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Jun 12, 2009
Enomther's [ROM] TheOfficial Nexus1 v2.14.4

enomther said:
Guide to this thread!

- - - POST #1) Basic ROM Info (Features, etc), Downloads (ROM's/ThemeTemplates)

- - - POST #2) ChangeLog, Installation instructions, Frequently Asked Questions.

- - - - - ****If you LIKE WHAT I DO ... and want to put a :D on my face .... you may buy me any kind of drink!****

--- The Thread Rules ---

1) Respect Other Users/Posters.
2) Respect XDA and it's Rules and Moderators.
3) Respect enomther (that's me, hehe ;) ) ... (albeit ... please feel-free to speak your mind )
4) Respect yourself! (No Question is too low)
5) AND PLEASE ... do try and search the thread and broader forum for an answer prior to posting, as there's a high chance it's already been answered!

Basic ROM Info / Features

Release Name:
Enomther's [ROM] TheOfficial Nexus1

Release Version:

JF, Cyanogen, Stericson, JAC, ccyrowski, TheDudeOfLife, Soulife, KB7SQI, CodeAurora, Zinx, wired/wifi tether group - (harry_m/bbunson/seth), Chainsdd, pershoot, kmobs, Amon_RA, irrenhaus, rogro82, Loccy, cytown, rgv151, Wysie, jonasl, jstarkley, Manup456, jaithemes, beagz, MicroMOD777, prodigy, dumbestcrayon, applejosh, david1711, Jack_R1, Moonspoon, Tehseano, sir*mez, Prash, mannyb, RichieDaze, JonnyBeuno, nabzilla1990, all the other theme, app & ROM devs), AndroidSpin (for hosting space and a great ROM DB), .... AND ...... most of all to XDA-developers and the XDA community ... THANK YOU!!!

Base Firmware:

Radio Required:
Please Use RADIO UPDATE - (from Froyo OTA's) - see downloads section.
-- Reports from many that the Korean-derived Radio (05.08) also works, however I do not post it for download / recommend it.
-- Some report good experiences with that radio, but you must obtain elsewhere.

SPL/Recovery Required:
The SPL that came with your Nexus1 (Unlocked/Rooted)
Amon_RA's Recovery Image
ClockWorkMOD Recovery image also works, ... however, you may experience ....
---- some issues with download features in SpareParts, in which case just grab resources manually from POST #3.

SDCARD Partition Layout:

Wipe Required:
If coming from ANY other ROM, YES!

Special instructions:
See POST #2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- TheOfficial kernel
--- Stable
--- compiled w/gcc-4.4.0
--- compcache/linuxswap
--- NetFilter - iptables/tethering support (wired/usb & wireless)
--- ext2/3/4, cifs, fuse
--- squash, misc-other-fs support
--- ipv6 support
--- tun and ipsec support
--- Optional 720p camera support w/HTCCamera

- De-ODEX'd apk/framework (for theme-ing and other alterations)

- Built-in CPU/Memory/SWAP controls (configure in SpareParts, can be disabled completely to use setCPU or another)

- automatic ext2/3/4 filesystem checking and mounting on startup
--- Apps2SD supported, but not on by default ... use SpareParts app to set it up.

- optional dalvik-cache to /cache - use SpareParts

- custom startup execution (if /data/local/ exists)

- 360 degree rotation (optional)

- Full LED/Trackball controls (All optional in SpareParts)
--- Trackball Wake
--- Trackball Unlock
--- LED Color control of built-in notification apps
--- LED Color control of user-installed apps (automatically populated into SpareParts)
--- LED Color Succession
--- LED Color BlinkRate

- SurfaceFlinger Rendering Effects by jstarkley

- FLAC audio support (kroot/cyanogen)

- wmv/wma - video/audio support

- clean reboot/shutdown services

- updated apn-list

- dns/resolv.conf

- included binaries
--- linked up busybox
--- telnetd
--- nano
--- dropbear
--- flash_image
--- extXfs tools
--- iptables
--- htop
--- powertop
--- bash
--- various others

- included apps
--- (*most built-in apps can be safely removed via SpareParts*)
--- GoogleApps
--- Modded SpareParts (use this to setup most features on TheOfficial)
--- CyTown's Phone MOD (optional)
--- Wysie's Browser MOD (FullScreen/Hidezoom Button options)
--- Wysie's WyContacts (optional)
--- International character AOSP Keyboard (optional)
--- Development App from AOSP
--- FM Radio (from MIUI/CMMod)
--- IM App (aim/msn/yahoo - only works on TMO)
--- su/Superuser (ChainsDD's)
--- Optional HTC Apps
------ HTC IME (this is jonasl's v27-froyo-unthemed)
------ HTC CIME
------ HTC Camera w/720p support
------ HTC Album
------ HTC Music
------ HTC Flashlight
------ HTC Teeter (game)

- included scripts
--- rwsystem/rosystem (to mount readonly/readwrite /system)
--- recboot (to reboot into recovery quickly)



- Stock (Not PreThemed) [ROM]

MD5: dfb801dfd78aefe36706d507941a6373

- PreThemed with Manup456's FroyoTheme [ROM]

