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[ROM]EVO-NonSense(UPDATED 1/22-Gingerbread Elements,OTA 3.70.651.1

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Senior Member
Nov 18, 2006
is it me or do the transitions between the screen launchers seem slower then with htc sense? how can i speed it up. i have transitions on spare parts set to fast.... any ideas?


Sep 20, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
I also noticed issues with receiving MMS over wifi. I get a notice to download the image but when I click on download it just has a continuous downloading icon but never downloads.

Also I noticed that the sliders on the lockscreen may become rotated 90 degrees. Not really a functional problem, but thought Id post what I saw.

I was also playing with the touch wiz launcher and was wondering if the TW widgets are included or if I can find them somewhere

Thanks for you help

Great rom!
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Senior Member
Nov 16, 2010

I am trying to do similar Rom for HTC Wildfire device


I have had success on froyo lockscreen by removing the htclockscreen which defaults back to froyo and then modifying the froyo lockscreen and it all works great.

The only bit i am stuck on is the wallpaper on the froyo lockscreen, it is transparent and shows the homescreen. I am able to set any colour as the background or use default_wallpaper but i am struggling to find a way to use the homescreen wallpaper as the lockscreen background.

If you could point me right direction, i would really appreciate it.

Have you also been able to modify the slide down/up lockscreen on incoming call?

I have had some progress on the incall screen. If you look in com.htc.resources.apk layout folder > htc_lock_screen_control.xml and htc_lock_screen_control_arc_incoming_call.xml is the layout for slide down/up which i am modifying.


Senior Member
Mar 19, 2009
I am currently working through IM's with Minieod (Sp?) but in the mean time.

Anyone having issues with Titanium Backup crashing no matter what you try to restore? I went from 4.1 to 4.3 I did the backup of all system and app data. I did the wipe, reflash of the new rom, got titanium backup back and then try the restore batch (DLed busy box prior as well) and as soon as the progress bar comes up it crashed......


Senior Member
Sep 12, 2010
Another question, is there a non themed marketplace zip i can flash for the update. i like the one that comes with the update but i find it hard to read.


Senior Member
Jan 4, 2006
Oceanside, CA

This is a thread i posted a few days ago. if you could please help. i know some people have touched on the subject a little bit in this thread but i havent seen anything solid yet (mainly because i havent read all the post). i have tried a few of the kernels by ms79723 but they dont seem to work like they should Any help would be greatly appriciated

I personally use SBC noHAVS kernel and I'm getting great life.

I'll post the unthemed market later.


Senior Member
Dec 15, 2004
I'm having some issues with Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth often disconnects after a Voice Search or After a Call.

Clicking headset reconnects. It never disconencts in a middle of call.

I think the Stock ROM did the same thing.

I also recently have a new Issue that the BlueTooth Volume keeps getting set to 0.
I turn it up and 5 seconds later it's 0 again. Rebooted and still keeps going to 0.

Rainfreak ROM (built from this ROM) said he had Bluetooth issues with this ROM and updated his ROM with a different bluetooth. But his ROM has several other issues. And I diffed the Bluetooth APK's between his ROM and this one and they seem to be the same.

Any ideas.


Jan 9, 2011
How long does the splash screen display?

I've tried flashing both the main version and the apps2sd and it just seems to hang on the splash screen where it says "android." How long does it take for you guys to boot. Maybe I'm just impatient, but it seem like its to long.


Senior Member
Sep 12, 2010
I've tried flashing both the main version and the apps2sd and it just seems to hang on the splash screen where it says "android." How long does it take for you guys to boot. Maybe I'm just impatient, but it seem like its to long.

The first boot usually takes the longest. Just be patient with it, if you wiped everything correctly it should boot just fine after 2-3 minuets.

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    THIS IS NOT AOSP!!! Based off of OTA 2.2 Sprint 3.70.651.1 Release

    Thanks to Toast, Flipz,XxVirusxX, Avalaunchmods, Myn, Calkulin, json, JsChiSurf, Preludedrew and all the devs out there.

