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Sep 21, 2011
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Power on phone holding volume down, when you see fast boot keep taping volume down till you see "Boot Android {No BP}" and press volume up.

It will boot you into Google Setup....just click the green guy then select the "skip" option for the rest of the setup. When you get to the location service consent section with the 3 options just don't select any and you will boot to the regular homescreen with no service.
or see video

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    General Overview
    Gingerbread Moto Blur 2.3.5 OTA based cleaned up Moto experience with a few modded goodies.
    Bloat Removed
    A lot of blur has been removed
    AOSP/CM7 mms
    AOSP music
    AOSP gallery3D
    Eclipse Launcher2
    CM7 file manager
    AOSP/CM7 Email
    AOSP/CM7 alarm clock
    AOSP car/desk dock
    AOSP sound recorder
    AOSP news & weather
    AOSP calendar
    AOSP Voice Dialer
    AOSP Camera
    DSP Manager
    Accurate Battery
    CRT Animation OFF
    Reboot/screenshot options
    Accurate battery
    Misc prop edits
    Custom Host File
    GPS config changes
    Appwidget Picker - boombuler
    Download crutch to help with web downloads
    Bash Shell
    Busy Box
    init.d support
    Navenedrob's cpu frequency script
    AOSP/Rotary lockscreens - thanks liberty for the source!
    Lockscreen music controls
    SD Card flip/flop - thanks to Navenedrob
    Eclipse Wallpapers
    Eclipse Parts
    Inverted Contacts/dialer
    Custom blue theme throughout
    ICS clock widget
    ICS Inspired bootanimation
    Tab lockscreen, rotary lockscreen - thanks to kejar and liberty team for the source!
    Lockscreen music controls - thanks to liberty for the source
    Inverted Contacts/Dialer - thanks to xkape for the help
    Inverted Performance manager - xkape
    Native Facebook for android integration
    7 pulldown toggles (wireless, bluetooth, gps, sound/vibrate, auto brightness, data, and rotation)

    Q&A Section:
    Q: What do I need to be running first to flash eclipse?

    A: You will have to be on a rooted version of gingerbread before hand

    Q: How do I install Eclipse?
    1. sbf to 234
    2. Root using MotorolaOneclick
    3. Install Voodoo OTA rootkeeper and protect root but temp unroot
    4. Apply 235 update in stock recovery
    5. Restore root in Voodoo rootkeeper and delete backup (make sure root is restored before deleting!)
    6. Install bootstrap
    7. Reboot into bootstrap recovery
    8. Wipe data
    9. Flash eclipse
    10. Profit from its beauty

    Q: I am geting force closes and other weird stuff
    A: It is highly recommended to wipe data each time you flash eclipse. If the problem persists I would re-download the rom, wipe data and flash again.

    Q. My wifi isn't working
    A. You MUST be on the latest OTA 2.3.5, 418 build first...

    Download Eclipse v2.3 : http://www.elementalxdesigns.com/eclipse/showthread.php?113-ROM-Eclipse-2-3-(7-25-12)

    Other Downloads:
    Download non-inverted calendar (not flashable): http://eclipserom.com/mods/click.php?id=130

    For you GO Launcher users out there I have a matching theme you can download from the market. When using the theme make sure you open launcher Preferences -> Visual Settings -> Icons -> Theme Icon and change it to default style to remove the weird background on the images.

    You must be on the latest 2.3.5 build prior to flashing this due to no kernel being included!!!!! You can flash v2.3 on top of v2.2.1. If you have issues just wipe data.
    Dock will force close on first use. Select "Clock" on first dock and it will default to it and no longer force close. Need to set this as default.
    Wiping Data is recommended
    You do not need to install previous versions first. Just flash the latest version. If you flash a theme not designed for 2.3 nyan cats will die.

