[ROM] eViL's NXSense v.1.26 - (F)The (I)Gravy (N)Train [11/04/10]

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Sep 5, 2007
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    This was originally a Quick & Dirty port of udK's Froyo HTC Desire Sense ROM. Please give props to him. This is now based on the Official HTC Desire OTA 2.09x and has been slimmed down to fit on the N1 system partition. Thanks to the devs that made this port successful, Paul for starting it, cyanogen for the camera port & intersectRaven for the FM & BT. Thanks to all the flashers who have relentlessly told me of problems. :)
    *As of 9/8/10, it's pretty much a complete port. Obviously bug fixes will keep going and other tweaks.
    ROM specs:
    Android 2.2 Froyo (FRF91)
    HTC Sense
    Based on the leaked 2.06 and official 2.09, 2.10, 2.12, 2.13, 2.14, 2.25, 2.26, 2.29
    720p video recording
    5mp camera
    A2SD Legacy
    App Sharing
    Theme ready
    Native USB Mounting
    Wi-Fi Hotspot
    Bluetooth - props to IR
    FM Radio - ditto
    Trackball Alert support by lilHermit
    Trackball Wake/Unlock
    Smooth Sense icons jercik *via flashable framework-res
    Capacitive lights kernel (svs-oc-uv, 1190mhz) with interactive & axi scaling - based off of IR's source
    Desire build.prop
    Reboot in power menu option - thx snq-
    DSP Manager
    ..and much more!
    TO DO/Wish List:

    Fix Auto Light Sensor
    Add N1 Car Dock
    USB Tether
    **Recommended radio is 4.06, but 5.08 will work fine.

    **I always recommend wiping before flashing. If in doubt. WIPE! It causes less problems.
    ~Current base is 2.29.405.2

    Rebase from the latest WWE 2.29.405.2
    Updated Amazon Mp3, Facebook, TI backup, Twitter, Trackball Alert
    Updated Busybox 1.17.2
    Updated Kernel based off of IR's (10/29) git source - CFS, Audio Boost, OC, UV, HW3D, Deadline scheduler
    Same ROM specs as above.
    Cache to SD by default, Apps internal

    MD5 - 8D78E370485DA417CC659E11292F1E90

    Based from Telstra 2.26.841.2 (thx Football)
    Updated Google Maps
    Updated Titanium Backup, aLogcat
    a2sd needs to be activated
    TB Wake/Unlock
    Modded power menu (thx snq-)
    Non OC kernel

    MD5 - 5F94CD52A3FFD6DC425F7C2B31748195

    Trackball unlock - ported from snq-
    a2sd automagically to sd *if you have an ext partition
    Updated google voice, alogcat, car home
    *Do not use hot restart, it's broken

    MD5 - D9D0C4180AF7591545079E201FDA22DD

    v. *Recommended recovery is clockworkmod. (sorry RA)
    Reverted a2sd by DT to v.2.7.1
    a2sd is off by default
    Removed SDEXT requirement for a2sd
    Fixed Quickoffice
    Added back APN's (T-mobile users restore APN's with APN backup)

    MD5 - F8A39F481571B67C290F192CC0267402

    Fixed a2sd mounting (cache to sd by default)
    Fixed weather fc when adding a city

    MD5 - 0F50F2E35862A19A9EB16FF1E28D4855

    New Base, 2.25 from H3G UK
    A2sd included
    kernel same as 1.22 but NOT oc'd & set to ondemand (I will provide an OC kernel also)

    FC when trying to manually add a city to weather (fix here, push via adb to /system/lib/)

    MD5 - 856320C9EA2ED4F2BA22C51B50E83B94

    Fixed a2sd

    MD5 - 0B426AD53291D9081C0FA79378265459

    Updated kernel - oc/uv - default cpu gov. userspace *get setcpu to oc or if you lag
    Updated gapps - maps, streetview, twitter, quicksearch, voicesearch
    Updated apps - titanium backup, alogcat, amazon mp3, dsp manager (through cm via mm)
    Updated customization for better chinese support
    Updated fonts for better chinese support
    Added APN backup with T-mobile APN's (use this if you have mms issues)
    Added torch app (for those that want the deathray)
    Updated Dark Tremor A2SD to
    Changes to Bluetooth Auto (car) pairing *untested as I am too poor to use this
    Added screenscaling script by FloHimself - userspace gov. when screen is on, powersave when screen is off *setcpu will break this
    Changed media_profiles.xml for high quality video
    Changed media_profiles.xml ala MM for high quality photos
    Reverted android.policy for power menu options as hot restart was borked
    Changed usb mounting (now you can exit the mount screen and come back) *but, text now shows AndroidAP
    Some lib changes - grabbed lib/hw files, aosp htc_ril & sqlite (kanged from cm)
    Hopefully the sqlite will allow the phones to recognize numbers that don't have the area code, but are the same number
    Threw in some new HD/Z sounds
    Updated busybox to 1.80
    possibly more....

