexists with HAL3 [siankatabg]
    2eb6871 Revert "Fix thread safety issue" [Eliminater74]
    76f335f FWB: Sensor block per-package switch (1/2) [Eliminater74]
    0ef3d46 SystemSensorManager: sensor block per-package [Eliminater74]
    f16d61f core/jni: Use sdclang lto for building libandroid_runtime [Eliminater74]
    7cd61ea Switch frameworks/base/core/jni from gcc to clang. [Eliminater74]
    5ca984b Revert "Fix to android 7.0+ Intent Flag Bug" [siankatabg]

    * manifest/
    7eadae7 Manifest: Remove vendor/gapps [siankatabg]

    * packages/apps/FusionStats/
    bf1760b [apps/fusionstats] Ability to disable reporting [prstorero]

    * packages/apps/Launcher3/
    0d9fa64 Launcher3: New design policy integration [siankatabg]
    085f198 Launcher3: allow user to swipe down to open statusbar panel [siankatabg]
    11becdb Launcher3: Materialize the settings menu [siankatabg]
    9de6c6d Launcher3: fix some string errors [siankatabg]
    3874f07 Add custom preference for icon packs [siankatabg]
    e503ad2 Launcher3: full icon pack support [siankatabg]
    e3ea00f Launcher3: fix to always show settings button [siankatabg]
    09ec463 Cleaning up references to mDragView after reordering Workspaces [siankatabg]
    3ad8eef Fix crash when LAUNCHER3_ALL_APPS_PULL_UP is false [siankatabg]
    e2052fd Theme changes [siankatabg]
    227cca4 Launcher3: rework icon pack support [siankatabg]
    6cbcdbb Add iconpack support [siankatabg]
    f25e5f1 Launcher: add preference for predictive apps [siankatabg]
    bf4da8e Launcher3: Predictive apps [siankatabg]
    eafb05a Set LOCAL_PRIVILEGED_MODULE to true [siankatabg]
    4ca4c49 Show App Info by default [siankatabg]
    9ca5533 Remove permission group no longer used thus fixing warning [siankatabg]
    097ca90 Materialize Launcher3 icon [siankatabg]
    41cbd28 WallpaperPicker: Materialize icon [siankatabg]
    d16cf96 Materialize app drawer icon [siankatabg]
    9ea5c3f Launcher3: bring back pulldown to open notifications panel [siankatabg]
    624efb3 Launcher3: animate workspace when animating the Google now page [siankatabg]
    3d7c6db LauncherClient: make sure service is connected before trying to unbind [siankatabg]
    683bc47 Launcher3: prevent crash [siankatabg]
    aac8a0a Launcher3: support google now tab [siankatabg]
    cab2141 Launcher3: import reversed google now lib [siankatabg]
    5ff6d94 Launcher3: refactor gesture handling [siankatabg]
    77211f0 Launcher3: double tap on home screen to turn off screen [siankatabg]
    c4a8f63 Launcher3: Add swipe up/down gestures [siankatabg]

    * packages/apps/PureFusionOTA/
    06774ec [apps/purefusionota] [FIX] Prevent crash when download completes [Tab Fitts]
    9b1a9a2 [apps/purefusionota] Remove forgotten unused code. [Tab Fitts]
    27c126a [apps/purefusionota] Add support for multiple updates per day [Tab Fitts]
    abfdd1a [apps/purefusionota] Enable use of remote changelog [Tab Fitts]

    * vendor/pure/
    3aef583 Vendor: Fix for odexed builds [siankatabg]
    5b603e1 vendor/pure: Build DeskClock [siankatabg]
    819364f vendor/pure: Remove PixelLauncher prebuild [siankatabg]
    3bf34d0 [vendor/pure] Update Turbo: Pixel Merlin Aug 2017 Edition: [Eliminater74]
    3991d31 [vendor/pure] Allow for multiple updates daily. [Tab Fitts]
    0dab54a vendor/pure: Add OnePlus3 to the OFFICIALLY suported devices [Tab Fitts]
    9dbcf2f [vendor/pure] Add tabp0le LABS build script. [Tab Fitts]


    * device/oneplus/oneplus3/
    afb238d Remove cmhw, CMParts and pocketmode [siankatabg]

    * device/oppo/common/
    eedd633 Alert slider: Fix changing from "vibrate" to "all notifications" in some scenarios [siankatabg]

    * kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
    ef3ba97 Revert "defconfig: Switch to PELT" [siankatabg]
    b6c0c67 kernel/msm8996: [SQUASHED] Revert cgroup fixes. [siankatabg]

    * vendor/oneplus/
    e3f7782 Firmware: Introducing of PA firmware flash OB21/OB12 [siankatabg]
    d9f5ab7 Import Marlin EAS perfd [siankatabg]
    5f6b264 Remove all other devices [siankatabg]