    v2.3 - 7/25/12
    Removed the framework to point to all AOSP resources (so we now have the AOSP buttons, etc..)
    Lag between switching apps is nearly gone
    Modified OOM groupings and system priority
    Increased scrolling cache - very smooth now
    Added some transparency to the pull down
    Themed Swype to match the standard keyboard
    Enhanced sound quality with beats and fixed DSP to work with beats libs
    Locked launcher in memory
    Fixed website resolving issue
    Updated Email app to natively support Yahoo mail
    v2.2.1 - 5/30/12
    Fixed Battery percentage reporting errors
    Fixed init.d support
    Touched up the theme in a few areas
    Added some more AOSP framework components
    Increased the speed of the rotary lockscreen
    v2.2 - 5/8/12
    Updated base to latest 418 OTA
    Updated Google Apps
    v2.1 -  2/27/12
    Increased framework cache to allow smoother scrolling
    Removed catlog disable, increases overall smoothness of the rom but uses a tad more memory (worth it for responsiveness)
    Inverted Battery manager settings
    Inverted Browser settings
    Inverted Data Manager settings
    Inverted Phone settings
    Added screenshot option in power options
    Prevented a few leftover blur services from starting
    Added ICS Transition animations
    Updates to the main theme
    Updated market/google apps
    Added new Eclipselauncher2 with several new features
      -Fixed hotseat mappings (any app can be mapped in the hotseats now)
      -Homescreen now has an endless loop option
      -Autorotate on/off 
      -Enable/Disable wallpaper scrolling
      -Set number of homescreens
      -Enable scrollable widgets
      -Use two or four hotseats
      -Use two different dock styles or no dock
      -long hold app on trashcan to uninstall
    v2.0.4 2/7/12
    Added scrolling pulldown widgets
    New Eclipse Parts
    Slight theme update
    Removed social applications from data delivery
    Slight changes to the init script
    New launcher with 4 hotseats in landscape mode
    Inverted Calendar
    New Camera
    New Preview gallery
    MMS no longer splits messages longer than 160 characters
    Inverted GTalk
    Updated GApps
    Updated Superuser binary
    Changes to framework cache for smoother scrolling
    Removed Camcorder shortcut (you can access it through the camera)
    Removed some leftover blur services that do not need to be running.
    v2.0.3 - 1/2/12
    Modified Wifi profile
    Changed GPS to US satellites
    Enabled Visual Voice Mail to be downloaded from the market
    Updates to the data service
    New Eclipse Parts logo - Thanks Gunnermike53
    v2.0.2 - 12/30/11
    Fixed Facebook Sync
    Fixed wifi issues
    Changed wifi scanning interval to 90 seconds
    v2.0.1 - 12/13/11
    Updated base to 2.3.5
    Updated Eclipse wallpapers
    Updated Eclipse Parts
    Added latest Swype Beta
    Updated MMS.apk
    -Set default notifications to always vibrate
    -Set default to show full time stamps
    -Set user agent to Bionic
    -Set Back to all threads rather than taking you back to the home screen
    -Set default to split msgs over 160 to send in multiple texts rather than mms.
    Added Rotary lockscreen and tab lockscreens - thanks liberty for the source
    Added lockscreen music controls - thanks to liberty for the source
    Fixed white on white issues in contacts when selecting a contact with multiple numbers
    Fixed black on black when editing a contact
    Fixed white on white when using the dialer in a dock or landscape mode
    Fixed lockscreens when in the dock
    Updated google voice and music
    Removed Verizon Wireless from the lockscreen and pulldown
    Changed AOSP lockscreen default font
    Updates to the default theme
    Changed calendar to white rather than the inverted calendar (per requests)
    Fixed terminal from not being able to enter in numbers
    Set home and power keys as the only hard keys to wake phone
    v1.3 Changelog (11/15/11)
    Fixed Speed Dial Issues
    AOSP Docks added back in (FC on first dock, just select clock app)
    Bionic Camera and Custom preview
    Removed some unneeded services
    Updates to the theme
    Fixes to Eclipse Parts
    Update to the deskclock
    v1.2 Changelog (10/11/11)
    Added in stock dialer and contacts
    Added in AOSP camera (optional cameras will be available soon)
    Full revamped UI
    Eclipse Parts added
    New launcher
    CRT Animation On
    Pretty much a complete refresh
    v1.1 Changelog (10/06/11)
    Fixed hdmi mirroring
    v1.0 Changelog (10/06/11)
    Updated to the 2.3.4 base
    All the same features as 2.3.3 with less bugs!
    No more led issues
    Moved accounts to settings menu
    Updated the theme a little
    Cleaned up some of the settings menus
    Enabled 5 touchpoints
    Roaming options are under Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks
    Eclipse Extras
    Eclipse themed blur alarm clock: EclipseBlurAlarm *install as a normal app

    Eclipse themed AOSP Camera: AOSP Camera *flash in recovery (this will replace the current camera)

    Eclipse themed Blur Camera: Blur Camera *this is the default camera that comes packaged with the rom

    Factory Apps
    Verizon Visual Voice Mail Visual Voice Mail *Flash in recovery
    It seems you guys might be in luck!

    I just happen to have my x2 sitting around doing nothing but playing backup QB to.my Gnex.

    So ive decided to send her on out to Nitro for some lovin!! Hopefully he can work it into his hectic build schedule(over 7 devices by himself now I think) and give y'all stranded x2 users something to play with! I'm just curious to see what awesome sauce he can spread back onto the x2!
    the first picture that i put here that have the white blending to black is from Molten 2.2 which according to the author have Droid 3 camera ported on his ROM.

    i was thinking the same thing that it is a software bug

    i am no computer programmer or hacker and i am wondering if someone could possibly copy or reverse engineer that piece of code or algorithm on the latest Droid 3 camera and modify and fix it to slap onto Droid X2 ROMS.

    i know it is possible but the question is, are the modders knowledgeable enough, motivated enough to do so?

    realistically and honestly based on the things that i saw, i think we won't see the light of the day because Droid x2 development is extremely slow compared to other phones like HTC Evo 3D, Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation, etc...

    but, i hope that someone could do it

    otherwise, i have no other option but to put this junk on ebay :(

    i currently settled on using the leak ota 2.3.5 because each current rom has issue here and there and it seems like devs are very scarce of any kind of criticism or feedback in which in turn to the final product being a lemon.

    So have you put it on eBay yet? lol. Do you know the difference between complaining and feedback? Just curious. I am willing to help improve your experience on the x2. All you have to do is ask nicely.
    Op updated with 2.0.2

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