    MD5 - E4654CE77E43D7322BCF084991E82CCA

    Fixed Hot Restart

    MD5 - 70F761E7CC05BA5AB51EA77A5824ECCA

    Fixed bash
    Hotspots should work with AUTO channel now.

    MD5 - 6F304E4412BB077838E58B4750E90FE0

    Fixed wifi

    MD5 - C556DB4F6BCD1CD78DF5ADC036B2912B

    Updated gapps
    Changes in the setup backend
    Some BT changes
    Updated Reboot menu via snq- (adds hot reboot)
    Updated libs
    Updated kernel

    Issues: wifi currently broken - fix coming

    MD5 - 695C722327DFAB9629A8E93721062636

    Switched BT auto_pairing.conf
    Switched acdb for "quiet conversation" problems
    Switched wired headset button conf
    Edited media profiles for better recording (please test!)
    Working EVO HTC ime with arrows
    Modded Rosie to allow rearranging of home screens

    MD5 - BEB00A0D0CC225B887A2DF7C4A51E5EB
    TEST KERNEL - 10/18/10 *Advanced Users Only *Amon Ra Recovery 1.8.0 REQUIRED
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6809682/eViL-35--11-05--1-720p-ir-cfs-dl.zip - updated version of 1.26 kernel
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6809682/eViL-35--11-04--1-720p-ir-dl.zip - included in 1.26 rom
    http://db.tt/8x6ZkVN - BFS - no ipv6
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6809682/eViL-35--10-18--2-720p-ir-svs-slab.zip - hw3d enabled/1190mhz/slab
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6809682/eViL-35--10-15--3-720p-ir-svs.zip - oc/uv 1190mhz
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6809682/eViL-35--9-14--3-720p-ir-svs.zip - based on my current source - Older wifi driver
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6809682/eViL-35--9-17--1-720p-ir-svs.zip - based on IR's lasted commits - slub debugging on
    I'm not sure, but I think it's been said that this is the most stable Sense ROM available for Nexus One. So yes we could.

    +1..... yes this is the most stable sense rom for nexus ever made...
    Special thanks to my kind donators. Please remember to leave your username. :)

    orange bandit, spinez, phoneist x3, spuniun x 3, brian6685, Stea1thmode x2, apside, eyespunker, dafob, 吳 蔚震, Josh Lusignan, phanompin, CompSCI x2, David Thomas, kevvibot, oliver nielsen, jpford_mil x2, warpjavier, musashiken, ~~Tito~~, duderuud x2, David Caballero Renon, samteeee x3, kwan, P Renae Scott, Patrick Blair, Ira Shackelford, Mojito71, David Rast, Matthew Kelly, sergioalvarezmac x2, techlogik x3, Ciaran Walsh, Robert Stimpson, Tim.EmbeddedFreelancer, faisal.husain, orsye, jdmarko, vlad867, Steve Hotz, Jsc619, Adrionics, Turge, patrixl, ir8iron, nuckelhed, rjhay22, Faheem Muhammad x2, ed velez, Joel Mendoza, diverboy, nickshertzer, Ryder Cobean, MicroMod777, Horsetooth, bedwablackburn, Mendez Acrylics, Jesse6749, kitchencop

    Darktremor A2SD
    Check the official thread here
    Check this post by Stea1thmode

    Network Fix
    If you have network issues, go here

    Capcitive lights still not working? Try here: - thx MicroMod777

    Metamorph *thanks for the tip MicroMod777

    ***If Metamorph freezes on you, do the 3 finger salute, press and hold Power, Volume Down & Trackball until the phone reboots. Thx again MicroMod777

    How to calibrate your battery

    Themes & Morphs:

    Fixed/cleaned up DT a2sd

    MD5 - 0DD511C468ABFF708D41178D8E6FD52B

    Updated gapps
    Fixed Quickoffice
    Updated flashlight app from Desire HD
    Using 9/17 kernel based off of IR's latest commits

