[ROM]eRobot ROM for Note4 V.37 XXS2DRK2 Android 6.0.1 MultiCSC Aroma

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Oct 1, 2011
Been using this rom daily for very long time.
Been meaning to ask.
Air command doesn't work at all. Remove s pen makes sound detect etc. Can use spen just not any air command or functions like. Screen write etc.

Tried everything without reinstall.
Anyone got ideas?

see if the spen air command in settings are grayed out (not clickable) or not, i had this problem long time ago and i managed to solve it by searching on google, it was a simple solution but i cant remember it


May 21, 2016

Hi, I know it was an old thread but I wanna ask. Is it work for n910u version? Thanks in advance


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Feb 8, 2012
Hi, I installed this super custom rom :) I have a problem, the font is running in browsers and email. How to fix it ?


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May 6, 2015
Hello. Do all guys have BusyBox installed in /sbin in the eRobot v1.2 firmware?
It is clear in the firmware that there is BusyBox v1.25.1 and I deleted it, installed v1.31.1 and through the terminal I look, there is still BusyBox v1.27.1 in /sbin (I did not install such BusyBox).
Interestingly, this default program also shows the installation path in /sbin. Is everyone like that?
Usually in custom firmware, the installation of BusyBox should in system /xbin.
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Jul 29, 2020
hello guys...can i use this ROM for N910H ??? i saw this link " https://erobotromdl.blogspot.com/2017/05/galaxy-note4.html" and i dont know which version i have to install for this custom ROM ?!


Jul 29, 2020
all version is in the same package, just choose N910H when u see it on aroma installer, message me if u had problems

mamnoon...dakhele site 2 model version dare yekish note 4 n910c/h/u k v.37 neveshte ye model ham note 4 port n910c/h/u ke v1.2 neveshte.bayad avali ro begiram ya uni k neveshte port??
tafavote uni k neveshte port ba uni k chizi naneveshte chie?
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Oct 1, 2011
mamnoon...dakhele site 2 model version dare yekish note 4 n910c/h/u k v.37 neveshte ye model ham note 4 port n910c/h/u ke v1.2 neveshte.bayad avali ro begiram ya uni k neveshte port??
tafavote uni k neveshte port ba uni k chizi naneveshte chie?

the port version is ported from note 7 rom, the normal version is from note 4 stock rom, there are screenshots of them and also videos on youtube reviewing both versions, its your choice to install either one
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Jul 29, 2020
second homescreen not deleted

i have two homescreen and i want to delete one of them but it can not! when i add third homescreen i can delete it , but the second one , it's not!!

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    + By flashing this Rom you void your warranty.
    + I don't take any responsibility for any Damage.
    + Do not try it on any other Note 4 variants.
    + This rom is for N910C Only
    + This is my hobby.


    Youtube Version

    Youtube Link

    With Samsung Theme


    ROM Features

    + Based On Phone : XXS2DRK2 ,CSC : OLB2DQJ2
    + Full Deodexed and ZipAlign
    + Root
    + Bloodware app removed
    + In-Out Call Recorder
    + Add Shutter sound on/off to camera
    + 3 Minit battery mod
    + Callog show All call by default
    + 5 way reboot
    + Full remove Knox
    + Setting togle to show or hide network trafic on statusbar
    + Mod custom toolbox (Support 12 app)
    + SmsMaxByte = 999
    + Contact Set Link Count Max As = 999
    + Contact Extend Speed Dial To 100
    + Contact Limit Name Length = 1500
    + Enable Sms Callback Number
    + Enable SMS FolderView
    + Enable Blocked Messages
    + Enable Locked Messages
    + Enable Callback Number
    + Disable Sms To Mms Conversion By Text Input
    + Enable Call/message block on setting
    + Note 5 DPI
    + Weather widget size fix to 5x1
    + Mod weather to look like note 5 weather
    + 25 Toggle Statusbar
    + Add note 5 Setup Wizard
    + Add Floating message
    + Add bloatware remove scripts
    + Add Note 5 Splanner
    + Support 3 multi user
    + Other features live V.21
    + GraceUX and Note 5 and C5 app port
    - Gallery
    - Myfiles
    - Calculator
    - Clock
    - Touchwiz
    - S Planner
    - Email
    - Write on PDF
    - S-Voice
    - Photoeditor
    - Browser
    - Keyboard
    - S Planner
    - Music Player
    - Voice recorder
    - Memo
    - Contact and Call
    - Smart manager
    - etc.