    EvoNonsense4.3.1(Apps2sd) (mirror)

    *A full wipe is required.



    UPDATE 1/22
    *Fixed Swype
    *Fixed YouTube
    *Added Gingerbread without battery percentage option

    UPDATE 1/21
    *Added JsChiSurf's lockscreen mod
    *More Gingerbread elements
    *New Miui Music app from lastest release
    *Changed icons in the power controls in the notification bar to the icons from the EPIC 4G
    *Optimized more apks
    *Themed market app from Virus Z port
    *Updated Epic theme

    Whats Included
    *HTC kernel HTC kernel #15
    *Galaxy S TouchWiz launcher
    *Gingerbread 2.3 themed Stock Launcher from Htc G2
    *ADW Launcher
    *AOSP Calculator
    *Added JsChiSurf's lockscreen mod
    *More Gingerbread elements
    *New Miui Music app from lastest release
    *Changed icons in the power controls in the notification bar to the icons from the EPIC 4G
    *Themed market app from Virus Z port
    *Power Widget in the Notification Dropdown(4G toggle included- Thanks JsChiSurf for your hard work)
    *Battery Percentage
    *Spare Parts
    *AOSP Email
    *Added Busybox
    *AOSP Messaging app
    *Gingerbread 2.3 themed Contacts.apk(In-call screen is still Sense)
    *Gallery 3D
    *Reboot options via long power button press (normal, recovery, bootloader)
    *Gingerbread 2.3 keyboard
    *Swype Keyboard
    *AOSP Browser
    *DSP Manager
    *New Music app from MIUI(from current release)
    *Zegoe font pack
    *ROM Manager
    *Wired Tether(included)
    *Unlocked Sprint Hotspot
    *Updated Sprint Voicemail app
    *Titanium Backup
    *AOSP ringtones and notifications
    *AOSP Clock/Alarm
    *Google Car Panel app
    *Google Goggles
    *Stock Google AOSP boot screen
    *Updated App2sd(Must have your SD card partitioned)
    *All apk's are ZipAligned on boot
    ***To edit the icons on the Galaxy S launcher go to Applications then click Menu and then you can drag whatever you want down to the bottom***

    *AOSP Font

    *Lockscreen with arrow sliders(from previous versions)

    *Gingerbread taskbar with battery percentage

    *Gingerbread battery without battery percentage

    *Custom Boot Animations(Thanks SamJamz!!)

    *DroidX theme
    *Adds all notications,ringtones, and alarms from
    the DroidX dump(converted to mp3)
    *DroidX bootanimation

    *Epic Theme
    *Adds Settings icons from Samsung Galaxy Tab
    *Adds blue to the dialog boxes, etc
    *Adds Epic Wallpapers(The additional wallpapers will be installed onto your sdcard
    *Adds Epic icons:Contacts, Browser, Email, Gallery3D, Market, VoiceSearch, and YouTube



    Thanks Thread Nazi.......... "NO thread for U!"

    I guess you just ignored the part where I asked a question, and just wanted to be the first idiot to complain about where i posted my question. We aren't all Senior Member OPs, we come to this forum for answers and info. So next time, say something USEFUL..... if you are capable, you've been here 4 years and received only 32 thanks. ;)

    This is my ROM. I'm not being a "THREAD NAZI". This is a Sprint Sense based Rom, not AOSP. Its clearly stated on the OP. To answer your question, 4G, wifi, both cameras, etc, etc, etc, all works just fine. If I misunderstood your post, then I apologize, but don't be so sore in the booty. I am always willing to help if I can.
    This ROM seems really nice especially with all the AOSP and Gingerbread elements but from what I'm reading there seems to be a lot of basic issues like malfunctioning wifi. So I may try it out but I'm probably going back to my ROM after I give it a runthrough.

    Give me little time. I'm testing the update now
    Trying to get back to this Rom but either the zip doesn't download or it won't install in recovery. Any suggestions?

    Sent from my 4.3 inches of awesome!

    The update will be up tonight
    Update!! Fixed Google Apps. They now update with no problem