    MD5 - 2803409F3DA1A64C93910EE145A3E2E2

    v.1.18 - mulligan edition :eek:
    Reverted services to 1.16 (should fix lockscreen music controls)
    Added Quickoffice back
    Minor script editing
    Removed useless lib
    Some build.prop editing
    Added dlna & tethering widgets (yes, I know usb is still broken)
    Kernel with older wifi but without cpu idle pm

    MD5 - 583D82D35B4F2C8189767BB610FC6B4A

    Reverted build.prop to enable a better streaming experience
    Removed Quickoffice (doesn't seem to work?)
    Added Trackball Alerts in succession - thx jpeel (I will monitor this though as there's some possible wackiness)
    Small edit to Market script
    Reverted the streaming helper libs and removed a couple useless ones
    Added back Chinese handwriting lib
    Updated kernel with older wifi, added cpu idle & sleep pm

    MD5 - 13911A2FE24C09D78D77E8D9A1B206CB

    updated DT a2sd to 2.7.5 final
    Added back APN backup & gscript
    marketspeedup script added - should only be ran once you have signed into the market
    Some more customization tweaks
    Removed java
    NFL button bug/issue should be less annoying. *It's still there, but doesn't move.

    MD5 - 7CAF7B9CBC92BA09B561F875D65C9810

    Fix broken video recording
    Fix streaming video
    Updated Titanium Backup & Streetview
    Reverted kernel changes. -- New updated kernel -

    MD5 - 1B185DF9CA0EDD46FA4AB330203B4834

    Updated some customization options
    Fixed streaming media support
    Added OpenVPN support
    Fix for bad voice recognition
    Updated Trackball Alert framework - thx lilhermit
    Updated kernel with AVS - thx to IR

    MD5 - F4868C4E96230E0FE7625E2010172CEA

    1.14.1 MD5 - 0CFAFDABD0103737646CDB1809058EEC

    v.1.13.1 FULL WIPE
    Stock look, but THEME ready! Please check the 2nd post
    Based on the o2 build,
    HTC IME, Footprints widget & Plurk are fixed
    BT Play/pause fixed
    Updated kernel with some performance tweaks

    MD5 - 2AB715ADE43A8C273B922B0B488FDAA2

    v.1.12 FULL WIPE
    Stock look, but THEME ready! Please check the 2nd post
    Fixed SMS limit back to 160
    Added a few languages
    Fix HTC Clock when themed
    Removed Footprints widget
    Fixed BT headset controls
    Rethemed a couple things
    Added Reboot option in power menu - thx snq-
    Maybe more....

    MD5 - 4C6D891AAD2DFA8D09964C02CBDB2383

    Stock look, but THEME ready! Please check the 2nd post
    Base moved to 2.12 - REAL multi-language support! for my foreign speaking friends
    Trimmed down - no java, pdf or standard htc_ime
    Added back media sounds, car home
    Edits to media_profiles.xml for video recording - Let me know if this did anything
    Rearranged some /system files to /data
    Newer kernel - undervolted by 25mv

    MD5 - 0F9110ED9F2B09EFD38E28BDBB5DA233

    v.1.11.1 VERSION "T" FULL WIPE
    "T" Themed - Espresso
    Base 2.13
    Included updated kernel

    MD5 - 52EA27F9C41AD15B50A721A80BDC49DC

    Kernel Update Flash via recovery
    Fixes BT remote commands
    Reduced haptic feedback
    3d register driver, oc/uv, audio boost
    Support SLCD

    v.1.11 VERSION "S" FULL WIPE
    "S" Stock
    Base Asian WWE 2.13.707.1
    Left in Quickoffice, Asian IME's, etc...
    Removed PDF, Teeter
    Updated kernel based off IR's source - UV/OC, BFQ, audioboost - hopefully BT & FM are better
    Other things I've forgotten.....

    MD5 - 52685210141EF6F624F35AF450CFECA9

    v.1.10.1 VERSION "S" & "T"
    Fixed wifi scanning

    v.1.10 VERSION "S" FULL WIPE
    "S" Stock
    Base back to WWE 2.09
    Possible fix for MMS delivery size - thx for the tip MooMoo
    Possible fix for USB Tethering
    Voice calling issues should be resolved
    APN's should be loading now
    Misc other things.....

    MD5 (1.10.1) - 1720BEC1161F0E06D174BC756CDB191E

    v.1.10 VERSION "T"
    "T" Themed - Espresso
    Possible fix for MMS delivery size - thx for the tip MooMoo
    Possible fix for USB Tethering
    Voice calling issues should be resolved
    Misc other things.....