    Aroma Installer

    - No wipe or Full wipe or Super Full Wipe
    - Note 4 or Note7 or S7Edge Contact
    - Note 4 or Note7 or S7Edge Call
    - C5 or Note7 or S8 Touchwiz
    - 8 Style SystemUI
    - 3 statusbar clock style
    - ASOP Signal icon
    - Galaxy S8 app icon by default
    - S7 Setting Style
    - Note 4 or Note5 Keyboard
    - Edge screen
    - 4 Kernel Chooser (Stock ,H-Vitamin V2 ,Suemax V3.1 ,Spacelemon)
    - 2 Modem Chooser (XXU1DPE3 or XXU1DPI1)
    - Bloatware app remove script (Total 24 app)
    - Multi CSC (Total 80 Country)
    - Viper4Android
    - Viper4Arise
    - etc.

    ChangeLogs V.37
    + Add Stock Kernel for N910C/H/U
    + Fixed ThemeStore FC
    + Modify OneUI style icon pack
    + etc

    Credit and Spacial Thanks

    + Xda development
    + 3Minit battery mod team -- Threads
    + Xperiacle
    + @topjohnwu
    + LukasAddon
    + danecr7
    + djmax81
    + thanhfhuongf
    + Albe95
    + Chainfire
    + ksr007
    + osm0sis
    + iBotPeaches
    + Winb33
    + Hani K.
    + Talexop
    + @jjjhitel
    + daxgirl
    + xHoLyx and viper4arise team
    + Sammobile.com
    + Samsung Mobile
    + and the develoment who share information
    + please tell me if i miss

    How to Flash

    1. If you on android 5.0.1,5.1.1 based rom. Please flash android 6.0.1 based rom before go to next steps.
    2. Copy Rom file to external sdcard (Micro sdcard)
    3. Reboot to recovery mode
    4. Flash it through TWRP
    5. Reboot & enjoy

    BUG V.37

    + Edge lighting and Edge feeds not work.(Please turn-off on setting)
    + Need reboot after apply theme to apply systemui theme
    + A7 camera not support RAW format
    + How to change theme on S8 touchwiz (Goto - Settings – Theme)
    + Viper not support on stock kernel
    + Please choose SuperSU on stock kernel

    DOWNLOAD V.37 :
    ++ AFH
    BUG V.5.0

    * Need reboot after apply the theme
    * Edge lighting not work
    * Edge feeds not work
    Aroma options guide

    I made a gallery for some of the main options in the eRobot Aroma installer. This should make it easier to choose what you want
    Hi....any reported bugs????

    finger print?

    Q:finger print?
    A:same as based rom.
    Q:any reported bugs????
    A: I still have not found.

    Hi Xda
    Today I presen to you some mods made by me for Erobote_V1 MM Rom.

    1. Blue and White (MM Theme) For SystemUi
    2. Theme store has been added and works great
    3. Touchwiz 6.0.1 original launcher has been added and works better than the original one.
    4. The phone model changed to Sm_G935f so the theme store can work without problems and you can get exclusive S7 themes.
    5. The apps themed to look like MM (Icons only)

    6. Rounded Notification for SystemUi

    Download link :
    P.s This mod remove 3minit battery mod
    So if you use 3minit don install this mod.

    You have been warned ??

    If you Like My mod hit thanks button☺️
    photos my phone