MD5: b81fb4ef2f61524f9592f71ff619e5d9

Radio's, app's, wallpapers and general resources
(POST #3, click here)

Theme Templates - (v2.14.4)

These are for Theme Developers only!!! Do not flash! :)
MD5: 96592b60dcd23e7cb13532739f371ae7

:) Enjoy! :)
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Jun 12, 2009
Changelog / Installation Instructions

11/26/2010 - v2.14.4
- updated - Gallery3D
--- with latest CM-Contributed-Mods (mostly better performance ... ty)
--- Jack_R1's Auto-Camera-Directory folder detection (ty)
----- (so if using HTCCamera photos/videos ordered correctly now in 100MEDIA folder)
- updated - Calendar with a few eye-candy features from Jack_R1 (thx again :) )
- updated Maps, Street and Market app's to latest versions
- removed - pico-tts data files - to save more space on /system
--- NOTE: These can be obtained via the Market - search for "Android TextToSpeech"
- fixed - 2g/3g toggle in powerwidget when using stock Phone.apk
- posted 2.14.4 ThemeTemplates *finally* :)

11/19/2010 - v2.14.3
- fixed - build.prop fingerprint is now FRG83D - to stop the OTA update notifications
- fixed - GoogleSearch/VoiceSearch - now up-to-date with the market
- fixed - upgrade bootloops! :)

11/18/2010 - v2.14.2
- fixed - "redblob" (lack of notification counts in status bar) - the counts are now displayed properly :)

11/15/2010 - v2.14.1
- added - FM Radio Support (thx to MIUI, CyanogenMOD & special thanx to JaiThemes for help with the graphical themeing of the app :) )
--- app is installed by default - can be removed via SpareParts
- added - New icon for SpareParts (my BSD "beastie" avatar - by JaiThemes - thanks again man!)
- added - StatusBar PowerControl Widget (ty Pedlar - really nice work on this man)
--- off by default, turn-on/configure in SpareParts
- added - T-Mobile Wifi TMO Calling feature/option
--- off by default, turn on in SpareParts
--- NOTE: I *STRONGLY* DO NOT recommend using this feature, it has issues ...
--- see before installing for known issues.
--- Also NOTE this does require a Korean Radio version to function, again see above thread for details.
--- USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! and POST ISSUES in the above thread!
- added - Some more of Wysie's Goodness (thx man :D )
--- Customizable LongPress Number of "RecentApps" HomeKey
--- Customizable LongPress HomeKey app launch
--- Invisible LockScreen - Custom Message
--- Custom LockScreen Message Option
- added - Charansign's better FPS MOD's in kernel/opencore
--- Consistently better FPS now (thanks for helping my feable kernel man!!!)
- added - dBm level in StatusBar option (Thanks to Chris Miller)
--- Also added color change option in SpareParts for this feature
- added some useful links to SystemSettings in SpareParts (only a few)
- added - Reboot/Recovery/Bootloader in PowerMenu
--- Option to disable prompt for this as well in SpareParts
- updated - kernel to patchset
- updated - Terminal Emulator to latest CMMod/Jack-Palevich's (fixes numeric problems)
--- added - option to remove built-in terminal in SpareParts
- updated - All GAPPS and built-in apps etc
--- NOTE: you'll likely have to re-sign into Facebook if you use this app
- added - Option to remove YouTube in SpareParts
- updated - Browser to latest CMMod features (minus proxy stuff)
- updated - ThemeTemplate (you can now theme all optional APK's of the build)
- fixed - Haptic feedback in Wysie Contacts MOD (again this was my fault)
--- MORE Stuff ... I can't even remember now :/

10/11/2010 - v2.13.2
- fixed - Wysie's Contacts dialer no longer FC's
---- (but had to remove the haptic feedback ... this is temporary till I get a proper .3 out)

10/11/2010 - v2.13.1
- updated - Base code to AOSP-2.2.1_r1-FRG83
--- This is the main intent of this update, FRG83 includes quite a few fixes in and of itself.
--- There were lots of bug-fix requests that may/may-not be fixed by FRG83 update, please check and re-report if need be.
--- Also there were a lot of feature requests that did not make it into this build, as the FRG83 update was enough for me at present.
- fixed - HTCCamera now relies on a fake sysfs entry for 5MP detection (so you can use other kernels like pershoot's)
- fixed - You can now use the stagefright toggle under all circumstances (but I recommend leaving it enabled)
- fixed - the included Terminal App is now visible for launch from AppDrawer
- fixed - FC's with certain Apps like Weatherbug, etc. :)
NOTE: If you use the StockGallery with the HTCCamera and would like better ordering of pictures/videos ...
----- See Jack_R1's thread here for his MOD.
----- Just didn't have enough time to fully test/think-through for incorporation this go around. Thanks Jack! :)
NOTE: ThemeTemplates updated and virtually all apks/jars updated, so please use the new ones. :)

9/28/2010 - v2.12.4 - STABLE/RELEASE
- fixed/reverted - HTCCamera no longer saves in the "Camera" directory and has been
---- reverted to use "100MEDIA". Some users (and I eventually reproduced) had photos
---- that disappeared using this feature.
- NOTE: Themers, Templates updated, but only SpareParts has changed since 2.12.3.