    MD5 (1.10.1) - 2ED8BC6EE9A071A5709D1C8523D693A4

    "S" Stock
    based off of 2.12.911.1 - thx football
    Wifi Hotspots back - please manually configure a channel
    Capcative lights fix (accept root access for autostart on boot - reboot if you don't get the prompt)
    Updated kernel - wifi fixed
    No HTC IME, Java

    MD5 - E368D97346CE6A561C36C1BD68111CF1

    v.1.09 VERSION "T"
    "T" Themed - Espresso
    Base still 2.09 - official WWE
    Wifi Hotspots back - please manually configure a channel
    Updated kernel - wifi fixed
    Capcative lights fix (accept root access for autostart on boot - reboot if you don't get the prompt)

    MD5 - 360E344A4D512DCD6F03241671102063

    v.1.08.5 VERSION "S" FULL WIPE
    "S" Stock
    reverted base to wwe 2.09
    removed hotspots (for now)
    testing capacitive lights fix (for those who have problems)
    Added autostart - required for capacitive lights fix (root access is needed and will request on boot)
    newer kernel based off of IR's source

    MD5 - 3DAD3EF3A7F5E5A666CA8E8829CC9DDD

    v.1.08 VERSION "S" FULL WIPE
    "S" Stock
    based off of 2.10.751.3 - thx ownhere
    USB Mounting fixed - thx to ?? and for the tip lch920619x
    Updated kernel
    Updated Superuser
    Added Java

    MD5 - EFFB3DE0C2DF7BA007E04274C1D19596

    v.1.08 VERSION "T"
    "T" Themed - Espresso
    USB Mounting fixed - thx to ?? and for the tip lch920619x
    Updated kernel
    Updated Superuser
    Added Java

    MD5 - A02A72A55270897A60DFC4C7EC2E5E66

    v.1.07 VERSION "S" FULL WIPE
    "S" Stock
    Based off of new 2.10 leak - big thx NEO
    Hotspots, 720p, BT, FM, et al.
    No extra system apps or mods except for TA support & TB wake
    Added back all stock sounds & wallpaper
    Added FM Radio widget
    Removed widgets: calculator, htc photo & stocks
    Updated oc/uv kernel (use SetCPU), disabled HAVS & reverted wifi driver

    MD5 - 3057696289F6F3C0736D7780D60FCFAB

    v.1.07 VERSION "T" FULL WIPE
    "T" Themed - Espresso
    Base back to 2.09
    Hotspots, 720p, BT, FM, et al.
    Little clean-up
    Updated oc/uv kernel (use SetCPU), disabled HAVS & reverted wifi driver

    MD5 - 017838212B448385582331094772468F

    v.1.06 VERSION "S" FULL WIPE
    "S" Stock - As stock as possible.
    Rebase to leak for now - 2.06
    Hotspots, FM, BT, 720p recording, etc..
    Updated kernel with updated HAVS from IR & updated wifi
    HTC IME included
    Smooth Sense stock style

    MD5 - EAEA6AD61BF1C60C1ED87B95D78FC36A

    v.1.06 VERSION "T" FULL WIPE
    "T" Themed - Espresso
    Rebase to leak for now - 2.06
    Hotspots, FM, BT, 720p recording, etc..
    Updated kernel with updated HAVS from IR & updated wifi

    MD5 - 18CD7435B02CD19363F91521C9A5C045

    Fixed Mail fc's
    Fixed greenish photo's
    Fixed APN's again
    Newer slimmed down kernel for those with initial flash problems.

    MD5 - FD4B1D7B27B049416367DAEB54856397

    FM, BT, 720p & avs with my new kernel - updated to IR's .35 source & ported in HTC's camera (source at the bottom of this post)
    Moved fonts to /data
    updated services & framework for better TA support
    includes TA
    updated Titanium backup, Superuser & DT a2sd

    MD5 - CB7961C147BD771761C900CF13408D54

    Trackball Alert support! Kudos to lilHermit - buy his app
    Updated 34.1 kernel
    Updated Google Quick Search

    MD5 - 8F8ED35876660C4EB0D653AADFD3C25A

    Green pix with flash (workaround - set White Balance to daylight if you need flash)
    Mail - General settings FC's

    v.1.02t r2
    Added smooth sense icons with white battery by jercik
    Fixed APN's
    Calendar fix included
    Added USB automount
    Added Droid X/2 multi-touch keyboard
    Updated kernel - now using BFQ
    Switched back to N1 build.prop

