[ROM] Epic ROM MIUI 9 By Epic Team (MrRaines) for Mi 6

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Aug 17, 2010
Is this fine Rom ever likely to be updated to Android 8 or is there nobody with the time to take it on?


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Oct 9, 2012
"And the Oreo one mentioned in another thread"

Where please ?

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Feb 16, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 11


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    Jamflux, Pocarropa, and MrRaines (MrTomatico on en.miui), creators of Épic ROM, we are glad to present Épic ROM for Xiaomi Mi MIX, who was born thanks to the hard work of these guys. Epic ROM is a Custom ROM based on MIUI, but with some mods and improvements that you can see below on features chapter.
    The focus of this ROM is improve MIUI official stock on many devices making many mods and improve Xiaomi sellers to get a bigger MIUI-ers family!

    **IMPORTANT ADVISE : Install at your own risk on your device. We are not responsible of any damage on your device. Read carefully instructions before install.


    -Xiaomi Mi 6
    -Unlocked Bootloader (official unlock to prevent issues)
    -Custom Recovery (Cofface TWRP Recovery is highly recommended)
    -Make previously a full Backup by TWRP Recovery (System, Data, Cache, and EFS).
    -Read all thread before proceed
    -Love for technology and most important: Love for Xiaomi! :D

    Newest Features
    * v1.5 base with all changes (visit en.miui.com/forum to check all)
    * Assisted GPS in Settings
    * New Camera Interface
    * Camera2Api and HAL3 Enabled by default
    * New Miui Mail enabled
    * Face Unlock
    * Blur lock screen effect
    * New Epic Themes
    * New TWRP base with Epic Theme by MrRaines
    * All features from Epic ROM 7.11.30
    * Improved Themes Manager and Welcome Message
    * New PowerMenu Design
    * Notification shade improved (not aosp by now but is better than older)
    * Soon I'll add smart assistant and more...

    The rest of features are in quote below:

    * Fixed Notifications and FACE UNLOCK
    * BugFixes in the system adn gallery
    * Fixed widgets issues
    * New boot mechanism
    * New settings for Smart Assistant (next week I will add many other features like enable and disable it, etc)
    * Fixed many bugs with languages from GitHub like Italian or German
    * Fixed a little issue when displaying WiFi in some networks
    * Fixed notifications mechanism
    * Introduced SMART ASSISTANT Global
    * Added few new languages
    * Many bug fixes in system
    * UI Simplified
    * New Epic Music Widgets
    * DELETED antispam by default by people asking (now you can flash it by addons in OTA)
    * New Audio Modes for Mi 6 and MiMIX
    * New GRID for Launcher and Folders (Thanks to Tomhenson and MrRaines)
    * New GRID selector in Settings/home and recents (Thanks to Tomhenson and MrRaines)
    * New Ringtones and Notifications sounds
    * New mods for Icons, Grid, Reflected Icons, and more in OTA and ADDONS
    * All changelog from official build in en.miui.com
    * Safety net and android pay only works without ROOT (Payments will work as HCE protocol)
    * New Network manager and bugfixes in system
    -SuperSU in ota and mods, if you want it.
    -Improved System Speed
    -Fixed Wifi from 3.0
    -Updated all languages from GitHub
    -Deleted Adaway (anti spam now is native in MIUI system by MrRaines)
    -Deleted root
    -DocumentsUI enabled ALWAYS by default
    -Fixed SafetyNet and NFC Payments!
    Xiaomi.eu base (thanks to this, I don't have to deodex all rom, that takes me about 1 hour in my old computer... Blur-lockscreen effect is added also in epic rom (services.jar) and all languages from eu base; THANKS to Ingbrzy for his amazing work!)
    DOZE enabled!!
    New apps added to OTA and MODs (in settings)
    Improved icons on status bar mods and improved the rest of the mods
    LockScreen Icon in Status Bar MOD now is White
    Optimizations on TWRP installation and GAPPS
    Better Intelligent CPU management and RAM
    DPI Changer in Ota and MODs (settings app)
    Zipalign all ROM
    New Nice Icons in settings and launcher
    New (a lot of) mods in OTA & MODS on settings
    Gapps Pico pre-installed (Google Play Store and Google Services... you can choose what Google app's are you going to install later :P)
    Épic OTA Service Added on Settings
    Epic Mods on OTA app
    Music App Improved
    Icons on Settings re-orderer (now you'll have Dolby and SuperSU, and dolby icon from launcher has been removed, you can hide supersu icon from supersu app and only have supersu icon in settings)
    Init.d support
    Busybox pre-installed
    Kernel tweaks (very little changes on boot.img)
    Build.prop improved (again)
    Miui System improved to get better RAM management
    Services and frameworks improvements (more battery and system performance)
    MIUI Launcher improvements
    Camera MODs (better image quality)
    Adway integrated on system (you can see also on Settings)
    All Chinese app's and Google app's (bloatware) removed
    Advanced Reboot Menú (PowerMenu improved)
    DolbyAtmos Updated to latest version
    Some Nice Wallpapers added
    More Languajes and Spanish Updated (thanks to [user=5863451]@JamFlux[/user])
    Assistant Touch Updated Like Epic Team Style :P
    Animations on SystemUI (lockscreen), thanks to xiaomi.eu but we now add some optimizations to this
    Epic Bootanimation improved
    Optimized installation time from TWRP.
    Fixed issues in NFC pay (you should unroot your device from SuperSU app)
    Added XIAOMI installer multilang (with antivirus :P )
    Better Battery and Performance/RAM management thanks also to many patches that we built for JBart