9/24/2010 - v2.12.3 - STABLE/RELEASE
- Just another bug/minor-revision ... Will be out for a 2-3 days
- so make sure you nandroid in case I ain't around :) ... but it's pretty solid now.

- added - SLCD Support for New EU Sony TFT Model N1's
- updated - Gmail to v2.3
- updated - Twitter to v1.0.4
- updated - to kernel patchset
- fixed - ext3 is recognized as ext2
--- (thx to applejosh for detailed explanations/suggestions & nagging) :)
- fixed/added - Restoration of StatusBar text colors in SpareParts
- fixed/removed - Goggles FC's by removing it from build, obtain from the market
- fixed - HTC Flashlight won't uninstall in SpareParts
- fixed - Orange/stock Download ProgressBar in themed version (should be and is now Green)
- fixed - changed buildprop fingerprint to FRG83 - to suppress OTA update
- fixed - Reverted Gallery3D icon to stock icon in Themed Version (to avoid confusion when HTCAlbum is also installed)
- fixed - Removed the Camera from the ThemeTemplates *again*
--- NOTE: So there are new themetemplates, changes from v2.12.2 are only in SpareParts, Gmail, Twitter apk's

9/21/2010 - v2.12.2 - STABLE/RELEASE
- fixed - *really fix facebook, etc sync issues :)
NOTE: ThemeTemplates updated as well. Only SpareParts.apk & ContactsProvider.apk changed from 2.12.1. :)

9/20/2010 - v2.12.1-release (changelog from the prealpha version)
- added - HTCAlbum in spareparts, optional :)
NOTE: Anything todo with "Favorites" in the MOD causes FC's (is minor & b/c the field is missing in sqlite), everything else works very well
- added - HTCFlashlight in spareparts, optional (NOTE: only works well with the 720p kernels)
- added - new HTCCamera enhancements
--- Videos & Photos now saved to the Camera directory on the sdcard and ordered correctly
--- Smart album app selection, if HTCAlbum exists, the HTCCamera favors it, if not, it launches the stock Gallery3D
--- Modded the max KBits/s to 6000 for the camera at 720p
--- My own mock implementation of disableGcForExternalAlloc in the dvm
------ This was to allow the HTCCamera to control Garbage Collection on a per thread basis (performance)
- NOTE: Between the above mentioned mod's and the newer kernel, with good lighting, the HTCCamera is now getting 26-27 fps
---- At 8000Kbit/s it gets around 23-25 fps, I will make this optional in 2.13.x. For now, it's set at 6000Kbit/s
- added - option to remove the built-in Gallery3D
- NOTE: If you use the stock Camera and remove the stock Gallery3D, the stock Camera will not be able to call the gallery direct.
- added - Custom Calibration option for Rendering Effects in SpareParts
- added - Back LongPress App Killer functionality, optional in SpareParts (under Misc Options) (ty Evan Charlton & kmobs)
- added - Better PowerControl Widget (still slightly primitive compared to the CMMod version), configure in SpareParts
- added - Ability to move 'dalvik-cache to /cache' TO 'dalvik-cache to /sdcard (extXfs)', is a one-way operation
- updated - kernel to patchset and updated with a couple kgsl perf boosts from CMMod
- updated - a few Gapps ... Twitter, Maps, GVoice and Goggles to the latest market versions
- updated - ChainsDD's Superuser app to the latest market version
- updated - (to what I could "see") Wifi Adhoc support, should work with modded wpa_supplicant
- fixed - Goggles FC issue (now works with current market version)
- fixed - StageFright option in Spareparts is disabled for Toggle (and forced "checked") when HTCCamera is in use
- fixed - Some strangness with ext2/3/4 when installing kernels in a certain manner (ext3/4 did not mount and showed as ext2)
- fixed - Facebook Sync Issues - At least as much as the clunky app would allow

8/31/2010 - v2.12-prealpha-DUCK

--- THIS IS NOT A RELEASE like you're accustomed to from me usually
--- Some things have come up I must deal with, but wanted to get what I had out now
--- as I might not be able to get another update out for another week or so. :)
--- 2.11.3 is still posted, and is STABLE-RELEASE, this pre-alpha has just a few more things added to it!
--- There was a ton I stripped out, so I'm sure some will be disappointed with some features missing
--- that were previously promised. It was either release this (as is) or nothing for another week or so!
--- SO NANDROID BACKUP FIRST ... as I'll be tied up and unable to support this, like I normally would.

- added - HtcMusic (optional in spareparts)
- added - Audio DSPManager (optional in spareparts) (ty alankila and others in cmmod)
- added - kmobs' lockscreen music controls
- added - Wysie's statusbar text color/show options
--- note: restore is disabled/broken atm
- added - volume up/down long-press music skip (kmobs)
- added - HTCCamera now will "upgrade" if you have it installed (HtcMusic as well)
- updated - facebook to 1.3.2
- updated - su/Superuser to ChainsDD's latest, keys compat with market update now
- fixed - some strangness in LED blinkrate options :/
- fixed - HTCCamera strangeness with other apps, as well as some other resource issues :/
---- several things I just can't even remember right now :)
NOTE: There are no theme templates for this build, but themers can't work directly off the ROM files.

