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[ROM]EVO-NonSense(UPDATED 7/15)OTA 1.47.651.1 JIT,Apps2SD Avail.DroidX theme(updated)

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Jun 8, 2010
Might I ask what was done for the vanilla lock screen? I've got Htc lockscreen app removed, but it makes everything function vertically. How do I go about rotating it?

Also, does this lock screen cause the HTC's alarm to fail to function properly when it goes off? Is there anything else that depends on the HTC clock? I could do with a 3rd party alarm app of some kind if it needs to be removed for it to work.

I much prefer the vanilla lock over the HTC one, but I want to know if these are problems I'll need to address another way.
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Senior Member
Dec 11, 2009
Is the Hotspot removed on this ROM? I hope not cause I use the Hotspot alot with my PS3. The free WIFI Tethering dont work on PS3 or other phone devices.


Senior Member
May 14, 2007
Love the rom. Only bugs so far are:

the reported power button on hold causing restart, not a huge deal. I also have zero delay on wake up.

There are a few gallery icons for some reason in my app list. No big deal.

No super user for root explorer, simply wont find it although my back pro didn't have any issues.

Otherwise, the good:

Love the asop dialer and contacts

Love the free memory

Love the speed

Works well with launcher pro


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May 14, 2007
One other bug is I haven't been able to download mms. Sms works great but mms will arrive but won't download.

This is a common problem with asop builds.


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Jun 12, 2010
Grovetown, GA
so i am wondering the purpose of the LAB and RAB next to the apps icon.
is there a function for these? if not are you working on one?

i am currently on 2.2. and i love it but i dont have a camera and there are quite a few bugs. im thinking about switching to this because it gets rid of all of the sense bullcrap. it would be amazing to see those two buttons made to be the phone and browser like on 2.2

thanks for your work man. im flashing this as soon as the link arrives.