    * external/chromium-webview/
    6ce7c4e Webview: Update to 60.0.3112.90 [Eliminater74]
    39e8cc9 Revert "Add BCM patch" [Eliminater74]
    7aefd1d webview: Update to 59.0.3071.126 with new patches [Eliminater74]

    * external/sqlite/
    276123b [external/sqlite] Cleanup Android.mk [Eliminater74]
    f3ee748 [external/sqlite] add local_clang <-- Keep disable for now [Eliminater74]
    c0f85cc sqlite: upgrade to SQLite 3.20.0 [Eliminater74]
    48d30d3 sqlite: upgrade to SQLite 3.19.3 [Eliminater74]
    3cd2081 sqlite: Disable SDCLANG [Eliminater74]

    * manifest/
    bbee519 [manifest] We now rule over: android_external_chromium-webview [Eliminater74]

    * packages/apps/PureSettings/
    45056ce Mod: Sensor block per-package switch (2/2) [Eliminater74]

    * vendor/oneplus/
    87a6df8 cheeseburger: generate makefiles, add blobs from 4.5.8 [Ashwin Ramesh]

    * vendor/pure/
    993e9e7 Vendor/Pure: BootAnimation: Introduce newest Official Boot Animation By Roger [siankatabg]


    * build/
    d86b631 build: Introduce Firmware flashing extension [siankatabg]
    bc85f7a Build: Make 'pure' [siankatabg]
    7bc6482 Revert "make all builds deodexed" [siankatabg]
    a9308e9 Revert "Hack to Avoid odexing" [siankatabg]

    * frameworks/av/
    7ddac34 FAV: Add the needed stuffs for OnePlusCamera to work [siankatabg]

    * hardware/qcom/bt/
    b60954a libbt-qcom: Allow reading BT address from property [Alberto97]

    * manifest/
    e3e80f6 [manifest] Add review for FusionDevices. [Tab Fitts]

    * packages/apps/FusionStats/
    e4d5079 [apps/FusionStats] Fix translations up. [Tab Fitts]
    98ebed9 [apps/FusionStats] Update .gitignore [Tab Fitts]


    * device/oneplus/oneplus3/
    1fec70f op3: Update to OB21 / OB12 blobs [dianlujitao]
    c46f9bd op3: Add shim to make front camera not take 4 MP pics in bright light [dianlujitao]
    ec5325b op3: Add shim to fix front facing camera crash in bright light [dianlujitao]
    7eaff84 op3: Use shim to set camera package name in the HAL to OnePlus Camera [dianlujitao]
    4fe0ea5 op3: Automatically sed camera HAL symbol changes needed for shim [dianlujitao]
    e820f33 op3: Remove duplicate time_daemon service definition [dianlujitao]

    * packages/apps/FusionStats/
    fca9004 [apps/FusionStats] Add missing string to preview screen. [Tab Fitts]
    035efa0 [apps/FusionStats] Get device name for reporting. (not just model) [Tab Fitts]

    * vendor/oneplus/
    824470b op3: Update to OB21 / OB12 blobs [dianlujitao]

    Latest update released. 22/09/2017


    Hello guys, as @siankatabg moved to an OP5, i'll be maintaining this ROM from now on. The newest build is up, i'll push the next updates through OTA. Hope you enjoy it​


    * device/oneplus/oneplus3/
    07e4564 op3: Update file extractors to match new template [INT3NSE07]
    b3176c3 op3: Update blobs from OB24 / OB15 [INT3NSE07]

    * frameworks/base/
    0d6d067 Merge branch 'n-mr2' of https://github.com/PureFusionOS/android_frameworks_base into n-mr2 [INT3NSE07]
    839b61e FWB: Block lock screen torch when device is in pocket [siankatabg]

    * kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
    ffe866e Prevent potential double frees in sg driver [INT3NSE07]
    c84cc09 drivers: staging: Update qcacld-2.0 driver [INT3NSE07]
    5f3e014 Merge tag 'LA.UM.5.5.r1-05800-8x96.0' of https://source.codeaurora.org/quic/la/kernel/msm-3.18 into cm-14.1 [INT3NSE07]

    * vendor/oneplus/
    1c04bfa op3: Update firmware to OB24/OB15 [INT3NSE07]
    0913136 op3: Update blobs from OB24 / OB15 [INT3NSE07]


    * device/oneplus/oneplus3/
    f9c41a2 oneplus3: Add missing wfc/volte props from stock [INT3NSE07]

    * frameworks/base/
    c061e36 FWB: PocketJudge: Stop light sensor usage [Tab Fitts]


    * kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
    5628c68 drivers:power: Allow max 2500ma draw from normal charger [INT3NSE07]
    d7b14f9 cfq: fix starvation of asynchronous writes [INT3NSE07]
    4695ef1 cfq-iosched: Charge at least 1 jiffie instead of 1 ns [INT3NSE07]
    9654a06 cfq-iosched: Fix regression in bonnie++ rewrite performance [INT3NSE07]
    05ba200 cfq-iosched: Convert slice_resid from u64 to s64 [INT3NSE07]
    3f7d524 cfq-iosched: temporarily boost queue priority for idle classes [INT3NSE07]
    4d40cc0 cfq-iosched: Convert to use highres timers [INT3NSE07]
    36e1ebf cfq-iosched: Expose microsecond interfaces [INT3NSE07]
    b3d78f2 cfq-iosched: Convert from jiffies to nanoseconds [INT3NSE07]
    167f911 cfq-iosched: Allow parent cgroup to preempt its child [INT3NSE07]
    728a1d3 cfq-iosched: Allow sync noidle workloads to preempt each other [INT3NSE07]
    a7aaaf2 cfq-iosched: Reorder checks in cfq_should_preempt() [INT3NSE07]
    4950eb3 cfq-iosched: Don't group_idle if cfqq has big thinktime [INT3NSE07]
    9e25163 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Add missing break [INT3NSE07]
    8296ab5 ANDROID: Sdcardfs: Move gid derivation under flag [INT3NSE07]
    332bb2c arm64: bpf: optimize JMP_CALL Remove superfluous stack frame, saving us 3 instructions for every JMP_CALL. [INT3NSE07]


    * device/oppo/common/
    444140e Oppo-common: Replace MODE_NONE with MODE_RING [siankatabg]

    * frameworks/base/
    4c09639 FWB: PocketJudge: Stop light sensor usage [INT3NSE07]
    7172a7c Lockscreen PIN quick unlock [1/2] [enzoo96]

    * hardware/qcom/fm/
    5b7319b Automatic translation import [Abhisek Devkota]

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    279aff1 Lockscreen PIN quick unlock [2/2] [enzoo96]


    * packages/apps/Settings/
    9c65cf4 Back-port ag/2491664 [Eliminater74]
    bebc62f Disable/Enable screenshot sound [2/2] [Eliminater74]


    * packages/apps/PureSettings/
    7dc98f6 Add home button to wake device [enzoo96]

    * system/bt/
    3ad71ac Add missing extension length check while parsing BNEP control packets [INT3NSE07]
    ae76a47 Free p_pending_data from tBNEP_CONN to avoid potential memory leaks [INT3NSE07]
    75f84d7 Add a missing check for PAN buffer size before copying data [INT3NSE07]
    6489b83 Add missing packet length checks while parsing BNEP control packets [INT3NSE07]
    5432621 Add missing continuation offset check for SDP continuation requests [INT3NSE07]
    5f34ed7 Disable PAN Reverse Tethering when connection originated by the Remote [INT3NSE07]
    f8be8c5 Allocate buffers of the right size when BT_HDR is included [INT3NSE07]


    * build/
    f33b8b1 Updating Security String to 2017-09-05 Bug:63846344 [INT3NSE07]

    * external/skia/
    37a4eef Defend against ICOs with large BMPs embedded DO NOT MERGE [INT3NSE07]

    * frameworks/av/
    0297af8 MPEG4Source: fix fragmented read. [INT3NSE07]
    11af985 stagefright: fix crash due to bad timestamp index [INT3NSE07]
    21c6c32 stagefright: check aac_frame_length to prevent infinite loop [INT3NSE07]
    05289c0 MediaPlayerService: fix access of mPlayer in client [INT3NSE07]
    01187c9 audio effects: filter reserved effect commands [INT3NSE07]
    8563b70 MPEG4Extractor: ensure returned status is checked. [INT3NSE07]
    29488e8 DO NOT MERGE Check frame handle validity before freeing buffer. [INT3NSE07]
    914078f Change MPEG2 reinit Error Handling [INT3NSE07]
    4bdce81 Track: Check buffer size of static tracks [INT3NSE07]
    d88a981 MPEG4Extractor: check size for yrrc box [INT3NSE07]
    5d4d131 AudioFlinger: Fix memory allocation for client-less tracks [INT3NSE07]
    641df8d Notify Errors Appropriately from SoftMPEG2 [INT3NSE07]
    6e73e6d EffectBundle: Check value size for get preset name [INT3NSE07]
    a60b3f1 Fix TOCTOU problem in libstagefright_soft_aacenc [INT3NSE07]

    * frameworks/base/
    eca9596 Back-port fixes for b/62196835 [INT3NSE07]

    * packages/apps/Nfc/
    5329915 Add READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for file based Uri while beaming. [INT3NSE07]
    New build is up.

    New build is up!


    Both WIFI and Bluetooth issues should be fixed now, test and report back! (BT was tested with headset and car only)
    Night light enabled.
    Some duplicated apps removed.
    Brand new Official Pure Fusion OS Bootanimation!
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