8/10/2010 - 2.11.3-STABLE/RELEASE
1) Fixed - MMS Picture size issues, they send/receive nicely now (no more 1kb size), for those that have the issue
2) Fixed - Phone unable to hang up bug (this was only in the prethemed version)
3) Fixed - added the wifi unicast mac addr bug patch to the wifi driver
4) Fixed - FC's in GoogleMaps (it was a theme-ing issue, so for now it's not themed at all)
5) Fixed - (*hopefully*) - Facebook issues (upgraded to 1.3.1), and fixed some xml theme incompats in the themed version
6) Fixed - (shrank) - the HTC framework down to the barebones necessary to function, the way it should be :/
---- This potentially will resolve several issues that are harder to diagnose, /system space limitations
7) Fixed - (kinda) - Unable to use flashlight LED "superBRIGHT" settings when using the 720p kernel
---- Was working on some ways to accomplish this, but deathRay just seemed cooler and was more likely to be adopted
---- by kernel and app dev's. Therefore deathray it is :) ...
---- This also means that in order to use a superbright setting in with a 720p kernel, you'll need to obtain
---- Cyanogen's deathRay Modded Torch App. I have compiled and posted a compatible one in POST #3. (ty cyanogen 4 that)
8) Fixed - (for clarity) - All TheOfficial kernel variants, are now given an identifiable name, there are (4) kernels
---- a) - base TheOfficial kernel
---- b) - base TheOfficial kernel + pershoot's audio mods (This is included by default in the ROM)
---- c) - base TheOfficial kernel + 720p support
---- d) - base TheOfficial kernel + audiomod's + 720p support (This one is bundled with the HTCCamera installer)
NOTE: SpareParts now show's you which kernel you're currently using, as well the ability to download TheOfficial kernels, that match the camera installed.
NOTE: You will have to reinstall the HTCCamera, either from POST #3 or SpareParts.

---- NOTE THEMERS: This bug revision is unfortunately a complete rebuild in some ways, you will need to obtain
---- the latest theme templates and redo all apk theme modifications. :/ (sorry 'bout that, but was necessary)

8/5/2010 - v2.11.2 - (the lunch hour bug fix!)
- fixed - the (thanx to cyanogen for the quick response on that)
- fixed/updated - some gapps, gmail, twitter, facebook, maps, googlevoice (so they are theme-able)
- fixed - in pre-themed version, now facebook and twitter are themed
- fixed - auto-completion bug in Android Keyboard
- fixed - issue with swype (and others)
PLEASE NOTE: After flashing, you'll notice the HTCCamera is gone (if you had it installed previously)
------------------- Just reinstall from SpareParts ..OR.. POST #3 (DirectDownload), .........
-------------------there is no need to apply a "kernel" after the HTCCamera installation, unless you want the NoAudioMOD!
-------------------(kernel is included with HTCCamera install)

THEMERS NOTE: The ThemeTemplates were updated again as well, but only the following apk's were changed from 2.11.1 (so you don't have to start over) ...
---- system/app_store/LatinIME.orig.apk
---- system/app/Gmail.apk
---- system/app/Maps.apk
---- system/app/SpareParts.apk
---- system/app/Twitter.apk
---- system/app/googlevoice.apk

8/5/2010 - v2.11.1
- added - trackball succession (100% optional w/out side-effects in spareparts)
--- been using it for literally days ... didn't notice battery drain or wierd wake behaviour :)
--- you be the judge, it's optional (if disabled ... is completely like stock operation, only 1 color notif)
- added - several more LED color options as well as a custom color picker
--- DO NOTE: That the custom color chosen will not always appear properly, HW limitation
------------ I've tried to add as many color options that were easily distinguishable to the naked eye
- added - IM app is back :)
--- also added an IM LED option in spareparts for notifs
- added - HTCCamera is back (ported this from the froyodesire)
--- is 720p capable ... enable in spareparts, it must be downloaded/flashes in recovery automatically :)
--- you can always restore the original camera, also a download in spareparts
PLEASE NOTE: If you use a different kernel (not mine) ... and you have the HTCCamera ... make sure it supports 720p
---[For the 720p kernel port from desire] - Would like to thank charansingh and cyanogen.
WARNING: Some have reported problems downloading the HTCCamera while using clockworkmod recovery.
--------- See POST #3 for direct download links and reboot into clockworkmod recovery manually to install!