    MD5 - 18F160ACB7987D77B712F2CCD4FC14E2

    8/15/10 - Kernel update
    Should have better battery life
    Possible other fixes including tether
    some new commits for the camera/recorder

    Complete Deodexed build
    darktremor a2sd from here
    Trackball wake
    Fixed green camera pix
    New battery icons
    Updated voice search
    Updated Su app & binary (thx ChainsDD)
    Updated kernel to 34.1 (oc/uv 1190mhz) 720p, axi scaling, svs, etc..
    Updated Titanium backup & APN backup
    Fully functional market including Adobe Flash
    Probably more....

    kernel changes:
    bravo: pmem_camera isn't needed anymore. (gain back around 20mb of RAM)
    msm: Update vdec/venc drivers (HTC)
    msm: camera: Updated VFE driver code from HTC

    You will need to manually backup you APN prior to flashing with APN Backup.
    Calendar sync fix here, possibly fixes errors with social network sync.
    If you have network issues, you can try this, but it has not been tested on v.1.01

    MD5 - 29CC6E9738E6A8EB77E7F0906699908B

    Rebase off the official HTC 2.2 release (2.09)
    720p video, 5mp cam with flash & flashight
    1.2ghz oc/uv kernel with interactive and axi scaling
    Fully odexed (no transparent noti -tray) - dalvik to cache
    Espresso-like theme
    Battery percent
    Notification lights
    Adobe Flash
    More wallpapers & alarms
    Replaced HTC car panel with Google car home
    More info coming.....

    *Flash via recovery, please do a FULL wipe. REMEMBER to back up your APN!
    MD5 - 45361A89E7E9596B8FD7D71C1BE8D476

    BT - some have gotten it work (It DOES work, but you have to play with discoverable to get it to pair, then play with that and ftp while the music is playing)
    FM Radio
    APN's - back your APN UP with APN BACKUP!
    USB Mounting - An app or widget will solve this.

    *HTC IME Mod problems, try this
    Both the mod and original HTC IME are there. Make sure to remove the IME before installing.

    v.09.89 - update only
    Updated kernel with AXI scaling (thanks to Ivan & monks), 720p video, oc/uv.
    Transparent notification tray
    Smooth Sense icons from here
    Reverted "network fix" (htc acoustic & ril)
    Updated ui sounds
    Updated build.prop
    Updated media libs
    added DSP manager

    Dalvik to cache
    Updated kernel
    Network fix integrated (should fix network dropping) thx for the tip JupiterDroid
    build.prop changes (please let me know of issues)
    Titanium backup updated
    HTC Album and Radio updated

    720p video recording (all thx to cyanogens mad skills & git)
    5mp htc camera
    Fully functional flashlight
    Removed FM radio WIDGET
    WiFi Hotspot works, but you may need to manually configure the channel.

    If you have network issues, go here

    Rebase from Neophytes Desire ROM
    Graphics fixed (thx Rod)
    New kernel with interactive governer
    N1 camera and video recorder (5mp pix)
    WiFi Hotspot working
    More I will add later.....

    v.Alpha (FULL) (second release)
    Rebase off of AdamG's desire ROM
    New kernel 1113 capable
    Espresso theme
    Odexed apps & deodexed framework
    130mb of free /data
    apps removed: quickoffice, pdf viewer, etc.

    Issues: All issues from previous build remain

    v1.1-R1: (first release)
    [!] Fixed /bin/vold (thanks to klutsh)
    [!] Fixed WiFi 802.11n
    [!] Fixed HSDPA icon
    [!] Fixed Market
    [+] Battery with %

    Known issues:
    no 720p recording
    3mp pics
    Usb mount does not launch. Need to use a widget or app.
    Graphical glitches.
    This is what it says your mms apn is:


    Is that right?


    the config is:
    Nome = Oi MMS
    APN = mmsgprs.oi.com.br
    Proxy = Não definido
    Porta = Não definido
    Usuário = oimms
    Senha = oimms
    Servidor = Não definido
    MMSC =
    Proxy de MMS =
    Porta MMS = 3128
    MCC = 724
    MNC = 31
    Tipo autenticação = Não definido
    Tipo APN = mms
    I am having issues flashing this rom. I have ClockworkMod v3.0.0.5, radio v4.06, a 2048mb ext partition with a 32mb swap partition. This is the message I get whenever I try to flash this rom:

    What is this update package? What is Edify scripting? Should I use AmonRA?

    Thanks in advance,

    Yes, you should use the old clockworkMod 2.x Version. The Installation Routine from that Rom is Amend Script and not Edify...