    Languages Supported:

    All European Languages from Xiaomi.eu (Thanks Ingbrzy, for bring to all MIUI users xiaomi eu roms (availables in www.xiaomi.eu) )

    How to install first time

    * First of all, make a complete backup of all your photos and internal data in the computer, since the first installation requires to eliminate ALL the sdcard content, given the encryption of Android Nougat and later; the one that warns you is not a traitor, you are going to lose all the data (just as it happens if you install other ROMS). This is due to (in turn) that if we have not formatted the sdcard, it will not boot for security protection data of the cited encryption,
    * With TWRP Recovery (read tutorials on how to install it) we will make another backup, but this time System, Data, Cache, Boot, and especially the EFS (important).
    * Download the ZIP flasheable and pass it to the internal memory of the phone (no matter if we have already formatted it or not).
    * Restart on TWRP recovery
    * Make Wipes: System, Data, Dalvik, Cache.
    * Install from Recovery the EpicROM ZIP flasheable and wait for it to appear okay (If you get error 7 the TWRP in the step of "formating system / extracting system", restart in recovery immediately, and reinstall it, this is due that in Nougat you must re-generate the system partition for encryption topics, so it will install you, it should work like the rest of us )
    * We reboot in fastboot mode once the rom has been installed correctly. To do this, we can do it from TWRP in REBOOT / Fastboot or by holding down the power button and the volume down button until FASTBOOT and Mitu appear by soldering an Android robot. In this step, we connect the mobile to the computer, and in the same folder that can be downloaded from en.miui.com/unlock (to unblock the bootloader) click inside that folder in a blank space in the right mouse click while holding the SHIFT key on the keyboard; a window will appear and the "open command window" option should appear. We tapped on that window. When it opens, if you open powershell (blue screen) from windows 10, type cmd and press enter. If you open the classic cmd of all life (BLACK SCREEN) we are already where we want.
    * Type in the cmd (be powershell or cmd) fastboot format userdata and press enter. There will be formatted all our mobile, and restarting it will work everything.
    * Restart normally and configure. Remember that the first start takes a little longer, from there, it will always light fast. In the following versions, it will NOT BE MISSING to do all this, just install without wipes and to run. I already adapt it so that I clean what I have to clean with each update EXCEPT that I expressly say something else in that UPDATE.
    * Enjoy (and re-pass all data previously backed up to the internal memory).

    How to install UPDATE from Epic ROM 7.X.XX

    Download Epic OTA with OTA app from Settings (No MIUI Updater, use EPIC OTA!)
    You can also download update manually from en.miui forum or htcmania spanish forum
    Install update from Epic OTA or from TWRP Recovery manually
    You don't need to wipe anything if we don't say it on update! If you have to do some special, we will let you know ;)

    Download Center for Xiaomi MI 6 (Sagit) Nougat 7.1.1

    Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745849072291693954

    Note: Please remember: Installation could take about 5 minutes in the TWRP Recovery, BE PATIENT and don't touch anything! :p

    Current Status: Tested 100%; ROM Stable and TWRP by Cofface works in all MIUI roms!!

    Note: If you want to use Google Assistant please set as default assistant Google Aplication in settings/installed aplications/default/assistant and enable Google in home button in settings/aditional settings/buttons.

    Obviously, you need to install Google App :p.

    If you like my work please consider to make me a little donation in this paypal link :)

    Thanks to:
    Xiaomi (and Xiaomi official developers for bring to us this amazing SO)
    Xiaomi Eu Team
    MultiROM Team
    Epic Team founder Members @JamFlux, @pocaropa, @MrRaines (MrTomatico on en.miui))
    All Admins/Mods/SMods from En.MIUI for all support
    HTCManía (Spanish Forum)

    Official Website: www.epicrom.pro

    Enjoy and Remember: Keep loving Xiaomi!
    7.9.7 update available
    Any Help on getting Ok google to work? As an assistant?

    It is explained in the first post :).

    Ps: People! I has been acepted in the second Master that I want to do from October until I finish my Doctorate studies. We are going to move to Stable Releases soon and we'll update Epic ROM monthly for following devices (that I am supporting alone):

    Mi MIX
    Redmi 4 Pro

    Thanks for understand.

    Ps2: this friday I will release a new update based in developer base, as the last developer EPIC release. I am going to enjoy my holidays :) and I'll see you really soon (2 or 3 weeks) with STABLE builds/MIUI 9 (PROBABLY).

    Keep epic!