- added - downloadable Kernel options in SpareParts
--- Use this to obtain my enom-kernel with or without the pershoot audio mod's
--- If you're using the HTCCamera, only 720p kernel options are available and vice versa
- added - jstarkley's Render effects (ty to jstarkley and cyan for the implementation, kmobs for some cool color-opts :) )
- added - option to disable StageFright player in spareparts (it's a live toggle, so you can switch easily)
- added - option to disable built-in CPU controls in spareparts
--- So you can easily use SetCPU or a script style of CPU scaling/frequency control
- updated - the HTC framework to froyo 2.2 from desire build
- fixed - wmv/wma support
- fixed - spelling errors in spareparts :/
- fixed - Calendar & Market LED's not functioning
- fixed - Certain app LED failures, they were using a different method (like Touchdown)
- fixed - LED App PassThrough setting, where some apps could not use LED notif's when set to "Application Set" in spareparts
- fixed - implemented yahoo and exchange fixes in the e-mail app
- fixed - HTCRingTonePicker FC, it works now
- fixed - bug where dismiss button was disabled on alarmclock, even though unchecked in spareparts
- removed - kernel links from the OP ... use the built-in spareparts downloader ... it's safer.
THEMERS NOTE!!: ThemeTemplates fully updated ... almost everyapp has changed ...
--------------- Also note that Camera.apk is missing from the templates, this is b/c of the HTCCamera option.
--------------- It is recommended you not theme the camera app ... and if you do ... specific which camera is included.

7/23/2010 - v2.10.2
-- Just a Bug Revision
-- fixed - some kernel fup's
-- readded tun module *sigh*again* :) ... (should fix vpn app failures)
-- fixed 270 & 90 degree disabled settings in spareparts not sticking
-- fixed disappearing HTC_IME setting once installed in spareparts
-- Manup456 put some new images into the pre-themed version, ty :)
NOTE: ThemeTemplates were updated again ... but only SpareParts has changed since 2.10.1
----------- So you don't need to redo everything, only SpareParts
ALSO NOTE: The version number in SpareParts will still reflect 2.10.1. This is a mistake and can be safely ignored. :rolleyes:

7/19/2010 - v2.10.1
- added - Stk
- added - Trackball Unlock feature, enable in SpareParts
- added - Trackball LED DefaultColor option
- added - Trackball LED BlinkRate option
- added - new LED color arch & filled in all built-in app LED color options
--- added - Automatic detection of User-Installed Apps using LED notifications
----------- Once an app attempts to use a LED notif, it gets automatically populated to SpareParts
----------- afterwhich the user can configure the LED color of choice
- added - execution of /system/etc/init.d/ scripts on boot (run-parts)
---- This enables certain community MOD's - like random boot animations custom user-init-scripts, etc.
- added - "About TheOfficial ROM" section to spareparts, with credits, etc.
- fixed - statusbar drop-down - now has translucent background support *again* :/ (ty koush 4 that)
- fixed - kinda/sorta - Goggles, use built-in for now, so don't install from market (thx2 Mikey1022 for pointing it out)
- removed - IM app completely, it's broken :/
- removed - launcher settings from spareparts, ... between ADW & LPro on the Market, what else could you want? :)

NOTE: New ThemeTemplates - themes need to be updated with latest templates

7/13/2010 - v2.9.3
--- NOTE: Just a bug-revision update, had a few hours to look into these issues today. :)
- fixed - (perhaps) .. reduced kernel/boot.img size by a bunch, should solve the WRITE error on boot.img in recovery when flashing
- fixed - Facebook Sync issues
- fixed - Initial Google Sign-In Hang
- fixed - failed installation of talkback on upgrade
- fixed - FLAC audio support

7/9/2010 - v2.9.2
- Updated to AOSP-FRF91-2.2r1.1
- Attempted to bring in as many features as I could in short time from 1.9.2
- Would like to especially thank all of the CyanogenMod contributors (some collectively referred to as teamdouche)
---- for their efforts, commitment and work involving their android AOSP modifications, we all appreciate it guys, tyvm :)
- added - 90 degree orientation settings - ty to Jonasl for the newer/cleaner patch
- added - option to Toggle the Native Froyo AOSP based Apps2SD apk installation location
--- In SpareParts, in Data Storage Options
- added - Official Twitter app to Built-In-App options
- updated - the Contacts, MMS and Phone Community MOD's from cyanogenMOD github --- again, really appreciate this work guys :)
- updated - kernel to (mostly aosp src'd)
- updated - the HTC_IME to jonasl's v27 for Froyo version, ty
- updated - the FLAC support, big ups to cyanogen and kroot for this effort (I may have botched it sum :/)
- removed - CorpCal (no longer needed)
- removed - HTCCamera from HTC App Options, there is no working alternative that I know of yet.
- removed - custom Launcher settings for now, check ADWLauncher (ty AnderWebs) in the Market for a very-nice alternative
- removed - the "Disable OTA Update Notifications" feature, so you will recieve OTA notifications for now, if there are any
---- This is b/c it appears 'G' has bound this functionality into GoogleServicesFramework, which can't be removed for other reasons
- removed - wmv/wma support, just not enough time to mess with it, may-or-maynot be possible
- removed - the wifi/wired tether apps (as there's a native alternative now)
--- NOTE: This doesn't uninstall them if you have them previously installed. Uninstall in Settings->Apps->Manage.
-------------- All other 1.9.2 features made it in this release ----------------

--- This is a little bit of a pre-mature release guys, but wanted to get something out to you, b/c I will be tied up till mid-
--- next week. There may be some unforseen quirks, SO MAKE SURE YOU DO YOUR NANDROID BACKUP 1st~~~!!!
----- Also, make sure you update your radio to the, or you'll have camera, video and other issues.

