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[ROM]EVO-NonSense(UPDATED 7/15)OTA 1.47.651.1 JIT,Apps2SD Avail.DroidX theme(updated)

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Senior Member
Mar 5, 2006
Probably a dumb question, but anyway to get the stock keyboard from froyo on this? It has a number/punctuation row that pops up and its really convenient....


Senior Member
Nov 20, 2007
OK, turns our the culprit was me installing the fixes along with the rom before first boot.

After wiping, installing the rom, going thru setup, i reinstalled the fixes and all is well.


Senior Member
Apr 9, 2006
Thanks OP for the kitchen.

I think there's a bug in the add_apps2sd script on where it searches for recovery.img and inject the service a2sd into the init.rc script. Thing is for some reason, my init.rc doesn't contain any reference of recovery.img, therefore, the inserts fails and left with just the line "start a2sd" but there is NO a2sd service for droid to start. So I have to modify the script a little to search for "stop adbd" and insert the service a2sd string and apps2sd work.

OP please fix the add_apps2sd script.