UPGRADING from v1.x.x--
--- - If you're upgrading from 1.x.x of TheOfficial, please make sure you uninstall HelixLauncher first, it's broken anyways.
----- And lastly, you will need to launch SpareParts once before your custom settings will be upgraded for LED's and such.
----- If you used the HTC_IME, you will notice it's uninstalled on firstboot (this is intentional, just reinstall it from SpareParts)

--- - If you're performing a fresh install, please note that you'll want to skip through SetupWizard on first boot.
----- Then attempt to sign into the Market and setup your Google Account that way. I haven't had time to isolate this
----- issue, but it's an easy work around. For some reason the initial SetupWizard hangs after attempting to sign-in, so skip it.

--- - WIPE!!! (YES WIPE) ... and then proceed as fresh install.

5/16/2010 - v1.9.2
- fixed - 3MP bug in stock camera, it now has 5MP option.
PLEASE NOTE: If you tried the HTCCamera as a result of lack of 5MP on stock.
PLEASE uncheck the HTC Camera in SpareParts, this reinstalls the stock camera. Then upgrade to 1.9.2.
.......... This will ensure everything gels properly.
Last NOTE: v1.9.1 Theme templates are still valid, and the resulting theme metamorphs are as well. :)

5/15/2010 - v1.9.1

- updated kernel to
--- kernel include's pershoot's Increased Volume AudioMOD
(others were involved in the original inspiration/work on this, I just chose pershoot's implementation, ty)
--- kernel include's pershoot's original OC/UV settings (not the newer 925, etc)
(Note: If you don't mess with the CPU settings in SpareParts, you're still at stock speed, etc :) )
- added - Options for the AlarmClock in Spareparts/Applications
--- a require unlock pattern option to dismiss/snooze (like cmmod)
--- a disable dismiss button option on the alarm popup dialog (so only snooze works :) )
- added - option to disable ADB icon in statusbar in Spareparts
- added - Winblows Media (wmv/wma) audio/vidio support
- added - Stk (SimCard Toolkit)
- added - optional music widget with album art and previous button (like in cmmod)
(Note: it's optional, the stock widget still exists)
- added - abillity to download any file via the Browser now
- added - Full GIF image support
- added - AdHoc Wifi Support
- added - a minimized HTC framework, built-in
- added - optional HTC app downloads/addons in SpareParts (these require reboot after install)
--- HTC_IME (this is v25mod by [email protected], ty)
(Note: This also means you can use the metamorphs found in themes section :) )
--- HTC Camera (ty to PaulObrien for this work)
(Note: This replaces the stock camera, but CAN be undone/unchecked and restored :) )
--- HTC Teeter (ball/tilt game)
- updated - Update wifi tether to v2.0.1
- updated - su/superuser to the newer ChainsDD version (ty)
- fixed - FC's on Wired/Wifi Tether startup (my bad)
- fixed - *HOPEFULLY* Some MMS problem on certain carriers, you'll have to let me know, as I can't test
------- Finally, there were several things that were left out of this version that I wanted to get in, but ...
------- time just didn't permit and I wanted it out today ... there will be more to come later on. :)

3/24/2010 - v1.8.1
- added - Community MMS MOD (optional in spareparts)
--- (thx to rgv151/cyan/ruqqq/wesg/chainsdd/others)
- added - StatusBar configuration options in SpareParts
--- battery percentage display in statusbar (big thanks to canadiancow on this MOD)
--- hide digital clock from the statusbar
--- hide AlarmClock icon when an alarm is set
--- display "H" (instead of 3G) icon for HSPA connection
- added - Wake on Trackball Press (optional in spareparts) - (big thanks to metalhead8816 on this mod!)
- added - Trackball LED lit while screen is on/active (optional in spareparts)
- added - BigAnalogClock Widget option (in widget listing - normal one is still there)
----- themers take note of big_appwidget_clock_dial.png, big_appwidget_clock_hour.png
-------- & big_appwidget_clock_minute.png in DeskClock.apk for theming the "BigClock"
- added - mod, for Trackball/LED colors (ty Chainsdd/aosp)
- added - LED/Trackball Color configurations in SpareParts
--- AlarmClock
--- EMail
--- MMS
--- Missed Call
--- VoiceMail
- added - Wysie's UserAgent (w/IE6 option) to Browser
- added - built-in option for hotweiss' Radio SpeedMOD (optional in spareparts)
- added - ability to remove certain built-in System Apps (perform in spareparts)
--- AmazonMP3Store
--- CarHome
--- Corporate Calendar
--- Development Tools
--- Facebook
--- Goggles
--- GoogleVoice
--- IMApp
--- Music (in case you use something else ;) )
------- also, NO this does not have the music app from CM, so don't ask (maybe nexttime :))
--- VoiceDialer
------ these removals will be remembered through upgrades/updates and themes
------ these apps can also be re-installed via download in SpareParts (ty
- added - AT&T firmware binary
- added/fixed - CPU settings now applied live w/out required reboot in spareparts
- added/fixed - SpareParts now auto-rotates
- updated - wifi tether to v2.0pre8
- updated - cytown's Phone MOD to v.26.1
- fixed - Wifi/Wired tether app installation problems on upgade (they will both appear now ;) )
- fixed - A couple Launcher2 bugs - wallpaper centering bug + appicon-text offset bug

3/9/2010 - v1.7.1
- Updated kernel, to a hybrid kernel (mostly AOSP/KernelOrg + some important cyanogen bits, ty)
--- added in AUFS2 + other misc fs support as well
--- added compcache modules and rzscontrol
--- included all modules in modprobe path
--- highmem is default now and she's much faster
- added/updated - GAPPS from EPE54b dump
- added - AutoBrightness tweaks (more/smoother brightness levels)
- added - 360 rotation, big-ty @optedoblivion (configure in SpareParts)
- added - My Modified Launcher2 (configure in SpareParts)
--- supports "optional" Auto-Rotation
----- No app-drawer in landscape view (still hashing this out for pretty-ness)
--- supports "optional" Phone/Browser button MOD
----- Tap Phone = Phone, LongPress Phone = Contacts
----- Tap Browser = Browser, LongPress Browser = Send Message
( I will get this up on github soon and likely incorporate some of @ruqqq's features in the future :) )
- added - Wysie's Browser MOD
--- Supports FullScreen Browser and "Hide" Zoom Buttons (configure in Browser Settings)
- added - FLAC Audio Support, ty @KennyRoot
- added - Cleaner Reboot/Shutdown service based routines
- added - reboot option in power menu
- added - compcache, "optional" (configure in SpareParts)
--- I recommend not using it unless you *know* you need it
- added - linuxswap support, "optional" (configure in SpareParts)
--- Again, only if you *know* you need it
(personally I'm messing around w/ cc + lswap with my debian chroot *toy*)
- added - more options to Spareparts
--- CPU Min/Max/Governor Settings
--- Compcache/LinuxSwap/Swappiness Settings
--- Poweroff in QuickCommands
- updated - Wysie's ContactsMOD to v1.1
- updated - Wifi Tether to v2.0pre7
- updated - Wired(USB) Tether to v1.2
- updated - libaudio, libril and libhtc_ril from EPE54b
--- Should be able to experiment with the newer (leaked) radio some, I am anyways now :)
- updated/added - some binaries from CMMod .. busybox, htop, powertop and bash
- moved - su to xbin, with symlink to bin (per Koush, a backwards compatibility issue)
- disabled - PID prioritizer (not really needed anymore yay! :) )
- fixed - MMS/SMS Attachment/Picture size issue (ty @cyanogen for the overlay hint)
- fixed - audio/video sync issue during video playback in certain (rare) setups

****** Installation Steps *******

- (1) Unlock your bootloader (root it) and fastboot install Amon_RA's recovery image
--- see these (2) threads for details

- (2) Perform a nandroid backup to be safe!

- (3) Wipe your configuration and ext partition if coming from another ROM/addon!

- (4) Download the and copy to your sdcard and flash in Amon_RA's recovery image.

That's it!

:) Enjoy! :)
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Jun 12, 2009

Music Resources

HtcMusic addon for 2.14.x-release

Stock/Original addon for 2.14.x-release

Camera Resources

HTC Camera addon for 2.14.x-release

Original Camera - restore for 2.14.x-release

CMMod Torch w/ DeathRAY! - (just an apk, download and install with 720p kernel)
CMMod Torch w/ DeathRay

Enomther Wallpapers by @JaiThemes on twitter

RADIO UPDATE - (from Froyo OTA's)
MD5: e49fb76877688e2c1f0fadcf8048c549

RADIO UPDATE - (from ERE36b/EPE54b leak)
MD5: 4f680356054673368a69e3050304fe14

RADIO UPDATE - (from ERE27 update)
MD5: 22c415aa1cd68daa0384c042f88cabdb

Original (older) Radio image (from ERD79) in an


IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE!!! Make sure when flashing the Radio update that you have plenty of battery charge and do NOT pull the battery under any circumstances while the update is in progress. If you do these (2) simple things, you will be just fine. :)
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Oct 2, 2009
May i ask what exactly does this do? I dont want to chance messing up my phone so please shade some life on the noob..


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Dec 6, 2009
New York City
it does what it says it does in the OP. Its basically an addon to the stock android OS rom that enables several new features such as internet tethering.


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Jan 29, 2009
North Phoenix
Woohoo, Enom has already made it to the N1 side!!! Love your ROMS! Been using them on both my G1 and MT3G. Now, it'll be the N1! Sorry, didn't mean to waste space, just wanted to say looking forward to what you can do with the N1 after using your ROMs on the other 2! Thanks Enom


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Apr 20, 2008
Thanks man great work, wireless tether is running like a champ and I have a poor signal!
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Jan 8, 2010
never tried using dropbear on an android device...after installing your expansion i can't connect to it via ssh. does it come already good-to-go or is there some tutorial/steps i need to take to start the ssh daemon?

ps. great work, thanks a million.


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Jan 18, 2009
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[email protected]

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Jun 15, 2007
Color me confused... I've been using multitouch since the day I got this phone using the dolphin browser/b&b gallery. How exactly does this change the existing multitouch support in the phone?


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Jul 27, 2009
Washington, D.C.
yo enom!! :D

Yo bro! I just got my nexusone and am lovin it. Really happy tosee you devin it! Sweet man! :D

I'm going to root firstthing tomorroe! Thanks asuisual man! :D


Make sure usb debugging is turned on. Then try totether su. I'm. Surethis iswhat enom would say.


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Jun 12, 2009
Can't wait to get an N1. If I can resist an HD2 when I have cash/my 2yrs is up.

I think the phrase you're looking for is shed some light....


Woohoo, Enom has already made it to the N1 side!!! Love your ROMS! Been using them on both my G1 and MT3G. Now, it'll be the N1! Sorry, didn't mean to waste space, just wanted to say looking forward to what you can do with the N1 after using your ROMs on the other 2! Thanks Enom

Yo bro! I just got my nexusone and am lovin it. Really happy tosee you devin it! Sweet man! :D

I'm going to root firstthing tomorroe! Thanks asuisual man! :D


Make sure usb debugging is turned on. Then try totether su. I'm. Surethis iswhat enom would say.

Cool ... nice to see "old" faces on the Nexus1. :)



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Jun 12, 2009
When I go to use wireless tether, the su request comes up, but it's black...anyone else?


What grandt said. You'll need USB Debugging turned on in settings-> development to get the initial su GUI request screen to appear. Once "always allow" is selected for that app, USB Debugging can be turned off again.



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Apr 18, 2009
So so glad you joined the nexus team!!!
Cause you know I love your roms...
Yippiee cant wait for the first full Enom ROM:p
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    Hi everyone :)

    Hello everyone!

    I know it's been a really really long time ... but it is what it is ...

    I've been away for personal reasons ... life was hitting me hard from every single aspect imaginable ... and the pressure was immense. It seemed the only thing I was succeeding at was android :/ ... which while satisfying ... is certainly not enough in the end.

    So in short ... I vowed to myself (on behalf of those closest to me) ... (and for other reasons ... such as feeling like quitting android altogether) ... that I'd take the entire month of Jan. 2011 off android wise. ... meaning no xda posts ... no tweets ... no development ... no nothin (android related) ... period.

    And well ... it paid huge dividends personally ... lots of positive things happened for me during this time. :)

    I am sorry I was unable to post as to my where-abouts/status during this time ... but a promise is a promise.

    To be fair/honest to everyone ... I'm still unsure as to whether I'll be returning soon or not ... there's a lot involved in this decision ... more than I care to explain.

    But do know ... I'd really like to ... albeit in some healthier balanced fashion.

    I have much love for android as a side development hobby ... and much love for the loyal and very respectful following I've acquired in this wonderful community!

    Unfortunately ... between the high development demands of my "real job" ... and the overwhelming personal demands associated with my dearest relationships ... android as a hobby has proven to be problematic when attempting to juggle it all.

    I'm still pondering if there is a healthy balance with this hobby and the rest of my life ... I still haven't become enlightened to any actual solution to that end.

    Just wanted to drop a quick to note to everyone ... it's been wayyyyyyyyy too long.

    As always, I really appreciate all the kind words, support and encouragement this community has given to me.

    Now that my android prohibition promise has expired ... I will keep everyone informed as I become more enlightened about the future of my involvement in this community ... as my hobby. :)

    Love you all!


    yeah i flashed that and had succes with it, until i flash a different rom then restored my enom backup, now it won't go away.

    Same thing happened to me after I did a backup restore. I thought it was very strange as well.

    Heres my fix (after updating with the zip file first)
    1. Erase the google update file from the /cache directory (dunno if this is necessary)
    2. Allowed the update to occur (may want to backup first)
    3. Update fails.
    4. No more mention of a system update!
    I've updated 2.14.4's to stop the notification and created update zip that installs it.

    Apply this from recovery and it shall go away.

    Enom, where are you??? ;)
    enom enom enom enom enom we need gingerbread!! :)

    Gingerbread AOSP is out guys!! I'm really looking forward to 2.15.x

    Sent from my Nexus One using XDA App

    :) ... I hear ya ... but to be clear and fair ... "TheOfficial" (mine) .. gingerbread update ... could be a little ways out ... however I am planing a revisional with some minor updates.

    v2.15.x *may* go on hold until the gingerbread build is ready ... and again this could be a little bit in the making :/

    Just don't want to get anyone's hopes up until it's a done deal! :)

    freaging love this rom

    Me too!

    Can someone comment on the usefulness of the swappiness feature under spare parts?

    It's useless if you had set your swap size on your SD during formatting to 0 right.

    I think I read Enom saying swap partition doesn't do anything much

    Sent from a mobile device using Tapatalk.. from the future

    My God ... I've accidentilied the Thanks button five times now LOL :)

    Freakin new xda feature! ... that's where I expect the "quote" button lol


    SWAP usefulness ... not really useful at all ... unless you're doing some really memory intensive stuff....

    I include the "option" to use SWAP b/c of my sporadic need to run a full blown linux distro with Xorg (memory-hog) ... on the n1 from time to time.

    So I use it ... but really sparingly ... as it will make your device suffer greatly speed-wise.

    So for the typical user ... 99.9% of 'em ... it's near useless ... but those who may need it ... know why and when to use it.